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Other Products / Services

Our offered Product range includes ZLoc Volume Control, access control, neo Extenders, 10G-Terminations and Structured Wiring Modules.

CAT6A Augmented

  • Model Number CAT6A
  • Weight 41lbs
SCP CAT6A-Augmented UTP cables meet 10GBaseT performance standards for: TIAEIA 568-C.2 Category 6a; ISOIEC 11801 Ed2 Class Ea; and EN 50173-1:2011.Each CAT6A UTP cable is performance optimized with 4 balanced twisted pairs on 23 AWG insulated solid bare copper conductors with a center spline separating each pair. The SCP CAT6A cable is constructed to create a round and flexible cable for easy pulling and stripping of the PVC jacket.The SCP CAT6A cables are packaged on a 1000ft305M spooldrum.This cable is ETL and riser rated. The CAT6A is also available in PLENUM CMP & Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
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Access Control

  • Model ACC-1
  • Weight 58.5lbs
Access Control cables are designed to be compatible for many applications that you may encounter. Additionally, our bundled or structured cable line, provides you with many options to cost effectively and efficiently complete your installation.
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Landscape/Direct Burial

  • Model Number 12/2SHDB
  • Weight 67lbs
High End Landscape Series Speaker Systems, Direct Burial Applications without Conduit, High End Professional Audio Outdoor Rated, Home Theater Grade, Speaker Audio.Features:99.97% Oxygen Free bare copper conductorsHigh Strand CountUltra FlexibilityFlooded (Gel Filled) for exceptional moisture and temperature resistanceLLDPE direct burial jacketUV Sunlight Resistant
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Premium Certified - Ultra Violet

  • Model Number 990UHDV-15
This new SCP Ultra Violet Series cable has been ATC tested and certified to Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet performance standards. SCP Premium Certified cables are specially shielded to provide maximum EMI protection. SCP Premium Certified cables are the professional's choice for 4KUltra HD performance and reliability.Premium Certified Anti-Counterfeiting LabelYou can be assured that this SCP cable has been tested under the Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program and is allowed to bear this special anti-counterfeiting label. This label has encrypted data in the QR Code that allows you to quickly verify the authenticity of this cable by using your smartphone with the free HDMI Premium Cable App. With your purchase of this SCP cable, you can be assured that you can enjoy the full 4KUltra HD experience when viewing 4K content.
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Back Box

  • Model CS65BB
  • Dimensions 12"(304.8mm) x 12"(304.8mm) x 6"(152.2mm)
  • Diameter 8 3/8" (213mm)
Wooden Backbox for CSFIT65 Series In-ceiling SpeakersFeaturesWooden backbox enclosure for all 6.5" in-ceiling speakersUsed for reduction of sound transfer from one room to the nextAlso useful to create a void and mounting surface for poured concrete floors ceilings DimensionsLxWxD: 12"(304.8mm) x 12"(304.8mm) x 6"(152.2mm)Opening Diameter: 8 38" (213mm)
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Speaker Insulation

  • Model Number SPEKAP
The purpose of the patent-pending SpeKap is to solve the age old problem of blown-in insulation and other debris from entering the backside of any speaker. Speaker operation can be affected when insulation and items like rodent droppings enter the baffle. Droppings can make the speaker sound like a drum roll and insulation can muffle and dampen the audio performance.The SpeKap is a low-cost solution for this problem. It is easy to install and does not affect speaker performance.The SpeKap is made of a sheer lightweight breathable spun-bonded, insect resistant polypropylene, with a thin elastic band on the outer edge that forms to your speaker to keep it in place during installation.
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Speaker Selector

  • Model Number 4PS
The 4PS Four Pair manual Stereo Speaker Selector is a self contained passive selector box. It allows the user to control up to 4 separate pairs of stereo speakers from one amplifier without an expensive electronic distribution system. It requires no external power to operate.The 4PS is used for multiroom stereo sound systems. With the 4PS the user can selectively turn ON or OFF any one of four zones. The unit has a built-in impedance compensating network to prevent overload to the amplifier. Unlike others on the market, no switch is required to activate the protection circuit. The protection circuit is always On.
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ZLoc Volume Control

