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  • Electronic Control Unit

    • approximately : 12 to 20 km/h

    Passive Safety Electronics The electronic control unit (ECU) is the brain of the car’s passive safety system. It decides not only if, but also exactly when, the seatbelt pretensioners should be triggered and each airbag system should be deployed. The ECU contains crash sensors and a microprocessor, as well as back-up power in the event the connection to the car's main battery is cut off in the crash. The ECU is loc More...

    Auloliv Asp Inc.

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  • Particulate Monitor Control Unit

    • Model : BM 30 LGX 110 / 230 VAC
    • Temperature : -13°F to 160°F
    • Item : 730-5049

    The BINMASTER® BM-30 LGX Pariculate Monitor is designed for general process and environmental monitoring. This system consists of a control unit, a particulate sensor, and a sensor coaxial cable. It detects many types of particulates, such as dusts, powders, granulars, and pellets, as well as liquid particulates, such as mists. Particulate monitoring helps regulatory requirements by detecting leaks before emissions More...

    Airmatic Inc.

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  • Control Power Units

    • Series : 1300754
    • Weight : 27.00 lb / EA
    • Weight (lbs.) : 27.0

    Concentric AB: Manual Control Power Units (DC). Barnes GC8000 Series (Single Acting Cylinder Applications). Barnes GC8000 Series (Single Acting Cylinder Applications) 12VDC Single Terminal Std Duty Manufacturer =ConcentricJSB ; Description = S.Barnes Hydraulic Power Unit; Motor Voltage = 12VDC; GPM @ 500 psi = 2.25; GPM @ 2000 psi = 1.35; Relief Valve Setting =2500 ; Reservoir capacity = 3 QUARTS; Switch = Motor Star More...

    Fabacher, Inc.

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  • St-47 Groundhog Static Ground Proving Control Unit

    • Indicators : Red−not grounded/non-permit. Green−grounded/permit.
    • Operation Temperature : -40˚ to +140˚ F (-40˚ to +60˚ C)
    • Shipping Weights : ST-47 ELK; 26 lbs (12 kgs)
    • Enclosure : Explosion-Proof Weather-Proof Housing, suffix “E”
    • Power Requirements : ST-47–115 Models: 105–125 VAC, 50/60 Hz. 0.250 Amperes maximum.

    Vehicle Static Ground Verification System Self-proving technology based on Scully’s original patented design Can operate in conjunction with your Scully Overfill Prevention System (ST-35® or ST-15) or as an independent ground verification unit Immediately shuts down the loading operation if proper static grounding is not detected More...

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  • Dual Max Dim Light Intensity Control Unit

    • ECCN : : 7A994
    • Mfr Part No : : 9100-001-D
    • Product Codes & Classifications EDMO #: : 9100-001-D

    imple to install and equipped for a multitude of applications, the MaxDim Dual controller from Seaton Engineering is the perfect option for controlling lighting and instrument panels in new or existing aircraft. This fully self-contained, dual-circuit controller works with incandescent and LED lights, pre-inverter electroluminescent strips, Nulite systems, and more without the need for separate control modules. At le More...

  • Blu-med Environmental Control Unit

    THE BLU-MED ECU IS A FAMILY OF HIGHLY RUGGEDIZED HVAC UNITS FOR MEDICAL SHELTER APPLICATIONS AND ARE ENGINEERED TO MIL-SPEC ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL UNIT (ECU) SPECIFICATIONS. The BLU-MED ECU is portable and available with US-version components (3-ph, 208V, 60Hz) and EU-version components (3-ph, 230400V, 50Hz). There are many sizes and models depending on your heating andor cooling requirement, including: 2.5-ton ECUs,

  • Inpac Environmental Control Units

    Much like a typical residential HVAC system, InPac environmental control units can be ordered in a configuration that separates the condenser and evaporator sections for mounting in different areas of an enclosure.

    Specific Systems

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  • Generator Control Unit

    The Generator Control Unit (GCU) is a multifunction electronic device which controls and protects the primary DC electrical power generation system. This device is powered to control voltage regulation, line contractor control and in the case of two terminal StarterGenerators, start functions such as start contractor and field weakening. It may also include parallel regulation (load sharing) in some twin engine appli

    Hitek, Inc.

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  • Generator Control Unit

    Air Data’s seasoned design team has experience in a wide variety of power loads from very low noise voltage source to high power voltage source and digital circuitry. Air Data power controllers and power supplies are designed to meet all applicable aircraft environmental requirements. Generator Regulator Control Unit (GRCU) The Generator Regulator Control Unit (GRCU) regulates the voltage of a nominal 28VDC200A gen

    Air Data Inc.

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  • Control Units

    Control units may provide additional support to rubber expansion joints by adding rigidity strength when proper anchoring is not available. Control units are also used to restrict the movement allowances of an expansion joint. They should always be used when excessive stress and motion on the joint might cause that joint to fail or be over-stressed to the point of near failure of the joint and its reason for being. C

  • Pepperl+fuchs Ic-kp2-2hb17-2v1d Control Interface Unit


    We are offering Isolated Barriers Zener Barriers Signal Conditioner Fieldbus Infrastructure Remote IO Systems Proximity Sensors Pohotoelectric Sensors KFD2-SCT4-1.20 KFD2-EB2 KFD2-EB2 KFD2-SCT4-EX1 KFD2-SR2-EX2.W KFD2-UFC-EX1.D KFD2-EB2.R4A.B KFD2-SCD-EX1.LK KFD2-SCD-EX1.LK KFD2-VR4-EX1.26 KFD2-VFC-EX1.D KFD2-EB2 Z961Z966 NJ15+U1+W NBN8-18GM40-ZO RVI50N-09BK0A3TN-01000 LVL-T1-G3S-E5PG-NA NJ2-PD-US-2.062-V93 NBN15-30G

    Ralph Automation Inc.

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  • Generator Control Units

    Our Generator Control Units (GCU's) are designed to control 28 volt turbine starter generators. They provide voltage regulation, overvoltage protection, line contactor pull in, and generator disable during engine start.

  • Hypro Gr40 Control Unit

    This control unit, for mounting on pump models 9910-D303 and 9910-D403, is capable of handling flow rates up to 11 gpm (41.6 lpm) and pressures up to 580 psi (40 bar). It includes a pressure gauge, adjustable high pressure relief valve, complete bypass lever, 2-12" pressure gauge, two 12" HB outlets with individual shut-offs and one 58" HB bypass. Kit 9910-KIT1741 is available for remote mounting

    Westheffer Co.

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  • Ir Remote Passenger Control Unit

    Passenger Control Unit with IR remote. Controls remote mounted “I.C.E.” components: Sirius© Satellite Radio, DVDCD, or MP3 player. Two distinct channels allow one group of passengers to receive one source while a second group receives a second source. Operating Voltage: 11 - 33 VDC Current Draw: 0.2 Amps Weight: 0.75 lbs Dimensions: 1.25”(L) x 5.5” (W) x 2.00”(H)