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  • Solenoid Valve
    Solenoid Valve
  • Globe Valve
    Globe Valve
  • Non Return Valve
    Non Return Valve
  • Pneumatic Valves
    Pneumatic Valves
  • Needle Valve
    Needle Valve
  • Diaphragm Valve
    Diaphragm Valve
  • Control Valves
    Control Valves
  • Angle Valve
    Angle Valve
  • Butterfly Valves
    Butterfly Valves
  • Hydraulic Valves
    Hydraulic Valves
  • Pressure Control Valve
    Pressure Control Valve
  • Poppet Valve
    Poppet Valve
  • Gate Valves
    Gate Valves
  • Hydrant Valve
    Hydrant Valve
  • Breather Valve
    Breather Valve
  • Pressure Valve
    Pressure Valve
  • Steam Valve
    Steam Valve
  • Spool Valve
    Spool Valve
  • Water Valve
    Water Valve
  • Brass Ball Valve
    Brass Ball Valve
  • Flow Control Valves
    Flow Control Valves
  • Cartridge Valve
    Cartridge Valve
  • Bleed Valve
    Bleed Valve
  • Bypass Valve
    Bypass Valve
  • Plug Valves
    Plug Valves
  • Air Valves
    Air Valves
  • Dump Valve
    Dump Valve
  • Valve Guide
    Valve Guide
  • Back Pressure Valve
    Back Pressure Valve
  • Pressure Relief Valves
    Pressure Relief Valves
  • Bellow Seal Valve
    Bellow Seal Valve
  • Directional Valve
    Directional Valve
  • Pinch Valves
    Pinch Valves
  • Block Valve
    Block Valve
  • Foot Valves
    Foot Valves
  • Safety Relief Valves
    Safety Relief Valves
  • Cryogenic Valves
    Cryogenic Valves
  • Manifold Valves
    Manifold Valves
  • Drain Valves
    Drain Valves
  • Vacuum Valves
    Vacuum Valves
  • Cylinder Valve
    Cylinder Valve
  • Balancing Valves
    Balancing Valves
  • Brass Valve
    Brass Valve
  • Isolation Valves
    Isolation Valves
  • Mixing Valve
    Mixing Valve
  • Magnetic Valve
    Magnetic Valve
  • Plastic Valves
    Plastic Valves
  • Air Operated Valve
    Air Operated Valve
  • Actuated Valve
    Actuated Valve
  • High Pressure Ball Valves
    High Pressure Ball Valves
  • Pressure Safety Valves
    Pressure Safety Valves
  • Air Release Valves
    Air Release Valves
  • Ammonia Valves
    Ammonia Valves
  • Shut Off Valves
    Shut Off Valves
  • Expansion Valves
    Expansion Valves
  • Inline Check Valve
    Inline Check Valve
  • Cast Steel Valves
    Cast Steel Valves
  • Gas Valves
    Gas Valves
  • High Pressure Solenoid Valve
    High Pressure Solenoid Valve
  • Forged Valve
    Forged Valve
  • Airline Valves
    Airline Valves
  • Actuator Valves
    Actuator Valves
  • Automated Valve
    Automated Valve
  • Aluminium Valves
    Aluminium Valves
  • Diverter Valves
    Diverter Valves
  • Plate Valves
    Plate Valves
  • Carbon Steel Valve
    Carbon Steel Valve
  • Disc Valves
    Disc Valves
  • Tapping Valve
    Tapping Valve
  • Combination Valve
    Combination Valve
  • Valve Housings
    Valve Housings
  • Bronze Valves
    Bronze Valves
  • Corrosion Resistant Valves
    Corrosion Resistant Valves
  • Direct Acting Valves
    Direct Acting Valves
  • Thermostat Valves
    Thermostat Valves
  • Sanitary Valve
    Sanitary Valve
  • AC Valves
    AC Valves
  • Dispensing Valve
    Dispensing Valve
  • Cast Iron Valve
    Cast Iron Valve
  • Cryogenic Solenoid Valves
    Cryogenic Solenoid Valves
  • Quick Coupling Valves
    Quick Coupling Valves
  • Bronze Ball Valve
    Bronze Ball Valve
  • Toggle Valves
    Toggle Valves
  • Valve Fittings
    Valve Fittings
  • Valve Lock
    Valve Lock

  • Adjustable Angle By-pass Valve

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    • sizes : 1/2" only

    Bronze body, BUNA-N disc and stainless steel spring. One of three pressure springs is used, providing an adjustable range of 10 to 60 lbs., 0 to 125 lbs., or 20 to 200 lbs. Male inlet, female outlet. more...


