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Other Products / Services

Our product range comtains a wide range of Replacement Drives, Tackling Corrosion, Reducing Wear, Eliminating Seizure and SmartProducts

Replacement Drives

Replacement Drives Renold produces replacement drives and gearing for old and obsolete designs. Our design capabilities enable re-engineering from sample parts or drawings.

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Tackling Corrosion

Tackling Corrosion Due to constant exposure to water, corrosion is often an issue on water ride chains. To address this, Renold has developed a dual process surface treatment to increase corrosion resistance. The zinc based specialised coating offers superior protection of the steel. Even when the coating is penetrated, the treatment continues to offer superior corrosion resistance.

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Reducing Wear

wear resistanceReducing Wear Development of a heavy wall bush design overcomes premature wear and failure of the bush, and in most cases a shell roller can also be incorporated which reduces wear on sprocket teeth; increasing life of both the sprocket and chain – and reducing maintenance time and cost. Additional Benefits Integral attachment design – eliminates attachmentplate corrosion issues Smoother and quieter operation than standard water ride chain Operates on the same sprockets and track as standard chain. Superior breaking load and working load *in salt spray tests NOTE: Polymer sleeve highlighted in yellow for illustration purposes only For more information on Renold Trident and how it can reduce costs for your theme park rides, call us today on + 1 (514) 367-1764 or fill in our request info form for more information.

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Eliminating Seizure

Eliminating SeizureLubrication Free Transfer and lift chain on rides can suffer from seizure of the bush and pin and significantly shorten the life of the chain. Through the development of a unique polymer sleeve, metal-to-metal contact is reduced, thereby eliminating the risk of the bush and pin seizure. This also provides lubrication-free operation and removes the need for any lubrication ports.

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Chain Pin Extractor

Chain Pin Extractor The Chain Pin Extractor from Renold is a quick and easy way to cut chain. Cutting a wedge riveted chain means having to grind off the pin head and then hammer the pin through the plates. That's too much time and effort. Renold Brand and Renold Synergy transmission chain have an end-softened pin with a spin, or round, rivet. You can cut the chain by hand in moments, with no mess. Renold makes it easy! Order your Chain Pin Extractor today!

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SmartProducts Renold SmartProducts are a unique suite of diagnostic tools designed to deliver maximum performance. SmartProducts give you the ability to know more than ever before about what is happening to your chain. This technology, developed by Renold, is helping engineers all over the world get the maximum performance out of our products. Renold SMARTLINK™ SmartLink, a member of the SmartProducts family, is a low profile battery operated data logger that resides on the side of the chain and travels with the chain round the chain drive system. Its primary function is to collect load data from the drive to provide you with a load profile of the drive. SmartLink works by monitoring the load of the chain in real time and transmitting data to your Android or Windows Smartphone via Bluetooth BLE or by retaining the data to be later downloaded and evaluated by experienced Renold engineers. The innovative technology can Smarklink Chain d (1)be used as part of your regular maintenance routine, after wash downs or following new chain installations to ensure the chain is installed and operating correctly. As a diagnostic tool, SmartLink aids in the identification of the potential failures of other components in the drive including stiff bearings, misalignment issues and over tension. By understanding the load as the chain travels round the sprockets, other potential issues can be identified before a critical event occurs. SmartLink can be applied to a wide variety of chains from a 1" pitch roller chain to industrial chain including conveyor applications. Whilst there is a range of standard sizes, SmartLink can also be adapted by our engineers to suit the environmental factors of your application. Thermal and waterproof enclosures are just a few of the adaptions that can be engineered to ensure safety and optimum function in specialised situations. SmartLink is now available for your engineers own use or as a service provided by us. The technology can be used independently of Renold to assess load and chain function via your Smartphone. For more complex requirements, Renold offers an unparalleled service in which our engineers will visit your site anywhere in the world, guide you with the installation of the SmartLink and then carry out testing for you. This is followed up with a report of the findings and product recommendations can be made where appropriate to do so. We find this service is particularly interesting for bespoke chain designs, inventory management to standardise your purchasing requirements and to optimise your processes to get the maximum life out of your chain. Different industries all over the world have already benefited from our SmartLink consultancy service that have provided a better understanding of loads in their system. We have been able to provide information that helps companies take preventative maintenance measures to prolong chain life. Furthermore, improvements to drive layout, optimum chain selection and increased production efficiency have all been made possible as a result of Smartlink technology.

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Knuckle & Studbush Steel knuckle chains are made from top-grade carbon and alloy steels. These chains are specifically designed for rugged and heavy duty applications, such as bucket elevators and apron conveyors. Renold manufactures the most comprehensive selection of steel knuckle chains and attachments tailored to a variety of applications.

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Renold control over pin

  • Sizes range 4 mm to 4 inch pitch

Renold’s unique control over pin bush contact makes sure that wear life exceeds other brands. Little initial chain adjustment is therefore required. Renold roller chain is highly fatigue resistant, giving up to four times the life of other leading competitor chains. Breaking loads exceed the minimum requirements of international standards.

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QE Vibrators

  • Range 70-72 DbA.

