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We offer the best product range of Ni-Cad Batteries, Flooded Fibre Plate Ni-Cad Batteries, UPS Replacement Batteries, Complete Battery Management System and Digital Battery Hydrometer / Density Meter.

Ni-Cad Batteries

Nickel-Cadmium cells with pocket type plate electrodes have been successfully used for many decades. These sealed (valve regulated) nickel-cadmium cells do not require water due to the oxygen recombination efficiency design. They offer the superior service life, temperature tolerance and discharge profiles associated with Ni-Cad cells while being low or no maintenance, similar to the VRLA battery.

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Flooded Fibre Plate Ni-Cad Batteries

Flooded Nickel Cadmium Cells for Engine Starting Applications Nickel-Cadmium cells with fibre plate electrodes have been successfully used for many decades. They have been proven and tested to meet operating requirements under the most extreme conditions. They are designed for engine starting applications. The Nickel Fibre matrix used for the fibreplate allows 90% of the electrode volume for holding the active material.

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UPS Replacement Batteries

The SBS UPS Series batteries are suitable for all critical power UPS applications including UL924 emergency lighting. Designed with high-density thin plate technology, the UPS battery will deliver up to 30% additional watts per cell than the typical UPS battery of equal footprint. All jars are flame-retardant ABS (UL94) as standard at no additional cost. The UPS series VRLA battery ensures your optimum longevity, reliability and availability. SBS offers complete replacement services, IEEE testing and redundant battery strings in cabinets or on rack system

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Complete Battery Management System

EquaLink uses the most advanced technology in the industry. Through its patented voltage balancing process, EquaLink calibrates the charging voltage of all batteries with the charger’s target value, keeping all batteries within the optimal voltage operating range. The constant monitoring and harmonization of the individual charging voltages of batteries helps to guarantee the availability of the battery at all times. It uses web management technology to monitor the temperature, internal resistance and voltage of every single battery in the system. EquaLink is the ideal system for lead-acid batteries (openwet cell, maintenance-free, gel, AGM, etc.) as well as Ni-Cad, NiMH and most types of Li-Ion batteries.

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Digital Battery Hydrometer / Density Meter

Specific gravity testing has never been this easy. No more need to write down hundreds of readings and type them into reports or spreadsheets once you are off of the job site. Simply insert the nozzle into the battery and depress the finger pump which draws a few drops of sulfuric acid (H2S04) through the tube. Within three seconds, the measured refractive index is converted into a temperature-compensated specific gravity reading and then the specific gravity, temperature and cell count are displayed. You can transfer the data to your PC or laptop via Bluetooth and download results into Excel. Combining a light-weight and durable design with easy maintenance, field-replaceable spare parts and a large data storage memory, the SBS-2003 is suitable for use in all industrial environments, from Data Centers to Utility Substations.

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Forklift Battery Roller Stands

These battery and charger stations are made of heavy duty steel, with non-conductive, spring-loaded rollers, featuring adjustable legs and battery safety stops. Customizable. Battery stations with rollers (two and three compartment) Single, double or triple stack stands Battery service stations, with or without shelves Hardwood battery stations

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Flooded Ni-Cad Batteries (10 - 480 AH)

Nickel Cadmium pocket plate batteries are the most reliable and rugged batteries available today. They can withstand, to a great extent, any type of abuse like overcharge, deep discharge, even accidental reverse charge. They can be stored in any state of charge. Pocket plate batteries are manufactured in 3 series (L, M, & H) based on their performance capabilities. The KP Series Ni-Cads are available in 1.2 volt single cells. SBS’s pocket plate batteries are supplied with the electrolyte, intercell connectors, related hardware and accessories required for normal operation and maintenance.

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Portable Battery Changing Equipment

A full line of battery changers and carriages ideal for operations that are changing forklift batteries daily. We offer powered and non-powered battery changers, many of which can be customized to exact battery extraction and changing needs.

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Industrial Lift Truck

Low downtime and increased productivity starts with a Storage Battery Systems (SBS) Motive Power Battery. For over 98 years, SBS has been a national leader in storage battery “Power Solutions™” for a wide variety of products and industries. Available in a wide range of capacities and sizes, new or used, SBS delivers a quality dependable “Power Solution™” that will exceed all your material handling needs. Made in the U.S.A at our Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin headquarters, SBS offers 3 locations regionally (Menomonee Falls, Appleton, Chicago) for sales and service along with our global network of educated dealers, resellers and maintenance service providers. Storage Battery Systems manufactures high quality tubular, flat plate industrial batteries available in US, BS, and DIN standards. Wet cell, low maintenance and maintenance free configurations available. Because of the wide variety of motive power batteries used in forklifts, powered pallet jacks, stackers, and aerial lifts, listing every size battery available would be confusing to even the most seasoned facility engineer.

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Complete Battery Resistance Testing Kits/Battery Analyzers

SBS’s portable internal resistancevoltage tester is the fastest and most accurate resistance tester available today. In under 3 seconds, the user can test and record a battery's internal resistance, voltage and temperature. The unit will give a Pass Warning Fail indication. Battery management software is included with each testing kit which will help the user easily identify bad cells, create reports, save data and ensure the integrity of backup power systems. With a large 3.8” backlit LCD screen, a straightforward menu, and Excel-based software, it is also the easiest unit to both learn and operate. Routinely testing a battery's internal resistance assures the reliability of backup power systems and helps prevent unexpected failures. Our digital battery testing kit will come complete with everything needed to test all types of batteries as well as the software necessary to create reports for trending purposes and to satisfy NERC PRC-005 requirements and IEEE recommendations.

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