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Our product range comtains a wide range of corning gorilla glass, Precision Glass, Annular Edge, Borofloat Glass and Photonics Glass

corning gorilla glass

Swift Glass offers various Corning® Gorilla® Glass fabricating capabilities, including cutting and edge grinding to customize this specialty glass material for any project. Corning® Gorilla® Glass provides outstanding performance and durability, with distinct advantages such as improved damage resistance, outstanding surface quality and accurate touch sensitivity over other cover materials.

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Precision Glass

  • 1737 Optiwhite
  • Anti-Reflective Glass Pyrex
  • Borofloat Sapphire
  • Ceramic Color Filters from Kopp, Schott & Hoya
  • Crown B-27` Soda Lime Float

Swift Glass is committed to fully assessing the specifications of your next optical project and delivering quality, cutting edge results. Optical applications can be complex and demanding. That’s why we offer full service precision optical component fabrication services for short lead, high volume projects. We provide a wide array of capabilities, including: Swift Glass also holds a vast inventory of optical materials for multiple applications, as well as a machining center for creating close dimensions. We offer scratch-dig specifications to 20-10 for demanding imaging and laser systems, and 14″ diameters to 36″ squares. Swift can manufacture custom optical wedges and optics for use in a variety of applications, with additional capabilities such as polishing and double-sided lapping.

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Annular Edge

Our team has crafted the ideal glass solution for unique and unusual projects across pharmaceutical, medical research, oil and gas, and industrial applications. Annular Edge Glass is truly one-of-a-kind: this annular edge piece is crafted from a full stack of BOROFLOAT®, a top-quality borosilicate glass. The clear, transparent, high-pressure-resistant glass boasts excellent transmission over the full light spectrum. As a result, it is the optimal choice for medical research, pharmaceutical and petrochemical applications. Annular Edge Glass is crafted in production runs of 200-300 pieces, but customers have also ordered as few as 10 at a time from Swift Glass. Annular Edge Glass is crafted in production runs of 200-300 pieces, but customers have also ordered as few as 10 at a time from Swift Glass. Annular Edge Glass is crafted in production runs of 200-300 pieces, but customers have also ordered as few as 10 at a time from Swift Glass. Annular Edge Glass is crafted in production runs of 200-300 pieces, but customers have also ordered as few as 10 at a time from Swift Glass. The process begins with cutting strips of glass. The strips go through our waterjet cutter and an OD grind before chamfering and beveling to remove sharpness and inconsistencies. This ensures a smooth, uniform, optimal fit for the final product. We sandblast each piece before loading them into our washers, cleaning, and then unloading the final product. After thorough quality inspection, the glass is packed for shipment to the customer. Swift Glass is the only company to provide these highly specialized glass products, taking over manufacturing previously done at Corning, Inc. These are found in high-pressure sight windows at companies across a host of industries, including steam plants, energy companies and electrical plants. The ground flat and parallel gasketing surface makes it ideal for sealing in a flange, and it’s annealed for low pressures. Swift Glass also offers a high-pressure version that is tempered for high thermal shock applications, should your project demand them. Swift Glass has specialized in quality custom glass fabrication for nearly 100 years, and our commitment remains as passionate today as it’s ever been. Let us exceed your expectations; contact the team today.

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Borofloat Glass

As an industry leader in creating glass products for a range of industries such as the lighting, optical, and manufacturing industries, Swift Glass is proud to fabricate and produce solutions of unparalleled quality for a variety of applications. For the lighting industry, for example, we create Borofloat® discs with holes. These parts are 9 in. in diameter and .109 in. thin. These are typically created in 50-unit production runs. Raw material is then circle cut to the desired size. The parts are then put through an edge grind process as well as a pencil grind process to smooth and polish out the edges. The hole in the center of the disc is then created with a waterjet, which cuts it to the desired tolerance. The edges of the hole are then chamfered to remove any sharpness and to improve the quality of the final product. Each disc is loaded into the washers, cleaned, and then unloaded, after which they are tempered in a horizontal oven for added strength and thermal shock resistance.