  • Model ZL75RwIA
the ZL75RWIA is a High quality stereo autoformer, multiple speaker, impedance matching, 12-step rotary knob, make before break switching volume control It is important to match your amplifier impedance to your speakers. With ZLoc Volume controls by Current Audio, you now can make virtually any ampspeaker combination work well together. The ZLoc design uses an autoformer that multiplies the speaker impedance to present an optimum balanced load to the amplifier for maximum transfer of power with no signal loss. As you turn down the volume level the impedance level goes down and the current capability goes up. This preserves low level details, tone and dynamic changes. Our design does not attenuate by wasting energy as heat.
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Neo Extenders

  • Model Number neo: HDBaseT Lite Extender Kit
HDBaseT LITE HDMI EXTENDER OVER SINGLE CAT5E6, IR BOTH DIRECTIONS, INCLUDES TX + RX - 1 SET EABOX Using HDBaseT technology, this HDMI extension solution offers an ideal solution for custom AV installers and Home Theatre enthusiasts to project content over long distances without compromising audio or video quality. Fully HDCP Compliant transmission means source video content can be stored in a dedicated rack away from the viewing location; and control is provided via built-in support for HDMI-CEC Transmission and Infra-Red relay.
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  • Model Number 10G-FP
  • Weight 0.05lbs
SCP is offering our new ProGrade 10G RJ45 Field Plug for transmission speed connections up to 10 Gbits.Our SCP Part # 10G-FP can be easily terminated in the field in 1 minute without any special tools. The SCP 10G RJ45 Field Plug is the high performance connectivity solution for all 10G RJ45 terminations. The SCP 10G RJ45 Field Plug eliminates difficult and improper terminations from other inferior RJ45 plugs on the market today. The # 10G-FP connector improves lower transmission performance and eliminates data loss caused by cheap connectors and improper cable terminations. The SCP 10G Field Plug can be used with LAN network cable such as: CAT6 FUTP, HNCPROPLUS-SH, CAT6A UFTP, HNCPROPLUS-6A, Cat77a, and HNCPROPLUS-7A cables. Each SCP # 10G-FP connector has a zinc die-cast housing providing 360 shielding that protects the 10G signal from any interference. The SCP # 10G-FP is the only recommended and approved RJ45 connector for 10G cables and systems.
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Structured Wiring Modules

  • Model Number PP-8
  • Weight 1.404lbs
8 PORT PATCH PANEL MODULE - 1 EABOXThe PP-8 patch panel is designed for data application. Provides up to 8 port network interface. Supports TIA T568A wiring standards. Exceeds CAT5E standards. All you need is RJ45 for the patch cord & 8 Pin 110K IDC for CAT5E Cable
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Line Level Analog Audio

  • Model Number 22/2ESH-LSZH
SCP's Line Level Analog Audio cables are "balanced" high performing audio and control distribution cables for a wide range of AV applications. These cables provide superior signal-to-noise ratio and will maintain high signal levels over distance.SCP Line Level Analog Audio cables are to be used only in permanent or semi-permanent installations.These Line Level Analog cables are available in one or two individually foil-shielded, twisted pairs with color coded conductors (redblack + greenwhite); and a flexible LSZH or PVC jacket that is easy to handle, strip, and terminate.
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  • Model Number RB-2
  • Weight 18.5lbs
SCP has a full line of 75 RGB and RGBHV Component cables that are perfect for all HDTV and high resolution analog applications. These cables can be used to connect RGBHV and composite video sources to projectors and displays. You can also run stereo audio andor control signals through these cables. SCP's RGB and RGBHV high resolution cables are engineered for today's high resolution RGBHV signals requiring low loss with optimum design. SCP offers several multi-core RGB and RGBHV configurations including: RB-2 is a Siamese (bonded side by side) 75 Dual Shield Mini-RG59U Coax cable. When terminated with RCA connectors, the RB-2 becomes an excellent cable for unbalanced stereo audio. As such, the SCP RB-2 is a popular Audio line cable used to create audio andor control interconnects in a rack. The RB-2 cable is also a high resolution, dual mini coaxial cable that is perfect for routing S-Video signals; also known as YC, in professional AV systems.Features:5 Conductors - RG59UEach Conductor 25 ga solid bare copper center conductor100% bonded AL Foil tape + 95% tinned copperTested to 3.0 GHzUL & CM Rating
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Back Cans

