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Our Complete range of products are Groundnuts, Fresh Baobab, Fresh Moringa Leaves, Live Sawakni Lambs and Dried Hibiscus Flowers.


Our Groundnuts are rich in protein, phosphorous, thiamin and niacin. Owing to our well-maintained and organized inventory system, we deliver the same in the committed time. In order to keep the products in safe condition during handling, warehousing and transit, we make use of only premium packaging materials. Moreover, our skilled personnel are employed for carrying out the task of packing.

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    Special Features Peanut   is a  legume  crop  grown mainly for its edible seeds, oil extraction and livestock feeding oilcake meal ( residue from oil processing )
    Applications Peanut oil  is used in cooking, because it has a mild flavor and a relatively high  smoke point, considered healthier than  saturated oils, and is resistant to  rancidity. Peanut flour  is lower in fat than peanut butter, and has high protein content making it suitable as a flavor enhancer.  Peanut flour is used as a gluten-free solution.
    Boiled peanuts are a popular snack worldwide.
    Dry peanuts can be roasted in the shell or shelled in a home oven. Peanuts are used to help fight  malnutrition.  Groundnut cake  is a livestock feed, mostly used by cattle as protein supplements. The protein cake (oilcake meal) residue from oil processing is used as an animal feed and as a soil fertilizer. 
    Technical specification A common  cooking  and  salad  oil, peanut oil is 46% monounsaturated fats (primarily  oleic acid), 32%  polyunsaturated fats  (primarily  linoleic acid), and 17% saturated fats (primarily palmiticacid).  Extractable from whole peanuts using a simple water and  centrifugation  method,
    Brief about product Peanuts are rich in  essential nutrients, extract edible oil and Animals feed. 
    Industries where this product is used Food, edible Oil , livestock farms

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Fresh Baobab

We have ultra-modern packaging systems available to keep the products safe from physical factors that may damage the product to some extent. We make available Fresh Baobab which is organically grown and hygienically processed. Thus, we only use qualitative packaging material. Sternly packed and delivered safely to the customers' provided address and that too in the committed time span.

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    Sizes available Baobab bulbs, seeds and powder dried.
    Raw Material Used Baobab dries on the branch, its natural form is a 100% organic fruit powder. 
    Special Features Baobab fruit is one of the most nutrient-dense foods and super tasty in the world
    Applications The benefits of baobab include:  Energy release, Immune function, Digestive health, Healthy, younger-looking skin
    Technical specification Baobab Superfluity Powder has a delicious sweet and  citrusy flavor. It is perfect for sprinkling onto cereal, granola, yoghurt or fruit or mixing into smoothies, juices or water
    Brief about product Baobab powder is an extremely rich source of vitamin C. It is almost 50% fiber and has the highest antioxidant content of any fruit
    Industries where this product is used Juices & Beverages / Pharmaceuticals
    Colors & packaging available Greenish bulbs, White color powder
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Fresh Moringa Leaves

  • Technical specification Moringa contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals as an¬†antioxidant.
  • Industries Medicine , Herbal supplement
  • Colors & packaging available Moringa tree has thick, whitish bark with droopy, fragile branches and long, green, oval-shaped leaf

Moringa (MORINGA FOR A57) known as The “Miracle Tree” which is a plant that is native grown in the tropics. The leaves, bark, flowers, fruit, seeds, and root are used to make medicine. Powerful organic antioxidant with antibacterial properties. Moringa is used safely when taken by mouth and used appropriately.   Applications Good for liver protection and treatment of edema Relive stomach disorders and treatment of diabetics. Maintain the skin health, having aphrodisiac effects.

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Live Sawakni Lambs

Raw materials form the basis of any product and thus we obtain them after checking against varied quality parameters. We make available Live Sawakni Lambs that are nourished with natural feed and are highly healthy. Moreover, we procure raw materials only from reliable sources. We keep a stern check on the payment procedures and simultaneously maintain records of the transactions made with us. Thus, we ensure that the payments are received with utmost security.

