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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Brush Tension Scale, Digital Multimeter, Support Washers, Mini-Bar Mica Hand Saw and Nylon-Faced Hammers.

Brush Tension Scale

  • Net Weight 9 Ozs
  • Model IN15EL
  • Shipping Weight 2 Lbs.

Efficient, durable and small enough to fit in your hand, this electronic Digital Brush Tension Scale is the convenient way to measure brush holder spring force. Simply attach the interchangeable strap or hook to the spring assembly and pull the scale taut by the comfort-grip handle. The measured force is clearly displayed in easy-to-read, 12" LCD numerals.

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Digital Multimeter

  • AC/DC Voltage 01 mV to 1000V
  • AC/DC Current .01 µA to 20A
  • Capacitance 0.01 nF to 9999µF
  • Temperature -58° to 1,832°

Measurement functions include ACDC Voltage and Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Temperature & AC Bandwidth → Relative, MinMax, Peak Hold & Zoom → Smart Auto Power Off → Complete with Built-in Stand, Test Leads, Protective Holster, 9V Battery, & Bead Wire Temperature Probe

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Support Washers

  • Thickness 1/8"
  • O.D. 2"
  • I.D. 1"

All saws, but especially those which relatively thin, should be supported with as large as possible diameter support washers. These side support washers distribute the clamping force evenly, provide additional stability, and lessen the chance for deflection in thinner blades.

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Mini-Bar Mica Hand Saw

  • Weight 4
  • thickness 0.015", 0.020", 0.026", 0.030", 0.035", 0.040" and 0.043

This hand-held undercutting saw is a handy way of accurately undercutting those small commutators where the use of a powered undercutter is too awkward or cannot be justified. This tool uses replaceable blades which are ground to specific thicknesses so that the proper width undercut can be made. The blade is reversible so that it can be used for either a "Push" or a "Draw" cut. Replaceable blades are available in thickness of 0.015", 0.020", 0.026", 0.030", 0.035", 0.040" and 0.043".

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Nylon-Faced Hammers

  • Diam. 1-1/4”
  • Net Wt 1-1/2 lbs.

Two Types of Faces: Rawhide and Nylon Rawhide or Nylon Faced Hammers are a necessity for any electrical repair shop or machine shop. Carefully balanced, they permit striking a controlled and powerful blow. Hammers can be purchased with either Rawhide or Nylon Faces in malleable iron heads. Handles are high-grade hickory. Rawhide Faces — Made of top-grade water-buffalo hide, unsurpassed for resiliency and ability to transmit hard effective blows without damage to delicate surfaces; will not chip or shear, are non-sparking, and stand up under severe conditions. Nylon Faces — The long-wearing tough qualities of Nylon make these faces very practical where an allaround soft-faced hammer is needed. They will not chip or mushroom, are resistant to oil, gasoline, etc., and are virtually indestructible. Anyone can change the faces of these Hammers in a matter of seconds. It is necessary only to loosen the large nut under the head, slide the bottom half of the head down, and the faces are easily removed and replaced. When the nut is tightened, the jaws hold the faces in a vise-like grip. Note — Diameters shown for Nylon Faces are the cavities into which the Faces fit. Striking surfaces are 14”

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Hand Knurling Tool

Knurling expands the diameter of a shaft from approximately .001” to .010”, to allow for a tighter press fit of a bearings inner race. The self-centering design of this three knurling wheel tool distributes the pressure evenly. It’s portable in nature and can be taken out into the field, saving tear-down time and expense returning equipme

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Utility Undercutter

  • Utility Undercutter: 115 V., 50/60 Hz.
  • High-Speed Steel 10-HS Saws

The Utility Undercutter, as its name implies, is a low-cost machine designed for the repair shop that handles a wide variety of armatures - from the smallest up to 9" diameter. Bearings, fans, etc., need not be removed from the armature. Its frame and spindle are built sufficiently rigid to permit use of Tungsten-Carbide as well as High-Speed Steel saws. Saws used (listed Below) all have 18" hole. The smallest, No. 10-HS or 10-TC, (14" O.D.) cuts .025" deep.

