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We offer a complete product range of MAG-3 Three Axis Satellite Magnetometer, VHF Monopole Antenna, S-Band Circular Antenna, ANT-GPS Active GPS Antenna and S-Band Receiver

VHF Monopole Antenna

  • Key Features SMA RF Output

The ANT-100 is a static whip antenna tunable within the VHF and UHF frequency bands. The simple non-deployable design provides high reliability at an extremely low cost for microsat and smallsat missions.

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S-Band Circular Antenna

  • Key Features 300 MHz Bandwidth (2000-2300 MHz)

The AC-2000 is a turnstile circular polarized S-band antenna for microsats and smallsats. The antenna has a built in ground plan and can include an optional protective cover. This robust design is ideal for applications where true circularity and low elevation angle performance is required.

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ANT-GPS Active GPS Antenna

  • Key Features Tuned to L1 GPS Band

The ANT-GPS is a space qualified L-band patch antenna tuned to the GPS frequency bands. This low profile antenna provides hemispherical coverage and a built in Low Noise Amplified (LNA). This antenna is ideal for microsats and smallsats, but can also be mounted recessed on cubesats.

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S-Band Receiver

  • Key Features 2.0 to 2.4 GHz Frequency Range

The RX-2000 is an efficient space qualified FM S-Band receiver for microsats and small satellites. The receiver generates a clock and data output allowing customers the flexibility and control to implement customized or reconfigurable communication protocols on their flight computer or on an auxiliary communications processor.

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SP-C Cubesat Solar Panels

  • Key Features Ultra Triple Junction GaAs with Protective Cover Glass

SpaceQuest has manufactured and delivered over 150 solar panels for satellites ranging from 1U cubesats to 1000 kg commercial space habitats. Our space-qualified solutions can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of your mission with a variety of cell, substrate and testing options and are some of the most affordable on the market.

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GPS-601 Satellite GNSS Receiver

  • Key Features 120 Channel GNSS Receiver

The GPS-601 Satellite GNSS Receiver is an upgraded version of our GPS12-V1, one of SpaceQuest’s best selling components of all time. The GPS-601 contains an improved core and an expanded interface card improving the components available features, accuracy, and compatibility, while still relying on the foundation of a proven design with over a decade of heritage.

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MAG-3 Three Axis Satellite Magnetometer

  • Key Features 3-Axis Measurement

The MAG-3 is a 3-axis satellite fluxgate magnetometer supporting reliable and accurate spacecraft attitude measurements. This space-qualified component and its predecessors have flown on numerous space missions and is particularly well suited to the radiation environments of high LEO orbits. Key Featur

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3-Axis Measurement

  • Key Features ±60º Field of View

The nanoSSOC-A60 is a volume, mass and power efficient sun sensor and the perfect ADCS solution for cubesats and other nanosatellite platforms. The Sun Sensor on a Chip (SSOC) architecture, achieved through MEMS fabrication processes, provides accurate tracking, pointing and attitude determination. The low cost device measures the incident angle of sun rays in two orthogonal axes, leveraging the geometrical dimensions of the design to provide high sensitivity in a compact and robust package. Key Features

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TRX-U UHF Transceiver

  • Key Features Frequency Range of 370-470 MHz

The SpaceQuest TRX-U is a compact single board transceiver for satellite communications in the UHF Band. Similar to the TRX-V, the TRX-U is an ideal satellite TT&C Radio or Narrow Band Communication Payload for CubeSat and SmallSat missions.

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S-Band Transmitter

  • Key Features Frequency Range: 2000 to 2300 MHz

The TX-2400 is a proven satellite and launch vehicle S-Band transmitter for downlink of payload data and telemetry. The TX-2400 has been a workhorse for SpaceQuest’s own satellites and a mainstay of our customers for over a decade.

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