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  • Automatic Cip Cleaning System

    • Condition : New
    • Weight (Kg) : 1100 Kg
    • Use : Industrial
    • Automatic Grade : Automatic
    • Warranty : 1 Year
    • Power : 9-12 kw
    • Voltage : 380 V

    Mirage Industries

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  • Smart Automated Cleaning System

    • Item # : item-1088

    C&W Introduces the newest technology, a “smart” cleaning system for your dust collector that can monitor filter media and detect when the dust buildup on the filter media goes outside of an optimal level of performance. Smart-Clean then activates (fires) pulsing valves on an “as needed” basis, rather than just pulsing on timed intervals. This increases the cleaning efficiency of the collector and can save up More...

  • Pulse Cleaning Intake System

    • Series : OGT2500

    Desert environments typically have a high dust load in the air, which is made up of larger particles that are dry. An effective filter for this application is a pulse cleaning system. However, dry is the key word because if you have moisture or industrial emissions, ie: vehicular traffic, you introduce pollutants into the air that create a sticky ‘dirt cake.’ Dirt cakes will not pulse-off as well, degrading the v More...

    Lotec, Inc.

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  • Front Load Cleaning Systems

    • weight capacities : 50,000 pounds

    As part of our original product offering, the PCS line of parts cleaning equipment has evolved into the finest cleaning system that your money can buy. This system not only provides precision cleaning, but also reliability that makes these systems a keystone in the world of cabinet cleaning systems. Choose from one of the most diverse product offerings in the marketplace with over 17 standard models to choose from, a More...

    Jri Industries

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  • Compact Conveyorized Cleaning Systems

    • Load Height : 42"
    • MODEL : CB-1200
    • Belt Width : 12"

    The “Aquamaster” E-Series line of compact conveyorized cleaning systems are designed for cellular manufacturing, work cells and limited floor space applications. Efficient and versatile in design, belt, chain and indexing style conveyors are available. Standard configurations range from a single wash process zone to a wash, rinse, rust inhibit, blowoff and dry process zones. The E-series compact conveyorized clea More...

  • Orapup Dog Breath Cleaning System


    • Brand Name : OraPup by TruDog
    • Type : Dog Dental Cleaning System
    • Feature : Dog Breath Cleaner
    • Color : Pink
    • Place of Origin : United States
    • Application : Dog Dental

    Get rid of stinky dog breath and promote a healthy mouth today with the orapup starter kit! your starter kit includes an orapup designed to remove the bad breath causing bacteria from your dog’s tongue. It also includes a 2-ounce bottle of chicken lickies for oral health. Lickies are fortified with all-natural enzymes and anti-plaque benefits to help build your dog’s natural oral health and defend against bad bre More...


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  • Opus Mini Green Machine Biodegradable Air Cushion Packaging System

    • Dimensions : 14” x 12” x 11”

    With the cost of void fill and air pillow packing increasing and the desire for companies to use environmentally friendly packaging we are pleased to provide the highly economical Opus Mini Green Machine Air Pillow Biodegradable air cushion system from Green Light Products LTD. The Opus Mini Green Machine is a variable speed air cushion system that matches the machine throughput to the needs of the packaging line. Th More...

  • Air Containment System

    • Dimensions : OAL 500”+”, Diameter 15”+”
    • Tightest Tolerances : TBD

    APPF manufactures custom RF Welded urethane & PVC Inflatables to customer prints.The examples shown are AirBeams built to HDT Global Specifications. Serving as a replacement for aluminum beams in similar large area maintenance structures (LAMS), this AirBeam® is the main structural component within a LAMS. More...

  • Air Compressor Oil Filtration System

    • Weight : 35 lbs.
    • Dimensions : 11"W x 36"H x 11"D

    The 1000HC protects your air compressor by keeping the compressor oil clean and dry. It is easy to operate (i.e. take an oil sample, monitor filter element life, change filter elements and drain canisters) and employs a simple approach to filtering that removes both solid contaminants and moisture from compressor fluids, leading to longer fluid and equipment life. More...

    Us Petrolon, Inc.

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  • Air Data System

    • Series : ADS SPA20422

    ADS Series Air Data System SPA20422 is a microprocessor controlled system meant to provide basic altitude and airspeed information for unmanned vehicles. It consists of an absolute barometer (for static pressure), a differential barometer (for pitot pressure), and temperature sensors (both on-board and external) to assist in the airspeed determinations. More...

    Microbotics Inc.

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  • Van Air Contactor Air Dryer Systems

    • Height : 77 in
    • Inlet Height : 71 9/16 in
    • Dimensions : FD-250
    • Outlet Height : 58 1/2 in
    • Depth : 27 in

    Increase Blasting Profitability Eliminate Flash Rusting, Clogged Blast Pots and Downtime Small Footprint Complete Portability Low Pressure Drop More...

