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  • 2D Woven Fabrics

    Sigmatex offers an unrivalled range of woven fabric constructions such as plain, twill and satin weave patterns and also more complex designs for visual and performance applications, along with standard, intermediate and high modulus fibres. Sigmatex’s computer controlled ...

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  • 3D Fabrics

    3D weaving techniques can be used to produce near net-shape preforms. These preforms can be processed using, for example, resin transfer moulding, to produce composite structures extremely efficiently. This technology therefore lends itself to automated production due to a ...

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  • Innegra Fabrics

    Innegra is a high modulus polypropylene fibre that can be used independently or in conjunction with other fibres to provide weight reduction, excellent levels of impact resistance and damage tolerance. Innegra also has a very low density and is hydrophobic meaning it is an excellent choice for the ...

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  • multiaxial fabrics

    Very flat, non-crimp fabrics from 100gsm with 2 layers and up to 1600gsm with a maximum of 9 layers, can be produced in widths up to 2540mm (100 inches). These offer the benefit of increased mechanical performance due to no crimp in the fibres, as well as increased composite build speed due to the ...

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  • Recycled Carbon Fibre Fabrics

    sigmaRF fabrics contain reclaimed carbon fibre, resulting in products that are sustainable and cost effective. sigmaRF is suitable for many applications which currently use virgin carbon fibre-thermoplastic materials, and is especially applicable to the automotive, sports and leisure, medical and ...

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  • Spread Tow Fabrics

    The sigmaST range of spread tow fabrics are very thin, are ultra lightweight, have near zero crimp and fewer interlacing points. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, this technology has improved mechanical performance at a reduced thickness and cost when compared to standard 2D fabrics using ...

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  • unidirectional fabrics

    These fabrics have carbon fibres just in one direction. They are produced in a wide range of weights with or without fill fibres that stabilise the fabric during production. A range of unidirectional materials are available which offer zero crimp or near zero crimp depending on materials ...

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