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  • solar roof tiles

    solar roof tiles

    Photovoltaic roof tile. Masreille type, made in recyclable plastic resin. Helps reduction of energy consumption, improves energy efficiency, reduces electricity expenses using renewable energy resources from solar energy. It generates from 10 wph to 20wp. Inquire for more details.

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  • Coffee


    Colombian Coffee, Arabica 100% pure Coffee. From Origing.  Exceptional quality. It develops a sensation of special tasting pleasure for its organically cultivated characteristics of the best specialty arabica aroma in the world.

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  • Arabica Coffee Beans

    Arabica Coffee Beans

    Ours is a quality-driven organization that is engaged in offering only high-quality products. Thus, we use superior grade raw materials for the fabrication of our entire range. Obtaining the product from us is lucrative, as we can provide it in bulk all year round and make delivery within the ...

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  • Teak Wood

    Teak Wood

    Obtaining the product from us is lucrative, as we can provide it in bulk all year round and make delivery within the postulated time. Quality raw materials have been used for the production of our entire range. As a dependable name, we procure these raw materials only from trustworthy sources ...

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  • Solar Panel Roof Tiles

    Solar Panel Roof Tiles

    This is the new solar roof vision, something with intrinsic and efficient value added to your roof. Our solar tiles are photovoltaic small solar systems for your roofs that deliver a unique and fascinating priced-look to your property. Carefully manufactured from thermoplastic resins, support ...

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  • Wood Chips

    Woodchips of a medium-sized solid wood made by cutting, or chipping, larger pieces of wood of pine, eucalyptus and other uses. We provide woodchips from brazil forests to be used as a biomass solid fuel and are raw material for producing wood pulp and other industrial uses. These wood chips may ...

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  • White Sugar - ICUMSA 45

    White Sugar - ICUMSA 45

    We supply refined icumsa 45 from Brazil, 4s rbu max, 99.8%, granulation of fine grade. Color 45 Icumsa, no sediment, solubility of 100% dry and free flowing. Icumsa 45 rating for purity for white refined sugar or "london white". Ash content 0.04% max. Moisture: 0.04% max. Sparkling white. Preferred ...

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  • Soybean Meal, Soy Beans, Sugar Beet Pellets

    Soybean Meal, Soy Beans, Sugar Beet Pellets

    This flour is extracted from the soybean flakes, it is a flour with a texture similar to ordinary flour very rich in nutritional value. It is considered an important source of high biological value proteins, minerals and vitamins. Since the beginning of the production process grains go through ...

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  • Petcoke

      sulfur max. 5.0%; hydrogen 4.5; nitrogen 1.89; vanadium 0.2; nickel 0.04; iron 

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  • Palm Kernel Shell - PKS

    Palm Kernel Shell - PKS

      a residue from biomass, obtained from palm after removing the nuts. These residues from the palm oil represent a great opportunity as fuel for power plants. The caloric value and durability while generating heat, is a great source in the combustion process of power-electricity generation ...

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  • Wood Pellets

    We procure biomass fuel products as renewable energy sources including wood chips, palm kernel shells, wood pellets, PKS pellets for your needs. The organic materials we can provide are mainly from Asia. These products are manufactured through a variety of biomass technologies to meet your ...

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  • Mazut M100

    Mazut M100: A heavy, low quality fuel oil. Used for most generating plants and related applications. Also used for heating houses. Is part of one of our Petrochemical products we can supply. Very competitive price in the world market of petrochemicals. 

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  • Petroleum Products, Mazut M100, Diesel D2, D6, JA1, Jp54, Crude Oil

    Petroleum Products, Mazut M100, Diesel D2, D6, JA1, Jp54, Crude Oil

    We have broad authority to engage transactions of contract-selling any petrochemical, crude oil and its derivates. Our products include Petroleum Coke (Petcoke), Diesel D-6, D-2, Jet A-1, Jet P-54, Mazut M-100/99, Asphalt, and others fuel type products and petrochemicals. Direct selling from a ...

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