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We offer the best product range of low noise amplifiers, Frequency Converters, satellite receiving equipment, Amplifier and Converter.

low noise amplifiers

  • Size 2 to 10 in³ (Non Cooled) 50 to 100 in³ (Thermal Electric Cooled) 13824 n³ (Cryogenic Cooled) 2000 in³ (Controller) 665 in³ (Compressor)
  • Weight (Non-Cooled) 1 to 60 oz
  • Production Volume 1 to 2000 units
  • Function Low Noise Pre-Amplification of Received Signals Active Gain over Temperature

For over 30 years, Satellink has been providing precision microwave products to customers across a spectrum of industries, with airborne, shipboard, and ground based applications. We offer custom design and manufacturing of high performance low noise amplifiers, with available amplifier types including non-cooled ambient amplifiers, thermal electric cooled amplifiers, and cryogenic cooled amplifiers. Wave guide and coaxial interface options are offered, as well as choice of connectors. Operational functions include low noise pre-amplification of received signals, and active gain over temperature. Our precision low range amplifiers cover a frequency range of RF (300 MHz) to KA (30GHz), gain levels of 20 to 70 dB, and a noise figure of 0.40 to 1.50 dB. The Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) is 1.25:1. Pre-selection and image rejection filters are utilized for optimized performance. Available sizes vary with model: 2 to 10 in³ (Non-cooled), 50 to 100 in³ (Thermal Electric Cooled), 13824 n³ (Cryogenic Cooled), 2000 in³ (Controller), and 665 in³ (Compressor). Our designs produce units that amplify weak signals without unintentionally radiating frequencies that interfere with other equipment. All production takes place in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, featuring 3 separate lab areas for certain frequency work.

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Frequency Converters

  • Weight 1 to 10 oz
  • Types Down Converter Up Converter
  • Production Volume 1 to 2000 units
  • Size 2 to 10 in³ (Typical) Up to 200 in³ (Possible)
  • Temperature Range -54 to +85 °C

Satellink is a premium provider of microwave products and subsystems, offering state-of-the-art custom frequency converters for a range of applications across industries including aerospace, telecommunications, and the military among others. Available types include down and up converters, built to customer specifications and application criteria. Converters are lightweight at 1 oz - 10 oz, with typical sizes 2 in³ - 10 in³, and possible sizing up to 200 in³. Product features are optimized for performance and maximum reduction of noise interference, they include single and dual conversion, local oscillator monitor output, lock indicator, automatic external reference oscillator frequency determination, synthesized phase locked local oscillator, and remote intermediate frequency bandwidth filter control. Converters are used after the amplifier in a system, and are sometimes combined with low noise amplifiers (LNA). Filters available for tailored passband transmission include preselection, image rejection, IF, and switchable bandpass. Other design options include customized interface and connections, sealed or pressurized units, and peak pulse protection. Satellink’s units cover a wide dynamic range of -100 to 40 dBm and handle L, S, C, X, SHF, KU, and K bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. All units are provided with controller equipment and EMIRFI shielding. Frequency converters are comprehensively tested for functionality and accuracy, undergoing environmental tests, scalar and vector network analysis, noise measurement inspection, frequency counters, and spectrum analyzers. Typical turnaround times are 140 - 180 days with prototype to production volume (1 - 2000 units) available. All manufacturing takes place in Satellink’s ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, and meets all applicable industry standards. Satellink boasts unparalleled manufacturing expertise not found elsewhere in industry, along with offering a host of unique value added ancillary services.

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satellite receiving equipment

  • Type Special Items
  • Production Volume 1 to 2000 units
  • Industry Standards ISO 9001:2008 IPC-A-610 Workmanship IPC-J-001 ANSI NCSL Z540-I-1994 ITAR Licensed

Satellink provides the design and manufacturing services for special items related to satellite receiving equipment and customer’s specific applications. This specialized service utilizes the control and remote interface communications standards as outlined by RS-489 and RS-232, as well as Ethernet capabilities. Products are suitable for a range of applications including satellite, communications, shipboard, airport surveillance, and radar. As with all Satellink products, integrity and quality are ensured with comprehensive inspections along with functional and physical verification testing. All products are designed and manufactured by skilled engineers and technicians, and held to the highest industry standards including the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation, Bureau of Industrial Security (BIS), FCC Compliance, and MIL-STD-215. Typical lead time for special items is 4-9 months, with possible production of 1 - 2000 units. Satellink has the experience to custom fabricate any item to meet today’s critical demands. Other value added services unique for our field include product development, evaluation, assembly, testing, alignment, and repair.

