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We offer a complete product range of Headrest Rods, Structural Parts, Assembly Aid, nominal diameter and Spring Band Clamp Assortments

Headrest Rods

Headrest Rods Headrests minimize the effects of forces on the cervical spine caused by a sudden change in the vehicle's movement, such as a hard stop or a crash. They are connected to the seat via supports or bars. The Headrest Supports are therefore safety-related parts that must meet the demands for a high degree of function. In addition, since they are a visible part of the vehicle's interior, they must meet the highest expectations visually. By using thin-walled tubes instead of standard tube measurements, the weight of headrest supports can be reduced by up to 30%. To increase passenger safety even further, the new trend is toward "active headrests". They reduce the distance between the head and headrest caused by the vehicle's own crash sensors or caused mechanically by the inertial forces of the vehicle occupants in the event of a rear-end impact. By reducing the distance, they counteract overstretching of the cervical spine (whiplash).

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Structural Parts

TRB (Tailor Rolled Blank) denotes a cold rolling process developed by Mubea where a profile with different wall thicknesses is rolled on to a sheet metal strip. For many years, structural parts made from TRB are successfully employed in car bodies and chassis. Besides a substantial weight reduction which in most cases is a key requirement, this technology also allows for functional improvements (in case of crash, reduction of number of components required, optimization of installation space). These are the same benefits which can be applied to structural parts in car seats. Here as well, reduction of weight and simplification of assemblies are key factors.

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Assembly Aid

Mubea has developed a range of assembly tools, specially designed to aid the fitting of Spring Band Clamps in a variety of environments. The tools enable fast and effortless fitting of the clamps ensuring maximum security and reliability to meet the customer requirements. You can download our assembly tools assembly aid catalogue using this form.

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nominal diameter

Install hose on fitting and measure Dmin and Dmax. Based on the Dmin value, you can establish the nominal diameter (Dn) of the correct clamp. Dn = Dmin Compare the Dmax value with the specified minimum diameter (D0 min) of the open clamp and select the appropriate clamp. D0 min ≥ Dmax In case of problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact our technical support

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Spring Band Clamp Assortments

The Mubea spring band clamp assortment includes the serially fitted space-saver spring band clamps sorted by car manufacturer and a hand assembly tool for correct and easy installation. The stackable assortment case was specifically designed for auto repair shops and is ideal for workshop supplies. Each assortment is specifically tailored to a car manufacturer and its model series. Mubea can offer assortments for VAG, Opel and Daimler models.

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