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Photonics Glass

Using photons to perform tasks generally performed by electronics, photonics can provide extremely versatile solutions for a wide range of applications. The field has grown astronomically since the invention of the laser and now encompasses everything from disc-based data storage to cutting-edge imaging technologies. Various sectors make use of photonics, including telecommunications, construction, aviation, medical, and metrology, and other diverse applications continue to emerge. Remaining constant across all photonics applications, however, is the need for high-quality glass components. Speaking broadly, the types of glass used in photonics are not dissimilar from the glass used in any other application. For example, the silicate materials used in photonics glass are also used in several other industries, and the same types of grinding, polishing, and surface finishing processes are applied as well. Unlike the glass used in other industries, however, photonics glass must meet tight tolerances to suit the delicate applications in which the glass is used. Many companies can’t produce glass to these unique specifications, but the team at Swift Glass can, offering some of the tightest tolerances in the industry.

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gauge glass

Swift Glass supplies the most popular types of gauge (gage) glass from top manufacturers that serve pharmaceutical, laboratory, industrial and electronics industries. Our selection of glass rods, glass tubing, cylinders, oil cups, and other tubular glasses are engineered to provide thermal endurance to high temperatures. Swift Glass supplies standard and high-pressure gauge glass from the following Corning brands: Duran® tubular gauge glass is ideal for use in applications such as restaurant equipment, boilers, tanks and flowmeters for oil, water and gas. Pyrex® Cylinders: Engineered to meet exacting specifications, Pyrex® brand 7740 glass cylinders and jars provide good thermal endurance, resistance to thermal shock, excellent mechanical strength and high chemical resistance. Pyrex® Oil Cup Glass: Pyrex® oil cup glass is used as an oil reservoir in lubricating devices. Pyrex® Gauge Glass: These tubular devices indicate the level or amount of liquid in tanks and vessels. Pyrex®High Pressure Gauge Glass: Pyrex® offers heavy wall glasses that meet high pressure code 7740. It is used for services that require higher temperatures and greater pressure than standard gauge glass can withstand.

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Fused Silica

Quartz is extremely pure and therefore has high working and melting temperatures. Its optical and thermal properties make it superior to those of other glass materials due to its purity. Quartz and fused silica are ideal for semiconductor fabrication and laboratory equipment. Our fused silica’s cross-linked, 3D structure delivers exceptional thermal shock resistance, UV transparency and near-zero thermal expansion. We also supply industrial fused silica, a commercial grade of fused silica used in many sight glass applications, as well as UV-fused silica, which can be selected for a low content of inclusions andor a high refractive index homogeneity if required. Swift Glass supplies several types of quartz material manufacturers and brands, including:Corning® 7980 is a very pure, non-crystalline silica glass. It features very low thermal expansion and excellent optical qualities, including very high transmission in the UV spectrum. Blue Vycor® is made of 96% silica glass and is optimal for high temperature applications. Due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion, Blue Vycor® also provides excellent shock resistance. 1723 Aluminosilicate is high temperature withstanding, very high pressure resistant glass used in equipment for steam generating electrical power. GE 124 is a very pure fused quartz, made from crystalline silica. GE 124 is very similar to fused silica, with the exception of less transmission in the UV spectrum and much lower OH content. Other features besides its purity include excellent thermal properties and high resistance to chemicals.

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Prism Rods

As an industry leader in precision manufactured glass for a range of industries and applications, Swift Glass is proud to supply key parts for lighting, optical, industrial and aerospace applications worldwide. Our unparalleled quality and dedication to excellence is unmistakable in the Glass Prism Rod. Swift Glass’s Prism Rods are crafted from fused silica or borosilicate glass giving it superior optical and thermal properties. The purity of these materials makes them ideal for semiconductor fabrication, laboratory equipment, sight glass and aerospace applications. When using fused silica, the 3D structure of the glass delivers exceptional UV-transparency, thermal shock resistance and near-zero thermal expansion. The production of this rod starts from a 65” x 8” slab which is machined in our shop. It is finished with a series of grinds to craft an ideal surface and is then polished to its final shape. Every step of our meticulous grinding and polishing process, as well as the resulting inspection and evaluation, is documented and checked for adherence to all specifications. Certification for the quality of the product, in addition to certification of the material is a part of our quality control inspection. Prism Rods created by Swift Glass are used by companies in the Fluidics Industry for various applications. They are used to monitor and check fluid levels and as an essential component in liquid level indicators. They are also used in sight gauges.