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  • Volume Volume
  • Standards Met Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing MIL-STD-810
  • Overall Part Dimensions Height: 5.37" Width: 4.50" Depth: 1.12"

Satellink is an accomplished supplier of state-of-the-art low noise linear amplifiers found in cutting edge applications. We designed and manufactured the UHF diplexer LNA for a customer in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry, where lightweight construction, economically-sized packaging, and precision performance are critical. In addition to engineering, we sourced all the required components, assembled the devices, and applied a protective chromate conversion coating. Quality assurance protocols, conducted in accordance with MIL-STD-810, included functional testing as well as dimensional inspections and verification. Featuring an EMI-shielding aluminum enclosure, this LNA provides transmit-receive functionality from a 5.37" in height, 4.50" in width, and 1.12" in depth package. Weighing only 2 lbs., it operates in the 248 to 270 MHz minimum frequency range and offers a low noise figure of 2.0 dB max. We designed it to withstand temperatures from -55°C to 71°C, 100% humidity conditions, and pressures at altitude of up to 70, 000’. It was designed to provide 230, 000 hours of stable, reliable operation.

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  • Volume Small
  • Standards Met Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing MIL-STD-461
  • Features Local Oscillator Frequencies Band 1: 2310 to 2400 MHz Band 2: 2200 to 2300 MHz Band 3: 1750 to 1850 MHz Band 4: 1435 to 1535 MHz Crystal Oscillator Frequency: Band Selected Gain: 15 dB ± 1.0 dB Noise Figure Band 1 and 2: 10.0 dB max Band 3 and 4: 10.
  • Overall Part Dimensions Length: 15.50" Width: 15.00" Height: 6.00

Satellink has a long history of meeting the stringent demands of military and government communication applications. We employed our decades of technical expertise for the design and manufacture of this multi-channel telemetry frequency converter for the satellite launch, tracking, and monitoring industry. We engineered this frequency converter to provide a robust, high-stability receiver solution for remote terminal data collection. Our highly disciplined engineering team established and refined the design to ensure it was qualified to perform according to customer specifications. We sourced the components and performed all assembly, silk screening, and painting operations inside our Texas facility. Extensive functionality testing verified the device was in conformance with MIL-STD-461 requirements for the control of electromagnetic interference. Designed to operate over 4 frequency bands, it features a low noise figure of 10.5 dB max, gain of 15 dB ± 1.0 dB, and 50 ohm nominal inputoutput impedance. Measuring 15.5" in length, 15.0" in width, and 6" in height, it was constructed to withstand temperatures from 0°C to 50°C.

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  • Feature 24 Hour Operation Built in test wavelength switch monitors Vacuum Front panel controls LED Alarm Status indications digital
  • Volume Small
  • Overall Part Dimensions Length: 20.02" Width: 9.60" Height: 12.81"
  • Standards Met Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing

Satellink has the deep, multi-disciplined engineering knowledge required to manufacture amplifiers that can be cycled down to cryogenic temperatures without causing any mechanical or electrical degradation. We manufactured this cryogenically cooled K band amplifier to provide a very low noise solution for the video, telemetry, and communications industry. Designed for 24-hr operation, this device features a 19" rack-mount configuration with built in test wavelength switch monitors, front panel controls, digital status indicators, and LED alarm. Along with an air-cooled compressor, it offers WR51 RF input and 3.5 mm SMA RF output connectors. Operating in the 17.7 to 21.30 GHz frequency range, it features ultra-low noise temperature of 55K maximum @ +23°C. We engineered and built this complex component from start to finish over a 6 month time period. Its robust feature set and ultra‐low noise operation were critical for maintaining reliable communication links. Additional details about this project can be found in the table below, and if you have a similar project and would like to discuss the details,