  • Model CS65BC
The Current Audio speaker Back Can is a housing system designed as a multipurpose acoustic enclosure aid for the installation of speakers.It provides for sound attenuation migrating to adjacent rooms. The housing focuses acoustic energy directly into the room for maximum speaker performance. The enclosure has a selectable slotted screw cover to choose between a sealed or ported enclosure boost bass response.A damping device reduces standing waves and mechanical resonances plus enhances bass frequencies. It also serves to prevent debris, rodent droppings and insects from entering the speaker baffle that can alter the sound of the speaker.
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Construction Brackets

  • Model NC5BC
The Current Audio New Construction Rough-In Bracket system is designed as an aid for the installation of speakers at a later date and as a place holder for the installed speaker.The system consists of a pair of mounting frames and corresponding mounting wings.The mounting frame serves as a template for the Drywall installer to cut the proper size hole for your intended speaker and to provide the proper placement position.
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Tile Bridge Brackets

  • Model TB6
The Current Audio Speaker Tile Support Bridge is a load bearing mounting frame for loudspeakers with expanding transverse dog-leg clamps. These Tile Bridges are for use in 2x2 and 2x4 Dropin T Bar type suspended ceilings. The Speaker Tile Support Bridge prevents ceiling tile sag by distributing the speaker weight to the ceilings support System.The Tile bridges comply with the mechanical and acoustical requirements of UL1480(UUMW) and UL2043 test standard. The one piece noncorrosive steel construction Tile Bridge is designed for strength and durability and are thoroughly tested for undesired resonance. The one piece construction is easy to install and saves on install labor.
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Control & Automation

  • Model AX-1250DAV
8 Zones, 13 Sources + 32 distributed sources The AX-1250 features 6 powered zones delivering 55 watts per speaker and 2 independent preamp zones. 12 physical sources - 8 combined digitalanalog and 4 dedicated digital coaxoptical inputs plus a Network Audio decoder that can stream from the local network, the Internet or a mobile device (phone or tablet) connected to the network. Add to that the ability to access up to 32 distributed sources from any compatible amplifier on the network (AX-1250 and Mini 4) and you will not be running out of inputs any time soon!
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Multi-Zone Amplifiers

  • Model AMP870
D-Force describes the latest digital technology in amplifiers by Current Audio. The D-Force amplifiers generate the equivalent analog output for speakers by using a modulated audio signal rather than the traditional digital to analog conversion. The amp is a Class D configuration (D does not stand for 'digital' but merely refers to the next letter after Class C). It does exhibit a digital-like output because the outputs are generated by turning the signal completely ON and OFF.FeaturesDual Power Mode - Input power is switchable from 110VAC to 220VAC3 Prong Plug - Grounded input power for SafetyMaster POower Switch - Rear panel switch to cut power for service or hook-upMulti-Stage Protection - Each pair of channelszones is individually protected with internal circuitry and is indicated on the front bi-color LEDs. The amp will shut down a bad zone if it senses a short or is overdriven. ONLY the channels that are affected will turn Off and indicates by the LED turning from blue to red thus pointing to the channel in distress. The remaining zones will run unaffected and continue to provide sound without shutting down all zones.
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Amplified Speaker Sound Bars

  • Model SB800
The SB800 SoundBar describes the latest digital technology in amplified speaker sound bars with a powerful wireless amplified MegaBass subwoofer by Current Audio. The powerful subwoofer can be located anywhere in the room. This is the perfect Home Theater System with a wide sound stage.The system comes with a handheld remote to control power, switch inputs and adjust sound fields. The slim depth and sleek design blends with all flat LEDLCD TV models.Rear Panel SoundBarPower Switch-Rear panel switch to cut power for service or hook-up.Input Power Jack-Connect the 12VDC power supply here.Line Inputs-Three input methods are provided on the back panel. Digital Optical or standard analog RCA input from TV.AUX IN-A standard 3.5mm audio jack for MP3, computers or mobile devices.
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Constant Voltage Distribution Speaker

