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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Standard Die Sets, Die Sets, components, die plates and forging components

Standard Die Sets

STANDARD DIE SETS Superior Die Set Corporation is a reliable source for time-honored standard die set designs that are proven performers for high-production metal stamping and forming. We have the in-house capabilities to deliver precision die sets – from multiple guide-pin styles to open die sets (ready to machine) – with any component arrangement and burnout or handling hole options our customers desire. Whether friction bearing or ball bearing, we satisfy a range of die set demands with a prompt turnaround.

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Die Sets

Superior Die Set Corporation is one of the only fully integrated manufacturers of die sets that still exists. We stock steel, manufacture die sets and customize them with burnouts, parallels or slug chutes. However our customers want it, we provide a full range of standard and specialty die set options. We have been making die sets for almost a hundred years, and our expertise and efficiency is second to none. With a deep understanding of die set manufacturing and streamlined in-house processing, we turn around Standard or Specialty die set orders in days, not weeks.

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COMPONENTS A range of parts for thousands of applications – made in house Superior Die Set Corporation is, and has always been, a manufacturer of components for the metal stamping die, plastic injection mold, die cast, and forging industries. In addition to an offering of standard components for those industries, our manufacturing capabilities also afford us the ability to make customized components to your specifications.

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die plates

DIE PLATES AND PARALLELS Superior Die Set Corporation’s widely assorted, in-house inventory of certified material offers Fortal® aluminum and other alloys, in a range of thicknesses, to meet your precise needs. Plate is available rough-cut, torch-cut and ground – finished to your specifications.

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forging components

  • Weight 30 tons

FORGING COMPONENTS Superior Die Set Corporation has decades of experience producing OEM quality replacement components for all major forging equipment manufacturers. From in-stock standard wear parts to custom-made components to fit your unique equipment, from small components to large machined bolster plates weighing 30 tons, we deliver exactly what you need. Utilizing hundreds of years of collective experience of working on products for the forging industry, and leveraging the value and speed of our in-house manufacturing, we provide components that can be ordered today to keep you hammering tomorrow. Here are some components we offer: In-stock components for CECO-DROP and power hammers – clamp shoes, ram bushings, piston rods – brake shoes, dog tips, rocker bushings – all available for next day delivery Custom and made-to-order components available – die keys, sow keys, parallel keys, piston rods, piston heads, brakeclamp shoes, brakeclamp assemblies, ram bushings, piston shafts and sow dowels – for all major equipment manufacturers

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  • The Threadformer Unscrewing Molds Made Easy
  • Slide Lock The Original – still holding Strong

MOLD BASE COMPONENTS Superior Die Set Corporation offers a range of mold base components for an extreme range of applications. With the capability to deliver both standards and specials, we can give customers exactly what they’re looking for without having to add another supplier to the chain. We make our own components, including our standards: pins, bushings, sprue bushings, return-rite springs, glide-rite components, feature ejector pins, thin-walled sleeves, core pins, and more. As innovators, we offer three designer-friendly devices to greatly enhance user experience and eliminate unnecessary costs, time and hassle from the job.

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SPRINGS As a master distributor of high-performing springs, we minimize stops along the supply chain by providing them as a cost-effective add-on to package with your die set order. Getting everything in the same place saves time, money and hassle. We offer these three lines of quality springs: NAAMS – Meet North American Automotive Manufacturing Standards “D” Line – Meet ISO 10243 specifications Kaller® Gas Springs – high-powered, compact nitrogen gas springs

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SPECIALTY DIE SETS Get it the way you want it. Superior Die Set Corp offers a wide range of customization when it comes to fulfilling your specific die set needs. From wear plate die sets with thrust blocks to fully machined die sets ready for assembly with optional mounted parallels, stripper plate or subplates to 3-platen presses, fine blanking die sets or T-slot bolster plates – Superior Die Set can do it all. Further customize your die set solution by choosing from a diverse inventory of steel, Fortal® aluminum and other alloys suited to your specifications. Our in-house, certified welding team is also able to custom fabricate to your specific requirements.

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  • Weight 30 tons.