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Medical industry

We understand the importance of meeting the medical industry’s tight tolerances and strict specifications for manufactured glass components. Using cutting-edge technology and strict quality assurance processes, Swift Glass delivers precision medical glass components that meet these strict demands. Swift Glass specializes in surface lapping and polishing services to achieve precise parallelism and extreme flatness rates on glass substrates. Using computer-controlled and manually-operated machinery, Swift Glass is capable of handling both high and low volume projects. Swift Glass offers single-sided and double-sided glass polishing techniques for components and precision optical parts. In addition to these polishing techniques, Swift Glass can also apply secondary coatings, such as anti-reflective and surface mirror finishes.

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Borosilicate is the material of choice for many industries because of its affordability — especially the biomedical and research industries. Borosilicate glass remains both clear and strong when exposed to high temperatures. In addition to standard borosilicate, Swift Glass also offers infrared reflecting borosilicate (IRR Borosilicate), also commonly known as a hot mirror. A hot mirror has an Indium Tin Oxide coating on one surface, which is transparent to the visible spectrum and reflects a portion of the infrared spectrum back at the light source. This is mostly used in the high heat environments to protect the interior components of cameras, film in projectors, colored lenses or even people from heat caused by intense light sources. Swift Glass offers a variety of borosilicate glass from major manufacturers like Corning and Schott, including the following brands:

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custom glass

Manufacturers across all types of industries are increasingly turning to 3D printing — also known as additive manufacturing — for optimal versatility and cost-efficiency in their product development processes. Now the go-to technique for prototyping in a wide range of applications, 3D printing is being used more and more often as a primary production method. As 3D printing technology continues to evolve, the rise of this method for industrial applications is now driving demand for 3D printing supplies. Among these required supplies are printing beds, also known as build plates or print surfaces, platforms onto which objects are 3D printed. Printing beds for 3D printers are traditionally made from acrylic or aluminum. Aluminum is the more common bed material for larger industrial 3D printers, which typically print with materials that have higher melting temperatures. However, industrial 3D printer operators are increasingly looking to glass as a reliable printing bed material. Glass printing beds carry a number of benefits over acrylic and aluminum beds; typically offering a better surface finish than plastic or metal beds, glass beds have much more consistent flatness measurements and allow for much easier removal of printed objects. More specifically, borosilicate serves as an ideal glass material for 3D printing beds. Made from a blend of boron trioxide and silica, borosilicate is highly durable and, particularly important for 3D printing, has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion; when it comes into contact with heat or heated materials, such as the high temperatures of molten 3D printing material, borosilicate glass experiences very minimal physical changes. Borosilicate glass works particularly well when paired with a heat bed, which is used to slow the cooling process of a printed object, thereby reducing the risk of warping.

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Scratch-Free Edge

At Swift Glass, we believe that every phase of glass manufacturing is important, no matter how small it may seemOur scratch-free edge grinding and polishing service provides the perfect finishing touches for all of your fabrication needs. We are dedicated to creating streamline solutions for a range of industries including automobile, architect, building, energy, marine, medical, and aerospace.

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Glass Cutting Machine

When you need reliable waterjet cutting solutions, Swift Glass has you covered. With over two decades of expertise in quality waterjet cutting, we are one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of fabricated glass parts. Our experienced team works diligently with the latest machinery and cutting technology. We are equipped to handle the most intricate tasks. Omni-directional jet stream can cut virtually any shape, down to 0.1mm in thickness Material cutting options for etched, taped, and coated surfaces +- .01 inch precision tolerance CAD compatible software integrates drawings seamlessly and efficiently High pressure produces pinpoint accuracy that makes cutting holes and notches easy, thus eliminating the risk of damage and distortion Maximum versatility for a wide-range of industries

