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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of ECOBULK MX, Plastic BARITAINERS, HDPE 4G SHIPPERS, PAIL PACKS and FLUORESCENT BULB CONTAINERS


  • LENGTH MM/IN 1200/48

ECOBULK® MX The ECOBULK® MX is a multitrip IBC which is easy to recondition. The top of the MX is attached by bolts allowing rapid removal of the inner bottle for refurbishment. The ECOBULK® range offers the greatest possible volume in the minimum of space. This compact container system provides the best solution for hazardous goods with specific weight up to 1.6. Easy to fill, easy to stack, easy to load. Delivery is possible with or without UN certification. Full Description: Inner container: High molecular weight, high density polyethylene (HDPE) extrusion blow molded, especially shaped to ensure complete discharge of contents. Outer Container: Rigid, welded galvanized tubular steel grid, with large identification plate and EURONORTH AMERICAN-TICKET pouch. Molded bottom shell: Pressed galvanized steel base shaped to support the inner container and assist total drainage. Pallets: Steel, wood or plastic pallet, 4 way entry. Filling opening: 6″ (150 mm)-opening with screw cap and ‘o’-ring seal. Optional alternative-additional 2″ BSP threaded ventilating plug. 9″ opening available without UN-certification. Discharge valve: Protectively placed valve with outlet sealed by aluminum-lined PE-foil, closed by ‘o’-ring, PE-disk and screw cap. Complete discharge through: 2 inch butterfly with handle. Available option: 80 or 150 mm butterfly valves or 2″ ball valve. Permeation protection: On request the inner PE-container can be treated with a double SMP fluorination barrier which reduces the permeation of most non-polar organic solvents. The reasons for changing to a larger container are both logical and simple. Your in-house costs are lowered due to: Reduction in time for filling, sealing, labeling. Space saving during transport and storage periods. Eliminating product waste while discharging and draining containers. Easier inventory control. Multiple use. Containers may be filled, transported and discharged many times during their useful life. The built-in ability of the ECOBULK® to be reconditioned. The ECOBULK® is really a space saving innovation. 4 drums each with a volume of 55 gallons, utilize more space than a 275 gallon ECOBULK®. A minimum of 25% better space utilization. The ECOBULK® meets international transport standards and regulations as well as providing an excellent fill in ISO-Containers. The low tare weight is a further financial benefit during transport. The ECOBULK® is easy to handle and can be stacked 4 high quite safely. It is easy to load or unload by use of fork-lift or pallet truck, thus ensuring the best use of time and resources. The specially designed discharge valves ensure precise control when discharging substances of various viscosities. The different types of seal materials extend the range of applications and offer resistance to nearly all chemical products. One of the most important considerations affecting packaging systems selection is its value and usage after the initial journey. With the EURONORTH AMERICAN TICKET, a recycling process is available for used ECOBULKS® throughout Europe, USA and Canada, which guarantees sensible utilization of emptied containers. The ECOBULK® offers the ideal system incorporating easy-to-fit exchangeable steel, wood and plastic components, making the ECOBULK® a fully reusable multi-trip package.

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  • C-HEIGHT 8.3" / 211MM
  • B-WIDTH 5.5" / 140MM

BARITAINERS SPECIFICATIONS: VOLUME: 4 LITER 1.1 GAL. 5 LITER 1.3 GAL. 13.25 LITER 3.5 GAL. 20 LITER 5.2 GAL. WEIGHT: 286G .6LBS 280G .6LBS 880G 1.94LBS 1200G 2.6LBS A-LENGTH 7.25" 184MM 7.5" 190MM 11.1" 11.4" 290MM B-WIDTH 5.5" 140MM 5.7" 145MM 10" 9.9" 252MM C-HEIGHT 8.3" 211MM 9.2" 235MM 10.4" 14.7" 374MM D-TO HANDLE 8.5" 216MM 9.8" 250MM 10.6" 14.7" 374MM E-CAP DIN 50 DIN 50 70MM 70MM F-NECK 1.6" 41MM 1.6" 41MM 1.9" 48MM 1.9" 48MM

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  • Weight 4G

HDPE 4G SHIPPERS UN 4G Combination Packaging Customized to Your Requirements U S Dep’t of Transportation Approved Performance Testing Available

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  • Weight 275 lb.

