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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Conductive Tapes, GreenShield Gaskets, I/O Shielding Gasket, Fabric Over Silicone Gaskets and ORS-II

Conductive Tapes

More flexibility, higher conductivity, and easier installation Schlegel Electronics Materials' (SEM) expanded line of Conductive Tapes meets the customer needs for flexibility, higher conductivity, and easier installation. They are vailable with conductive and non-conductive adhesives and in a wide range of widths. Typical applications include cable Shielding terminations and joining metal panels together at the seams of an enclosure. Foil tapes are a cost-effective shielding solution for a wide range of uses. They can be particularly useful during the development and test phases of projects to be used as "fixes" for EMI problems. SEM's masked conductive tapes are also available and can be used as a gasket substrate on painted or stove enameled enclosures. Also available are special purpose adhesive tapes to include: Pressure sensitive adhesive die-cuts High-tack adhesive die-cuts Low residueadhesive die-cuts Silicone adhesive die-cuts Insulation adhesive die-cuts Heat resistive adhesive die-cuts SEM's Conductive Tapes feature superior shear strength, 7.6 kPa (72+ hours @ 1.1 psi) in accordance to (PSTC #7) ASTM D 3654, and peel strength, 10.2 N2.5 cm. (36.07 ozinch width) in accordance to PSTC #1) ASTM D 3330, when compared to other EMI shielding tapes. This is made possible by a unique, cross-linking acrylic based, conductive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) that also allows the tapes to be designed into higher temperature applications. The PSA is fire-rated to UL 510, and excessive pressure is not required for application to the end unit. There is now an easy-to-apply tape to fit most every EMI shielding design need.

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GreenShield Gaskets

  • 96 dB average NiCu-C70
  • Operating Temperature -40°C , +70°C
  • Flammability UL 94 V0

With the need to further minimize the ecological impact of the Electronic Industry and to pro-actively prepare for the forthcoming new environmental policies, Schlegel Electronic Materials (SEM) set the tone and introduces today GREENSHIELD, a complete halogen free EMI gaskets program. SEM R&D team developed a new foam and flame retardant resin which combined with SEM's highly conductive fabrics, confer to GREENSHIELD's EMI gaskets V0 rating (UL94 specification-Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) and Halogen Free label as defined In IEC 61249-2-21 standard. Despite the high reactivity of these chemical elements, the consistency of levels of halogens is insured through specific on-line quality inspection. GREENSHIELD also features low compression set and excellent compression loaddedflection characteristics. GREENSHIELD is available with current Schlegel Electronic Materials manufacturing program including the unique continuous forming process so that our Customers can design today products in full compliance with tomorrow's regulations and limited impact on the environment. GREENSHIELD is in full compliance with European Union Directives 201165EU (RoHS 2.0) and 200296EC (WEEE).

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I/O Shielding Gasket

Schlegel Electronic materials (SEM) IO gaskets provide effective shielding for everything from computers to consumer electronic devices to large arrays in telecommunications cabinets. The diversity and durability of SEM's IO gaskets come from the combined strength of the gaskets’ highly conductive fabric and soft, highly resilient urethane foam core. Under compression, the soft foam helps the gasket hug the connector perimeter and allows the fabric multiple contact points. The result: exceptional conductivity, the ability to provide shielding beyond 10 GHz and the capacity to compensate for tolerance stack-up, significant advantages over stamped metal, fingerstock, and elastomeric EMI shielding products. SEM IO gaskets are easy to install and robust when exposed to repeated compression and temperature cycling. SEM has numerous standard gasket profile designs, which help OEMs eliminate the high cost of stamped metal tooling and provide for easy ordering and fast delivery.

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Fabric Over Silicone Gaskets


Schlegel Electronic Materials (SEM), a well-respected leader in the EMI Shielding industry, introduces Fabric over Silicone EMI Gaskets (FoS) for high temperature applications. FoS has been developed with a new flame retardant formulation providing EMI shielding gaskets with UL94-V0 grade (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) and Halogen Free according to IEC 61249-2-21 (

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  • Shielding Effectiveness 0.1-40 GHz
  • Operation Temperature -40°F +156°F (-40°C +70°C)
  • Flammability UL94 V0

Information Technology Equipment and other electronic devices must comply with various international radiated emissions and susceptibility requirements. Under specific conditions, FCC part 15 (US) requires such equipment to pass stringent regulations up to 40 GHz. Most unintentionally-radiated emissions are from field leakage at various chassis external interfaces, or from unbalanced differential signals; containment of both require shielding materials to provide a low impedance path despite the broadband andor high frequency operation of such devices. Simultaneously, these electronic devices are sensitive to various susceptibility requirements, including electrostatic discharge (ESD, e.g., IEC 61000-4-2), and, in some cases, must resist to applied voltages as high as 15 kV. In this instance, the same shielding materials must also feature a very low impedanceresistance at very low frequencies to ensure a harmless discharge path exists to allow the charge to flow from the IO connectors to the exterior of the chassis, and then safely away from the devices. Schlegel Electronic Materials (SEM) introduces ORS-II, a new series of gaskets specially designed for broadband applications. By combining its famous nickel copper plated conductive foam and its high-end nickel copper C12 flexible fabric cladding, ORS-II offers minimal surface resistance to achieve superior grounding and shielding results at low frequencies. By offering excellent Z-conductivity to close the cavities in the chassis openings, ORS-II also ensures substantial shielding performance at high frequencies. ORS-II is available in a variety of thicknesses, which are die-cut to customer specifications, for a durable highly conductive product in all X-Y-Z axes. In addition, shielding efficiency is achieved with less sensitivity to compression variances than other traditional shielding products. ORS-II is available with a UL94-V0 flammability rating and complies with RoHS 2.0 European Directive and SVHC Policy (REACH).