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Swift Glass holds its commitment to fabricating products to the highest quality in the utmost regard. Every order, regardless of whether it is one prototype, small quantities or a large volume production, passes through several extensive levels of quality control. These processes include first-piece inspection, random sampling and final checks just before shipment. Tools which we employ to aid in these quality checks are: Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Optical Comparator Photoelastimeter Polarimeter Differential Surface Refractometer (DSR) Grazing Angle Surface Polarimeter (GASP) Surface Profilometer High Powered Microscope Interferometer Optical Flat

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Optical Display Glass

Quality is extremely important in industries like optical and display. Swift Glass offers a wide selection of optical and display glass so you can find the properties and manufacturer that work best for your application. We also supply color filters manufactured by Schott, Kopp and Hoya for photography, color stage lighting and optical instruments. Our selection of optical glass and display glass includes the following manufacturers and brands: SCHOTT D263® is a thin borosilicate glass with low alkali content produced with extremely pure raw materials making it highly chemical resistant. It has excellent surface quality that can be coated without any post-process surface work. The combination of these traits makes D263® highly versatile. B270® crown glass is suitable for a variety of different market demands – especially biotech applications. It offers high chemical stability and high transmittance and has a firepolished surface. BK7® glass is an extremely common crown glass used in precision lenses. BK7 performs will in chemical tests and no special handling is required.

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Sight Glass

Sight glass is used on many different types of equipment for safety and operation purposes. Sight glass comes in a variety of materials and chemical properties, including: Fused silica: Fused silica’s cross-linked 3D structure delivers exceptional thermal shock resistance, UV transparency and near-zero thermal expansion. Industrial fused silica: This is a commercial grade of fused silica used in many sight glass applications. UV fused silica: UV-grade Fused Silica can be selected for a low content of inclusions andor a high refractive index homogeneity if required. Soda lime: Soda-lime silica glass is the most prevalent type of glass for window panes and glass containers due to its ability to be re-softened and re-melted numerous times. It is especially popular in the food and beverage industry. Laminated soda lime: Laminated glass is created by layering two or more pieces of glass together with an interlayer. When broken the interlayer holds the glass together, providing increased strength and safety. Laminated glass is used in automobiles, architecture, and bulletproofing.

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Lighting Precision Glass

  • Glass for lighting systems LED lights,
  • specifically increasingly

For over 80 years, Swift Glass has been the leading supplier of glass components for lighting applications. We take great pride in the fact that we are the oldest tempered glass supplier in the United States. `This experience has allowed us to offer an immense collection of materials and state-of-the-art machining solutions for the lighting industry. A few of our capabilities include: le drilling An expansive inventory of Borosilicate, Float and Patterned Glass Chemical strengthening Silk screening Surface diffusing (sandblasting) Edge polishing Large-volume CNC cutting capabilities

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Military Precision Glass

Swift Glass supports a wide range of MIL-Specs with a vast material inventory, not to mention material resource guides and over 80 years of experience to get your project started. Swift Glass is proudly ISO-certified and ITAR-registered, and has been working with military specifications for many years. Our production and materials meet a wide range of MIL-Specs and other strict industry specifications. We offer full manufacturing services from prototyping to finishing and large scale production. The Swift Glass team can accommodate many different kinds of projects — short-run, large orders, simple projects or complex designs. We stock materials to meet a wide range of specifications and volume demands. Swift Glass offers a complete library of industry specifications and standards that includes information about each standard’s scope, specific requirements and applications. We have also assembled a Scratch-Dig Specifications Guide that indicates specs for MIL-REF 13830B.

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Protection Against`

Another factor to consider for petrochemical applications is sight glass’s resistance to corrosive chemicals. Similar to high pressure situations, glass has the potential to be a weak spot for chemical resistance. Luckily, there are types of glass, such as borosilicate, that have a high resistance to acids and other harmful chemicals. The best variety of glass for use with specific sight glass requirements will depend on the distinct aspects of the particular application. Swift Glass fabricates sight glass using a number of different types of glass to ensure it can meet a wide range of needs. BOROFLOAT® glass, manufactured by SCHOTT, is a high quality borosilicate glass. The first borosilicate in the world to be manufactured with the floating method, BOROFLOAT® glass is exceptionally smooth and transparent. More importantly, it has excellent thermal properties and is highly resistant to water, acids, and alkalis. Annular edge glass — Swift Glass took over annular edge glass production after original manufacturer Corning shut down its U.K. plant. Annular edge glass is a product made explicitly for sight glass applications. Molded from multiple layers of BOROFLOAT® glass, annular edge glass features excellent high pressure resistance without losing any transparency. It also has a ground flat and parallel gasketing surface, making it ideal for sealing in a flange.