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Kut-Kwik Undercutter

  • O.D. 3/4"
  • I.D. 5/16"
  • Thicknesses .020, .030, .040"
  • Model No. KK32

Kut-Kwik is a very small light-duty air-driven undercutter designed for reaching into limited spaces where other undercutters cannot be used. It is not meant for the heavier duty and more continuous service of our other portable undercutters. There are now 3 versions of the Kut-Kwik Undercutter available to accommodate the various needs of our customers.

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Garnet Commutator Paper

  • Width 1”
  • Length 25 yds

Garnet Commutator Paper is non-conductive and is used for pre-shaping new copper and carbon brushes and for cleaning and burnishing commutator surfaces. To pre-shape brushes, commutator paper of sufficient width to contact all brushes is secured, abrasive side out, to the full commutator circumference with masking tape. With the new brushes in place, the commutator is rotated by hand until the brushes have taken on the radius of the commutator. Eighty grit paper does the primary shaping and should be followed by 220 grit for a fine finish. Surface burnishing of the commutator should be done with 150 grit followed by 220 grit paper.

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Bearing Separators

  • Capacity 1/8" to 2" Dia.
  • Net Weight 1.61 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight 3 lbs.

A must for easy removal of bearings, pulleys, cone shaped gears, and hard to get to parts. Bearing separators can be used in two different ways. The beveled edge acts as a wedge to move parts lacking space for the jaws a conventional puller, while the flat side can provide distortion free pulling. Available in various sizes, these tools perform a valuable cost savings by reducing damage to parts.

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Martindale Electric Marker

This handy, low-cost industrial-quality marker quickly and easily engraves metal, glass, stone, ceramics, plastics, hard rubber, wood, etc. Cuts right into the surface to leave a permanent mark which can't be wiped off and won't wear away in normal use. Perfect for marking stock numbers, part numbers, sizes or names right on components, tools, and equipment. Unique design reduces bouncing, puts power in the tip. Powerful coil provides 7, 2000 strokes-per-minute - won't stall under normal heavy operation. Stroke is adjustable to vary depth of mark. Equipped with a carbide tipped point for average marking. Diamond points are available for engraving extra hard materials (50 to 64 Rockwell, scale C).

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Imperial Undercutter

  • diam. 3/8"
  • O.D. 7/8"
  • I.D. 9/32"

Undercuts small, medium, or large commutators. →Uses either "V" Cutters for "V" slots or Saws for "U" slots →Undercuts rapidly and without vibration. Ball bearing spindle. →Cuts full depth to within 716"of a riser. →Has either flexible shaft or air motor drive. →Simple easy adjustments. Slot guide and depth gauge adjusted by sensitive screws, then locked in position →Direct drive: Flexible Shaft Model = 28503450 r.p.m. Air Motor Model = 2000 r.p.m. FLEXIBLE SHAFT MODEL The Flexible Shaft Model is powered by a 13 h.p., 2, 8503, 450 r.p.m. motor and a 38" diam. 5 ft. long flexible shaft (No. 16), as pictures above. It can also be furnished with a ball-bearing swivel connection for attaching to any motor with 12", 58". 10mm. or 14mm. armature shaft.

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Motor Rotation Tester

  • Net Weigh 14 ozs
  • Shipping Weight 2 lbs.
  • Dimensions 8

Motor Rotation tester for measuring the rotation direction of motor shafts. Ensures motor is not damaged from incorrect wiring. Testing phase orientation of three phase power sources ranging from 100 to 600 VAC. Frequency Range over 50 to 70 Hz. Five LED's indicate phase orientation (Clockwise or counter-clockwise); and whether each of three phases is live. Complete with three large alligator clips.

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Martindale Universal Undercutter

  • O.D. 1/2"
  • I.D. 3/16'

Martindale Universal Undercutter Features: →Undercuts any size commutator. Excellent for small commutators. →Uses either V-Cutters for "V" slots or saws for "U" slots. →Direct drive: Flexible Shaft = 13 h.p. motor; 28503450 r.p.m. →Drive Shaft is extremely flexible and light, though sturdy (No.14 Core and Sheath; 14"diam. × 3 ft. long)

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Tungsten-Carbide Saws

  • O.D. 1/2"
  • Number 42-VTC
  • Hole 1/8"

