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  • The Diffusion System

    • Model : 1105 -

    Reduces tank turbulence and mixing of product with water in the tank. Eliminates debris from entering the tank. It is a must have in any tank the uses an ethanol based fuel.

  • As-mplv2-1g, Air Amplifier System

    • Length : 13.00 in
    • Type : 2:1 Ratio Systems
    • Width : 8.00 in
    • Height : 22.00 in
    • Tank Size : 1.6 gal

    MAXPRO® Air Amplifier Systems are ideal for turn-key installation at work stations or machine centers to boost plant air pressure for tools or operation of pneumatic clamps, cylinders and other equipment. These systems provide short-term high flow air or constant flow with reserve, at a constant regulated output pressure. Storage tank is per A.S.M.E. Code and CRN (Canada) and comes with a safety relief valve, drain More...

  • Breathing Air Systems

    • Seals : Nitrile
    • Ambient/Media Temperature : 40° to 120°F (4° to 49°C)
    • Body : Die-cast zinc
    • Differential Pressure Gauge : Standard

    Master Pneumatic’s breathing air assembly 350-4SA447 is designed to provide breathing air for up to 2 workers. The Breathing Air assembly can allow end users to achieve "grade D" breathing air as defined by the Compressed Gas Association's commodity specification: G-7.1 ( The general purpose filter in this assembly removes gross contaminants while the coalescing filter removes oil mists, aerosols an More...

  • Air Systems

    • Series : Air Systems BB-30

    This portable Grade-D filtration systems is designed to provide breathing air for a specific number of workers. The system filters inlet air to provide respirator users Grade-D quality air. The first stage filters bulk water and particulate, second stage coalescing filter eliminates atomized oils, mists, and ultra-fine particulates, third stage removes organic vapors and odors. Filter change indicators are standard o More...


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  • Dual Air Pressure System

    • Series : SPA20003
    • Dimensions : 1.7 inches deep, 2.4 inches wide and 0.65 inches

    The SPA Series Dual Air Pressure System provides altitude and airspeed sensing for air vehicles. A pair of temperature compensated pressure sensors allow absolute and differential pressure sensing.

    Microbotics Inc.

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  • Air Traffic Control Reporting System

    • Model : ATC-RS

    Kutta Technologies’ patent-pending Air Traffic Control Reporting System (ATC-RS) provides current and future Unmanned Aircraft (UA) with position reporting capability to support complete integration into the National Airspace System (NAS) and promotes safe deconfliction within military airspace. To facilitate NAS integration, the Kutta ATC-RS utilizes multiple methods to exceed current NAS requirements including vo More...

  • Rion Hot Air Welding Machine

    • Frequency (Hz) : : 50/60
    • Voltage : 120 or 230
    • Power Consumption (W) : 1600

    Comparable to LEISTER Triac, but with higher airflow Field tested, reliable and durable for extended use Optimal performance for best value High speed welding enables high product Easy welding with ergonomic handle Maintenance friendly High quality Large range of accessories available More...

    Hapco Inc.

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  • Van Air Contactor Air Dryer Systems

    • Inlet Height : 71 9/16 in
    • Dimensions : FD-250
    • Outlet Height : 58 1/2 in
    • Height : 77 in
    • Depth : 27 in

    Increase Blasting Profitability Eliminate Flash Rusting, Clogged Blast Pots and Downtime Small Footprint Complete Portability Low Pressure Drop More...

    Kleen Blast

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  • Opus Mini Green Machine Biodegradable Air Cushion Packaging System

    • Dimensions : 14” x 12” x 11”

    With the cost of void fill and air pillow packing increasing and the desire for companies to use environmentally friendly packaging we are pleased to provide the highly economical Opus Mini Green Machine Air Pillow Biodegradable air cushion system from Green Light Products LTD. The Opus Mini Green Machine is a variable speed air cushion system that matches the machine throughput to the needs of the packaging line. Th More...

  • Current Voltage Calibrator

    • Weight : 2-50′
    • Part Number : 9800-25

    Part number: 9800-25 Includes: 34-HP oil-less air pump 9820-00 2-50′ lightweight PVC breathing air line 9852-42 2-Fullface Opti-Fit supplied-air respirator with belt 9814-05 3 year limited warranty on full-mask respirator More...

    Sas Safety Corp.

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  • Air Containment System

    • Tightest Tolerances : TBD
    • Dimensions : OAL 500”+”, Diameter 15”+”

    APPF manufactures custom RF Welded urethane & PVC Inflatables to customer prints.The examples shown are AirBeams built to HDT Global Specifications. Serving as a replacement for aluminum beams in similar large area maintenance structures (LAMS), this AirBeam® is the main structural component within a LAMS. More...