  • Details
    Sizes available Ave. 40 Kgm / Head alive
    Raw Material Used 1000 Head(unit) Min. order
    Special Features Sawakni Lamb meat quality grades are prime, choice, good, and utility with prime being the highest, most desirable and choice a close second.
    Applications Healthy, tasty and palatable meat meals
    Technical specification Grow in natural farms
    Industries where this product is used Food, Restaurants, Hotels and Meat industries
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Dried Hibiscus Flowers

Hibiscus plants are known for their large, colorful flowers that make a decorative addition to a home or garden. also have medicinal uses. Flowers. We make available naturally dried Hibiscus Flowers in highly hygienic & airtight packaging. and leaves can be made into teas and liquid extracts that are used to treat a variety of conditions

  • Details
    Raw Material Used Dried hibiscus flowers, leaves, and dark red calyces (cup-shaped center of the flower).
    Special Features hibiscus can help relieve upset stomach, high blood pressure, cancer, bacterial infections, weight loss, and fevers
    Applications Hibiscus extract hot or cold is a delicious drink and popular herbal remedy. Hibiscus plant extract used to lower  blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
    Hibiscus shows potential for cancer treatment, weight loss, and as dietary supplement.
    Technical specification Hibiscus tea is also called sour tea as of its tart taste.  It’s made from a mixture of dried hibiscus flowers, leaves, and dark red calyces.
    Industries where this product is used Beverage and medicals
    Colors & packaging available Hibiscus can be red, yellow, white, or peach-colored, and can be as big as six inches wide.

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Gum Arabic

  • Raw Material Used Gum Arabic is a Sudan's Miracle Commodity
  • Colors & packaging available Clear/ Amber / Red lumps Herbal sap.

Gum arabic is a complex mixture of glycoproteins and polysaccharides. It is the original source of the sugars arabinose and ribose.   Sizes available : Hashab ( Grade 1) / Talha ( Grade 2) in Form of Hand Picked Selected(HPS) / Cleaned /Kibbled /Powder /Sifting / Dust.   Speciality : Healthy, Forest , Organic, Safe, edible, High viscosity, Water soluble , Natural, stabilizer product   Applications : Gum Arabic is a product with many viable uses as food additive stabilizer, printing, adhesive , inks ingredient to Textiles and Medical applications.   Technical specification : Gum Arabic is a hardened sap or exudates of The Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal trees.   Industries : Food, beverages, Textiles, Inks, cosmetics, photography, adhesive , chewing gum, pharmaceuticals drugs and others

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Dried Sesame Seeds

We make available premium quality Dried Sesame Seeds in varying sizes. Our product is wrapped in industrial grade packaging supplies that are ecological and offer defense to the products against mechanical and transit damage. Furthermore, the product is correctly branded to offer data. As we know the value of quality raw materials, we source them only from dependable vendors. By applying such inputs, we make sure that our finished goods remain flawless.

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    Special Features Highly valued for their oil which is exceptionally resistant to rancidity
    Applications Tahini- a spreadable paste made from ground sesame seeds, Sesame seeds are highly valued for their high content of sesame oil which is very resistant to rancidity .Relief for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Supports Vascular and Respiratory Health, Prevent Colon Cancer, Osteoporosis, Migraine and PMS Bone Health, Phytosterols Lower Cholesterol
    Technical specification sesame seeds are an excellent source of copper, manganese, also a good source of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc, molybdenum, selenium, and dietary fiber.
    Brief about product . Sesame seeds are tiny, flat oval seeds with a nutty taste and a delicate, almost invisible crunch.
    Industries where this product is used Make homemade bread, muffins or cookies.
    Traditional macrobiotic seasoning, gomasio, to enliven the food.
    Food, bakeries and oil industries
    Colors & packaging available Host of White, yellow, black and red colors. prepackaged containers as well as bulk bins.

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Dried Senna Pods

Senna is the ingredient in the commercial laxative suppository called Senokot. The suppositories are inserted into the rectum for constipation relief. Senna Tea As a herbal preparations in the form of a teabags and can be found in health food stores.

  • Details
    Sizes available Leaves, pods, and plant
    Special Features Senna is generally used by people suffering from constipation.
    Applications Laxative and purgative action
    Technical specification Senna contains glycosides, which are a group of organic compounds that are commonly found in plants. Which work as a laxative by smoothing the muscles as digested food moves through the intestines.
    Senna enhance the stool volume and move it out of the colon. The process is caused by the chain of fatty acids that promote digestion, fermentation, and successfully converting the glycosides into a purgative agent.
    Industries where this product is used Medical and Herbal

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