  • Model SUB801-70V
The dual purpose PRO SUB801-70V IndoorOutdoor Constant Voltage Distribution speaker is the perfect choice for either main listening or sound reinforcement applications. It can be used in household applications or commercial distributed public address and sound systems. It is the choice of casinos. This full range speaker supplies serious sound. It is provided with a switchable 8 ohm or 70 Volt input with adjustable wattage taps. If used with 100 volt systems the wattage taps will be 30 and 15 watts. DO NOT use the 70 volt 30 watt tap on 100 volt systems. The 8" Injection Molded Carbon Fiber woofer cone and butyl rubber surround are virtually impervious to the weather and insects. It delivers shock and awe. Features8" In-ceiling subwoofer 8 ohm and 70 volt8" woofer injection molded carbon fiber cone wbutyl rubber surroundFrequency response 35Hz - 300HzPower handling 5 - 150 watt @ 8 ohmPower handling 60 30 15 watts @ 70 voltsSPL 90dB 1w1m
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Floor Standing

  • Model FLSUB10
We call it the "Ballista" because it launches the bass energy into the room instead of merely pushing air into the room. You will not only hear the bursting rich bass but your body will feel the resonating forceful sound pressure. The front slotted port, Bass Reflex design with vinyl coated MDF wood enhances the reproduction of the low frequencies. The FLSUB is the perfect unit for custom cabinetry. The woofer is made of a long lasting heavy-duty paper pulp with a strong butyl rubber surround. The UL rated amplifier is the brains of the system and has all the latest features including: RCA LFE low level Line Input, high level leftright spring loaded Speaker inputs, high level pass through Speaker outputs, Auto On Switch, a Phase control switch, variable Subwoofer Level control and a variable Crossover Frequency control. The color is Black Ash easy maintenance Vinyl. The FLSUB is truly your best complement to any Home Theater. Features10" Mica treated paper pulp woofer cone wbutyl rubber surroundPowered by a 175 watt amplifierFrequency response 25Hz - 250HzLFE RCA input and high level speaker input with high pass output @75Hz to satellite speakersAdjustable level, crossover point and phaseBlack ash vinyl cabinetSPL 112 dB 1w1m
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  • Model WSLCR654FL
Double 6.5" Thumping Trumping sound that fits both vertically and horizontally between standard 2" X 4" studs. They include revolutionary Infinity Edge Grilles that allow the grille to be inserted and locked in either vertical direction. The easy to install WSLCR series speakers are a full range In-Wall loudspeaker that incorporates high tech woofer materials with a butyl rubber surround and a state-of the-art Diffractionless pivoting dome Ferrofluid cooled tweeter. This prevents distortion caused by bounce from the baffle The pivoting tweeter allows for deeper penetration into the room and aimable concentrated sound to the sweet spot. This revolutionary combination provides superior and more natural sound for both foreground and background applications. This design is a great choice for 3-D Audio, stereo and surround sound applications. For efficiency and consistency the WSLCR series speakers are timbre matched to the CSLCR series, WS and CS series of speakers.
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BCS Series Ceiling Loudspeaker

  • Model BCS65
The BCS65 is a competitively priced full-range Ceiling Loudspeaker that introduces the customer to the possibilities of whole house audio for every room. It incorporates a Talc Filled Polypropylene woofer with a butyl rubber surround and fixed polycarbonate dome Ferrofluid cooled tweeter. Even in this competitive package our speaker provides exceptional natural sound for both foreground and background applications. The Infinite Baffle design makes it the ideal choice for typical application in open beam attic or enclosed ceilings. The speaker color is white, and is a close match to Frazee White Shadow 181. It can be painted to match any decor. The grill is a powder coated aluminum design.Features6.5" Contractor Series In-ceiling speaker6.5" Woofer talc filled polypropylene cone wbutyl rubber surround58" Fixed tweeter polycarbonate dome Ferrofluid cooledRustproof aluminum grilleFrequency response 58Hz - 19.5kHzImpedance 8 ohmsPower handling 5 - 55 wattsSPL 87 dB 1w1m
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Matrix Switch

