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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Face Options Signs, Channel Letters Signs, Cabinets Buildings Signs, Pole Cabinets Signs and Cabinet Monuments Signs

Face Options Signs

Routed panels. High-density urethane is an excellent long-lasting product that is ideal for the face of a monument sign. Its standout front presents your name and logo with a colorful design while a treated backdrop looks great with a texture that fits perfectly with the overall design of the monument sign.Dimensional lettering. Choose aluminum, foam or acrylic for the lettering. These materials can be as colorful as you would like them to be. Painted to mimic gold, bronze or brass, they lend sophistication to the signage. Using your company’s colors is an excellent branding option. LED board. Retailers, gas stations and schools like to incorporate LED signage into their monument signs. The advantage of changing the message frequently – while branding the location – is a must-have with these business models. It is also possible to select a changeable reader board, which is something that commonly appeals to faith communities.

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Channel Letters Signs

Favorites of retailers and service providers in mall settings as well as alongside busy thoroughfares, this signage solution allows for added customization. The standard channel letter setup features front-lit components. The aluminum body houses the light source and the illumination escapes through the acrylic or polycarbonate facing. For a halo look, we manufacture the lettering from aluminum without a different facing. Instead, we allow the light to escape from the back of the letter. Mounted with offsets to the façade, the resulting look bathes your lettering in an attractive halo. Upscale restaurants and retail establishments oftentimes prefer this look.

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Cabinets Buildings Signs

The lightbox cabinet is a favorite exterior signage product for manufacturing companies, mechanics and car dealerships. Constructed from durable aluminum, the interior of the cabinet houses the light source. The sign’s front usually features a polycarbonate covering that allows us to add translucent graphics and lettering. Standard displays mention your company’s name and logo. Due to the added room, you may also consider the addition of professional affiliations and specific niche information. If you desire, we can shape the cabinet to look like your logo.

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Pole Cabinets Signs

Businesses fortunate enough to have locations near highway off ramps usually ask us to commission pole cabinet signs in addition to standard façade signage. The reason being is the added notice the pole-mounted sign creates. The cabinet is ideal because of its geometric shape as well as the flexibility with respect to the use of non-standardized shapes. Consumers will recognize your company simply by the shape of the marker. This is an excellent means of creating brand awareness.

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Cabinet Monuments Signs

Lightbox cabinets are also quite popular for installing as the face of your monument sign. In this manner, the signage beckons to motorists and passersby who notice the presence of your company. The opportunity to have the lighting source included inside the cabinet makes it easy to continue your branding and marketing displays after dark.

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menu boards

displayed. These are installed behind the counter. Yet did you know that you do not have to stick with this look? A current trend calls for the imitation of the old chalkboards. These markers feature a vertical rectangular look and highlight the writing as well as photos of the food. Style elements. In addition to listing your products and prices, consider the artistic display of digital graphics that display related products. For the restaurant, this could refer to photos of wholesome ingredients and fresh produce. Display locations. Mounting your menu board behind the counter is a common practice. Yet some eateries now show off their menus on the exterior. Mounted either to the side of the door or displayed as an A-frame sign, these boards complement those that are on the interior. Restaurant menu board signsIllumination. Fast food restaurants like to illuminate the boards to assist with legibility. You can do the same even if your eatery does not fall into this category. Lightbox cabinets are ideal for this product. They do not have to be very thick. You can install thin cabinets that nevertheless illuminate from the interior. With so many options available, it is no wonder that more and more companies now choose menu boards. Examples include restaurants, hair salons, spas and dog grooming facilities. Consider the placement of your company’s name and logo alongside the display of your products and services. Doing so does not only create name recognition, but it also helps consumers to connect your products with your name, which results in brand awareness.

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channel letters

Channel letter signs are among the most commonly chosen exterior marker products currently on the market. As you drive through your local business community, you are sure to find them installed above the storefronts of strip malls, retailers, service providers and the entrances to some apartment buildings. What makes these products so popular? Durable Construction We manufacture the body of the channel letter from lightweight but sturdy aluminum. This material does not rust and is not susceptible to insect damage. Usually, we use colorful acrylic for the front of the letter. This creates the vibrant look that you see whenever you notice a channel letter sign. When you need an illuminated sign, we add LEDs to the interior of the letters. If you prefer unlit channel letters, you have the option of commissioning a whole-body aluminum construction that we then customize with paint. Lighting Options There are three lighting options for the lit models. Front lit. This is the standard sign look that the majority of our clients commission. The colorful acrylic facings light up at night when the LEDs turn on. After dark, your color scheme remains intact because of the customized paints that we use on the acrylic. Channel Letter Signs West Palm Beach FLHalo lit. In this setup, we close the front of the letter with aluminum but leave the back open. We paint the signage in your custom colors. When the LEDs turn on, the light escapes through the back. This allows the illumination to bathe your signage in a halo of light. The resulting effect is sophisticated and very modern. Back lit. In this scenario, the light escapes through the colorful acrylic as well as through the open back. The facing is crisp while there is the halo that surrounds the lettering. Mounting Choices When you decide on a halo or backlit product, we install the letters with two-inch offsets. For the front lit versions, you have the option of seeing the product mounted directly to the wall or onto a raceway. In many cases, the latter is decided by your preference as well as by the makeup of the façade.

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dimensional letters

Acrylic, PVC and Plastic These materials are long lasting and well suited for interior and exterior applications. Our artists laser-cut them for thicknesses ranging from 18th of an inch to 1 inch. The height of the lettering depends on the appropriate visibility needed. For exterior applications, we take into consideration the traffic in front of your venue and the speed at which cars travel. The higher the speed, the taller the letters need to be. For interior uses, acrylic offers the distinct advantage of presenting your lobby wall with a chic and glossy appearance, which is attractive and makes the marker stand out. Combine the dimensional letters with acrylic boards for artistic displays. Cast plastic provides for the appearance of prismatic faces, which gives the signage a three-dimensional effect. PVC is durable and budget-friendly. Foam Channel Letter Signs West Palm Beach FLWe work with indoor and outdoor-rated foam. When you desire an interior signage product that creates a dramatic 3D effect, the thickness of the foam – we can accommodate up to four inches – is the main reason for selecting this material. Paint it in your company’s colors or add acrylic or metal laminates. For exterior usage, foam provides durability and versatility. Let us paint it or apply digitally imprinted vinyl overlays that allow us to add graduated coloring to your letters as well as a broad range of style elements. Metal The most commonly chosen metal for dimensional letters is aluminum. The lightweight material does not rust and may be painted to take on a broad range of looks. Select from a flat-cut or cast look. Mounting options include the flush mount or the projected mount that makes the lettering stand out. Other metal options, which our clients usually select for the interior, include bronze, stainless steel and brass.

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