QE Vibrators Quadra Eccentric Vibrators The Ajax Quadra Eccentric Vibrator was designed for noise sensitive applications in food processing. Units operate in a range of 70-72 DbA. Special features include: Plated Shafts For Corrosion Protection Polyamide 12 Driven Gear Changeable Eccentric Weights The Gear Set Does Not Require Lubrication... Meaning No Leaks

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Vibratory Fill Stations

Vibratory Fill Stations Vibratory Tables Packers: Automated Vibrating Weigh System Renold's custom engineered Vibratory Tables Packers provide more materials in less space; while weighing, vibrating and filling simultaneously. Each unit is designed to insure the proper vibration, thus eliminating voids to increase the density of materials in Bags, Boxes, Drums, and Totes being packaged. Increases in density from 20% to 50% is achieved in minimal cycle time. Ancillary equipment such as in-line roller conveyors, pallet dispensers, slip sheet dispensers etc, including various PLC interfacing compliment the Station to make up the Turnkey System necessary to meet any specification.

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Dual Lead Adjustment

  • Sizes 67 - 500mm

Dual Lead Adjustment 'Ren-Adjust' Dual Lead Adjustment Mechanism Renold Gears has launched a new, high precision adjustment mechanism, Ren-Adjust, for dual lead gear sets used on positional machinery requiring a high degree of accuracy, such as rotary tables and machine tools. The new system for precisely adjusting backlash is quick and simple to operate, by comparison to alternative systems, reducing down time whenever an adjustment needs to be made. Drop-in Replacement The new Ren-Adjust has been designed as a simple replacement on existing machinery and can also be specified by machine tool and rotary table manufacturers as a like-for-like component, in many cases with no need to modify existing designs. Renold's system can therefore replace that of most other manufacturers without any redesign or modifications. This makes it easy for OEMs to switch to the Renold product and equally simple for machine operators to replace their existing equipment. Simple Adjustment Ren-Adjust permits precise adjustment without the need to remove the wormshaft or drain oil. It is quick and easy to use and cuts adjustment time to a minimum. The backlash is adjusted by simply removing the shrink disc, which will allow the worm shaft to move independently from the adjustment sleeve, and by turning the captive screw, which will axially move the dual lead worm shaft and adjust the working backlash. Once the backlash is acceptable, the shrink disc is re-applied. The size range of the Ren-Adjust mechanism covers centre distances from 67 - 500mm.

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Geared Motor Units

  • Series R Series

R Series In-line helical gear unit with torque capacities up to 20, 000Nm, power up to 160kW and ratios up to 58:1 in two stage and up to 16, 200:1 in combined form. Can be supplied as double, triple, quadruple and quintruple reduction units, foot or flange mounted. Available as motorised, motor ready or as a reducer with a keyed input shaft. Reduction gear and geared motor options Power up to 160kW covering the majority of drive requirements Ratios: up to 58:1 in two stage, up to 16, 200:1 in combined form offers wide speed range Output torque up to 20, 000Nm providing low cost per Nm Interchangeable Euro dimensions for ease of replacement Accepts standard IECNEMA motors ensuring fast and low cost replacement Oil tight gear head keeps motor replacement free from oil spills Cast iron case with epoxy-polyester powder-coated finish for strength and durability

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Carter Gear Hydraulic

  • Range 27:1

Carter Gear Hydraulic The Carter Hydrostatic Variable Speed unit has an infinitely variable speed range of 27:1 and a power capacity of up to 30kW. Features & Benefits Totally enclosed drive unit suitable for use in all hostile environments. Electronic, Pneumatic or Manual speed controls for all design demands. Accurate speed holding under varying load conditions allowing suitability for all drive applications. High starting torque for use on all heavy duty machinery. Overload protection available for machinery safety. Dynamic breaking as standard. Suitable for use in explosion proof areas.

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Oil Condition Monitoring System

  • Series OCMS

The Renold SmartGearbox Oil Condition Monitoring System (OCMS) delivers an easy to use and effective way to display the real time condition of your oil. It can be used stand alone or simply connected to a variety of control and display systems. The Renold OCMS increases reliability and performance by continuously monitoring the condition of the oil and reports on any early signs of problems, enabling immediate corrective action to be taken. As over 75% of all drive system failures are attributed to oil contamination, the new OCMS has been designed to cut downtime, increase production and reduce maintenance. 60 times more sensitive to oil contamination Optimise service levels by accurately predicting future maintenance Increased reliability through continuously monitoring and reporting early signs of issues Lower operating costs through less downtime and maintenance Equipment in optimum condition gives a safer working environment The Renold OCMS has undertaken rigorous independant testing and is fully certified to international standards.

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Sprag Cages

  • Series REGP

Sprag Cages The REGP series is a cage comprising of sprag elements running as a freewheel on races primarily measured in inches. This design offers high torque transmission within compact dimensions. In turn this enables cost effective technical solutions.

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Peripheral Drives

Peripheral Drives Renold supplies options for peripherally driven air preheaters. A peripheral drive is mounted onto the extremity of the APH. It is supplied with a solid output shaft onto which a spur gear is mounted, which drives the APH via an externally mounted girth ring gear.

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Double Drives

Double Drives Renold has developed a number of solutions ideal for in truss arrangements which can be configured as double drives.

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Traditional Drives

Traditional Drives Renold supplies traditonal base plate arrangements designed for London Underground, Washington Metro and New York Subway.

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Central Drives

Central Drives Renold designs options for centrally driven Air Preheaters, including worm and helical gearing configurations, which can be designed as drop-in replacements for originally supplied units, or designed to the OEM's specification for new applications. A central design has a solid output shaft and mounts directly on to the main rotor shaft of the APH, secured by means of a shrink disc.

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Direct Drives

Direct Drives Slim line unit directly mounted on to the headshaft, eliminating lubrication and risk of contamination.

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