PLATE We carry your steel and more! Streamlining your supply chain, minimizing costs and hassles, Superior Die Set Corporation has certified steels and aluminum types available in stock with a variety of finishing and machining capabilities right in-house. When it comes to dealing with large plates for high-end, critical applications, we provide the reliability that comes with controlling the entire process and ensuring quality every step of the way. Our steel includes: A36MOD, 4130, 4340, P20, Toolox 44® and Fortal®, ranging in thickness from 14″ to 12-18″. We offer custom torch and plasma cutting, stress relieving & tempering, shot blasting, welding, painting, Blanchard (up to 160″) & surface (up to 80″) grinding, and special machining for plates up to 30 tons. Superior Die Set also provides welding for small fixtures to weldments for large press frames or machine tool bases. We also do MIG, TIG and submerged arc welding for filets up to 2″.

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die set components

DIE SET COMPONENTS Superior Die Set Corporation has been making its own components for over 50 years, and we are the only die set manufacturer in the US that still does it in-house. We manufacture many standards as well as special components, which are frequently used to provide greater design flexibility when faced with adverse circumstances. Owning and controlling this product line gives us high accuracy and speed to meet complex customer needs and aggressive lead times. We can control the quality every step of the way, maximizing precision and efficiency. We don’t have to wait on shipments of replacement components to keep the process moving.

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mold bases

  • capacity 180″

MOLD BASES Manufacturing mold bases since 1982, we deliver high-quality standard, modified-standard, and specialized mold base tooling options built to our customers’ requirements. With our in-house steel plate, machining resources, inventory of components, and mass customization process control, we turn custom orders around fast. Since we know how difficult it is to design every mold perfectly within a catalog specification, we provide the flexibility you need with little or no delay. Bottom line: We deliver the highest quality mold bases – made the way you need them – in the shortest timeframe possible. For example, installation of support pillars, guided ejector systems, eyebolt holes, rough blind pockets, and torch-cut through pockets can all be completed without delay. Here are some other advantages we offer: Very large equipment for manufacturing large molds High-performing Fortal® Aluminum mold bases with all the advantages and consistent material characteristics of steel bases, like exceptional machining and polishability – it’s another in-house material that enables us to offer fast modifications to standard bases Standard and unique components for molds such as our Threadformer™ Unscrewing Device, EXAflow® Tunnel Gates, and Return-Rite™ mold springs. Mold plate and components for those customers building their own mold bases. We have rotary grinding up to 160″, surface grinding up to 80″, and machining capacity up to 180″ Not to mention, our expansive in-stock plate selection

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slide locks

  • Weight 25 pounds

The Original – still holding Strong! Superior Die Set Corporation’s Slide-Locks™ are the original, specially designed to effectively prevent operational slipping of the slide in your mold base. They are extremely compact and hold their rated weights without hydraulics or other complicated devices. They can also be used in multiples to achieve greater weight retention. The simplicity of the Slide-Lock design allows dependable, repetitive mold base slide motion, minimizing production halts. Quality High-strength tool alloy construction provides durable production life – components resist wear over many slide cycles. Compatibility Recessed into the slide for neat installation, they can also be retrofitted into existing slides. Simple pocket machining is all you need to install Slide-Locks.

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THREADFORMER unscrewing devices

THREADFORMER Made in the USA, Threadformer™ unscrewing devices provide a very simple solution to complex unscrewing molds. Precise, sturdy and cost-efficient, they reduce production and labor costs by consistently delivering reliable, trouble-free service, on time. The Threadformer is ideal for low-cavitation jobs. It takes on the difficult task of unscrewing molds without compromising the part and delivers maximum accuracy without any hassle. With a compact, yet highly powerful hydraulic motor, the Threadformer provides the high torque needed while providing a positive core stop to deliver optimal precision.

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  • weights 200g
  • diameters 2.5mm,

Tunnel Gating has come Full Circle! As a specialist for gate insert technology, EXAflow® provides sophisticated, worldwide solutions for plastic injection molders and supports them with complete service. Giving engineers a tool to solve the most complex molding challenges, this designer-friendly device has been precisely engineered based on in-depth, data-driven analysis. Using actual measurements, it ensures proper plastic part and runner ejection from the mold, setting it apart from other tunnel-gating options. Here are the primary features and benefits of EXAflow: Clean, clearly defined separating edge for precise, consistent automatic de-gating Time and cost savings through fast and easy interchangeability High wear resistance Compact dimensions and optimal accuracy, due to single-part design Unsurpassed balance in multiple cavity, multiple gating applications Circular gates for “rear surface gating” 7 unique tunnel gate insert designs Available for same-day shipping Free design assistance to ensure mold functionality We offer complete engineering

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