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  • Beans and Seeds

    Beans and seeds are staple items in many innovative, ethnic cuisine options spanning the globe. Beans have long been recognized as an alternative protein source and seeds are part of a heart healthy diet; Adding flavor, variety and nutrition to creative cuisine.

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  • Dehydrated Fruits

    From the Amazon to the Yanghze, we search the world over for innovative fruit and fruit flavors to impart a world of wonder to your products. Our Dehydrated Fruit products add texture, flavor and nutritional benefits to food products across a multitude of applications. From baked goods to ...

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  • Dehydrated Onion and Garlic

    Our dehydrated onion and garlic products are used to enhance the flavors and textures of commonly consumed foods. Garlic and onion have a multitude of uses across the food industry, from soups to meat products.

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  • Dehydrated Vegetables

    Our dehydrated vegetable products add flavor, texture and nutrition to many food products. Items include air-dried, puffed and freeze dried vegetables, made from quality ingredients to provide the best end product. We've gone to great lengths to source the highest quality materials from around the ...

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  • Fine Food Chemicals

    As preservatives, shelf life extenders, mold inhibitors and more, fine food chemicals bring you modern day convenience by enhancing prepared and ready to eat foods keeping them fresh, appealing and safe. At St. Charles Trading, we partner with the industry best to provide our customers with only ...

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  • milled corn

    Our Milled Corn and Rice products are from the leading food ingredient manufacturers in the industry. From tortillas to white taco shells, our products are used extensively in the food industry. While there are countless uses, one thing remains the same, our milled corn is of the highest quality ...

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  • Sweeteners

    Sweeteners are a staple in almost every facet of the food industry. From sugar packets to powdered sugar to brown sugar, our sweetener product line covers a wide array of sugars, artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes to fit the needs of our customers.

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