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Our product range comtains a wide range of CNC CAM Grinding Services, CNC High Speed Vertical Milling, CNC Turning, wire electrical discharge machining and High Speed CNC Milling

CNC CAM Grinding Services

  • Process Cylindrical Grinding Internal and Inside Diameter Multiple Diameters Outside Diameter
  • Automation Capabilities Center Feed CNC
  • Part Length (4-Axis Contouring and Profiling) Max 83 in
  • Part Width (4-Axis Contouring and Profiling) Max 47 in

Mallory Industries, Inc possesses seven grinders that can perform surface, cylindrical, and ID CNC grinding operations. Cylindrical grinding can be conducted on parts measuring up to 8 inches in diameter and 15 inches in length, while ID grinding can be performed on parts measuring up to 2 inches in inner diameter and 4 inches in length. We also possess 4-axis contouring and profiling machines that are equipped with an 83 X 47 X 35 inch work envelope. Our ISO-compliant CNC grinding machinery can hold exceedingly tight tolerances of (+-) 0.0002 of an inch, providing products with extreme micro-finishes and ground contours. Like our other machining operations, we specialize in complex machined parts, but can use our advanced services to build industrial cam equipment. We primarily handle small production runs and one-off parts, but can also manage larger product volumes up to 3, 000 units. We invite you to contact Mallory Industries, Inc today to learn more about our superior CNC CAM Grinding Services.

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CNC High Speed Vertical Milling

Our ISO certified machine shop is well-equipped with seven 4-axis machining centers. In addition, we possess 3 high speed vertical milling machines with 83 X 47 X 35 inch work envelopes and full rotary tables that can handle parts measuring up to 20 inches in diameter. Our high speed vertical milling machines work with a wide variety of materials - including exotic and precious metals - while meeting extremely tight (±) 0.0002 of an inch precision tolerances on all part dimensions. Our milling services can be used for a wide variety of complex machined parts, such as hydraulic components, fasteners, shafts, and fittings - along with a broad range of alternative products. Our CNC high speed vertical milling operations have met the needs of diverse industries, allowing us to process up to 3, 000 units per order. Contact Mallory Industries, Inc today to learn more!

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CNC Turning

  • Machining Processes Parting/Cutting Facing Turning: Contour Turning Form Turning Taper Turning Straight Turning Threading External Internal Internal Forming
  • Tolerances Straightness : ± 0.0002 Concentricity: ± 0.0002
  • Part Diameter Min 1/2 in
  • Production Volume Min 1 unit Max 3,000 units Specialty Production Shop Prototype Low Volume Small Run

For over half a century, Mallory Industries, Inc has been performing top-notch CNC turning services, meeting extremely tight tolerances down to (+-) 0.0002 of an inch. We are equipped with six 2-axis CNC turning centers possessing 12 of an inch to 20 inch chucking capacities, up to 24 inches between centers. We are an ISO certified CNC machine shop that primarily handles short run or one-off part production, but can also handle high volume, long run production of up to 3, 000 units. We specialize in the production of complex machined parts, but can apply our CNC turning operations to custom industrial cam manufacturing. In fact, components we have built have been installed in life-saving medical devices, numerous aircrafts, and industrial equipment. At Mallory Industries, we take our customer service seriously, owning top-of-the-line quality assurance testing equipment to help us ensure product excellence. We maintain our CMMs, as well as all gages and inspection procedures, under AS9100:2009 compliance - working in a clean, temperature and humidity controlled environment. We also possess business management execution system software to help guarantee on-time delivery. We make certain that our CNC turning and machining operations fully satisfy the needs of diverse industries. Contact Mallory Industries today for more information about our advanced CNC turning services or to learn more about any of our other superior machining operations.

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wire electrical discharge machining

  • Tolerance (+/-) 0.0002 in
  • Max Part Length 18 in
  • Max Part Width 18 in
  • Minimum Part Feature 0.004 in Microhole

Mallory Industries, Inc is dedicated to possessing the most advanced technology that will help us meet the expanding needs of diverse industries. Therefore, we possess two wire EDM machines that can produce intricate details from hard to process metals, such as tool steels, alloy steels, and all grades of stainless steels and aluminums - meeting an extremely tight, (+-) 0.0002 of an inch precision tolerance. Our wire EDM machines are equipped with an 18 X 18 X 18 inch work envelope and a 1500 pound bed capacity. With our advanced wire EDM services, we have been able to manufacture complex medical components that have been used in life-saving devices. We have also produced numerous aircraft parts and industrial equipment components. Our advanced wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) services have allowed us to manufacture a wide variety of complex machined parts for multiple industries. We invite you to contact Mallory Industries, Inc today to learn more about our wire EDM operations or any of our other superior machining services.

