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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Smoothbore Tubing FEP Tubing, Smoothbore Tubing PTFE Small Diameter Beading, Smoothbore Tubing Spiral Cut Tubing, Convoluted Tubing and Heat Shrinkable Tubing Fluoroplastic Heat Shrink Tubing.

Smoothbore Tubing FEP Tubing

  • custom sizes . 010" ID (.254mm) to 4" ID (106mm)

FEP tubing (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene tubing) is made from a melt processable thermoplastic that has end uses similar to PTFE. However, it has several properties PTFE does not have. FEP is one of the clearest plastics available on the market and can be supplied in long, continuous coils. It can be welded and tubes can be sealed by melting. FEP tubing has a continuous working temperature of 400° F 204°C and is also available:

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Smoothbore Tubing PTFE Small Diameter Beading

  • Diameter 0.015 0.38
  • Tolerance 0.002 0.05

Parker TexLoc® PTFE round beadingminiature rod is excellent as a filler in loose bundles of cables, as a pull cord, as o-ring seals, or cut into pieces as bearings and spacers. The smoother finish, greater flexibility, and longer lengths outperform "granular" extrusions. PTFE Beading is a standard item but FEP or PFA extrusions are available. When supplied in FEP and PFA, this product works as a bonding agent, i.e.No process contamination, lowest levels of extractables Higher flow High purity Semiconductor and pharmaceutical conformance Longer product life and less downtime Chemically inert Smooth nonstick surface resulting, lowest coefficient of friction

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Smoothbore Tubing Spiral Cut Tubing

  • tolerance O.D. 005
  • Wall "B" 020
  • Tolerance Wall ± .008
  • Pitch "D" .212

TexLoc® PTFE spiral cut cable wrap provides harnessing for wires and cable while allowing for leads at various points. Ideal applications include cable harnessing, wiring closets, station wiring, fiber optic cabling, aerospace and automotive end uses. Spiral cut cable wrap has a "VO" flammability rating and is excellent for bundling cables in plenum areas. It is also durable, flexible and has outstanding electrical properties. Spiral wrap is offered in both left and right hand cut, and naturalten colors, which allows for color coding and indentification. Spiral cut tubing is available in PTFE, FEP, PFA and ETFE. Sizes range from 18" up to 2".

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Convoluted Tubing

TexLoc® produces and stocks the largest selection of fluoroplastic tubing in the world. TexLoc also produces some of the smallest sizes of PTFE, FEP and ETFE convoluted tubing in the industry as well as the largest, from 18"3.18mm inside diameter up to 4"101.6mm inside diameter. In addition, we can cut the convoluted tubing into specified lengths and add cuffs, flanges or flares to meet your special requirements. Fluoropolymer Convoluted Tubing is widely used in high temperature and chemical resistant applications for industries such as semiconductor, automotive, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. When convoluted tubing is stainless steel braided, the tubing works well in high pressure applications. Because PTFE and FEP are FDA and 3A compliant materials, it is also the material of choice in the food and medical industry.

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Convoluted Tubing

Aerospace, Military & Defense TexLoc® supplies a wide array of qualified fluoroplastic flexible conduit products to the Aerospace, Military, and Defense wire harness industries. These products include, but are not limited to: MIL Spec Convoluted Tubing for electrical conduit (SAE AS81914) Conductive ID PTFE and Fully Conductive PTFE Fully Conductive PFA for static dissipation or conductance Spiral Wrap for electrical and hose chafe guard (MIL-T-47287) Available resins include: PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, and ECTFE Fluoroplastic convoluted conduit is used in high temperature applications and high corrosive atmospheres such as engine compartments and wires exposed to salt water. Flexible conduit is also used exclusively in aircraft, military vessels and many military land vehicles. For a detailed look at the flexible conduit sizes manufactured to the Military Specification MIL-T-819141 thru MIL-T-819146, please visit the pages listed on the right.

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Heat Shrinkable Tubing Fluoroplastic Heat Shrink Tubing

High temperature, chemical resistant resins make TexLoc® heat shrink tubing ideal for harsh environments where chemicals andor heat are present. PTFE and FEP fluoropolymer heat shrink tubing products are USP Class VI and FDA compliant, making them suitable for many medical and food applications. PFA heat shrink gives you the high temperature range of PTFE with the lower shrink temperatures of FEP.

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Coiled Tubing Fluoroplastic Coiled Tubing

  • Tube ID .187"
  • Tube OD .250"
  • Wall Thickness .030"
  • Coil ID 1.250"

TexLoc® fluoroplastic coiled tubing is a spiral formed tube manufactured in FEP or PFA. This product consists of multiple, retractable coils in a single tube. Because fluoroplastics have a low co-efficient of friction, these coiled hoses allow unrestricted flow in confined spaces. They are also nonwetting, non leaching and can be supplied in resins with a very low refractive index for applications where visual monitoring is necessary. Coiled tubing is always custom engineered to meet your specifications. Sizes begin at 116" (1.58mm) up to 2" (54.8mm) and tubes manufactured in FEP should remain stable up to 200ºF93ºC. PFA will hold its shape up to 300ºF149ºC. Above these temperatures, the coils diminish and lose their shape. TexLoc's on-site value added service department can also add custom connection fittings or produce special ends to meet your specifications.

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Medical Tubing Heat Shrinkable Tubing -

  • Size 24
  • Minimum Expanded Diameter .031 .787
  • Maximum Recovered Diameter .027 686

Class VI Fluoroplastic Medical Heat Shrinkable Tubing for critical medical components is one of the premier products available from TexMed®, the medical side of Parker TexLoc®. Medical heat shrink is available in natural TexMed. In our value added services department, tube scoring (small slits in the wall of the heat shrink) is available to simplify the removal of heat shrink tubing used on molded medical devices. In addition, parts can be cut to size, specially packaged and bar coded, or applied in house over your cables or mandrels to reduce scrap. Allowing TexMed to custom shrink over your mandrels in our Class 10, 000 clean room ensures a perfect fit every time, reduces scrap and allows you to use the product immediately upon receipt without using additional space in your warehouse for carrying inventory.

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Conductive Tubing Conductive I.D

  • length. 14

or insulation purposes the high resistivity of plastics is an advantage but, in some cases, it can be a serious disadvantage as it results in high static charge build up; this in turn can result in dust pick-up andor spark generation. The established way of improving conductivity is by adding a conductive filler such as a high structure, carbon black. TexLoc® offers a wide variety of anti-static and conductive tubing to fit each customer’s specific needs in smooth-bore or convoluted form. This tubing may be supplied with a fully conductive liner and a fully conductive tube. Fully conductive tubes are available in PTFE and PFA. Industrial grade conductivity conforms to MIL-DTL-27267C with a minimum conductance of 10-20 micro amps and 1, 000 vdc applied over a 14" length. Upon special request, ISO grade tubing is available that conforms to a maximum of a 1 mega ohm resistance over a one meter length when tested in accordance with ISO 8031.

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Smoothbore Tubing PTFE Tubing

  • custom sizes, 4

PTFE tubing (Polytetrafluoroethylene tubing) is manufactured from a fluoropolymer that exhibits attributes not found in other plastic materials and has the lowest coefficient of friction of any plastic, allowing for unrestricted flow without deposit build-up. It also has a working temperature of 500° F260° C. PTFE tubing is used extensively in high pressure hose applications requiring a long flex and impulse life. On aircraft, it is used as a conduit for wiring systems and in semi-conductor applications, for the transporting of D.I. water and acids. These are just a few of its many uses.

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