  • Portable Air Supply System

    • Item : T-Force

    The T-Force™ 4500 Solution A completely portable, environmentally friendly, high pressure compressed air energy supply. Clean, moisture-free, compressed air at 4500 PSI is stored in safe, lightweight, carbon fiber wrapped bottles to power a wide range of air tools, from nailers, caulking guns and drills, to the KODI® KLIPPER GUN™ used to connect rebar. Versatility The WORK BOTTLE™ System is designed and manufa More...

    Airmatic Inc.

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  • Microbial Air Sampler Systems

    • System Type : Complete Unit
    • Material : 316 Stainless Steel

    The SMA Microbial Air Sampler Systems are designed to test air within the clean room setting for discerning the level of viable contamination that is present in a volume of air. As one of the premier sampling methods in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for over 11 years, the SMA Micro Sampler Systems offer a complete range of products to meet all requirements for quantitative microbial air testing. The More...

  • Air Compressor Oil Filtration System

    • Dimensions : 11"W x 36"H x 11"D
    • Weight : 35 lbs.

    The 1000HC protects your air compressor by keeping the compressor oil clean and dry. It is easy to operate (i.e. take an oil sample, monitor filter element life, change filter elements and drain canisters) and employs a simple approach to filtering that removes both solid contaminants and moisture from compressor fluids, leading to longer fluid and equipment life. More...

    Us Petrolon, Inc.

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  • Compression Molding Of A Non-woven Porous Air Intake System

    • Material Used : Non-Woven Polyester
    • Capabilities Applied/Processes : Non-woven material production Thermo-Compression molding Welding, Ultra Sonic, Vibration Component Assembly Testing & validation
    • Features / Advantage : Material can be tuned in permeability to change the acoustic performance Weight Reduction compare to Molded Plastic part Water Drain Valve incorporated in the duct Recyclable material
    • Product Description : A compression molded fiber material is used for automotive air intake systems to attenuate noise propagated from the engine.
    • Technical Specifications : Material permeable 45 l/dm2/min/mbar Material hydrophobic: TBD High temperature resistant: 3 Kpa @ 110°C

    Compression Molding of a Non-Woven Porous Air Intake System Duct for the Automotive Industry S&A Industries manufactured a porous, air-intake system (AIS), noise-reduction duct that meets automotive environmental and engine compartment requirements. The non-woven, compression-molded, recyclable polyester used in the duct reduces engine noise. Permeability can be adjusted to change its acoustic performance and it offe More...

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  • Mobile Breathing Air Support Systems

    An integral part of mobile breathing air support systems, Stäubli’s reliable, fully transportable DQR breathing air manifold can supply up to 6 operators wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) from a single general supply hose.

  • Mars Air Systems

    Who We Are Mars Air Systems has been manufacturing high quality air curtains for over 50 years. Our air curtains protect building environments from energy loss and windborne dust, dirt and fumes, along with flying insects. The air barrier created by the light stream of air over a doorway helps to improve inside sanitation and reduce operational energy costs. Mars Air Curtains qualify for LEED point credits when utili


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  • Fill-air Inflatable Packaging Systems

    Inflatable Cushion Packaging: Create Variable Cushion Sizes Fast & Easy Alta Packaging offers offers a variety of fast, easy-to-use systems that deliver air-filled cushions on demand. Ideal for workstation or on-line applications, Fill-Air® Inflatable Packaging Systems provide excellent protection and efficient void fill while reducing material and shipping costs. Fill-Air® cushions can be produced in a wide range

  • Air Injection System

    There are many industrial humidification applications where a high pressure fog system is not appropriate or cannot provide the required level of performance due to condensation concerns. Fogco has developed a specialized air injection system to address these specific industrial requirements. The Fogco Air Injection Dry Fog System utilizes our proprietary system design and can produce over 150 lbs of dry fog per hour

  • Over Fire Air System

    Complete fabrication and assembly performed by our experienced team Custom jigs are used for assembly to ensure proper alignment of all moving parts QC job traveler for each burner Coal and boiler operating data review Test data review CFD modeling of air flow and chemical species of combustion 3D Solidworks models of the combustion system is made after field measurements. This helps with mechanical design and reduci

  • Kleen-view Automatic

    The Kleen-View Automatic is a stainless steel, automatic, fully-enclosed 100% air-operated system that safely cleans screens, recycling ink residue for disposal. The Kleen-View combines a washout stand, shelf to hold supplies, and screen washing system in one versatile unit. Stainless steel, removable permanent filters can be cleaned easily, and eliminate the need for costly replacement filters. This closed-loop, rec

  • Air Intake Systems

    Air Intakes and performance air filters will give you more horsepower and better gas mileage in most applications. Today's performance air intakes allow more air into the engine by replacing the stock air box and panel filters with high-flow cone and which connect to the throttle body with smooth aluminum piping or plastic pipe further reducing the turbulence and restrictions of the stock air intake system. To make h

  • Air Intake Systems

    MAHLE air intake systems include the entire scope of the system, from raw air intake with preliminary removal of dust and water to the air filter module with the main filter element and safety insert to the turbocharger inlet interface. As a result, MAHLE is able to fully respond to system inquiries and to develop and produce modules completely in house.

