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Our offered Product range includes Trolleys, carriers, Drives, Chains for Conveyors and track.


  • Size 6″ to 2″

Rapid has a full line of trolleys to fit every application. Many options are available including sizes ranging from 6″ to 2″ trolleys and full ball and retainer type wheels. From a light duty, clean application to the harshest, heavy duty environment, we have the trolleys and attachments for any system for your conveyor system components.

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Carriers permitting single andor multiple loading of products and materials are available in an almost infinite variety of shapes and configurations as conveyor system components. Ease of loadingunloading carriers either manually, “on-the-fly”, or by robot is an important consideration when selecting the carrier for your application. Examples of typical carriers are illustrated below but many other options are available by contacting our Engineering Department.

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  • ratio 3 to 1

Rapid Overhead Power Chain Drives are available in two general types, the caterpillar drive and the sprocket drive, and is one of the most important components of an overhead conveyor system component. In addition to powering the rivet-less chain, the drive governs the speed of the chain and thus the rate of production. The selection of the proper type of drive and size, as well as gear ratio of the speed reducer, is essential to the design of the system. Caterpillar Drives Stationary caterpillar drives are located on a straight run of the track at a high point in the conveyor system. The drive must pull, not push, the power chain and attachment components are mounted on the main drive frame. This type of drive requires an external overload protection device, i.e. shear pin hub, current limiting device, etc. Floating caterpillar drives incorporate a system of rollers supporting the drive frame within an enclosed steel stationary frame. The advantage of the floating drive is that, through the use of limit switches for overload protection, the replacement of shear pins when the drive is overloaded is no longer necessary. Floating Caterpillar Drives are available in the same capacity and ratings as Stationary Caterpillar Drives.

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Chains for Conveyors

Rapid has an extensive line of conveyor chain to suit many of your conveyor system components needs. With high strength to weight ratios, extreme flexibility, easy assembly and low maintenance, our industry leading chain is an easy choice. Chain conveyors are best for many different industries such as textile and mining. Chains have the flexibility and strength needed to carry the items through the manufacturing, processing, or packaging process. Rapid Industries has developed a chain guide. This helps you decide the type of chain that will best suit your needs. Finding the right size and strength is key in avoiding future problems and issues.

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Rapid Overhead Conveyors utilize a high carbon structural shape or a roll formed heat treatable steel track. The Power Only systems use a high carbon l-Beam, S3x5.7, S4X7.7, or S6x12.5 depending on the type of system, or a roll formed heat treatable enclosed track. Power and Free conveyors use the same track as Power Only systems with the addition of high carbon structural channels, C3x4.1, C4x5.6, C6x8.2, 06×12. depending on the type of. The track must sustain all the load placed on it and as a result is the limiting factor in the amount of load an overhead conveying system will handle. The lower flange of the track must withstand the load and wear imparted to it from the conveying trolleys without undue pining or deformation.

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Safety guard is essential to the overall safety and potential hazard to employees and equipment in many areas of your system. Our fabrication departments are available to fabricate these guards in various materials including expanded and sheet metal as well as wire mesh.

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  • Typically ranging 8″ to 24″

Takeups are required and essential in every overhead conveyor system to control power chain tension and remove chain slack. The takeup is incorporated into roller bank turns or traction wheel assemblies which then serves as a change of direction and a tension release for the power chain. Takeups may also be included in spread track loops using two 90 degree traction wheels or roller bank turns with a straight section of track between them up to a 20 feet maximum spread between center lines. Takeups are actuated by one of several means including all thread adjustable rods, counterweights, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, or the most common spring actuated. Takeups are made for all sizes of track in both the Rapid Power Only and Rapid Flow Power & Free overhead conveyor systems and are identical in both.

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chain components

We stock a wide variety of components to compliment your conveyor system chain. Whether replacing worn out chain, installing a new system or building an “on hand” supply, we have the components and attachments you need.

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Essential to the continuous operation and long life of the conveyor chain, it is essential to have the appropriate chain lubricator in your system as a conveyor system component. With both automatic and manual models available, Rapid stocks whatever lubricator option you desire.

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Anti-backup safety

Anti-backup safety stops are required on all loaded inclines to ensure safety in the event of chain failure. Likewise anti-runaway safety stops operate similarly in loaded declines to prevent accelerating beyond system design. Both are essential to the safety of employees and equipment in your facility.

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Rapid Flex

  • Flexible capable of varying types of loop, twist, incline/decline, and horizontal configurations
  • capabilities Up to 75lbs.

The Rapid Flex system is our versatile conveyor system designed to satisfy the requirements of manufacturing and finishing operations where light loads are handled. There are no exposed moving parts and are especially suited for finishing and powder coating lines. The Rapid Flex Enclosed Track system is our best selling overhead conveyor system and is designed to accommodate many needs because of its reliability, flexibility and ease of installation. Formed from high strength steel, the Rapid Flex overhead system eliminates the need for traction wheels on most horizontal turns and may be used in many types of configurations. The steel used in the enclosed track may be saw cut and welded without special equipment for onsite changes and adjustments. The greatest benefit of the Rapid Flex conveyor system is that the chain is enclosed which ensures longer life for important conveyor components that may pass through different types of finishing processes. This avoids the corrosion, damage and wear and tear found in traditional systems. The Rapid Flex Chain is designed for ultimate flexibility in every direction, yet is still stronger than the traditional link. The chain is easily assembled and disassembled using common hand tools.

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Q-Flex System

  • capabilities Up to 1,000lbs

The Q-Flex System offers a predictable, powered system in the 1, 000 lb. per load category. The Q-Flex Power & Free System was designed with optimum flexibility with lowest costs possible. Put simply, the Q-Flex System is the most versatile, dependable overhead conveyor system for your money. The Q-Flex system uses a two tracks including an upper track in which the Rapid Flex chain runs, and a lower free track which carries the load-bearing trolleys. This allows for lower maintenance and long life. In most cases, the only maintenance required is the periodic lubrication of the conveyor components chain. Providing “online” accumulations capability and using a network of spurs and loops, the Q-Flex Power and Free System provides optimum flexibility. You can accumulate loads, allow to dwell, provide in-process storage, reroute, transfer and hold product and much more – while the conveyor system line continues to operate without interruption.

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Floor Conveyors

Rapid Industries also offers a full line of Floor Conveyors, including gravity, powered roller, powered belt, accumulating, tabletop and slat conveyors. Drag chain and towline conveyors are also available. Our expertise and quality in overhead conveyor systems design also carries over into the design and manufacture of floor conveyors. These floor conveyors can include transfers, diverters, turntables and vertical lifts. Our complete, turn-key floor conveyor systems are great for specific handling including unusually large items, unusually heavy packages, or delicate materials while moving through complex multilevel production lines. We can even design floor conveyor systems to integrate with your existing or future overhead conveyor system!

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