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High Speed CNC Milling

  • Product Name Aluminum Control Housing
  • Overall Part Dimensions Length: 12.360" Width: 9.350" Thickness: 2.000"
  • Max Material Finish 32 RMS

Used to accommodate various electronics, the control housing shown was manufactured by Mallory Industries, Inc for a client from the aerospace industry. Our high speed milling machinery, which held tolerances as close as ± .0002", formed 30 of these components from solid-stock, AMS 4027 aluminum plate material. Once completed, the housings measured 12.360" x 9.350" x 2.000", and possessed a smooth, 32 RMS surface finish. These products featured helicoils, in addition to chemical film which fulfilled MIL-DTL-5541 specifications. They also satisfied UTC ASQR and various Hamilton Sundstrand standards, as well as our customer's high expectations for both performance and quality.

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cnc milling machinery

  • Product Name Index Cam
  • Features Index Cam Actuated by 8 Follower Scroll Plate
  • Volume 1
  • Industry for Use Commercial

Mallory Industries, Inc used a variety of CNC machining processes to manufacture the pictured tool steel index cam for the commercial industry. This part is used within an automated assembly machine. Combining our CNC turning machinery with our 4-axis CNC milling and grinding technology, we were able to produce this part to precise customer specifications, while meeting tolerances as close as ± .0005". The finished part measured 20" in material diameter and 21" in length, and possessed a smooth, 16 RMS surface finish. This index cam was actuated by an 8-follower scroll plate. Using our advanced CNC machining capabilities, Mallory Industries was able to create a tool steel index cam that fulfilled all of our client's requirements for both quality and functionality.

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High Speed Milling machinery

  • Product Name Aluminum Helicopter Component
  • Overall Part Dimensions Length: 10.75" Width: 9.68" Material Thickness: 2.5"
  • Max Material Finish 32 RMS
  • Features Bearing Bores & Journals Hole True Position of .001"

The component pictured was manufactured by Mallory Industries, Inc to be used within a helicopter application. Using our CNC turning and 3-axis CNC high speed milling machinery, which meets ultra-tight tolerances as close as ± .00025", we produced this part from 7075-T7351 aluminum material to measure precisely 10.75" x 9.68" in length and width, with a thickness of 2.5". The part also possessed a smooth, 32 RMS surface finish. The finished helicopter component featured bearing bores and journals, a hole true position tolerance of .001", and 3-D milling capabilities. Fulfilling Sikorsky specifications, we produced 50 of these parts for the aerospace industry, satisfying all client expectations for quality. (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

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High Speed Milling machinery

  • Product Name Aluminum Centrifugal Pump Impeller
  • Product Description This Aluminum Centrifugal Pump Impeller is used within a fuel pump application.
  • Overall Part Dimensions Diameter: Ø5"
  • Volume 10 Pieces

Recently, a client from the aerospace industry contracted Mallory Industries, Inc to produce 10 aluminum centrifugal pump impellers. These parts are used as components of a fuel pump. We combined our 2-axis CNC turning capabilities with our 3-axis CNC high-speed milling technology to produce these parts. We also performed wire EDM to create the intricate keyways. During the production of these impellers, our advanced machinery met ultra-precision tolerances as close as ± .00025" for all diameters, with a squareness tolerance of .0005". The finished parts measured 5" in diameter and .7" in material thickness, and possessed a smooth, 32 RMS surface finish. Fulfilling both Woodward specific standards and client specifications, each component featured .5" tall vanes, and a profile of .005". The impellers were also able to spin at speeds of 14, 000 RPM. By combining our advanced wire EDM and CNC machining technology, Mallory Industries was able to produce 10 precision centrifugal pump impellers for the aerospace industry that satisfied all of our client's requirements for quality, design, and performance.

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