    Mahle Behr

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  • Air Techniques Scanx Swift Digital Imaging System


    We are offering air techniques scanx swift digital imaging system. Air techniques scanx swift digital imaging system is a chairside digital x-ray system that offers better value and greater patient comfort and scanx swift reduces the need for multiple retakes by providing a larger image area.


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  • Air Handling Equipment

    Air Handling Equipment Ventilation Fans We stock and sell a wide range of air handling products including fans, ventilators and condenser fan blades related equipment and accessories.

  • Electric Air Poultry Heating System

    Description​     Material of tank: 304 stainless steel, steel, carbon steel   Application: food industry, machinery, coal mine   Customization: acceptable   Pressure: MAX 0.6 Mpa   Thermal Efficiency: More than 95 percent   Optional: air fan , temperature controller   Max.temperature: 600 deg c   After-sales Service Provided: Overseas third-party support available   Warranty: one year   Industrial Air Du


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  • Ring Blade Air Wipe Blowoff Systems

    Product Overview: Nex Flow Ring Blade Air Wipe The Nex Flow’s Ring Blade Air Wipe produces an even 360 degree blow off around the part, light in weight and compact. Easy to install and maintain and allows removal of a continuous piece. Reduced compressed air use for energy savings plus lower noise levels. Maintenance free with output easily controlled. Designed as two pieces hinged together to open and close around

  • Air-o-crimp System

    The Air-O-Crimp® fitting system has been developed for applications in which hose end fittings must be attached at the Point of Use in difficult applications such as Buses, Ambulances, RVs, and Limos. There is no need for a conventional crimping tool, messy glue or additional locating devices in order to achieve a reliable connection of the fitting and hose. The Air-O-Crimp® system has passed SAE J2064 R134a Refrig

    Atco Products Inc.

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  • Air-water Systems

    Air-water systems represent for modern building services an energy-efficient solution for ventilation and air-conditioning of rooms. Whether it's an INDUCTION UNIT, a CHILLED BEAM, a FAN COIL UNIT or a DECENTRALIZED VENTILATION UNIT – individual requirements for cooling capacity, acoustics, comfort and installation situation result in selection of the most suitable system.

    Ltg Incorporated

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  • Air Driven Insulation Foam Machines

    If you are just starting out, or need a rig that’s more suited for smaller job requiring a low-output, you may consider an air-driven spray insulation machine. These machines are common among entry-level contractors and startups or residential insulation contractors, primarily because they are cost-effective for businesses. Air-driven machines offer efficiency and affordability for a variety of jobs, and deliver a

  • Air Systems

    Air conveying scrap material from the point of generation to a baler can be the most efficient way to do it. We engineer, fabricate, and install systems for printers, binderies, box and packaging plants, envelope houses, tissue paper mills, and pretty much any other type of facility where trim, die cuts, or punch outs are generated.

    Balers Inc

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  • Stationary Air Blast Equipment

    Since 1928, we have been providing a wide array of industries with the highest quality surface preparation equipment and accessories. We offer numerous types of stationary blasting equipment including both compressed air and centrifugal wheel blasting systems. The majority of blasting equipment is powered by a compressed air system that utilizes a pressure or suction mechanism to propel the blasting media. Pressure s

  • Wss-300 Air Flow Measurements Machine

    For drift-free air flow measurements across traffic tunnels; WSS-300 calculates true average speed of air movement, and detects smoke. Equipped with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to compensate for opacity variations caused by particulates, smoke, or suspended moisture, the WSS-300 uses patented optical scintillation technology coupled with advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) electronics to "see" and deliver highl

  • Air Preparation Equipment

    Air preparation and treatment equipment ensures compressed air remains clean, dry, and at the proper lubrication and pressure levels. The main components of air preparation and treatment equipment are air dryers, air filters, air lubricators, and air regulators. Air dryers pull water vapor and moisture out of compressed air, air filters remove contaminants from the air flow, and air lubricators infuse the correct amo

    Drago Supply

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