    Kleen Blast

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  • As-mplv2-1g, Air Amplifier System

    • Type : 2:1 Ratio Systems
    • Height : 22.00 in
    • Tank Size : 1.6 gal
    • Length : 13.00 in
    • Width : 8.00 in

    MAXPRO® Air Amplifier Systems are ideal for turn-key installation at work stations or machine centers to boost plant air pressure for tools or operation of pneumatic clamps, cylinders and other equipment. These systems provide short-term high flow air or constant flow with reserve, at a constant regulated output pressure. Storage tank is per A.S.M.E. Code and CRN (Canada) and comes with a safety relief valve, drain More...

  • Air Systems

    • Series : Air Systems BB-30

    This portable Grade-D filtration systems is designed to provide breathing air for a specific number of workers. The system filters inlet air to provide respirator users Grade-D quality air. The first stage filters bulk water and particulate, second stage coalescing filter eliminates atomized oils, mists, and ultra-fine particulates, third stage removes organic vapors and odors. Filter change indicators are standard o More...


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  • Current Voltage Calibrator

    • Part Number : 9800-25
    • Weight : 2-50′

    Part number: 9800-25 Includes: 34-HP oil-less air pump 9820-00 2-50′ lightweight PVC breathing air line 9852-42 2-Fullface Opti-Fit supplied-air respirator with belt 9814-05 3 year limited warranty on full-mask respirator More...

    Sas Safety Corp.

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  • Breathing Air Systems

    • Body : Die-cast zinc
    • Seals : Nitrile
    • Differential Pressure Gauge : Standard
    • Ambient/Media Temperature : 40° to 120°F (4° to 49°C)

    Master Pneumatic’s breathing air assembly 350-4SA447 is designed to provide breathing air for up to 2 workers. The Breathing Air assembly can allow end users to achieve "grade D" breathing air as defined by the Compressed Gas Association's commodity specification: G-7.1 ( The general purpose filter in this assembly removes gross contaminants while the coalescing filter removes oil mists, aerosols an More...

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  • Portable Air Supply System

    • Item : T-Force

    The T-Force™ 4500 Solution A completely portable, environmentally friendly, high pressure compressed air energy supply. Clean, moisture-free, compressed air at 4500 PSI is stored in safe, lightweight, carbon fiber wrapped bottles to power a wide range of air tools, from nailers, caulking guns and drills, to the KODI® KLIPPER GUN™ used to connect rebar. Versatility The WORK BOTTLE™ System is designed and manufa More...

    Airmatic Inc.

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  • Air Traffic Control Reporting System

    • Model : ATC-RS

    Kutta Technologies’ patent-pending Air Traffic Control Reporting System (ATC-RS) provides current and future Unmanned Aircraft (UA) with position reporting capability to support complete integration into the National Airspace System (NAS) and promotes safe deconfliction within military airspace. To facilitate NAS integration, the Kutta ATC-RS utilizes multiple methods to exceed current NAS requirements including vo More...

  • Compression Molding Of A Non-woven Porous Air Intake System

    • Technical Specifications : Material permeable 45 l/dm2/min/mbar Material hydrophobic: TBD High temperature resistant: 3 Kpa @ 110°C
    • Capabilities Applied/Processes : Non-woven material production Thermo-Compression molding Welding, Ultra Sonic, Vibration Component Assembly Testing & validation
    • Material Used : Non-Woven Polyester
    • Product Description : A compression molded fiber material is used for automotive air intake systems to attenuate noise propagated from the engine.
    • Features / Advantage : Material can be tuned in permeability to change the acoustic performance Weight Reduction compare to Molded Plastic part Water Drain Valve incorporated in the duct Recyclable material

    Compression Molding of a Non-Woven Porous Air Intake System Duct for the Automotive Industry S&A Industries manufactured a porous, air-intake system (AIS), noise-reduction duct that meets automotive environmental and engine compartment requirements. The non-woven, compression-molded, recyclable polyester used in the duct reduces engine noise. Permeability can be adjusted to change its acoustic performance and it offe More...

  • Microbial Air Sampler Systems

    • Material : 316 Stainless Steel
    • System Type : Complete Unit

    The SMA Microbial Air Sampler Systems are designed to test air within the clean room setting for discerning the level of viable contamination that is present in a volume of air. As one of the premier sampling methods in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for over 11 years, the SMA Micro Sampler Systems offer a complete range of products to meet all requirements for quantitative microbial air testing. The More...

  • Hl2400 Post Cleaning Systems

    The HL2400 series post cleaning systems were designed to follow the Argus HAL5224 series Hot Air Leveling systems. The machine is designed to provide a flux removal with two stages of vigorous spray cleaning, mild brushing action followed by a fresh water rinse and turbo air drying. Board cleanliness is critical to quality PCB fabrication and the HA2400 series equipment is designed to deliver. HL2400 post clean syste

  • Used Plasma Cleaning Systems

    USED Gigabatch 360 Microwave Plasma System The GIGAbatch series is the latest and most advanced generation of MW batch ashers offered today and is the successor of the very popular Tepla 300 series. These are used extensively for photoresist ashing, descum, wafer cleaning, and silicon nitride etching. State-of-the-art process control in combination with microwave plasma generation are the key elements of the GIGAbatc

  • Commercial Cleaning Systems

    From the same powerful engine as the Voyager Turbo Transformer, we bring you the Turbo Commercial Upright. The Turbo Upright cleans bulky waste and debris as efficiently as it’s brother model, the Turbo Transformer, but at a commercial size. With a 20″ oversized scoop, The Turbo Upright cuts a large path through dirt and debris on any hard surface, but won’t clog like ordinary vacuums do. Lightweight, durable,

  • Pipeline Cleaning Systems

    Pipeline Cleaning Systems are used to clean rust, scales, waste and organic growth in pipelines. Our company is second to none in supply and export of Pipeline Cleaning Systems from USA. The offered Pipeline Cleaning Systems are widely used in oil and petroleum industry, sewage plants, and water purification plants. These Pipeline Cleaning Systems are used for pigging operation, dewatering and hydrostatic testing.