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  • Overall Part Dimensions Length: 19.00" Width: 1.72"
  • Volume Small
  • Standards Met Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
  • Features Long Life LED status indicators Power supply: 110 to 230 VAC Automatic transfer switch mode for unattended operation Remote control on power up for power failure recovery Continuous status monitoring Aluminum enclosure with black panel and white mark

From engineering design to component sourcing and assembly, Satellink is an industry leading provider of custom controllers used in antenna systems for high performance satellite communication applications. We built the low noise amplifier controller shown here for use in a ground terminal application. Housed in an aluminum enclosure with dimensions of 19" in length and 1.72" in width, this antenna controller is capable of continuous status monitoring. Built to operate reliably -30°C to 55°C temperatures in altitudes up to 13, 500’, it was designed for automatic transfer for unattended operation, and offers remote control on power up for power failure recovery. Engineered and constructed in our Texas facility, this component was subject to stringent quality assurance protocols for testing and verification of its operational and mechanical parameters.

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  • Feature Low Noise Temp: 90°K Max High Gain: 45 dB nominal Monitors Operating Temp RF Device Bias Current Pressure and Humidity Monitor/Control Unit Rack Mountable Enclosure Alarm/Status Signals Ethernet Remote Interface Frequency Range: 17.75 to 21.25 GHz mi
  • Volume Small
  • Overall Part Dimensions Length: 8.75" Width: 7.00" Height: 6.00"
  • Material Finish Painted Chemical Conversion Film

Here at Satellink, our range of expertise for providing insightfully designed and built low noise amplifier solutions has made us a leading provider to the satellite antenna systems industry. We manufactured the K Band low noise amplifier shown here for a remote ground antenna terminal application, and it required strict adherence to multiple military specifications. Thermoelectrically cooled to dissipate heat and keep temperatures within design limits to maintain stable functioning, this device features a rack-mount aluminum enclosure with dimensions of 8.75" in length, 7.00" in width, and 6.00" in height. Constructed to within a ± 0.010" tolerance requirement, it also features a MIL-DTL-5541 conversion coating and was finished with a low VOC polyurethane topcoat specifically designed to protect military ground support equipment. Operating in the 17.75 to 21.25 GHz frequency range, this LNA exhibits low noise temperature of 90°K max and high gain of 45 dB nominal. Features include environmental monitoring, alarmstatus signals, and an Ethernet remote interface. Our high quality design and construction supports a reliability factor of 50, 000 hours or better.

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  • Feature Operates in the Ku Frequency Band Phase matched to ± 10° Phase tracked within ± 10° The units were also packaged in a weather resistant and EMI sealed enclosure.
  • Standards Met Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
  • Dimensions Length: 9.07 inches (230mm) Width: 2.60 inches (66mm) Height: 3.70 inches (94mm)

At Satellink, we have built our reputation with high quality, state-of-the-art amplifiers and electronics. We were recently contacted by a customer in the remote satellite downlink telemetry industry to manufacture a phase matched and tracking Ku Band low noise amplifier. We engineered, designed, component sourced, and assembled this product, which was fully operational in the Ku Frequency Band when completed. The amplifier was phase matched to ± 10°, phase tracked within ± 10°, and packaged in a weather resistant and EMI sealed enclosure. The amplifier had electrical specifications that included a frequency range of 13.40 to 14.05 GHz, an RF Gain ranging from 50 dB minimum to 52 dB maximum, and a noise temperature maximum of 65°K. The final product was 9.07” in length, 2.60” in width, and 3.70” high, and weighed 60 ounces. It featured a widely variable operating temperature range, from 55°C all the way down to -25°C. Special attention was paid to quality during manufacturing, including functionality tests, visual inspections, and environmental screening. The project was completed in 155 calendar days, and delivered to our client in Garland, TX.

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