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  • Mtlbutton Rivet

    • Material : ZINC


  • Rivet

    • Dimensions : l: 1 w: 1 h: 0.5
    • SKU : 17202.08
    • UPC : 804314295264
    • Weight : 0.2500

    This wiring retaining rivet from Omix-ADA fits 98-10 Jeep TJWK Omix-ADA proudly offers high-quality replacement parts for your Jeep that meet or exceed OE standards for a great fit and reliable performance. This replacement retaining rivet has various uses on 97-06 Wrangler TJ and 08-10 Grand Cherokee WK models (Sold individually). This is a factory surplus part so fit is as original. Replaces OE 56009338AB More...


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  • Solid Rivets

    • materials : Steel Stainless steel Aluminum Brass Copper

    Valley Fastener Group manufactures a variety of solid rivets, including stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass and steel flat head rivets. VFG also manufactures solid rivets with a variety of head styles in addition to flat heads. A solid rivet has a manufactured head on one end and a solid shank on the other end. The shank of the rivet can be produced with a straight cut-off or a chamfered cut-off end. A die point More...

  • Stainless Steel Flat Head Solid Rivet

    • Volume : 250,000 Per Year
    • Material Used : 430 Stainless Steel
    • Material Finish : Passivated
    • Standards Met : Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

    The flat head shoulder rivet shown here was designed for use within an electronics application as an interface switch components. Manufacturing to the customers supplied specifications required the use of our 316" National one die, two blow cold header capabilities. The rivet was composed of 430 stainless steel, and measured .708" in length, with an outside head diameter of .475". We performed dimensional testing thr More...

  • Multi Grip Brazier Rivet

    • UM : M
    • Size: : 1610 - 3716
    • Carton Qty : 4.000

    Brazier Multi-Grip Blind Rivets Blind rivets are used where the rivet is not accessible from both sides. They have an integral mandrel that permits the formation of an upset on the blind end of the rivet. As the mandrel is pulled into or against the body being riveted it breaks at or near the intersection of the mandrel shank and its upset end. Blind rivets are frequently used as an alternative to solid rivets. Rivet More...

  • Spacers Sleeve Rivet

    • Product Category : Hardware
    • Series : NAS42-12D COUPLER
    • Manufacturer : Surplus

    In Stock items will be shipped out within 1 business day. All others will be shipped out in 5 - 7 business days. Note: This is an estimated time of delivery. Due to circumstances beyond our control, product availability may change during processing. We will make every effort to notify you of your exact time of delivery. More...

  • Rivet

    • Series : A4 / stainless Steel

    rivet-Ø mm shear-force N (kp) tractive-power N (kp) mandrel-Ø mm max. setting head-Ø mm 3 1600 2000 2 6.5 3.2 1900 2500 2 6.5 4 2700 3600 2.6 8 4.8 4000 5000 3.2 9.5 5 4700 5900 3.2 9.5

  • Rivets

    • Drive Rivet Options : Brazier head Countersunk head Universal head

    Global Certified Fasteners will provide a top quality rivet for any application. Rivets are available in various dimensions, diameters, finishes and materials. All specials are manufactured to print to ensure quality. The standards are all subject to complete inspection and are fully traceable with certification available. Blind rivets, semi-tubular rivets, full tubular rivets, split rivets, solid rivets, mate rivets More...

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  • Large Headed Rivet In Brass

    • Overall Part Dimensions : Length: 0.4980" OD: Ø 0.1250"
    • Product Description : This rivet is used in mechanical circuit breakers as a stop mechanism when breakers trip.
    • Material Used : Brass Thickness: Ø 0.095" round wire
    • Volume : 5 - 10 million per year

    Cold Heading of a Large Headed Rivet in Brass for the Telecommunications Industry Cold Heading of a Large Headed Rivet in Brass for the Telecommunications Industry C&L Rivet was recently contracted to convert a large headed screw machine product to shank ratio through a cold headed process, a cost savings move by the customer. In addition to the cost benefit, the newer process would produce a better performing rivet. More...

