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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Ratchet Cable Cutter, Cable Cutter, High Speed Cutter, Coaxial Tool Kit and Wire Finder Kit

Ratchet Cable Cutter

  • Weight 5.300 LB (2.400 kg)
  • Overall Length 15-1/2 IN (394.000 mm)
  • Handle Material Fiberglass
  • Cutting Capacity Of Copper 500 KCMIL (MCM) (240.000 SQ-MM) Maximum Use, 350 KCMIL (MCM) (150.000 SQ-MM) Frequent Use
  • Handle Type Light Weight

Greenlee 773 and 774 Ratchet Cable Cutters are non-insulated cutting tools intended for use on copper and standard aluminum electrical cable. The 773 will accommodate up to 500 Kcmil copper or 795 Kcmil aluminum cable. Both cable cutters ratchet and are equipped with fiberglass handles and rubber grips to limit operator fatigue. They are not intended for use on ACSR (aluminum cable, steel-reinforced) cable. The Greenlee 773 and 774 Ratchet Cable Cutters are protected by U.S. Patent No. 6, 766, 581. Features Two-speed mechanism saves cutting time by closing the blades rapidly and shifting to normal speed to perform the cut No more pushing on stubborn release buttons-the blades open automatically when the cutis complete Completely new ratchet mechanism improves durability Narrow profile permits usein deep boxes, against walls or on floors Durable, lightweight fiberglass handles

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Cable Cutter

  • Overall Length 20" (510 mm)
  • Weight 17 lbs. (7.7 kg)

Ideal for cutting of larger diameter Copper and Aluminum power cables up to 4" capacity Precision blades provide clean cut Lightweight compact design Two handles provide good control and quick positioning for making cuts Scissor style blades enable quick application and lifting motion for tough to reach cables 38" NPT male screw type connector Ideal for use with EHP700L battery pump

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High Speed Cutter

  • Material High Speed Steel
  • Hole Diameter 1-7/32 in
  • Pipe Tap Size 5/8 in

Lasts 10 times longer than standard hole saws Precision-ground teeth cut smooth, burr-free holes with ease 14 IN (6.35 mm) capacity Durability and speed provide low cost per hole Split-point pilot drill prevents "walking" - makes accurate hole placement easy Spring-loaded slug ejector saves time No tool required to change cutter sizes Less chance of broken teeth because the saw body is machined out of solid, high-speed steel

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Coaxial Tool Kit

8" Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Dipped Grip Coaxial Cable Stripper Coaxial Cable Crimper 6-in1- Multi-Tool (ScrewdirverNut Driver Tool) Combo Ratcheting Closed and Open Ended 716" Wrench LED Water Resistant Penlight Custom Grip pack Pouch with Belt Clip Features Designed for the professional CATV cable installer. Offers the convenience of having six essential tools needed for coaxial repair and installation with a unique grip pack

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Wire Finder Kit

  • Voltage Protection 250 VAC
  • Battery 9 Vdc (NEDA 1604, JIS 006P or IEC 6LR61)
  • Storage Temperature 0°F to 167°F (-17°C to 75°C)
  • Output Voltage (open circuit) 9Vp-p
  • Transmitter 119 g (4 oz)