The teeth of both saws and V-cutters have slight land to give strength to the cutting edge. Saws are hollow-ground for clearance, V-cutters have ample radial relief. When Carbide Saws are used on other equipment than our undercutters, steel supporting washers are recommended to reduce breakage. Spindle speeds may vary from 3, 000 to 12, 000 r.p.m., depending on Saw O.D. Martindale's Carbide Saw Blades are harder than High Speed Steel Saws, therefore more brittle and should not be subjected to applications where shock may shorten the service life. Use on rigid stationary equipment is recommended. The compound-land feature, sketched at right, is available on Tungsten-Carbide "U"-slots saw 916" O.D. and up (#18-TC through #116-TC) at a 30% premium in price. Because of this feature, each tooth cuts only 50% of full slot width, resulting in better chip clearance, cooler operation and production increases of up to 60% over the square-tooth Saw. To order, add "CL" to Catalog Number. Minimum thickness 0.015".

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Winding Tester

  • Batteries 6 to a pack, 1.2V-1000mAh Rechargeable NiMH
  • Dimensions: 7.5" L. x 4" W. x 1" D. 19 x 10.2 x 2.5 cm.

s: Turn-to-Turn Faults Internal Faults Turn to Turn Coil to Coil Phase Balance Broken Rotor Bars & Casting Voids Grounded, Open, Contaminated Windings Shorted Armature Windings (DC Motors) Capacitor Failures

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Martindale Close-Cut Undercutter

  • O.D. 3/8"
  • I.D. 1/8"

The Close-Cut Undercutter was specially designed to finish off a mica slot when it is necessary to cut within 18" of a riser. This unit has a straight solid shaft and needle bearings, both front and rear, for smoother operation. While this small machine can be used for undercutting the full length of smaller commutator slots, one of the more substantial Martindale Undercutters should be used on larger commutators for most of the cut and Close-Cut used for the remaining end against the riser. Though we hesitate to recommend carbide saws in any hand-held undercutter, we have had success with them in this smaller unit.eatures: → Cuts 116" deep with 38" diam. saw. → Saw spindle speed 6, 000 r.p.m. → Cuts 332 " deep with 716" diam. saw. →Weighs only 3-34" lbs. → Cuts full depth to within 18" of rise →115h.p. A.C.-D.C. ball bearing motor

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Insulation Trimmers

Martindale Paper & Insulation Trimmers will cut Mylar, Nomex, and other paper insulation clean and parallel to the stator. Available in three lengths to suit various size stators. They are available individually or in a set of all three. These trimmers can be sent to Martindale for quality resharpening, saving you time and money.

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Lamination Tooth Straighteners

  • Blade Height 1/2”
  • Wrench Fitting 3/8” Sq
  • Catalog Number ICTTLTS1

★ Designed with square end to permit use of socket or box end wrench to apply torque. ★ Teardrop shaped blade adds strength and minimizes flexing when using full length of tool. ★ Superior strength and leverage to any similar tools on the market. ★ Available in three sizes to fit stator slots up to 150 h.p.

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Balancing Ways

  • Capacity, lbs. 1,000
  • (diameter) 20”
  • Maximum 20”

These Balancing Ways are unequalled in the field of static balancing for their sensitivity and accuracy in any size work from a few ounces to 1000 lbs. Sensitive to .009 ounce-inch. Accuracy is guaranteed by the use of special scale type bearings. Work is carried on free turning, hardened and ground circular discs which are mounted on pivot-type bearings. The principle of rolling friction, combined with two sets of taper edge rollers to support the work (at four points instead of two) combined with precision type ball bearings, increases sensitivity and reduces friction and pressure. Solid cast upright supports give these balancing ways extreme rigidity and strength. These end standards support the revolving discs and are adjustable on two shafts (up to 20”) to allow the unit to accommodate different length work within the units capacity. The unit is easy to disassemble and assemble for taking to the jobsite.

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Wire Gauge

American standard for nonferrous metals. Gauges, wire, sheets and plates of copper, brass and aluminum. Decimal equivalents stamped on back side. Range 0 to 36 gauge. Catalog Number Wire Gauge . . . .MARTWG Net Weight 3 oz

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  • Capacity 2 Tons
  • Center Bolt Dia. .37" (9.4mm)
  • Reach 3" (76.2mm)
  • Weight 1.12 Lbs

The POSI LOCK® line of quality manual gear & bearing pullers set the standard for quickness, ease and convenience. With POSI LOCK, it's strictly a one-man operation. The T-handle & Cage control jaws at all times. Opening, closing, locking & aligning of jaws are all done automatically by simply turning the T-handle. POSI LOCK pullers have been designed for effective removal of stubborn gears, bearings, pulleys, & other press fit items from different machines found in diverse group of industries.

