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We offer a complete product range of Trailer Monitoring Device, Cellular Asset Tracking, Cargo Security services, Reefer Monitoring system and Cold Chain Temperature Compliance

GPS Trailer Tracking

ORBCOMM’s GT 1100 is a ruggedized, easy-to-install device with a low profile, making it ideal for tracking trailers, railcars, chassis and containers. The GT 1100 is sensor-compatible and self-powered with solar recharging technology for low power consumption and long service life, which eliminates the need for frequent battery changes.

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Trailer Monitoring Device

  • Series IDP-800

Trailer Monitoring Device with Integrated Battery Power Monitor trailers, containers, vessels and more with fully programmable satellite tracking The IDP-800 is the first low-profile, fully programmable satellite communications device with an integrated battery compartment that uses the two-way IsatData Pro satellite data service on the Inmarsat network for remotely tracking and monitoring trailers, containers, vessels and other fixed and mobile assets. The IDP-800 is ideal for tracking unpowered equipment in both land and maritime applications requiring more data and quicker message delivery.

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Cellular Asset Tracking

  • Series XT 4760

Cellular Asset Tracking: Rugged, Plug-and-Play Gain visibility and control of chassis, gensets, flatbeds and other powered assets The XT 4760 is a rugged, compact plug-and-play device that enables two-way monitoring and control of chassis, gensets, flatbeds and other powered assets. In tandem with ORBCOMM’s web-based telematics application, CargoWatch, the device enhances visibility into freight management operations resulting in more accurate on-time deliveries, ETAs and in-route location updates for enhanced customer service and satisfaction. As an economical alternative to more advanced tracking solutions, it features a flexible messaging schedule that provides up-to-date reports and real-time alerts on asset status, location, history, arrivaldeparture and load status to improve operational efficiency, asset utilization and maintenance costs.

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Cargo Security services

  • Series GT 1000

Cargo monitoring, security and in-transit visibility for intermodal containers ORBCOMM’s GT 1000 is a cost-effective, cellular-enabled electronic bolt seal targeted for cargo security, theft prevention and recovery as well as virtual warehouse and in-transit visibility for intermodal containers. The GT 1000’s reusable bolt and locking cap provide a secure container lock and reliably detect cut or removal in real-time for maximum security. Cargo monitoring is further enhanced with a robust optional web application that features security, supply chain automation, management overview via dashboards, precise measurement against performance metrics, and the ability to detect and correct supply chain anomalies in real time, significantly improving asset visibility, theft prevention and operational efficiency.

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Reefer Monitoring system

  • Series RT 6000+

Reefer Monitoring and Control from the Industry Leader Manage reefer temperature, fuel efficiency, maintenance and logistics ORBCOMM’s RT 6000+ is a two-way, dual-mode reefer monitoring and control device that provides comprehensive fuel and temperature management, maintenance and logistics services for temperature-controlled cargo. The RT 6000+ is integrated with the powerful ReeferTrak® web application, which provides visibility, control and decision rules to transportation companies worldwide, providing maximum compliance, efficiency and return on investment.

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Cold Chain Temperature Compliance

  • Series Euroscan MX2

Cold Chain Temperature Compliance from the Industry Leader Transport Refrigeration Monitoring, Fuel Management and More ORBCOMM’s ruggedized Euroscan MX2 is a HACCP-compliant temperature recorder that provides complete visibility, quality control and tracking for the transport refrigeration market. A communications module, the Euroscan MX2 both stores and sends data for reliable two-way transport refrigeration monitoring. This global solution provides comprehensive temperature monitoring, fuel management, maintenance, and remote control functionality for refrigerated assets, enabling customers to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, maximize regulatory compliance and enhance customer satisfaction. The Euroscan MX2 can be integrated with ColdChainView for unprecedented real-time monitoring and management for food, pharmaceuticals, live animals, electronics and other refrigerated assets within the cold chain. The result is improved end-to-end operations and total assurance from the product’s point of origin all the way to the end customer.

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Heavy Equipment Tracking system

  • Series PT 7000

Heavy Equipment Tracking and Telematics Track, monitor and control heavy equipment fleets in construction, mining, rail and utilities. The PT 7000 is a ruggedized, cellular or dual-mode construction equipment tracking and monitoring device, enabling complete visibility and more efficient operation of heavy equipment by providing access to real-time data and analytics. The device provides accurate and timely status and position information along with key operational metrics so OEMs, dealers and end users can proactively manage their construction fleet in the most remote areas of the world. By leveraging valuable heavy equipment utilization and maintenance reports, customers can know where their equipment is, if it is productive, if it needs maintenance, if the oil pressure is within limits, and if it is being used efficiently. The PT 7000 is part of a comprehensive telematics solution that includes sensors, connectivity and the powerful FleetEdge web application, which provides construction equipment tracking and location data, operational status as well as analytic, predictive and diagnostic tools for every asset in the fleet. construction equipment tracking: PT 7000GET A QUOTE

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