  • Model neo:4 - 4x4 HDBaseT Matrix
The Most POWERFUL Matrix Switch Ever Built Exclusive to SCP in the USA & now Available to Distributors. Easy Installation Save time and labor hours. The setup of a neo Home system is plug and play. The neo Home's Self Discovery Tools automatically identifies connected devices and labels inputs and outputs with device details. Our user friendly cloud based portal includes all the Admin tools you need to tweak every aspect of the system. Remote Monitoring The neo Home's powerful real-time Remote Monitoring eliminates the need for most onsite service calls. Dealers can troubleshoot service calls remotely before sending out technicians and even remotely reboot connected devices. Our monitoring platform also reports on the cable and termination quality for every HDBaseT link. Works with Alexa With the neo Alexa Skill enabled on your Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot you can use voice commands to control all neo Home connected devices. Fully certified by Amazon, this integration is native to Alexa and requires no configuration. Stand Alone Control or 3rd Party System Control - The neo Home can be used as a standalone system or integrated into 3rd party control systems. The neo Home is fully compatible with all of the major control systems such as Crestron, Control4, Savant, RTI, URC, AMX, Elan and more to create the ultimate smart home experience.
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Neo Splitters

  • Model neo 1:2 HDMI Splitter
  • Dimensions 105mm x 20mm x 50mm
The neo Splitters have been created for the sole purpose of splitting video input between multiple outputs in a reliable and convenient solution. The neo HDMI Splitter Range is a practical, high specification splitter to cater for the very latest HD products coming into the market for today & tomorrow's technologies. With one HDMI source you can easily distribute to 2 or 8 HDMI outputs, additionally the LED indicators let you know which outputs are connected, contributing to the ease of installation.
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Cat6a Shielded Keystone Jacks

  • Model CAT6A-SH-JACK-BL
  • Weight 1.19lbs
The brand new tool-less screened modular keystone jack features a die-cast housing. Innovative mechanism optimizes the PSANEXT & PSAACR-F - which are the most critical criteria outlined by Class EA standard. Patented PCB route & unique contact alignment provides excellent works in easing the internal magnetic coupling up to bandwidth 500MHz. Supports interoperable 10G BASE-T application, backward compatible to any Class E, Class D solution. Press-Fit tech. is applied, no solder, no Pb, purely RoHS compliant. This tool-less keystone jack requires no punchdown tool to install. Easy installation instructions to follow simplify your work and increase your efficiency.
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Cat6 Keystone Jacks

  • Model CAT6-JACK-BK
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Patch Cords-Fiber

  • Model FJ-2113-C-001
  • Lengths 2m, 3m, 5m, 7m, 10m
MM LC to ST 62.5125um Duplex Patchcord 2.0mm OFNR PVC Jacket 1 meter 1 EABAG - Other Available Lengths: 2m, 3m, 5m, 7m, 10mModel: FJ-2113-C-001
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CAT6A Patch Panel

  • Model 324U-6A-SH
These SCP Unloaded Shielded Patch Panels are the perfect solution for protections against EMI & RFI. This 19" (483mm) 24-Port STP empty panel provides 24-port openings for RJ45 modules or Multimedia Snap-In Modules and brings optimum use of a 1U Panel. Product Features Accomodates the CAT6A-SH-JACK RJ45 Keystone JackDesigned to provide Data security & protection against EMIRFI.Minimizes Crosstalk for 10G applicationsCompatible with standars 19" distribution racks
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Plastic Hinged Vented Cover

