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Our Complete range of products are PLUG n CHARGE US Wall Socket, Color Expressions Keyboard Covers, Clear Invisible Keyboard Cover, Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Cover and USB-C to USB Mini Adapter.

PLUG n CHARGE US Wall Socket

PLUG n’ CHARGE US Wall Socket is an ACUSB device that is equipped with two integrated USB ports for powering and charging USB devices. The new PLUG n’ CHARGE USB Wall Socket is the convenient and energy-efficient in-wall solution for powering and charging USB devices. Now you can charge and or power up to four devices at once when using the USB ports and the National Electrical Code (NEC) compliant tamper-resistant AC receptacles, while eliminating unsightly clutter created by multiple cables and bulky power adapters.

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Color Expressions Keyboard Covers

EZQuest’s Color Expressions! Keyboard Covers product-line is designed for Mac product lovers who enjoy making their Mac unique, while protecting their investment. Expressions! English currently comes in three colors: BlackOnyx, PinkFuchsia, and BlueAzure. Color Expressions! Keyboard Cover for Mac has all the keyboard letters, numbers and symbols printed on the keyboard cover. The ultra-thin, silky soft cover provides a superior typing experience with noise reduction; it does not decrease your ability to type at your normal speed.

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Clear Invisible Keyboard Cover

We've all been there...accidentally spilling your coffee across your keyboard, snacking on food that falls all over your keyboard, or any other unexpected accident that makes you gasp, as you watch the spill disappear into your Apple investment. EZQuest designed the finest, most durable, yet ultra-thin, keyboard cover to protect and enhance your Apple keyboard.

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Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Cover

With EZQuest’s Photoshop Keyboard Cover, you can edit Photoshop files faster and easier on your Mac, without purchasing a custom external keyboard. The ultra-thin, silky-soft silicone skin provides superior typing and noise reduction without negatively affecting your typing ability or speed. The Photoshop keyboard skin has custom-editing buttons and color-coded shortcuts—right on the keys! Increase productivity without trying to remember the Photoshop keyboard shortcuts.

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USB-C to USB Mini Adapter

The EZQuest USB-C USB 3.0 Mini Adapter lets you connect your USB devices including a thumbflash drive, mouse, keyboard, or printer to the New MacBook. The EZQuest USB-C to USB 3.0 Mini Adapter lets you chargesync (connected to your original cable) your iPhone, iPad, or smartphone to a USB-C ready MacBook.

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EZQuest USB-C HDMI Cable seamlessly connects

The EZQuest USB-C to HDMI Cable seamlessly connects the latest MacBook USB Type-C port to any HDMI display. EZQuest’s USB-C to HDMI Cable supports  4K HDTV or HD display with digital sound on digital TV.

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USB C Card Reader

Read and write data, images, and video directly from the 3-port card reader to your USB-C MacBook or MacBook Pro computer. Card reader is compatible with any USB-C or Thunderbolt 3™ ready computers and comes with LED indicator which lights when in use.

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USB-C Car Charger

The EZQuest USB-C Car Charger has two ports: one USB-C, the other USB; charge your new MacBook Pro, MacBook or any USB-C-ready laptop and another USB 2.0 or 3.0, while in your car.

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German Keyboard Cover

EZQuest’s German Keyboard Cover for Mac lets you type in German using an English-based keyboard faster and easier without guessing where the keys are or using language stickers on top of keys. This ultra-thin silky, soft silicone cover with superior typing and noise reduction does not affect typing ability or speed. It includes all the specific letters for each of the buttons right on the keys. You can increase productivity focusing on your project instead of trying to remember each letter for each key. The EZQuest German Keyboard Cover will speed up your workflow so you can finish projects faster and easier.

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Keyboard Shortcuts Covers

EZQuest's keyboard shortcuts covers for Mac increase productivity by having keyboard shortcuts printed directly on the cover. An added bonus is keyboard protection against spills. Made of silky silicone, the covers fit like a glove. Keyboard shortcuts covers are available for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Apple Logic Pro X, Avid Media Composer and Avid Pro Tools.

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