    Standard Marketing

    Houston | More...

  • Bcs Roll Cleaning System

    Fluoron’s BCS Roll Cleaning System™” removes starch, size, coating and pitch build up as well as rust, hot melts and contaminants from recycled pulp. Clean dryers mean fewer breaks, better temperature profiles, increased productivity and reduced steam and energy cost. Our system is faster and more effective than blasting with sand, soda ash, dry ice or any other grinding equipment, saving you down time and mone

    Fluoron, Inc.

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  • Pressurized Heated Cleaning System

    dual rinse cleaning carts REQUEST A QUOTE Flexotherm™ specializes in providing products to our customers involved in emissions testing that help to ensure accurate and consistent performance. Dual rinse cleaning carts from Flexotherm™ are the fastest and most efficient method available for flushing contaminants from emissions testing components. Our dual rinse cleaning carts circulate heated Alconox, either in li

  • Belt Cleaning Systems

    Primary Belt Cleaners in Stock up to 72” Belt Width Urethane Replacement Blades up to 72” Belt Width Return Plows and Secondary Cleaners Skirt Rubber and Clamping Systems in Stock Field Installation and Maintenance

    Epperson & Company

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  • The Razor Floor Cleaning System

    Clean floors better with the latest innovation from Chem-Dry, The Razor. This nationally acclaimed cleaner is intended for cleaning had floor surfaces and removing spots on carpet. This easy to use product uses a specially formulated solution and disposable absorbent cleaning pads to dissolve and wipe away grease and dirt on hard floors, and remove spots from carpets. The Razor makes cleaning easier and more effectiv

  • Whitco Cleaning Systems

    Whitco Cleaning Systems (made by Alkota) offers a wide range of quality pressure washers and offers unique customized systems to meet your needs. Power and performance are built into every piece of cleaning equipment made. You'll see the difference. Because there is a difference. Vacuum Filtration Systems are also available.

  • Multi-configuration Ultrasonic Cleaning System

    The MTC-4 is a 4-tank ultrasonic cleaning system which is available in 2 standard configurations; cleanrinserinsedry, or cleanrinserust dipdry. The system can be manufactured to meet any 4-stage processing requirements if a standard design does not adequately address the application. These systems are also available with automation systems such as our TRANSTAR Automation System, or exclusive MBT Automation System. Th

    Delong Equipment

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  • Wafer Cleaning Systems

    Ultron Systems' Model UH117 Wafer Cleaning System provides an ideal solution for cleaning wafers after sawing or scribing. Operation is semiautomatic and fully programmable via the new touchscreen LCD panel. Microprocessor control ensures precise, flexible, uniform, and repeatable cleaning. Up to 10 programs can be stored for different processes. Each program may have up to 99 different cleaningrinsingdrying steps wi

  • Cleaning Systems

    Ultrasonic cleaning is faster, more thorough, and safer than any other method. Scrubbing, soaking and steam don't even come close. Lapmaster Ultrasonic Cleaners are powerful enough to remove heavy oils, waxes or slurries, yet gentle enough to clean tiny, precision assemblies. Ultrasonic sound waves moving through a cleaning solution create an effect called cavitation: the rapid formation and implosion of microscopic

    Lapmaster Wolters

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  • Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

    On a production line a Hi-Vac manifold system can clean dust and sand from molds, remove machining chips, pick up spills, etc. Inlets can be adapted to production machinery such as cutting heads. An intercept hopper is used in manifold systems where the material being picked up is to be reclaimed. Most of the material drops out of the airstream into the hopper. Dust and fines continue on and are collected at the “P

  • Mars Air Systems

    Who We Are Mars Air Systems has been manufacturing high quality air curtains for over 50 years. Our air curtains protect building environments from energy loss and windborne dust, dirt and fumes, along with flying insects. The air barrier created by the light stream of air over a doorway helps to improve inside sanitation and reduce operational energy costs. Mars Air Curtains qualify for LEED point credits when utili


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  • Kleen-view Automatic

    The Kleen-View Automatic is a stainless steel, automatic, fully-enclosed 100% air-operated system that safely cleans screens, recycling ink residue for disposal. The Kleen-View combines a washout stand, shelf to hold supplies, and screen washing system in one versatile unit. Stainless steel, removable permanent filters can be cleaned easily, and eliminate the need for costly replacement filters. This closed-loop, rec