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Our Products

Our product range contains a wide range of connector kit, Transducer Mount, Dual Dimmer, Snap Bushing Kit and Propeller Logbook Softcover

Connector Kit

  • Weight .12
  • Dimensions 3 x 2 x 1.5 in
CONNECTOR KIT, Consisting of a pair of 28 position plug & receptacle connectors complete with backshells for wiring strain relief.The receptacle has a flange for panel mounting. To extract the Dsub contacts from these CPC connectors use the SAT-023 tool.The receptacle uses standard Dsub socket contacts that take 20-24awg wire, SA-1017.The plug uses standard Dsub pin contacts that take 20-24awg wire, SA-1018. 28 Receptacle Mounting Drawing
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Transducer Mount

  • Weight .20
  • Dimensions 3.6 x 2.25 x 2.25 in
The TC line-up of pressure transducer clamps are designed for convenient installation on airframe engine mount tubes in a variety of positions. This 2.2 ounce billet CNC machined clamp is clear anodized and will work with any pressure transducer up to 2 in diameter using a 18 NPT male fitting. The optimized all-in-one clamp assembly does not require additional fittings, thus reducing the risk of leaks. Installation of the clamp closer to the pressure source cleans up the engine compartment and utilizes shorter, less expensive hose assemblies. Secure cushioned clamping to the engine mount tubes make loose fitting loop style clamps obsolete. Built-in grounding point option for single wire transducers. This model works on 34 engine mount tubing. Elegant in its design, this is a must have for your engine instrumentation needs.
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Dual Dimmer

  • Weight .25
  • Dimensions 6 x 4 x .5 in
2 Channel dimmer with 15 pin Dsub connector and 10 contacts for wiring. The dimmer is 2 12 long x 1 14 wide x 34 thick.The dimmer is rated for operation in 14-28vdc systems.The output is adjustable down to 1.25 volts.Each channel is rated for 1.5 amps.Comes with 2 10K ohm potentiometers and the needed knobs.The dimmer mounts with 4-40 screws (included)in 764 holesThe controls mount in 14 round holes.
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ANL Fuse Limiter Block

  • Weight .2
  • Dimensions 3.5 x 1 x 1.75 in
ANL Fuse limiter block. 516 stud with lock nuts. Used to mount the Alternator B+ ANL-40, ANL-60, ANL-80 fuses.See ANL Mounting Block.pdf datasheet for mounting details.
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Hex Nut

  • Weight .05
  • Dimensions .5 x .5 x .07 in
Nickel plated hex nut for standard toggle switch. 1532 x 32 threadsinch 0.078 THICK x 916 across the flats.
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Propeller Logbook Softcover

  • Weight 0.07
  • Dimensions 7.5 x 4 x .125 in
Record data for hub and blade inspections, repairs adn alterations, airworthiness directives, and factory bulletins. Soft cover, Black, 7-14 x 4, 20 pages.
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Snap Bushing Kit

  • Weight 1.1
  • Dimensions 10 x 5 x 1.6 in
Contains large assortment of all snap bushings listed below in one handy box! 30ea SA-645-660, 20ea SA-665-671, & 10ea SA-670. 170 Bushings total. The nylon Bushings convert raw-edged holes to smooth, neat, insulated holes.They insulate and mechanically protect electrical cables, tubing, hose lines.Locking fingers snap into holes with fingertip pressure & withstand a push back force of 35 pounds.
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Alodine Touch-N-Prep Pen

  • Weight 0.46
  • Dimensions 3 x 3 x 7 in
Alodine 1132. Covers approximately x 50sq. Instructions: Clean the Surface.Rinse with water.Dry.Apply alodine using a thin coat.Let air dry, and youre done.Shelf Life 24 months. Meets MIL-DTL-81706A. This product CANNOT be shipped via USPS.
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Rubber Grommet Kit

  • Dimensions 10 x 5 x 1.6 in
  • Weight 1.3
Contains large assortment of all Rubber Grommets listed below in one handy box! 20ea SA601-607, 10ea SA615-625, 5ea SA-630 & 4ea SA-640. Total 169 Grommets.
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Skyview Network Cable

  • Weight 0.9
  • Dimensions 0.0833 x 0.0833 x 0.0833 in
Dynon Skyview Network cable, 6 Feet long, Connectors on both ends. SkyView Network communicates between the displays and modules as a modern, multi-drop (serial BUS) network, similar to an old-fashioned telephone party line.
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