    Also Deals In : Bronze Ball Valve, gas ball valve, Brass Ball Valve, Threaded Brass Ball Valve, Bronze Irrigation Valve, Forged Brass Ball Valve, Brass Valve, Low Pressure Air Relief Valves, Air Relief Valves, Bronze Safety Valves, Multi-Purpose Safety Relief Valves, Low Pressure Steam Heating Boiler Safety Valves, Low Press Steam Safety Valve, vacuum relief valve, Safety Relief Valves, General Purpose Pressure Relief Valves, Bypass Relief Valves, Safety Relief Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Pressure Reducing Valves, Emergency Mixing Valves, Hydronic Mixing Valve, MVA thermostatic master mixing valves, MVA-LF thermostatic master mixing valves, ASSE thermostatic mixing valves, Dual Master Mixing Valve, mixing valves, thermostatic mixing valves, Check Valves, Dual Purpose ASSE thermostatic mixing valves, Mini Mixing Valve, Butterfly Valves, High Performance Butterfly Valves, Ductile Iron Butterfly Valves, water pressure reducing valves, Apollo-Push Check Valve, Thermal Expansion Relief Valve, TriForce check valves, Check Valve, Apollo Balancing Valves, Bronze Gate Valves, Balancing Valves, Drain Valves, Main Control Valve, Water Heater Isolation Valve, Combination Water Heater Isolation Valve, Medical Gas Valves, shut-off valve, Fuel Shut off valve, Isolation Valves, One-Pipe Steam Radiator Valves, Digital Control Valves, Actuated Flow Control Valves, Digital Flow Control Valves, thermostatic mixing valve, mixing valve, Water Pressure Regulating Valve, Pressure Regulating Valve, Mini Thermostatic Mixing Valve, FWOL Pressure Only Safety Relief Valves, Pressure Only ASME Safety Relief Valves, Washing Machine Shutoff Valve, Brass Ball Valves, Spring Loaded Check Valve, Pressure Reducing Boiler Feed Valves, CBL Hot Water Boiler Dual Control Valve, CQ-M Dual Control Valve, DR-A Low Pressure Back Pressure Valve, psi Back Pressure Valves, FRM-C Small Back Pressure Valves, Angle Back Pressure Valves, Piston Type Back Pressure Valve, Angle By-Pass Valve, KP Pilot Operated Back Pressure Valve, MC Small By-Pass Valve, Adjustable Angle By-Pass Valve, Small Pressure Regulating Valves, Commercial Pressure Regulating Valves, B Pressure Regulating Valve, Pressure Build Regulating Valve, BBC Pressure Regulating Valve, BCA Pressure Regulating Valve, Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve, High Capacity Pressure Regulating Valve, High Pressure Regulating Valve, vacuum regulating valve, FRM-V Vacuum Breaker Valve, Two Position Control Valve, Pressure Relief Valve, Pressure Relief Valves, Differential Pressure Relief Valves, Solenoid Shut-Off Valve, Pressure Sustaining Valve, Fire Protection Pressure Relief Valve, Fire Protection Pump Suction Control Valve, Pressure Relief Valve, Back Pressure Valve, Anti-Cavitation Pressure Reducing Valve, Surge Control Valve, Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valve, Level Control Float Valve, Fire Protection Level Control Valves, Flow Control Valve, wafer swing check valve, Silent Wafer Check Valve, Silent Globe Check Valve, Two-Door Wafer Check Valve, Open Body Pinch Valve, High Pressure Open Body Pinch Valve, Closed Body Pinch Valve, Split-Body Pinch Valve, Universal Media Safety Relief Valve, Process Safety Relief Valve, Steam Safety Valve, Brand Steam Safety Valve, Steam Safety Valves, Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve, Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve, Lubricated Plug Valves, ASPHALT PLUG VALVES

