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  • Diamond Circular Saw Blades

    • Diameter : 1.5"
    • Continuous : X
    • Bore : 1/4"

    Diamond encapsulation is approximately 50% to ensure proper adherence while still having 50% of the crystal exposed cutting. This creates an efficient and aggressive cut and long blade life. Abrasive Circular SawsThe diamond grit size chosen often times will be application specific. A coarse diamond grit will allow for greater exposure, longer blade life, aggressive higher feed rate cutting but will create a rougher More...

    Niabraze Corp.

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  • Crusher Saw Blades

    • MATERIALS : Alloy steel heat-treated to customer specs
    • THICKNESS : 1/8″ -1″
    • SIZES : 4″- 24″ diameter
    • HARDNESS : 28 – 52 HRc

    Blades are laser cut with pockets or teeth to customer’s specification. All Crusher Saw Blades are heat treated, Blanchard ground, smithed, and computerized checked for proper tension and run out and balance. Manufactured precisely to custom specifications Made from heat and abrasion resistant special alloy steels Heat-treated for maximum strength and toughness Hand tensioned for exceptional balance Competitively p More...

  • Re-saw Blades

    • Thickness : .035”, .042”, .050”
    • Widths : 1/2” to 1 1/4"

    Precision Blades “RE-SAW” blades are manufactured with M42 Bi-Metal steel. It is the perfect blade choice for disassembling pallets. The blade was designed with a fine tooth pitch that easily cuts through nails with minimum resistance and binding. The best recommended choice for fast prolonged production is a blade having a 1 ¼” width, .042 thickness, and either a 58 variable or 6 constant pitch. Precision Bla More...

    Precision Blades

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  • Saw Blades

    • Material : Thin Acrylic
    • Material Thickness : 0.0" - 1.0"

    NEW, patent-pending design circular saw blades cut acrylics and other plastic materials smoother, cleaner and quieter than ever before... longer sharp-life, too! These new blades have “reinvented the wheel” when it comes to cutting plastics. The Innovative, “Acryc RV Series” allows your table saws, panel saws, beamsaws or miter saws to cut plastics as never before. Come from 10" to 20" diameter with expansion More...

    Abbeon Cal Inc.

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  • Sintered Diamond Saw Blades

    • Outer Diameter : Inches 4" Metric(mm) 105
    • Hole Diameter : 16/20/22.23;7/8"-5/8"

    Other specifications and sizes are available upon customer's requests. If you select the quality on high grades of NYCL Blades, it can also be used to dry cut the building materials without water added. ●Continuous rim saw blades with the super thin core and rim are more suitable to cut the porcelain, ceramics and tiles, which will not lead to the edge crack of the materials. More...

    Justcut, Inc.

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  • Power Hack Saw Blades

    • Tightest Tolerance : 0.0007 in
    • Product Length : 0.600 in
    • Material Thickness : 0.010 dia

    Employing our advanced precision coining and swaging technology, General Wire & Stamping Co., Inc. manufactures a complex variety of Reed Blades for glass to metal, hermetically sealed reed switches, used by a medical electronics client based in Oklahoma. These products perform in an array of high reliability, critical life-saving applications, including pacemakers, proximity sensors, auto-air bag, auto-braking and a More...

  • Mk-5s Chop Saw Blade

    • Arbor : 1"-20mm
    • Diameter : 12"(305mm)
    • Width : .140"
    • Max RPM : 6,300

    The MK-5S is a diamond rim chop saw blade engineered to cut rebar, pipe, angle iron and steel. The MK-5S utilizes advanced brazing technology to adhere premium quality diamond grit to a solid steel core. Longer life, maximum performance and improved safety are the advantages over an abrasive wheel. The MK-5S can easily outlast traditional abrasive wheels by a factor of up to 100 to 1. Not intended for use on handheld More...

  • Diamond Saw Blade

    • Weight : 7.00 lbs
    • SKU : 910166

    Applications: Asphalt, parking lot repairs, and green concrete Machinery: For use on high speed saws or on walk-behind concrete saws up to 20 HP. Laser Welded Segment width .125 (3.18mm) Segment Height 10mm Arbor 1" - 20mm Undercut protection Gullets Core Design More...