    C & L Rivets

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  • Volt Cordless Rivet

    • Working Stroke : Adjustable up to 0.216
    • Battery Charger : 110V/60Hz, 60 minute charge time Extra parts, batteries and accessories available,
    • Traction Power : 2,922 lbs. (14,500 N)
    • Weight : 4.8 lbs. (2.2 kg)

    • Includes 8-32, 10-32 and 14-20 nose assemblies housed within the tool. • Metric FireBird comes with M4, M5, and M6 nose assemblies. Additional nose assemblies include: 516-18, 318-16, M3, M8, M10 and are sold separately. The FireBird's Spin-Pull-Spin setting sequence reduces possible thread deformation in the installed fasteners. More...

  • Machine Composite Rivet

    • Why Choose A Composite Over A Solid? : Composite contacts are chosen over solid to save money on the precious metal that is replaced with copper. Norstan can work with customers to predict if it is a good choice for their application.
    • Finish : Plain, Brass, Nickel, Passivated, Zinc, Black Zinc, Yellow Zinc, Clear Zinc and Black Oxide.
    • Materials : Stainless Steel, Copper, Beryllium Copper, Phosbronze, Brass, Cadmium*, Gold, Indium*, Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Ruthenium*, Silver, Steel, Tungsten and Iridium*. *Denotes materials typically alloyed with other materials.Stainless Steel, Copper,

    A machine composite part is made out of silver (or certain silver alloys) cold bonded in a heading machine to a copper shank rivet backing. Special heading equipment and expertise is used to mechanically bond these two different metals together, both saving money and reducing lead-times. Norstan, Inc. refers to these as machine composites. More...

    Norstan, Inc.

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  • Rivets

    - RIVETS Semi tubular -Domed head -Flat head -Blind -Solid -Copper -Countersunk -Flat head -Blind

  • National Rivet

    Rivet Setting Machine, Solid and Semi-Tubular Rivets, Special Cold Headed Parts National Rivet has integrated design, manufacturing and customer service capabilities to lead the fastening industry. National offers the finest cold headed rivets, rivet setters and fastening systems available, all adding value, form and function to your operation. While we provide many standard solutions, fasteners and parts can be engi

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  • Rivets

    When your project calls for the light weight and high strength of a rivet, Cal Fasteners carries a wide range of products that deliver. A rivet is a mechanical fastener made up of a smooth cylindrical shaft with heads on either end. The heads are somewhat larger than the diameter of the hole into which the rivet is inserted. Generally, one head is factory formed; the other is formed by clinching metal after the rivet

  • Econowrap Snap-on

    Attach EconoWrap with rivets. At least 2000 re-fastenings. Available in 1" width. 10 Colors are available. Install EconoWrap with enclosed rivets. It easily slides up and down on the cable. Sewn, NOT Heat Bonded

    Rip-tie, Inc

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  • Rivets

    There are two basic types of assembly rivets, tubular and blind. Rivets can be used as inexpensive alternatives to threaded fasteners in assemblies and are preferred when access is limited to one side of the assembly. The major functional difference between tubular and blind rivets is that blind rivets require access to only one side of the assembly for installation while with both styles, disassembly destroys the ri

  • Blind Rivets

    Standard rivets provide permanent fastening with a smooth cylindrical shaft binding two surfaces together. The basic structure features a head on one end and a tail on the other; rivet installation upsets or bucks the fastener’s tail, which holds the assembly in place. In the case of blind rivets, the component is tubular in nature, with a central mandrel for support. To join two parts, the rivet is inserted into a

  • Rivets

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  • Rivets

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    A+ Products, Inc.

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  • Rivets

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  • Rivets

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  • Rivets

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  • Rivets

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  • Rivets

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  • Rivets

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  • Rivets

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