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Insulation Shear

  • Model 152
  • Cutting Length 52"
  • O.A. Width 60"

Martindale Wedge and Insulation Shear will enable you to quickly and accurately cut insulation paper, fibre, new resin-impregnated laminates and other light materials equivalent to No. 16 gauge soft steel. Cuts "Glastic"® up to 316" thick. Quality High Speed Steel Blades have relief on both edges to eliminate blade friction and prevent sheet movement. Shear is equipped with back gauge for up to 25" settings and front gauge for up to 30" settings. As the Shear is lowered a hold-down attachment first makes contact with the material to prevent bucking or slipping. The hold-down attachment also serves as a finger guard. The operator's hands are free for handling the material, as the machine is operated by foot pedal.

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Bar to Bar Tester

  • Model No. 101
  • Net Weight 2 lbs

One meter One Setting indicates circuit OK, shorted, open, or reversed → Eliminates guesswork - zeros right in on problem circuit → Never again strip a good armature only to find equalizers caused a short to be indicated → Sensitive enough to identify by unsatisfactory circuits that other testers cannot find → Pays for itself by eliminating unnecessary repairs or expensive second teardowns → A quality buy, this highly scientific and advanced test equipment will maintain or increase in value

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Diamond Turning Tools

  • Weight 3/8"
  • Height 3/8"
  • Length 3"

Diamond tipped turning tools shown are used in the finishing of the commutator surface. Steep rake angles on the tool ensure clean cutting of the copper, leaving no smearing or drag across the mica. The nose radius of .010" leaves a very smooth surface to the copper requiring minimal preparation for the seating of brushes. Right-hand tools cut right to left, left-hand tools cut left to right, with tool positioned diamond side up, as used in most commutator turning applications

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Surface Temperature Tester

  • Model 312F
  • Dimension 2"
  • diam × 1/2" thick.

Model 312F is built for rough industrial use without any lessening of accuracy. The bimetallic sensor is a specialty processed alloy that is conditioned and tested for permanent calibration and maximum stability. Recommended primarily for temperature measurement of electric motors and generators, bearings, etc., this tester can be used for checking any other surface within the range of 0° F to 250°. Calibration is for use in an ambient temperature of about 70° F. Higher or lower surrounding air temperatures will result in slightly higher or lower readings. Three minutes should be allowed for the instrument to reach full stability when taking a reading. The more nearly flat the surface being measured, the better contact will be made by the sensor. The magnets provide convenient temporary or permanent mounting to any ferrous surface, but the instruments are equally effective on non-ferrous horizontal surfaces. Dimensions: 2" diam. × 12" thick.

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  • Range Volts, D.C.: 0-0.250, 1, 2.5, 10, 50, 250, 500,1000.
  • Dimensions 5-1/4" × 7" × 3-1/8"

Model 260-8 - world famous; offers movement overload protection, input protection, increased stability, and self-shielded meter movement. → Model 260-8P - is identical to Model 260-8, but with built-in meter and tester protection approaching 100% which makes this instrument virtually GOOF-PROOF. A reset button pops out indicating overload. Circuits cannot be reset while the overload is present. This is especially important for inexperienced operators.

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V.A.O. Testers

  • Models 260-8 and 260-8P
  • Ranges: , D.C.: 0-0.250, 1, 2.5, 10, 50, 250, 500,1000.
  • Dimensions 5-1/4" × 7" × 3-1/8"

Features: → Model 260-8 - world famous; offers movement overload protection, input protection, increased stability, and self-shielded meter movement. → Model 260-8P - is identical to Model 260-8, but with built-in meter and tester protection approaching 100% which makes this instrument virtually GOOF-PROOF. A reset button pops out indicating overload. Circuits cannot be reset while the overload is present. This is especially important for inexperienced operators.