  • Model HCC-18-HPEC
Premium 18" Plastic Hinged Vented Cover - Dual Mountable, Ventilated, ABS Plastic [Metal Enclosure Sold Separate (HCC-18-BOX)] - 1EABOX
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  • Model R70VT
The Current Audio R70VT adapts our 8 Ohm speakers for use with multi-speaker 70-volt commercial distributed public address and sound systems. It features a high power, low insertion loss, wide frequency response quality line matching design.The transformer has multiple primary taps of 30-16-8-4 watts with the secondary at 8 Ohms.The transformer is constructed of audio caliber laminations. It has a very low insertion loss and has a frequency response of 40-16kHz.The unit has two mounting holes for easy attachment to locations on the speaker or any hard surface.With our limited 5 year warranty you are assured years of superior trouble-free operation.
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Digital Analog Converter (DAC)

  • Dimensions 64mm x 24mm x 64mm
  • Temperature Range 0 to +35°C (32 to +95°F)
With our digital to analogue audio converter, audio setups are capable of decoding connected SPDIF coaxial or TOSLINK optical digital audio sources to standard analogue stereo (LR) audio.Stereo output signals can then be fed to external devices such as an amplifier, Hi-Fi, recordingdeck, or powered speakers via standard phono style (RCA) jacks.The P8-DAC is a simple to install, low-cost solution for audio conversion requirements. It ensuresan reliable transition from modern digital sources, such as DVD and Blu-Ray players or AppleTV, toanalogue sound systems.With both inputs and outputs for coaxial and optical connections, the P8-DAC provides the perfectsolution for audio conversion requirements.KEY FEATURESConverts SPDIF digital audio(PCM) feed from a compatibledevice to an analogue stereo audioAccepts uncompressed digitalaudio input2-channel LPCM (Linear Pulse CodeModulation) at 32, 44.1, 48, 96 &192 KHz24-bit SPDIF incoming bitstreamon left and right channels
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  • Model Number CREST-1
  • Weight 40.25lbs
Applications:SCP Crest-1 control cable provides communications link between Crestron control systems, touchpanels, keypads, tuners, audio processors, video switchers, camera pantilts, expansion modules, and other Crestron devices. Compare to Crestron's Cresnet cable. The SCP Crest-1 is also a universal control system cable that can be used on various other Brand systems such as AMX and Lutron. IP video and control; general purpose RS-232, RS-485 simplex data and control; and general purpose communication and control systems. Features:SCP manufactures specialized control cables for Crestron Systems. These bundled cables facilitate fast and easy wiring for Crestron AV distribution switches, room solution boxes, intercoms, and touch panels. The constructions with RG6 coax allow for distribution of CATVSatellite and broadband video. SCP Crestron compatible cables are available in Non-plenum PVC, Plunum CMP, or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH).
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  • Model Number LUTRON-BLUE
Applications:SCP's Lutron-Blue cable is for use with Lutron Grafix Eye Systems for specialty lighting control and power applications. The SCP Lutron-Blue is comparable to the Lutron GRX-CBL-46L-500 cable. For use with with Lutron's Grafix Eye 4000500060007000. The SCP Lutron-Blue applications include datacommunications and controls. Features:SCP carries a complete line of composite cables for use with Lutron's various lighting and shade control systems. These include composite datacommunications cables and composite datacontrol cables which are available in PVC rated CM, Plenum CMP, and Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZHLSOH) for commercial, and institutional applications.
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Structured Wiring Support Cable

  • Model HNC-1-BL
Structured Wiring Support Cable for Home Automation, General Purpose LanCATV, Balun support and media transmission for residential, light commercial and institutional applications. SCP offers multiple configurations of bundled composite cables for residential and commercial structured wiring solutions. These cables reduce installation time and reduce the chance of damage to the individual cables due to improper installation. The SCP Structured-Composite cables support many technologies for dataCATVSatelliteAudio and high definition signals. Features:SCP Structured-Composite cable bundled with overall PVC jacket or Siamese (bonded side by side), or Triamese (bonded side by side).Please refer to description above for exact SCP Structured-Composite cable configuration. Category cables include Cat5eHNCPRO, Cat6HNCPROPLUS+, RG6UQ Coax, andor 164OFC Speaker Cable.
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Serial Digital Coax