PAIL PACKS The Pailpak will Save you $$$$$ on UPS shipments. Meets UPS or Exceeds UPS requirements Any 3-12 to 5 gallon pail without an overpack shipping carton incurs up to a $10.00 special handling charge. Why pay additional UPS charges requires that all packages with a gross weight of more than 20 pounds must be in a 275 lb. burst strength double wall carton rather than a 200 lb single wall carton. The NPS Pailpak™ satisfies this requirement while saving you $$$$$ on each and every pail you ship. Note: If shipping a Hazardous Material in a UN Certified inner packaging you must affix an “OVERPACK” label to the Pailpak along with all of the other required labels for the HAZMAT being shipped.

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  • Diameters 15.5″ and 21 1/2″

FLUORESCENT BULB CONTAINERS Discard OldUsed Fluorescent Bulbs In Our Environmentally Friendly Containers Purchase fluorescent bulb containers from NPS to legally dispose of your old fluorescent incandescent light bulbs Our lamp containers are all fiber tubes made especially for lamp tubes. They are available in 15.5″ and 21 12″ diameters with a taped on bottom and slip on cap. Made to 300 lb. construction, these containers are totally incinerable. Minimum ordering quantities are 25 pieces.

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JUMBO SHIPERS Over 25 years National Packaging Services has served the packaging needs of its ever exanding customer base with a vast range of both commodity​​ and custom packaging products. Time has taught us that it’s not enough to merely “sell” a wide variety of quality packaging products at competitive prices. ​To be truly successful, a smart company must add “value” to its sales by providing additional services that cause them to stand out amongst their competitors. For that reason, NPS has always embraced the philosophy of giving its customers MORE.

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pail liners

DRUM & PAIL LINERS Total product recovery That’s what you can count on when you rely on our Round Bottom cylindrical shaped drum liners and pail liners. Processors using our Round Bottom Drum Liners can recover 100 percent of their bulk packed materials, saving about 2%-3% on every drum packed. The Round Bottom Drum Liner’s ccontoured shape also allows for easy insertion, boosting in-plant productivity. Our other specialty products include elastic dust covers and square and round top sheets. Follow the links below for more details on a Round Bottom Drum Liner that will meet your needs: 15, 30 & 55 gallon liners — flexible –Excellent for total product recovery and easy insertion in the bulk processing and packaging of food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and more Blue liners — 30 & 55 gallon, flexible –Ideal for open head drum applications Pink antistatic liners — 30 & 55 gallon, flexible –Great for bulk packaging of paints, inks, chemicals, adhesives, sealants, powdered products Polypropylene liners — 55 gallon, flexible –Primarily for hot fill and high moisture barrier applications 5 gallon liners — flexible –Mostly for storing inks, paints, coatings, food and cosmetic products Smooth inserts — 5, 30 and 55 gallon, vacuum formed –Great for use with high speed pumping and mixing Rigid liners — 5, 30 and 55 gallon, vacuum formed –Great for small batch mixing, pumping and storage of Adhesives Chemicals Coatings Food Inks Paints

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PLASTIC FILM PRODUCTS We offer commodity film products like carton liners, drum covers, sheeting and specialty products, including Drum Liners, a stretch and antistatic bags. Plastic bags can be individually cut to size, perforated on rolls, bottom sealed, slit sealed or gusseted – narrow widths are available by special request. Sheeting comes as centerfold, single wound, double wound or perforated on a roll. We use LDPE, hexene LLDPE and LLDPE blends, colors from tints to opaque, along with such additives as UVI, antistat, slip and antiblock. Whether you need plastic bags, covers, drum liners or any other PE film product, try Protective Lining and see why we are one of the industry’s leading suppliers. Contact us to have a NPS representative contact you about our PE film products.

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