  • Knife Edge Gate Valve

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    • Ansi Class / Rating : 150#/PN 10
    • Design Standard : MSS SP 81
    • Testing Standard : ISO 5208

    OS & Y Construction Renewable Seat Rings Burnish Finish Stem for Low Operating Torque Body : WCB, CF8, CF8M, Hast Alloy, Super Duplex, Alloy 20 etc Gate : CF8, CF8M, Hast Alloy, Super Duplex, Alloy 20 etc more...


    Also Deals In : Gate Valve, Conduit Gate Valve, Knife Edge Gate Valve, Dual Plate Check Valve, Forged Gate Valve

    G&M eng Ltd


  • Medium- And High-pressure Relief Valves

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    • Temperatures : up to 250°F (121°C)
    • Working Pressure : up to 20 000 psig (1378 bar)
    • Set Pressures : 1000 to 20 000 psig (68.9 to 1378 bar)

    Medium- and High-Pressure Proportional Relief Valves Proportional Relief Valves Provide simple, reliable, over-pressure protection for a variety of general-industry applications Have easy external set pressure adjustment more...


    Also Deals In : Fittings, Bellows-Sealed, Bleed Purge Valves, Diaphragm-Sealed Valves, Medium-Pressure Ball Valves, High-Pressure Check Valves, Quarter Turn Plug Valves, Valve Locks, Medium- and High-Pressure Relief Valves, Medium Pressure Check Valves

    Phillips Scientific, Inc.

    Rock Hill, Sc 29730 Map

  • Pvc Diaphragm Valves

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    • Size Range : 1/2 - 2 Inch
    • Seal Type : EPDM Seals
    • Control System Type : Type 2030 2/2 Way Pneumatically Operated

    larger image Item # 98103001 or US03001, Burkert 2030 PVC Diaphragm Valves 22–way Angle–Seat Valve with NPT ends for media up to 365°F (185°C) 12" – 2 12" more...


    Also Deals In : Burkert way Solenoid Valves, PVC Diaphragm Valves, Solenoid Valves, Keystone Sanitary Valves, ABZ Precision Built Butterfly Valves

    Meter Maintenance & Controls, Inc.

    Redlands, Ca 92373 Map

  • Pressure Release Valve

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    • QUANTITY. : 80 PSI

    Pressure relief valve are designed to provide effective pressure surge protection for aluminium and high pressure plastic pipe sprinkler systemsProvides pressure surge protection for irrigation system • Adjustable pressure setting maximizes performance for individual applicatio more...


    Also Deals In : Air cum vacuum release valve, Pressure Release Valve


    3816 Hwy 40

  • F7367 5k Bronze Gate Valve

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    • Size : 015
    • Hydraulic Inspection - Seat : 7.7 kg
    • Hydraulic Inspection - Body : 10.5 kg

    1 - Body - Bronze - BC6 2 - Disc - Bronze - BC6 3 - Stem - Brass - C3771BD Manufactured in accordance to JIS F7400 Flanges as per JIS B2220 - 5K more...


    Also Deals In : F7363 5K Cast Iron Gate Valve, F7366 10K Cast Steel Gate Valve, F7367 5K Bronze Gate Valve, F7301 5K Bronze Globe Valve, F7305 5K Cast Iron Globe Valve, F7311 5K Cast Steel Globe Valve, F7302 5K Bronze Angle Valve, F7310 16K Cast Iron Angle Valve

    World Wide Metric, Inc.

    Branchburg, Nj 08876

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  • Control Valve

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    • Model No. : 90328 1/4″ FFL x 1/4

    Ideal for use on charged systems. Eliminates refrigerant, oil or dye from spraying during connections. Brass body with 14” FFL swivel coupler. (14″ FFL x 14″ MFL) more...

    Mastercool Inc.