  • Model Number RG59/UDC-BL
  • Weight 16.5lbs
SCP Serial Digital Coax Cables are high-bandwidth dual screen 75 RG59 coax cables for HDTVSDI, digital videoaudio, broadcast, broadband video, baseband video, SMPTE video, and analog audiovideo. SCP HDTV Digital Coax cables RG59UDC cables are tested to ensure optimal performance in high-end home theater installations incorporating HDTV and digital audiovideo. The RG59UDC are a professional 75 cable solution providing superior signal integrity and low loss over distance. The SCP HDTV Digital Coax cables are the ideal choice for Pro AV, audio recording and broadcast. SCP RG59UDC digital coax cables are UL and CMR rated. These cables are extremely flexible and are available in several PVC jacket colors including: Translucent Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and WhiteClear.
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FPLR - Unshielded

  • Model Number 12/2FPLR
  • Weight 52.5lbs
Power limited fire alarm and communications cable for Riser and Non-Riser applications. Fire Alarm, Fire Protective Circuits, Smoke Detectors, MonitorDetection, Signal, Control Circuits, Initiating Circuits, and Notification Circuits.Features:Multi-Conductor Unshielded FPLR- Insulated solid bare copper conductors, twisted with a sunlight resistant PVC jacket. Ripcord and sequential foot markings printed on jacket. ETL FPLR or CL2R, NEC Article 760, California State Fire Marshall.
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Coil Packs - Solid

  • Model Number 22/2SOL-COIL-BE
  • Weight 3.5lbs
SCP's Security Wire Coil Packs are very popular with installers because they are easier to work with than boxes or reels. These security wire coil packs come in 22 AWG with either 2 or 4 solid bare copper conductors in 500 or 1000 ft lengths. SCP Security Wire Coil Packs are tangle-proof, take up less space, and because there is no box or spool, there is less waste and clean-up after the job.Installation of our Security Wire Coil Packs saves time when pulling multiple wires. Because the wire pulls through the middle of the coil pack, installers can stack the coil packs and pull multiple wires in parallel for faster installation. SCP Security Wire Coil Packs with solid conductor are available in 10 different PVC jacket colors. Our security wire coil packs are great for security, alarm, and control installations. All of our security wire coil packs are UL and Riser Rated.
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Solid Copper

  • Model 22/2SOL-WT
  • Weight 8.5lbs
Security Systems, Intercom Systems, SoundAudio Systems, Power-Limited Controls. Cables are manufactured to meet current NEC guidelines and are verified by outside standards organizations including c(UL)us and c(ETL)us.Multi-Conductor unshielded insulated solid bare copper conductors, twisted with a sunlight resistant PVC jacket. Ripcord and sequential foot markings printed on jacket. CMRFPLRCL2RCL3RCMGFT422-16 AWG: NEC FPLR760, CMR800, CL3, CL2R72514-12 AWG: FPLR, CL3R ETL, c(ETL), RoHS, CE
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Direct Burial

  • Model Number 12/2SHDB
  • Weight 67lbs
Applications for SCP Direct Burial cables include: Security, Speaker, Audio, Alarm, HVAC, Access Control, Card Access, Irrigation Control, CCTV Power and Commercial Applications.2C12 AWG STRANDED SHIELDED- DIRECT BURIAL- 1000 FT SPOOL
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Pro Grade HD Indoor-Outdoor

  • Model Number 12/2OFC-HD-WT
  • Weight 35lbs
High End Professional Audio In-Wall Rated, Sunlight Resistant Outdoor Rated, Direct Burial, Home Theater Grade, Speaker AudioFeatures:99.97% Oxygen Free bare copper conductorsHigh Strand CountHeavy Duty PVC-UV jacket rated for Direct BurySunlight ResistantEasy Pull Coated Premium PVC jacketUltra FlexibilityEasy Strip ConstructionUL Listed, CMR In-Wall Rated, CMX, NEC CL2, and CEC CMG FT4; RoHS, CE
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RJ45 Plugs & Couplers