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conductive foam

  • Thickness 0.45mm
  • Tolerance ± 0.2mm
  • UL Fire Rated UL94-V0
  • Part CF-78-05NR

Schlegel Electronic Materials (SEM) introduces NEW CF Conductive Foam. SEM CF foam, a highly resilient Nickel-Copper polyurethane foam is sandwiched between SEM's knitted and non-woven fabrics to form industry leading die-cut gaskets. CF material is ideal for applications that require conformity with excellent cavity-to-cavity EMI shielding, superior conductivity at low compression forces and better effectiveness at very high frequencies. CF foam-based gaskets are precision die-cut with either conductive or non- conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). 100% RoHS Compliant Schlegel Electronic Materials products are employed around the world. Therefore, we are committed to comply with the European Union Directive 201165EU (RoHS 2.0). SEM products and materials have been tested by approved third party facilities and found to be in full compliance with the RoHS threshold limits. The "New" Schlegel Electronic Materials As the originator of the fabric-clad foam EMI shielding technology, Schlegel Electronic Materials is the industry's most trusted name. SEM continues to set the standard for quality and innovation, designing advanced solutions for a wide range of applications. And our worldwide locations ensure that you get what you need - when and where you need it. From concept to production, the SEM complete portfolio of shielding products combines highly conductive materials with flexible foams and coatings to provide the latest electronic materials containment solutions. Schlegel Electronic Materials objective is to ensure that its customers have a competitive edge by offering the highest quality and most cost-effective products conveyed with the highest level of customer service.

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Schlegel Electronics Materials (SEM) line of silicone gaskets provides shielding capability in diverse markets and applications, including the military, aerospace, medical, fluid seal, environmental and microwave applications. Our silicone elastomers are specifically designed for gasketing applications that require high levels of attenuation up to 120 db. SEM is renowned for its high quality EMI shielding gaskets. We provide a full family of products to meet a wide spectrum of shielding needs. Our silicone gaskets meet customer needs in a variety of markets, with very competitive pricing. Engineers can now fulfill all their shielding needs from one manufacturer, rather than having to go through multiple distributors or resellers. Silicone, the base material for elastomers, has environmental sealing properties. Shielding is achieved by incorporating various media in the silicone, depending on the product. Wire is used to provide conductivity in the oriented silicone line and a non-corrosive particle is added to the extruded parts. Because conductive elastomers can be extruded, many different profiles and lengths can be made to suit any application

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DynaShear EMI shielding gasket

  • Height Width 6mm

Schlegel Electronic Materials introduces DynaGreen™ DynaShear: an innovative EMI shielding gasket family for the shielding of modules in cardcages environment that is able to offer superior features over metal fingerstocks and current Fabric-Over-Foam gaskets. DynaGreen™ DynaShear utilizes the, now famous and efficient, bump technology. DynaGreen™ is Halogen Free version of DynaShear which compliance with IEC 61249-2-21 (

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Fabric Over Foam Gaskets

  • NiCu-C70 PET Rip-stop
  • NiCu-C12 PET Plain Weave
  • Ag-C2 PA 6 Rip-stop

Schlegel Electronic Materials has always been on the forefront of fabric over foam technology. And today fabric over foam continues to be at the core of our product line. We offer a variety of fabrics including: 1: NiCu-C22: Nickel-Copper plated polyester ripstop fabric with Schlegel protective top coating. 3: NiCu-C70: Nickel-Copper plated polyester ripstop fabric with Schlegel protective top coating. 4: NiCu-C12: Nickel-Copper plated polyester plain weave fabric with Schlegel protective top coating. 7: SnCu-C50: Tin Copper plated nylon plain weave fabric with Schlegel protective top coating. 9: Ag-C2: Silver plated nylon ripstop fabric with Schlegel protective top coating.

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BeCu Fingerstock

Schlegel Electronics Materials (SEM), the pre-eminent manufacturer of fabric over foam EMI shielding products, offers a complete line of quality beryllium copper (BeCu) EMI gaskets. The addition of the BeCu gaskets to SEM's extensive portfolio allows SEM to be your exclusive EMI shielding supplier, to help you meet or exceed your global requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The mechanical spring characteristics of BeCu EMI gaskets offer superior shielding effectiveness. These gaskets offer consistent performance and yield superb electrical spring contact within this industry. SEM provides all the popular standard styles and sizes of BeCu gaskets. The gaskets operate in spaces from 0.010 inches up to 0.500 inches. SEM also offers many styles of soft gaskets that provide the low compression force needed in many applications. Custom spring contacts and gaskets are also available.

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