Greenlee 508S (part # 08678) wire finder appears to be a magic wand intended to be used by both professional electricians and DIYers in any industry. You may need this Wire Finder in case of wiring failures or before the process of drilling or digging for indicating the wiring diagram or for locating as well as pinpointing the particular wires hidden in the walls or underground (both energized (up to 120 VAC) and de-energized). The user-friendly operations and compact design make the process of usage clear and quick. Also you can easily choose the AC adapter plug (for use with IEC socket) or the alligator clips with a switch that has two positions. The scope of capacity ranges up to 3 ft deep and about 1000 ft length. The Finder tracks the location of a wire and its approximate depth and enables the user to avoid the damages while drilling or digging. The transmitter of Greenlee 508S possesses a compact size and a feature of automatic shut-off that prevents the unintended discharge (in 90 minutes of standby mode it shuts off). The device consists of: transmitter (thumb wheel included); receiver (high impact plastic); AC outlet cord set; a cord set for alligator clips; battery (9V); durable carrying case (made of molded plastic). The unit can be connected to (by alligator clips): metallic pipes; CATV coaxial cables; telephone drops; wires of irrigation control. The powerful and durable Greenlee 508S is made in obedience to Greenlee’s modern innovative technologies and has one-year limited warranty. The Wire Finder is designed to locate the path of energized (120 VAC) or deenergized wires behind walls and underground. The 508S is also capable of locating a specific circuit breaker, pinpointing wires before drilling and verifying dig sites underground. The effective range is up to 3 feet deep and up to 1000 feet in length. The unit consists of a transmitter, model 508ST, equipped with a thumb wheel switch for turning the unit on and adjusting the output level and an IEC socket on the back of the unit for use with either the AC adapter plug or the large alligator clip leads. A two position switch is provided for choosing either the AC adapter plug (PLUG) or the alligator clip leads (LEADS). The transmitter has an automatic shut off feature. If the unit is left on for approximately 90 minutes, the unit will shut itself off. To restart, turn the power switch off, then on again. The transmitter is constructed of high impact plastic and is powered by one 9V battery. The receiver, model 508SR, is equipped with a thumb wheel switch for turning the unit on and adjusting the receiver gain. The tracking antenna is attached to the receiver with a 5-foot long cable. The receiver is also equipped with the automatic shut-off feature. If the receiver has been left on for approximately 90 minutes, the unit will shut off. To restart, just turn the power switch off, then on again. The receiver has been designed to filter AC power related noise. The receiver is constructed of high impact plastic and is powered by one 9V battery. The alligator clip leads are available to connect the transmitter to electrical wire, CATV coax, telephone drops, irrigation control wires or metallic pipes. Also included in the 508S is an AC adapter plug for use with the IEC socket on the transmitter to use with an outlet. (Maximum of 120 VAC) This locating system is packaged in a molded plastic carrying case with extra batteries and has operating instructions on the inside of the lid. Features Traces energized or de-energized wires in walls and drop ceilings Provides reliable results on buried cables to depths of 3' (1 m) and lengths up to 1000' (308 m) Determines the approximate depth of the wire before digging Compact design Easy-to-understand operations Fully adjustable transmitter and receiver for accurate locating Quick change test leads for use in any industry, even international power outlets Voltage protection to allow use on live AC circuits Automatic shut-off to prevent accidental battery discharge Housed in a durable, molded carrying case with a quick reference operation guide on the inside of the lid 9V batteries included 1-year limited warranty

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Probe Kit

  • Output Voltage (Talk Battery into 600 ohms) 5.5 Vdc
  • Length 101 mm (4.0")
  • Width 41 mm (1.65")
  • Weight 0.13 kg (0.29 lbs)
  • Depth 35 mm (1.375”)

200GX Inductive Amplifier 77GX Tone Generator Features Different tones and highlow power setting for tracing on open or shorted wires Probe features speaker bypass when connected to butt set. 77GX Tone Generator Tempo GX Series tone generators are intended to provide tone for tracing and troubleshooting communications circuits. Useful for continuity testing and polarity testing, all GX models include selectable tone, selectable tone power and talk battery supply. Features Microprocessor controlled circuitry for increased reliability Two-line polarity indication for fast outlet identification Automatic shutoff to prevent battery drain Snag-proof boot prevents broken plug tabs Convenient wristhanging lanyard Three distinct, selectable tone signal outputs for multiple line identification Two selectable tone power outputs for use on open and shorted pairs Independent continuity test function Independent talk battery supply with higher output voltage Fixed alligator clips and removable modular plug for multiple connection options 200GX Inductive Amplifier Tempo's 200GX Inductive Amplifier, when used in conjunction with any Tempo tone generator, allows you to trace and troubleshoot a variety of electrical circuits (communication, alarmsecurity, automotive, etc.) without piercing the insulation. Features Used in conjunction with any tone generator, Tone Probe Amplifiers permit wire and cable identification without having to make direct metallic contact with the conductor All models feature a powerful speaker for noisy environments, recessed onoff button control and high gain for accurate wire identification in congested cable bundles and equipment rooms The 200GX also includes an LED for visual signal strength indication and recessed telephone test set connectors