    Tool Planet

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  • Carbide Tipped Saw Blades For Metalworking

    Everlast Saw and Carbide Tools, Inc. Founded in 1947 as a service company for the woodworking industry, Everlast began producing the highest quality TCT Saw Blades in 1974. Products range from 2 inches to 20 inches in diameter for both standard and custom saws.

    Farris Belt & Saw

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  • Tungsten Carbide Grit Saw Blades

    They will cut and file on both the forward and backward stroke Their strong, flexible back makes them virtually unbreakable Cut and file tough materials that others won't even scratch Outlasts conventional blades and files

    Artu-usa, Inc.

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  • Band Saw Blades

    A band saw blade is primarily a strip of steel with teeth which have been set to the left and right, heat treated, cut to specific length, welded together at the ends to form a continuous cutting tool. ACA will recommend a particular type of blade based on your application and your environment. With this in mind, there are key pieces of information that you need to know. Band Saw Blades are broken into 4 categories:

  • Log Saw Blades

    Made only in the United States and handcrafted by some of the most talented craftsmen in the world, our log saw blades have a reputation for exceeding even the most demanding requirements. We impose strict process control standards to ensure that our customers receive high-quality log saw blades each time they order. In addition to quality control, we use a triple tempering heat treating process designed to maintain

  • Gas Saw Blades

    Gas Saw Blades are used in cutting in concrete floors, slabs, block stone, stone, brick and masonry. CoreTemp Abrasives Gas Saw Blades are manufactured to ensure fast cutting and longevity.

    Coretemp Abrasives

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  • Lenox Sabre Saw Blades

    DRILLING, CUTTING, GRINDING Lenox Hole Saws Lenox Sabre Saw Blades Lenox & Morse Milwaukee Self-Feed Portaband Blades High Speed Drill Bits Taps • Dies Flat Boring Bits Auger & Selfeed Bits

  • All Purpose Saw Blades

    A super masonry blade capable of cutting both cured concrete as well as asphalt without sacrificing blade performance. Features advanced matrix technology combined with titanium coated diamond. Multiple holes in the saw core allow it to run cooler and longer than conventional blades - plus segments are laser-welded. "Our most aggressive diamond blade" Cuts Wet or Dry

    Diamondsharp Corp.

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  • Circular Saw Blades


    Industry Saw, Llc

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  • Saw Blades

    Deals in tape rule holders, Screw Drivers, Drill Bits, knee pads, Drill Bits, radiant heat tools, Aprons, Shears, Shears, Tape Measures, Cutters, knife sheaths, Cutters, cordless drill pouches, hole punches, Tape Measures, saw blades, radiant heat tools, saw blades, Aprons

    Malco Products Inc

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  • Saw Blades

    Deals in saw blades, Nuts, Bolts, Safety Gloves, Panits, safety sunglasses, ADHESIVE, Screw

    Fastenal Company

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  • Saw Blades

    Deals in saw blades, Marine Chilling Compressor, Air Tools, sanders, engine stands, Jacks, Power Tools, Grinders, Sand Blasting Equipment

    Itools Unlimited

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  • Circular Saw Blades

    Deals in Adjustable Wrenches, utility knives, Chisels, Circular Saw Blades, bolt extractors, Clamps, Drill Bits, Locking Tools, Water Taps, Level Gauges, fastener drive, worksite products, pipe vises, precision squares, handsaws, utility blades, screw extractors, snips, Pliers, Pipe Wrenches

    Bluepond Trading International Llc

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  • Circular Blade

    Deals in saw blades, recipe blades, drill accessories, Circular Blade, Screwdrivers, Hand Tools, flashlights, electrical tools, Drill Bits, laptop cases, utility knives, Jig, bosch tools, toys, screw bits

    Harmann Variety

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  • Circular Blades

    Deals in shelters, specialty products, split bottom slitter, rotary slitting, guillotines, roll splitters, Saw Tooth Knives, Nuts, Washers, plastic cutting sticks, multi grooves, granulate blades, circular blades, Plow Bolts, Knives, Shear, Shear Blades, paper trimmer knives