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Our Complete range of products are Paint Mixing Palette, Teeny Tiny Tie-Dye Kit, Deluxe Rubber Respirator, Stencil Brush Set and dust masks.

Paint Mixing Palette

A molded plastic tray with 10 individual compartments (shaped like the end of an egg) for mixing or holding small amounts of dye or paint while you work. An artist's palette for the fabric artist.

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Teeny Tiny Tie-Dye Kit

This is our own kit which we assemble for you. It's a good way to get started with tie-dye as it has everything you need, including instructions for various ways to use the dyes. What you're NOT paying for is fancy packaging. What you ARE getting is fresh vibrant professional quality dye and great value. It's not a bad idea to add a few more colors if you like and maybe a book like 'Tie-Dye' to expand your design options. It's great fun, and a good way to spend a day with some kids or friends. This item also makes a great gift for your crafty friend or family member! three 8 oz. squeeze bottles with Urea and dye already in them. (approx. 2 tsp. Fiber Reactive Dye #1 Lemon Yellow) (approx. 2 tsp. Fiber Reactive Dye #13 Fuchsia) (approx. 2 tsp. Fiber Reactive Dye #25 Turquoise) 8 oz. Soda Ash fixative 2 oz. Professional Textile Detergent 30 rubber bands one pair rubber gloves 1 dust mask Complete instructions Extra things you may need: Large table (card table or picnic table) Plastic tarp to cover tables Bucket for the soda ash solution (plastic is best - 3 gallon is a nice size) Old newspapers (at least 6-8 weeks old-so the ink doesn't come off) to absorb the excess dye under the clothing being tie-dyed Bowls of water to rinse gloved fingers between colors Measuring cup - 2 cups or larger-clear pyrex works great -to initially dissolve the dyes in Measuring Spoons and spoons for stirring the dyes Funnel - to pour premixed dye solution into squirt bottles Paper towels andor sponges to wipe up messes! Garbage can or bags for trash

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Deluxe Rubber Respirator

This respirator, officially known as the 'Moldex 8000 Series Assembled Respirator', is very comfortable and built to last. With replaceable P100 Particulate Filters (approved by NIOSH) and an easy fit, this respirator is a great way to put safety first, especially if you are in production and dye or use other arts and crafts chemicals on an ongoing basis. The basic respirator and filters protect against dust and mists (but not gases and vapors). In addition to the basic respirator with P100 Particulate Filters, for even more protection, we also offer a NIOSH approved Multi GasVapor Smart Cartridge filter set. These are recommended if you use bleach, Discharge Paste, Thiorea Dioxide, or Bleach Stop along with various other chemicals that have strong vapors, except perhaps alcohol - we haven't found a mask yet that completely eliminates the smell of alcohol for those who are sensitive. Also remember that in conjunction with these great masks, you should always work in a well ventilated area! We also carry Piggyback Adaptors (Moldex #8920) which are used to attach the P100 Particulate Filter Disks on top of the Multi GasVapor Smart Cartridges for even more protection.

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Stencil Brush Set

Stencil brushes are specialized brushes. Designed for stenciling, they have a flat tip rather than rounded, and are used with a 'dabbing' motion to apply paint or ink to the open areas of a stencil. Regular brushes are not as effective as they are designed to brush paint on, which can push paint under the edge of a stencil, and the head is rounded which causes the bristles to spread out when 'dabbing'. So get a set of 5 stencil brushes for a few bucks, and have the right tool for the job. The Stencil Brush Set includes: #0 = (316") #1 = (14") #2 = (516") #3 = (38") #4 = (12") The bristles are made of hog hair.

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dust masks

Dust masks are NIOSH approved and are much better than the single usage paper model, but still very affordable. These masks have a thin metal strip across the bridge of the nose that you can bend to fit your face for a good seal. They also have a foam pad inside for comfort across your nose. Powdered dyes are micro fine and prone to suspend in the air. Sometimes they are so small they are barely visible. The instructions for using these powdered dyes (and most of the books on the subject) recommend the use of a dust mask. Soda Ash Fixative is a powder that is somewhat caustic and should also be mixed when wearing a dust mask. Common sense really dictates wearing a dust mask when mixing any powdered substances.

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Kresto Kolor Ultra

Every dyer's best friend! This cream has quite an international reputation. Although it has a new look and size, rest assured it's the same great product. It is an industrial cleansing cream made in Germany specifically for removing dyes from skin. Squeeze some from the 250 ml tube onto DRY skin, rub it in really well, and then wash it off - presto! This stuff works like magic on most colors (some colors are more stubborn than others) and won't wreck your skin. Much safer than bleach solutions! Even if you use gloves it's a good idea to keep a tube around for any little "incidents". (Social situations require fewer explanations when your hands aren't green.) Don't get it on your clothes, because it might do its job there too! The 100ml size has been discontinued by manufacturer. This is a new size (250ml = 8.45 oz.) with new packaging and new name, but the formula is the same. *note - rarely, some blues, like Turquoise, for example, sometimes just get "reduced" by this cleaner instead of removed, then when exposed to oxygen, as when your hands dry, the dye oxidizes and appears again. This is rare, but if it happens, the color left will not harm your skin and will eventually come off. It is like discharging, all dyes do not react the same to the various chemicals used for discharging.

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Safety Glasses

You have beautiful eyes, keep 'em safe! Get a pair of these and use them when mixing anything that would be bad to get in your eyes, especially caustics like Soda Ash, when melting wax, or when you need just the right accessory to go with your new tie-dyed outfit.

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Nitrile Non-Powdered Gloves

  • Size Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

NitrileSoft LP Exam Gloves are non-latex and 100% nitrile, therefore eliminating the possibility of any allergic reaction to the natural rubber proteins found in latex gloves. 100% blue nitrile, 4.5 mil, 9.5" length, beaded cuff, micro-textured finish, non-powdered, non-sterile class one medical device, 510K listing, ambidextrous, single use.

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Disposable plastic Aprons

  • Size 46" x 28"
  • Neck to bottom of apron 35.5".

Dyes and paints can be messy. Make your life easier. Use 'em a few times and then toss 'em. Priced perfectly for group projects. Adult sized, can be easily modified with a few rubber bands to fit kids.

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Color Mixing Cups

Eighteen Clear plastic cups with snap on lids. About 1 ounce in size. Great for silk painters and anyone mixing small quantities of paint or dye. Believe me, they come in handy. They come in a cardboard holding tray.

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