  • Model Number 106A
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Pre-Wire Install Kits

  • Model Number EZ-CAP
EZ-CAP PRE WIRE INSTALLATION KIT - 1 EA20 TO BOXThe purpose of the EZ-Cap Pre-Wire Installation Kit is to allow easy access to the wiring for customers who wish to install speaker components sometime in the future while remaining inconspicuous when not in use. It can also be used in other pre-wire applications such as security systems, garage door motor control wire, or any device that requires low voltage wire to penetrate the drywall.
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Keystone BNC Insert

  • Model Number 208-WT
  • Weight 1.8lbs
Keystone BNC InsertBNC KEYSTONE SNAP-IN INSERT- NICKLE-PLATED, UL - WHITE - 50 EAPER PACKModel: 208-WTShipping Weight: 1.8lbs
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  • Weight 35lbs
HNCPROPLUS+ for Cat6 is the industry's first HDBaseT category cables. HNCPROPLUS+ cables provide superior HDBaseT performance for your HDBaseT devices.HNCPROPLUS+ UTP cables consistently outperform standard Category 6 UTP cables and are certified to meet today's demanding commercial and residential Networking and AV applications for Twisted Pair cables.SCP HNCPROPLUS+ UTP cables exceed performance standards for: TIAEIA 568-C.2 Category 6, ISOIEC 11801 Ed2 Class E; and EN 50173-1:2011.
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Stranded PVC

  • Model 14/2-GY
  • Weight 36.5lbs
Security Systems, Intercom Systems, SoundAudio Systems, Power-Limited Controls. Cables are manufactured to meet current NEC guidelines and are verified by outside standards organizations including c(UL)us and c(ETL)us.Multi-Conductor unshielded insulated stranded bare copper conductors, twisted with a sunlight resistant PVC jacket. Ripcord and sequential foot markings printed on jacket. CMRFPLRCL2RCL3RCMGFT422-16 AWG: NEC FPLR760, CMR800, CL3, CL2R72514-12 AWG: FPLR, CL3R ETL, c(ETL), RoHS, CE
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Pro Grade Speaker Cables

  • Model 12/2OFC-PUR
  • Weight 34lbs
High End Professional Audio In-Wall Rated, Home Theater Grade, Speaker AudioFeatures:99.97% Oxygen Free bare copper conductorsHigh Strand CountUltra FlexibilityEasy Pull Coated PVC jacketEasy Strip ConstructionULListed, CMR In-Wall Rated, NEC CL2, and CEC CMG FT4; RoHS, CE
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  • Model 18/2T
Class 2 Power Limited Circuit Cable - Thermostat controls, HVAC, Doorbells, and other low voltage applications.Construction:This cable consists of solid bare copper insulated conductors with an overall sunlight resistant PVC jacket. Cables with more than 4 conductors are twisted prior to jacketing. Sequential foot markings printed on jacket.
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HDMI Extenders CAT5E/CAT6

  • Model 946
  • Weight 1.5lbs
SCP HDMI Extenders allow you to extend HDMI signals over longer distances than using typical HDMI cables. HDMI Extenders systems consist of a "transmitter" and "receiver" and literally "extend" the HDMI signal over LAN cables or Coax. from the source device to the Display.SCP HMDI Extenders are available in several different configurations to accommodate most installations.
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EZ Crimp Tool

  • Model EZ-TOOL-PRO
  • Weight 0.9lbs
This high quality crimp tool is designed to quickly crimp and cut the wires of the EZ-RJ45 Connector in one easy simple operation! The ratcheted straight action crimping motion ensures a uniform crimp every cycle. Features precision cast crimping dies for superior accuracy. Built in wire cutter and stripper for silver satin. All steel frame with rust resistant black oxide finish.Crimps and trims extended wire in EZ-RJ45 Connector in a single cycle.For use with EZ-RJ45 Cat 55e & Cat 6 Connectors.Will also work on most other RJ-11, RJ-12 and RJ-45 connectors. (Except AMP)Patented
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