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We offer the best product range of water soluble products, GROOVING TOOLING, MILLING TOOLING and special tooling.

water soluble products

Northwest Oils, Tools & Abrasives offer many cutting oil options including new technology oils and virgin oils at competitive prices. As an active member of the PMPA we understand the demands of your industry. We have all the fluids you need to keep your manufacturing company competitive & constantly improving. Our experts have the knowledge of cutting oils and other fluids in the industry. Our goal is to offer fluid solutions to increase your profits. We specialize in consolidating oils, reducing inventories, and simplifying your operations. Northwest Oils, Tools, & Abrasives is a distributor for Commonwealth Oil Company and Wallover Oil Company along with our full line of oils. Northwest Oils, Tools, & Abrasives offerings include.... COMMINAC cutting oils which are high end dual & tri purpose oils. SYNERCUT cutting oils are high end active sulfur oils. The NORTHCUT virgin cutting oils offer quality at a mid-price point. Our NORTHLUBE LINE consists of quality hydraulics, ways, circulating oil, and lubricating oils. We specialize in supplying fluids to the screw machining and CNC machining industry. We are an industry leader that can provide proven results. We can give an onsite evaluation of your operation, provide a custom analysis of your needs and make the correct recommendations for your oillubricant needs. We offer prompt service and delivery. We also offer routine oil analysis to check for several key aspects of the oil. Viscosity - an oil's most important property when lubricating machines Acid # - gives an indication of potential oxidation problems Water - very harmful to oil life. Can act as a catalyst to oxidize oil Spectrographic Analysis - looking for depleting additives Copper Strip Corrosion - checking for the propensity to stain yellow metals Cleanliness - for those companies who reclaim their cutting oil Advanced Analysis is also available. Fat, Chlorine, Sulfur testing which measures additive levels. FTIR which can help check for contamination issues. Gas Chromatography and Infrared Scan which helps to determine the sources of contamination. Falex Test which is a performance test that measures oil lubricity

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Sumitomo turning and boring systems and PH Horn grooving tools can be found throughout manufacturing facilities that service the automotive industry. As a leading provider of tooling for many industries, at Northwest Oils, Tools & Abrasives we understand the special needs of the automotive industry, and our products lines reflect this. Some of our best sellers are the Supermini® Typ 10511 and the Mini Typ 108 - 116 tool holders from PH Horn. The Supermini is designed to accommodate PH Horns over 1200 inserts used for chamfering, profiling, backboring, and threading. The Mini is equally as diverse and can accept a large selection of inserts for processes such as chamfer, full radius, thread, and backboring. Sumitomo grooving tools include laydown threading holders and bars, the Sumicutoff line of solid carbide tool holders, as well as holders for on edge threading and grooving, CF and PFE grooving, and CBN threading and grooving. Regardless of the grooving tool you need, we are sure to have the right tool at the right price when you need it. To learn more, see the information on this page, or contact us directly.

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Milling is one of the most common machining processes; it lends itself well to the machining of virtually any material, from plastics to high strength super alloys. Precision tolerances and geometrically complex features are all attributes that can be obtained from modern milling systems. However, as with any subtractive machining process, the equipment is only as good at the tooling. At Northwest Oils, Tools, & Abrasives, we specialize in supporting the manufacturing needs of machine shops and the aerospace and automotive industries. Tooling used for milling encompasses a vast array of specifications, with literally thousands of iterations to accommodate virtually any machining requirement. As a result, the tooling industry is filled with manufacturers vying for a piece of the market.

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special tooling

Precision manufacturers that service the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries rely on the broaching process to machine a wide range of materials for an ever growing array of applications. Whether on lathes, mills, or live broaching systems, the right tooling is the key to high productivity and repeatable quality. Maximizing ROI on the capital invested in these systems requires tooling that can optimize precision and deliver long tool life. This is why we carry a full line of broaching tools from PH Horn. PH Horn broaching systems have a reputation across the globe for high precision and long tool life, all of which is brought about by the use of innovative designs and cutting edge materials. For over 40 years, PH Horn has been refining their products to meet the ever changing challenges of modern manufacturing.

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