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Armature-Slot- Insulation Folder

  • Model No. RC

Model RC will handle insulation material up to 8” wide between its guides. Creasing rollers are adjustable sideways to make troughs up to 6” wide. A fixed ruler-guide makes it easy to accurately set these widths. Vertical adjustments of the roller shaft allow for different thicknesses of insulation material and for varying pressures between creasing rollers and rubber roller.

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  • Model No. D-3
  • Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 5-3/4" x 3-5/8"
  • Net Weight 19 lbs
  • Shipping Weight 20 lbs.

To demagnetize a cutting tool (or a metal part that has acquired magnetism from a magnetic chuck) you merely draw it slowly back and forth across the pole of the Model D-3 and then slowly draw it away. As the tool passes repeatedly through the magnetic field, its magnetism becomes progressively weaker. After a few seconds it is entirely demagnetized and can be put back into efficient operation.

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High Speed Steel Rotary Finning Burs

  • Part No. 075
  • Length 6" Overall

Shank) These slender tough high-speed burs are excellent for cleaning stator and armature slots of electric motors and generators. They are also used in Aluminum Foundries to remove flashing and sand debris from narrow channels, deep andor confined spots.

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A.C. Digital Clamp On Multimeter

  • AC/DC Voltage 600V
  • AC Current 1,000 A
  • Resistance (Ω) 100 M

Features: → Include Power, Current Insulation Resistance & Temperature → MinMax & Data Hold → Auto Off & Disable → True Power, Apparent Power and Reactive Power, plus Horsepower, Power Factor, and Phase Angle with LeadLag Indicator → Complete with Test Leads, Bead Wire Temperature Probe -58° to 482° F -50° C to 250° C, Case & 9V Battery

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Martindale Automatic Wire Stripper

  • Model No. 0-01
  • Sizes 16-26 gauge, 6 stripping holes

Martindale Automatic Wire Strippers are always ready for use. They require no "cocking" or setting. Their triple action of clamping the wire, cutting the insulation, and stripping it, is automatically timed and performed with one squeeze on the handles. Length of strip is regulated by amount of wire extending beyond the blades. Maximum strip is 78"; for longer, just repeat process. Wire size is shown beneath each stripping hole. After the stripping action, a partial release of pressure on the handles opens jaws and wire is removed. Full release of pressure returns the tool to the starting position, ready for next strip. Blades are interchangeable and replaceable.

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High Voltage Insulation Testers

  • Model 2109
  • Six Test Voltages : 500, 1080, 1250, 1750, 2000 and 2500V
  • Net Weight 18 lbs.,
  • Shipping weight 20 lbs

High voltage insulation testers indicate breakdowns, grounds, and shorts. Use them to apply a high-voltage test at various steps in the manufacture or repair of electrical products. This permits early detection of insulation weakness or failure that might otherwise show up only in the actual use. These testers are built with a breakdown light which also serves as an "on" light. This indicating light dims or goes out completely to indicate a problem. In addition, 4 models have a built-in safety switch that immediately stops current flow in the event of a breakdown. Along with the visual indication of a problem these units also have a buzzer which signals a problem. These units will shut down in the event of a breakdown and will not start up again until the startreset button is reset. All units are supplied with self retracting probed test leads. The probes are spring loaded and housed within the insulated fibre handles. The fibre slide buttons are pressed to expose the test probes. This safety feature minimizes the chance of accidental contact with the probes.

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Hand Held Electric Wire Stripper

Abisofix® is a portable electric wire stripping machine that is handy and lightweight. It provides neat stripping of round magnetic copper wires in a variety of applications. The drive in the Abisofix® instrument is a series wound motor of 16-42V. A transformer is required for use and available in either 115V or 230V.