    Randolph, Nj 07869 Map

  • Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

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    • Mounting Pattern : ISO 03 / NFPA D03
    • Maximum Operating Pressure : 4600 PSI (315 BAR)

    All of our hydraulic directional control valves can be sized to your current system, or to a system you are in the process of building. Our large inventory allows us to get the hydraulic control valves to you promptly.Drawing upon experience and proven applications to create uniq more...


    Also Deals In : hydraulic directional control valves, Hydraulic Modular Valves

    Northeast Hydraulics

    Kittery, Me 03904 Map

  • Integral Bonnet Needle Valves

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    • Max. Operating Pressure : 3000 psig 207 bar
    • Series : 3800
    • Item : 3812L4B
    • Operating Temperature : -65 to 450 ºF -54 to 232 ºC

    Safety Integral bonnet provides differential thread pitch between stem threads and packing nut thread preventing accidental stem removal Stem tip options A choice of PCTFE, metal, vee-point, blunt vee-point, or regulating stem tips Helps eliminate fugitive emissions Dyna-Pak® pa more...


    Also Deals In : Body Integral Bonnet Needle Valves, Bar Stock Screwed Bonnet Needle Valves, Integral Bonnet Needle Valves

    Circle Valve Technologies Inc.

    Harleysville, Pa 19438 Map

  • Cast Iron Foot Valves

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    • Pipe Size Inches : 1 1/2
    • O.D. Valve Leather in Inches : 3
    • Model Number : FV3TFV150
    • Approx. Wt. Lbs. : 3.0

    These valves are an economical option for use in irrigation projects, drainage on construction sites and pumping from ponds and streams. Sturdy cast iron construction, complete with strainer Leather flapper check to retain prime more...


    Also Deals In : Munro PVC Flanged Swing Foot Valves, Cast Iron Foot Valves, Brass Gate Valve, Quick Opening Knife Gate Valves


    Grand Junction, Co 81501

  • Cast Iron Gate Valve

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    • Wt.: : 2 lb
    • Handle: : 2 inch

    Standard gate valve has short formed steel handle with 34 inch NPT inlet. Super rugged cast iron gate valves have a large, nearly straight bore with an oval discharge opening angled at 45°- 60º for fast flow of thick liquids without splashing. Excellent for dispensing non-flamm more...


    Also Deals In : Cast Iron Gate Valve, Aluminum Gate Valve

    BASCO, Inc.

    University Park, Il 60484 Map

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Questions & Answers on Industrial Valves

What is an industrial valve?
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Industrial valve used to regulate the flow of air, gas, liquid, slurry, etc. WIth the help of these valves the flow can be controlled easily. Industrial valves installed on pipes or passageways.

by ExportersIndia.com
What are the types of industrial valves?
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Industrial valves come in many types to serve different purposes. Some of the popular type of industrial valves are :

  • Gate Valves
  • Sluice Valve
  • Ball Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Globe Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Diaphragm Valves
  • Pressure Valves
  • Plug valve
  • Needle Valve
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Angle Valve
  • Steam Valve
  • Pneumatic Valve

Visit Exporters India to connect with industrial valve manufacturers in India to get the best valve as per the requirement.

by ExportersIndia.com
What is the price of an industrial valve?
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Industrial valve price depends on many factors like type of valve, application, uses, size, flow type, brand, material, etc. Thousands of industrial valve manufacturers and suppliers are listed on Exporters India which can easily fulfill the requirement.

by ExportersIndia.com
  • Air Diverter Valve

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    • Series : ADV

    This valve diverts air in situations where tight radius elbows are not feasible. STANDARD CONSTRUCTION FEATURES Fabricated housing Fabricated line adaptor Internal plunger with rubber disc seat Air cylinder operator Single solenoid air control valve – NEMA 4 OPTIONAL FEATURES C more...


    Also Deals In : 2-Way Line Diverter Valve, 2-Way Line, Plug Diverter Valve, 2-Way Wye Line Diverter Valve, AIR DIVERTER VALVE, Butterfly Valve, gravity diverter valve, Vacuum Breaker Valve, Vacuum Modulating Valve

    Horizon Systems, Inc.

