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Our Complete range of products are M-Steel, Further processed bar, Bearing Quality Steel, WR-Steel and Seamless tube bar.


M-steel is a low alloyed, or non-alloyed, m-treated steel that is the ultimate choice when you need superior machinability combined with exceptional toughness and fatigue strength. It has proven its ability to achieve significant reductions in machining costs for component manufacturers which have replaced conventional steel with m-steel. M-steel enables higher cutting speeds and improved efficiency. Tests show that m-steel can reduce machining costs by 30–40%, significantly boosting profitability. The m-steel concept our m-steel treatment can be applied to any steel grade. The basis for the concept is that non-metallic inclusions are modified and controlled with calcium treatment. These inclusions are modified in a way to maximize machinability and to improve transverse fatigue strength. In this way, a protective layer is formed on the cutting tool during machining that very significantly reduces the wear on the tool and increases tool life. At every stage of the m-steel production process the material is optimized to improve machinability, from raw material through melt, to casting, hot rolling and the final heat treatment. Individual delivery requirements can be met to supply your material in the best form for your machines in compliance with tight straightness and dimensional tolerances. M-steel has a consistent machinability from cast to cast, meaning that machines can be run with fixed high cutting rates and predictable tool change intervals from one production run to another.

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Further processed bar

  • Diameters 10 to 127 mm
  • Lengths 10 to 8,000 mm

Available in a wide range of shapes, our bright bars grades eliminate processing steps and unnecessary stock build-up. Our bright bars offering contains the peeled bars, drawn bars, ground bars and pre-components listed under the further processed bar products.

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Bearing Quality Steel

Bq-steel is a bearing quality clean steel that has been optimized for fatigue strength by a strict control of steel cleanliness. Bq-steel is also ideal for new design solutions in a wide array of demanding applications outside the bearing industry that require longer performance and higher loads. The extended performance, higher loads and high cleanliness of bq-steel are a result of the ovako clean steel program. Purity of production means that the material has significantly smaller inclusions compared to conventional steel and, as a result, the fatigue strength of the steel is increased dramatically. Use of the material allows components to be manufactured in smaller sizes. Component downsizing and increased loading are both issues facing manufacturers today as space restrictions and lower operating weight are driven by energy conservation. Ovako’s new generation of bearing quality steel, bq-steel, is optimised and well-proven in applications where fatigue strength is critical, allowing component manufacturers to rethink their design solutions. High strength through hardening and high fatigue resistance through steel cleanliness facilitate the manufacture of components to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow. This is true for a wide range of industries where high cyclical loading is an issue.

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WR-Steel®, which stands for wear resistant steel, includes a broad range of grades with a wide range of hardness levels, dimensions and steel grades designed to give you a wear-resistant advantage when making products exposed to a high degree of wear and where service life is important. The whole idea is to combine cost efficiency at the manufacturing stage with just the right wear resistance in your end product. The WR-Steel mission is to optimize the wear resistance of your products and, at the manufacturing stage, give you the flexibility you want to be able to form, shape and weld the steel to fit your engineering needs precisely. With three main metallurgies of billets, blooms and ingots, the WR-Steel product range is the broadest of its kind in Europe and includes more than 30 different types of boron steel and special grades for mining applications

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Seamless tube bar

Our tube products are characterized by uniform properties, close tolerances and small machining allowances. Ovako�s tubes and hollow bars are used when there are stringent demands on the material, such as within the rolling bearing, automotive, hydraulic and general engineering industries. Hot-rolled and cold worked tubes Our tube products can be provided in all Ovako steel grades. We also supply hot-rolled peeled tubes, as well as cold-rolled or drawn centerless ground tubes. Tubes can also be cut according to customer requirements.

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