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Twin Wheel Electric Wire Stripper

Twin Wheel Stripper, complete with fiberglass wheels, 115 VAC, 5060 Hz. Net Weight 19 lbs. MAWS1A Wire Brushes, .003 Bristle, 1-12" O.D., for fine wire, Set of 10 brushes MAWS1003 Wire Brushes, .004 Bristle, 1-12" O.D. for general purpose wire, Set of 10 brushes MAWS1004 Wire Brushes, .006 Bristle, 1-12" O.D., for fabric and enamel insulated wire, set of 10 brushes MAWS1006 Wire Brushes, .009 Bristle, 1-12" O.D., for heavy insulation, set of 10 brushes MAWS1009 Fiber Glass Wheel, General Purpose 25 to 46 AWG Wire, per pair MAWS1FGW The abrasive method of stripping wire utilizes either wire or fiberglass brushes to abrade the insulation off the conductor. This type of stripping is both quicker and less damaging to the wire than scraping processes. This unit can handle round, square, rectangular or oval shaped magnet wire and also standard wire with most common types of insulation. This tool also removes oxides from component leads quickly and easily to promote better soldered connections. A built-in guard affords protection from fingers coming in contact with the wire of fiberglass wheels. The abrasive method of stripping wire utilizes either wire or fiberglass brushes to abrade the insulation off the conductor. This type of stripping is both quicker and less damaging to the wire than scraping processes. This unit can handle round, square, rectangular or oval shaped magnet wire and also standard wire with most common types of insulation. This tool also removes oxides from component leads quickly and easily to promote better soldered connections. A built-in guard affords protection from fingers coming in contact with the wire of fiberglass wheels.

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Grinding Wheel

  • Dimensions 8" x 3/16" x 1-1/4"

For those who have indicated an interest in resharpening their own saws. Many have found this wheelspec to work well for sharpening the teeth of dull, hardened metal working saws, thereby giving new life to saw blades otherwise considered no longer useful. Of course we offer a resharpening service for those who don't want to do the work themselves.

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Martindale Portable Blowers

  • Model No. Model H

The portable blower-cleaners shown on this page are offered in 1-12 h.p., 1-410 h.p. and 23 h.p. models to make a full range of capacities to suit a wide variety of industrial needs. The first three models can be quickly converted from blowers to vacuum cleaners with the 1- 12” diameter suction attachments shown at the bottom of this page. Also included is a “Hot & Cold” blower which delivers 160° F. electrically heated air, or ambient temperature air, at the flip of a switch. The “Hot & Cold” model cannot be used as a vacuum cleaner. All these blowers are engineered for year-in and yearout dependability. All are equipped with sealed precision ball bearings; no oiling required. Mod

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Martindale Jiff V Undercutter

  • Saw Thicknesses .015", .020", .026", .030", .035", .040",
  • Net Weight 8 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight 11 lbs.
  • Model No. Jiff-V

While the commutator Slotting Files shown under Electrician's Hand Tools Files, Slotting have proved handy for undercutting where there is not enough work to justify the purchase of a motor-driven undercutter, the motor driven Jiff-V Undercutter cuts a similar V slot in a jiff and eliminates much of the tedious work. The reciprocating action of this tool files a slot in much less time then it would take to do by hand and because the tool is held with two hands there is more control of the cutting action. Also available for this undercutter are Jiff-U saws, which operate the same as the file except they make a U-shaped cut and are available in the following 7 thicknesses: .015", .020", .026", .030", .035", .040", .043". It is easy to guide the Jiff-V; it does rapid work and cuts clear up to the riser. It can be used on commutators of any size without removing the brush arms. The Jiff-V Undercutter has proven to especially adaptable to undercutting motors which must be kept running most of the time, such as is frequently the case with elevator motors. The current design of the Jiff-U saws allows then to be 'chucked-up' in the end of the reciprocating shaft rather than in the file file holder. The file holder, though not supplied with an undercutter, is available as an option to allow this tool to use either style of cutter.

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Martindale CARBIDE Rotary Burs

  • Diam 1/8"
  • Length 5/8"

For the toughest metal-cutting jobs, for cutting abrasive materials and metals too hard or tough for high speed steel tools, Martindale Carbide Rotary Burs are the answer. Each tool is ground from solid tungsten-carbide by precision automatic machinery assuring exact contours and dimensions as well as perfect concentricity. Specials: The tool shapes and sizes listed below are considered stock tools, as they are the ones most commonly used. For particular operations, however, other shapes, or other sizes in the shapes listed, can easily be furnished upon receipt of your specifications.

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Carbide Cut Off Saws

  • Thickness .064"
  • O.D. 3"

These carbide cut off saw blades are used on rotary cut off attachments. The carbide cut off saws are made from C-2 Micro Grain Carbide and are produced to very close tolerances.

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