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We offer the best product range of cathode blocks, dynamic sealing, SIGRACOMP CFRP components, SIGRACOMP CFRP Friction Materials and Equipment Solutions.

cathode blocks

One of the key products of the Performance Products Business Unit is cathodes. Cathode blocks are used in the lining of aluminum electrolysis cells. Sidewall blocks and ramming pastes round up the cathode product portfolio - providing complete custom-made solutions to optimally fit the requirements in the Aluminum Smelter. SGL Group is offering the complete product range from amorphous, graphitic and graphitized cathodes. In addition, the Technical Service provides professional and highly qualified support around the application of cathodes, sidewalls, ramming pastes in customers' processes. The continuous development of next generation products supports optimal solutions to the increasing challenges in the smelting process such as cell life, productivity, and energy efficiency. SGL Group serves the leading Aluminum producers.

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dynamic sealing

Carbon and graphite materials are put to a wide range of uses in the chemical industry thanks to their exceptional sealing properties. Many processes involve the pumping, stirring and transport of corrosive, toxic or explosive media. The pumps used have rotating shafts with axial seal rings which must dependably keep out gases or fluids with low hydrodynamic lubricity. We assist our customers with our long-standing experience in sealing applications and our extensive knowledge on materials with innovative, often tailor-made solutions – even in small production runs.

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Carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP) are materials consisting of several components: a basic or carrier substance known as the “matrix”, as well as a reinforcing second component – carbon fiber – which is embedded in the matrix. This combination results in high-performance materials with new properties. Depending on the matrix material and fiber type, these properties can vary widely and be optimized for use in the requested application. Carbon fiber-reinforced plastics are indispensable in high-tech applications, where high strength and good rigidity are just as essential as low weight. The properties of CFRP materials bring to bear precisely when other materials reach their limits. Typical properties of CFRP components: low weight high strength and break resistance good rigidity corrosion resistance vibration resistance low thermal expansion

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SIGRACOMP CFRP Friction Materials

CFRP wet friction materials consist of woven carbon fiber embedded in a synthetic matrix system. Thermosetting plastics are used mainly to serve as a binding constituent. Our CFRP materials show excellent performance in wet friction applications. SIGRACOMP® CC Friction Materials CarbonCarbon wet friction materials are composed of woven carbon fiber with a pyrolytic carbon binder produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of hydrocarbon gas. The carbon binder holds the fibers together but is porous to allow oil flow. The woven surface provides natural oil flow channels. Major Benefits Excellent compressive strength Very low wear over lifetime Constant CoF over lifetime High misuse friction energy capability Good green shift ability Broad oil compatibility Applications Transmission synchronizers Slip differentials Torque converter clutches Wet brakes and clutches

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