    Lawrence, Ks 66046 Map

  • Cummins Diesel Fuel Rail Pressure Relief Valve 1 110 010 008 Wholesale Price

    Price : Rs 222 / Piece (Approx)

    • MOQ : 6 Piece(s)
    • Automation Grade : Automatic
    • Condition : New
    • Material : Stainless Steel
    • Temperature Of Media : High
    • Feature : Investment Casting

    Also Deals In : cat c13 injector solenoid Valve, cat 3126 injector solenoid Valve, Common Rail Orifice Plate Valve, control denso denso common rail valve, Diesel Common Rail Orifice Plate Valve, common rail pressure limiter valve Common Rail Valve, cummins fuel rail pressure relief valve, Cummins Diesel Fuel Rail Pressure Relief Valve, cummins common rail pressure relief valve 1 110 010 010 supplier

  • Manifold Valves

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    • Series : 2000/2100 Series 2-Valve Block & Bleed Manifold Valves Hard Seat & Soft Seat

    Combines isolating and venting in a single valve, eliminating the need for tubing and fittings Block valve isolates the downstream process fluids and the bleed valve exhausts upstream fluids enabling static pressure transmitters, switches or gauges to be removed without disturbin more...


    Also Deals In : Needle Valves, Manifold Valves

    NOSHOK, Inc.

    Berea, Oh 44017 Map

  • Low Profile Slide Gate Valves

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    • Standard sizes: : 150 ~ 400mm (6” ~ 16”)

    Low Profile VIB Slide Valves consist of two high pressure die-cast semi-bodies manufactured from aluminium alloy, a sliding blade in carbon or stainless steel, a carbon or stainless steel frame and a pre-stressed elastomeric seal manufactured from WAM’s unique SINT engineering more...


    Also Deals In : Butterfly Valves, Fit-Frame Butterfly Valves, Silo Closure Butterfly Valves, Slide Gate Valves, Low Profile Slide Gate Valves, Slide Gate Valves - VG, Pinch Valves, Drum-Type Diverter Valves, Diverter Valves for Pneumatic Conveying Lines, Flap Diverter Valves, Diverter Flap Valves, Membrane Pressure Relief Valves, Spring-Loaded Pressure Relief Valves, Polymer Spring-Loaded Pressure Relief Valves, Double Dump Valves

    WAM Inc

    1300 Triad Blvd.

  • Air Diverter Valve

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    • SKU : 61-001-007

    Air Operated Diverter Valves provide much improved operator safety by allowing control of flow and pressure to be carried out remotely. When air is sent to the cylinder, the valve closes and allows the system to build pressure. The valve opens when the air is exhausted, reducing more...



    Advanced Pressure Systems

    Tomball, Tx 77375

  • Globe Valves

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    • Styles : Bolted Bonnet OS&Y
    • Ends : Integral Flanges (no welding)
    • Classes : 150, 300, & 600
    • Sizes : 1/2″ thru 2″

    Fugitive emissions style Graphoil packing system Tapered backseats provide positive shutoff Swing, piston, & ball checks are available Bolted bonnet OS&Y Flanged & buttweld end connections Tapered backseats provide positive shutoff Fugitive emissions style Graphoil packing system more...


    Also Deals In : Globe Valves, Non Return Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Flow Equipment Foot Valves, Plug Valves

  • Api 600 Stainless Steel Cf8 Cf8m Gate Valve Rf Flange Class 150lb 300lb 600lb

    Price : Rs 740 / Piece (Approx)

    • MOQ : 1 Piece(s)
    • End Connection : Butt Weld, Flanged
    • Brand Name : RXVAL
    • Material : Stainless Steel
    • Media : WOG
    • Color : Silver

    Also Deals In : API Flanged End Gate Valves Cast Steel, BS1873 Flanged End Globe Valves, BS1868 Swing Check Valves RF Flanged End Cast Steel, API/ANSI 2pc Trunnion Mounted Cast Steel Ball Valve, Carbon Steel WCB 2pc Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve 150LB 300LB 600LB, cast steel wcb 2pc trunnion mounted ball valve, 3pc Forged Steel A105 Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve 150LB 300LB 600LB 900LB, API 6D 3 piece A105 LF2 Forged Steel Ball Valve, API 600 Flanged End RF RTJ Gate Valve, China Carbon Steel Gate Valve WCB LCB C5 C12 WC6 WC9 LCB, API 600 Stainless Steel CF8 CF8M Gate Valve