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Hydraulic Battery

  • Oil volume 0.80 qt (0.76l)
  • Weight 10.8 lbs. (4.9 kg) without batteries
  • Weight with 2 batteries 14.1 lbs.
  • Length 14.0” (356mm)
  • Width 6.5” (165mm)

The new EHP700L 10, 000 PSI battery powered hydraulic pump sets a new benchmark for portability. During design and development, priority was given to performance, ergonomics and economic efficiency. The new Greenlee EHP700L is suitable for operating single acting cutting, crimping and punching tools of up to 10, 000 PSI. Features Loaded with intelligent features such as a multi-function pressure sensor, self-diagnostics, and a real-time LED readout The EPH700L is a versatile battery pump that can crimp, cut and punch with up to 10, 000 PSI of pressure The pump weighs only 14 lbs (including batteries) The mode dial enables the user to select between three primary intelligent program settings: CRIMP, CUT and PUNCH Features three extra settings reserved for future use Each setting provides specific pressure functionality for the job at hand. Additional programs can be added, making the EHP700L a multi-function tool designed to help you get the job done faster, safer and easier than ever before Intelli-CRIMPTM technology monitors the crimping process, ensuring the correct amount of pressure is applied for each crimp Real-Time Monitoring is displayed via LED screen and recorded for statistics Automatic Retraction detects pressure drop from completed action and releases pressure, preventing damage to head Manual Retraction allows user to retract head to starting position at any time Future Proof settings allow for a variety of additional functions to be programmed into the pump via a bi-directional optical connection

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Stripping Combination Tool

  • Capacity 8-18 Solid AWG 10-22 Stranded AWG

Easily strip both solid and stranded wires, crimp terminals, cut screws and wire. Precision ground blades ensure consistent stripping and cutting. Double dipped grips for superior comfort and assured grip. Heat treated for strength with black oxide finish for rust resistance. Cleanly cuts and strips 10–22 AWG wire. 2 wire cutters: middle cuts copper, tip also cuts hardened wire. Cleanly cuts #4-40, #6-32, #8-32, #10-24, #10-32 screws. Crimps 10-22 AWG insulated and non-insulated terminals, splices and lugs. Splices and terminates 7mm and 8mm ignition terminals. Note: this is not an insulated tool. Lifetime limited warranty.

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Crimping Tool

  • Crimping Capacity 8 AWG - 250 KCMIL (MCM) Copper Color Coded Connectors 8 AWG - 4/0 KCMIL (MCM) Aluminum Color Coded Connectors
  • Overall Length 22-3/8" (568.000mm)
  • Weight 6.800lb (3.100kg)

The 1981 Mechanical Crimping Tool is intended for crimping copper color-coded lugs and splices from 8 AWG through 250 kcmil and aluminum color-coded lugs and splices from 6 AWG through 40 AWG. Features Simple screw adjustment for connector size Forged body and handle for durability

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Feeding Sheave

  • Width of Shaft Opening 1.24"
  • Weight 9.000lb (4.500kg)

Greenlee 441 Series Cable Feeding Sheaves are designed to make cable pulling setup easier. Features Yoke frame slides into the end of conduit and holds sheave, allowing the cable being fed into the conduit to smoothly roll over the sheave 5.000" (127.000mm) wide aluminum alloy sheave with self-Lubricating bearings Split tube for easy removal after cable is installed

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