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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Scorpion Electric Spray Gun, Scorpion Waterborne Urethane, Lecithin Mold Release agent, adhesion promoter and DTM Etching Primer.

Scorpion Electric Spray Gun

  • Series EG570

Scorpion is proud to announce the first of its kind: an electric spray gun for bed liners and protective coatings! That’s right – you can now spray Scorpion Truck Bed Liners with an electric gun to get the perfect coat.electric coating spray gun is revolutionary, allowing for the quick, easy, professional application of Scorpion Truck Bed Liners. The Scorpion Electric Bed Liner Spray Gun is the next step in the evolution of the spray-in truck bed liner market. Working in conjunction with Wagner SprayTech, Scorpion has created a unique system that has little-to-no overspray and eliminates the need for an air compressor. This new bed liner spray gun is sold along with Scorpion’s XO2 Formulation.Designed to allow the user to mix prepackaged material and screw the cup to the truck bed liner spray gun, this new innovation from Scorpion eliminates waste of both time and materials. – Lower Capital Investment – Reduced Overspray – Waste Reduction – Eliminates Air-Compressor Requirements – Electric Spray Guns are Easy to Clean and Reuse – Can be Used with Multiple CoatingsPaintsStains – High and Low Pressure Settings

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Scorpion Waterborne Urethane

  • Series WB250

Scorpion is a color stable, waterborne urethane used for coating or sealing. Waterborne urethane may be applied directly to most substrates (including wood, concrete, metals, painted surfaces, and more) and may be used as a topcoat for existing coatings, including but not limited to polyurea and polyurethane coatings. WB250 deck coating products display excellent UV weathering characteristics and is abrasion and chemical resistant. The product is to applied in a thin film (5 mils or less). It is applied in multiple applications when thicker applications are needed. Uses Scorpion WB250 may be used to overcoat other coating systems to either enhance gloss or to provide additional UV stability. Waterborne urethane may be used as a thin mil stand-alone coating for concrete, non-ferrous metal, wood and other properly prepared substrates. – No VOC’s – Non Toxic – Easy to Apply – Low Odor – High Gloss Formulation – Superior Color and Gloss Retention – Any areas where a thin mil, abrasion resistant coating or sealer is required – Decks, docks, walkways, balconies, patios, etc. – Food processing facilities – Kennels and other animal enclosures – Graffiti resistant properties – May be used additional products in hospitals and other institutional environments where anti-microbial protection is required.

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Prime Bond Cleaner

Scorpion Prime Bond Cleaner is an excellent pre-paint cleaner that is fast evaporating and does not leave behind any residue. One of the most important keys to a quality XO2 application is a clean surface. After scuffing a surface with a cup brush, you are left with debris and dust. Leaving this behind will block the adhesion powers of 8001 creating weaknesses in the coating bond. We suggest using Prime Bond paint prep cleaner. Prime Bond Cleaner is a fast evaporating, high quality pre-paint cleaner. This paint prep cleaner dries quickly and will not leave behind any residue.

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Rubber Crumb

Scorpion Rubber Crumb is a great way to add more texture to XO2 while increasing the square foot coverage of an application. Scorpion Rubber Crumb is the perfect additive for floor coatings where water or slick areas are present and you need extreme non-skid properties. Rubber Crumb is made from recycled rubber that is ground into small “crumbs” (hence the name Rubber Crumb). Ground rubber is lighter than a sand or quartz mix so it stays suspended in the coating through the application process. Coating additives help so you don’t have to constantly remix your coating to keep it consistent. Our Rubber Crumb for sale is also a “soft” texture additive that provides traction but is not abrasive.

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Vinyl Flattener

Scorpion Vinyl Flattener is a revolutionary product that when added to XO2, hardens the material while reducing the sheen. Scorpion Vinyl Flattener boosts the durability of your application while delivering a custom semi-gloss or matte finish that can be difficult to a achieve with traditional protective coatings. This flattening agent is perfect for applications that require a full strength, non-reflective coatings. The biggest advantage of our flattening agent is its ability to increase the hardness of Scorpion XO2 – up to 10 points. – Vinyl Flatteners Increase Shore Hardness up to 10 Points – Reduces Sheen Giving XO2 a Semi-Gloss Appearance – Duplicates the Look and Feel of Polyurea Applications – Can be Used for Interior or Exterior Applications

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Lecithin Mold Release agent

LMR stands for Lecithin Mold Release. LMR is a paintable, rapid drying release agent for non-stick applications. Why use mold release? We use LMR for the Scorpion Spray Guns for easy clean up after application but it can be used for a wide variety of uses around the shop. To use with the Scorpion Spray Guns, simply spray LMR inside the hopper and gun chamber prior to use. Lecithin mold release prevents the material from sticking to the inside of the gun. After the material has dried, pull out the hardened material. This mold release coating makes for quick, simple cleanup without the need for solvents. OTHER USES FOR LMR: Suitable for most applications where post mold parts will be painted, stenciled, glued, bonded, laminated, hot stamped or metalized. This product is food approved, vegetable based. The rapid dry, anti-stick is suitable for cold and hot molds. LMR prevents sticking, which increases the life of dies and molds, improves product surface finishes and reduces production times. Mold release coating is biodegradable, colorless, and odorless.

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adhesion promoter

Scorpion 8001 Adhesion Promoter primer grips a prepped surface and improves XO2’s adhesion to the surface. Scorpion 8001 paint adhesion promoter is one of the keys to a great application. XO2 can be applied to virtually any surface as long as it has something o hold on to. For painted surfaces, scratches are created in the clear coat and then cleaned. These scratches provide an area for 8001 to “bit” into and create one half of the bond. XO2 has been engineered to adhere to 8001 – the other half of the bonding equation. You get the best of both types of bonds – mechanical and chemical. This process is the only true way to get a seamless, watertight coatings that prevents rust and corrosion.

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DTM Etching Primer

Scorpion DTM Etching Primer creates a bonding surface on bare, hardened steel applications. When working with bare hardened steel, 8001 alone cannot create a great bond. For the best bond we need something that will “bite” in the metal and provide a surface that 8001 can adhere to. DTM primer solves this problem. It is a strong etching primer rated for hardened steel. DTM is a two part steel etching primer consisting of part A and part B. For aluminum and other metals, use an appropriate metal etching primer rated for that specific metal.

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