  • Gate Valve

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    • Brand Name : FBV

    We are offering Gate Valve. A gate valve, also known as a sluice valve, is a valve that opens by lifting a round or rectangular gatewedge out of the path of the fluid. The distinct feature of a gate valve is the sealing surfaces between the gate and seats are planar. The gate fac more...


    Also Deals In : Gate Valve, Fbv Globe Valve, Fbv Check Valve, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Globe Valve, Plug Valve

    Fbv Inc.


  • Cryogenic Globe Valves

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    • BONNET : Bolted
    • STEM LENGTH (MM) : 230-700
    • WEIGHT (KG) : 1.5-210

    Parker Bestobell provides a wide range of high performance cryogenic globe valves, which feature a unique loose flange bolted bonnet design. The design allows for thermal expansion and contraction, therefore eliminating the risk of leakage at the bonnet gasket. Extremely durable, more...

    Parker Hannifin

    17295 Foltz Industrial Parkway

  • Russia Standard Flanged Rising Gost Gate Valve

    Price : Rs 7.40 k - Rs 74 Lac / Piece

    • MOQ : 1 Piece(s)
    • Material : Carbon Steeel
    • Temperature Of Media : normal
    • Type : Flanged Gate Valve
    • Technics : Hard Sealing
    • Number Of Way : 2way

    Also Deals In : API 815L trieccentric butterfly valve, ANSI Class 150 6" WCB flanged rising stainless steel gate valve, ANSI FORGED STEEL FANGED TRUNNION BALL VALVE, Russia standard flanged rising GOST gate valve, PTFE lined diaphragm valve G41F, PTFE Full lined flanged butterfly valve D341F

  • L Series Needle Valves With Serrated Barb Outlet

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    • Style : Straight Pattern, L Series
    • Materials : PVC
    • Item # : NGL-250-PVCBT

    Standard Inlet sizes are 14", 38", & 12" Female NPT with a Serrated Barb Tip that accepts 14" - 12" ID Tubing Max Pressure: 240 PSI @ 73 degrees Farenheit FDA, USDA, and USP standards are either met andor exceeded. PVC Material. Listed under NSF Standard 1461 for both potable wat more...


    Also Deals In : Female NPT Globe Needle Valve-PVC, L Series Needle Valves with Serrated Barb Outlet, Throttle Master Needle Valves

    Marquest Scientific, Inc.

    Costa Mesa, Ca 92626 Map

  • Control Valve

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    • Accuracy : ±0.5% F.S.
    • Model No. : ISQB1
    • pressure Range : Vacuum thru 150 PSI

    The ISQB1 series control valve is an electronic pressure regulator designed to precisely and proportionally control the pressure of gases based on an electronic signal. The ISQB1 is rated intrinsically safe and is FM Approved for hazardous locations (see below for complete classi more...


    Also Deals In : Pressure Control Valve, Nonincindive Pressure Control Valve, Control Valve

    Proportion-Air, Inc.

    Mccordsville, In 46055 Map

  • Air Operated Flow Control Valves

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    • Connections : OD tube butt weld, Sanitary clamp, Others upon request
    • Size : 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”, 4”, 6”
    • Series : Definox DCX3

    Size Range: 1”, 1-12”, 2”, 2-12”, 3”, 4”, 6” Materials: BodyStem: 316L SS Operator: 304 SS Valve seals: PFA floating plug seal, FKM stem seal & body seal Optional seals: EPDM, FKM, or Silicone plug seal, EPDM, FKM, or Silicone stem & body seal Connections: OD tube b more...


    Also Deals In : TOP-FLO BIOPRO Forged Diaphragm Valves, Air Operated Flow Control Valves, Electrically Actuated Ball Valves, ball check valves

    Top Line Process Equipment Co.

    Bradford, Pa 16701 Map

  • Straight-thru Pressure Relief Valves

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    • Brass : F1-MST
    • Thread : 1/8"

    Our miniature quick disconnect couplers have a 58” outer diameter and can be used in many different applications; fuel maintenance, lubrication and food processing systems to name a few. Couplers come in 360 brass, electroless nickel plated brass and 303 stainless steel and can more...

    Hofmann Fluid Power, Inc.

    Shorewood, Il 60404 Map

  • Fuel Control Solenoid Valve

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    • Series : V3400 Direct Acting (1/4″)

    V3400 2-Way Normally Closed – Fuel Control Solenoid Valve v3400 fuel controls solenoid valve Description This valve is specifically designed to meet the critical weight and volume limitations of aircraft fuel control systems where vibrations, temperature, and cycle life impose more...


    Also Deals In : Fuel Control Solenoid Valve, 2-Way Shut-Off Solenoid Valve, 2-Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve, 2-Way Normally Shut-Off Solenoid Valve

    Electroid Co.

    Springfield, Nj 07081 Map

  • Pressure Relief Valve

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    • Set Pressure range : 5 - 400
    • Material : Brass or Stainless Steel
    • Approvals : ASME
    • Size : 1/4

    We are offering pressure relief valve. The Kingston Model 112CSS Safety Valve is an ASME Code Certified, precision machined brass valve with a hard seat. This valve supports ASME Code applications up to 300 psi. It also features a stainless steel ball for durability and a pull ri more...


    Also Deals In : Pressure Relief Valve, Model 205 Check Valve, Model Bve Solenoid Valve, Kingston Quick Opening Flow Control Valve, Check Valves, Solenoid Valves, ss flow control valves, Flow Control Valves

    Kingston Valves

    Normandie Ave Torrance

  • Water Flow Control Valve

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    • Volume : 25,000-100,000 per order several times a year.
    • Capabilities Applied/Processes : Liquid injection molding of silicone
    • Material Finish : A2
    • Material Used : 50A and 70A liquid silicone rubber

    At Elastomer Technologies we have a reputation for resourcefulness, which we demonstrated during the production of the water flow control valve gasket highlighted here. This component consists of two duck bill valves with a .003" web of material across their mouths. At issue was more...


    Also Deals In : Water Flow Control Valve, Thin Walled Disc Valves

    Elastomer Technologies, Inc.

    Corona, Ca 92880 Map

  • J Series Cast Bellows Seal Globe Valve

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    • Size : Available in sizes 2-1/2"- 16"

    Part Number JSERIESBELLOWSSEALVALVE Size Available in sizes 2-12"- 16" Applications For use in applications where leakage into or out of the valve is unacceptable such as heat transfer oil, toxic fluids, steam and regulated media. Our bellows technology keeps corrosive or harmful more...


    Also Deals In : W8 Series Forged Bellows Seal Gate Valve, C Series Cryogenic Bellows Seal Globe Valve, J Series Cast Bellows Seal Globe Valve

    Dixon Valve & Coupling Co.

    Chestertown, Md 21620

  • Brass Service Valves

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    • Charging Valve : JCP2-1
    • L MM : 31.5
    • Hex MM : 14
    • D1 MM : 7/16" - 20UNF
    • D2 MM : NPT 1/4

    All products Made To U.S. HVACR Industry Quality Standards Specifications Air Tightness Pressure: 3.0MPa Working Temperature: -30~ +120°C Working Refrigerant: R22, R134a, R410A, R407C Converse Leakage Difference < 500mlmin (∆P=1.0Mpa) more...

    TSI Technologies

    New York, Ny 10023

  • Needle Valve

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    • Working Pressure : 8 bar
    • Temperature2 : -20 to +110 ºC
    • Thread BSPT : 1/4 in

    Needle Valve This needle valve is used for controlling small quantities of water in indoor applications. more...


    Also Deals In : Needle Valve, Pneumatic Valves

    Seelye Acquisitions, Inc.

    Ocoee, Fl 34761 Map

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