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Patterned Glass

Made of an ultra-transparent, low-iron glass, patterned glass has unique patterns with a varying degrees of privacy and diffusion. Patterned glass also has a virtually colorless appearance. These glasses are ideal for interior commercial and residential applications such as doors, windows, lighting, partitions and foyers. Swift Glass supplies several types of patterned glass, including: Made of an ultra-transparent, low-iron glass, Pixel-73™ has a unique pattern with a degree of privacy and diffusion while having a virtually colorless appearance. This glass is ideal for interior commercial and residential applications such as doors, windows, lighting, partitions and foyers. Solite™ is an extra clear patterned glass formed with a diamond pattern on one face and a smooth pattern on the other face. This ensures high energy transmission over the whole solar spectrum. This, combined with the excellent durability of glass makes it a product of choice for photovoltaic modules. Skytex is a clear, linear patterned glass offering moderate privacy. It is temperable and laminatable.

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Swift Glass

In addition to our Appliance, Lighting and Tempered Components supply capabilities, we proudly specialize in custom fabrication. Our skilled technical team is ready to assist you from prototype, to large-scale production. Contact a glass expert today to discuss how our diverse service offerings can assist your next project. We look forward to partnering with you.

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thermal glass

Swift Glass offers a wide variety of glass tempering and chemical strengthening solutions. When you need fabricated glass parts that can withstand the toughest situations, tempered glass is one of your best options. It is one a popular choice for applications where traditional (annealed) glass could pose a potential safety hazard. By heating the glass to extreme temperatures and then accelerating the cooling process, the glass’s material properties are enhanced, making it up to 5x stronger and safer than untreated glass. `Swift Glass’s rigorous thermal tempering process also prevents glass from shattering into dangerous shards when broken.

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Surface Lapping

Swift Glass specializes Surface Lapping and Polishing services that deliver results for any job requirement. our facilities utilize both computer-controlled and manual based machinery, which gives us the ability to complete both high and low volume projects.In today’s fast paced, deadline based environment, your application deserves to have a team of expert technicians dedicated to ensure that your job is delivered with precise specifications.

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Glass Wafers

  • Flatness: <1µm
  • Warp: <10µm
  • Bow: <58µm
  • Scratch Dig: 40/20
  • Capabilities: +/- 25µm

Swift Glass incorporates the latest technology to produce the highest quality glass wafers and substrates on the market. We provide flexibility in our glass wafer offerings of thickness, flatness, surface quality, and edge profile. Examples of our specification range are as follows:

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Glass CNC Machining machine

Our three and four axes diamond tooling technology is built to handle the toughest materials, including: quartz, high pressure gauge glass, furnace observation blue, Borofloat® and a variety of others.By using the most advanced machinery, we are able to seamlessly execute projects that require materials in a variety of sizes.We can process up to 27×48 inches in width and length, as well as up to 8 inches in thickness. In addition, Swift Glass offers profile-forming services to meet the needs of our clients’ specialty projects.These key components make us one of the most versatile, and dependable manufactures worldwide.

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Industry-Compliant Glass

Swift Glass is proud to uphold a reputation of high precision hole drilling. Whether you require drilling for glass doors, mirrors, furniture or something different, holes are essential elements that allow such products the ability to function properly for installation. We can meet the exact specifications for a variety of industries, such as automotive, appliance, solar, medical, military, and many more. Swift Glass uses the most advanced, industry-compliant equipment available in today’s market. Our equipment meets ASTM, ASME, and military standards. Our facility utilizes diamond tipped drill bits, which have been known for their ability to cut holes perfectly. With a (+-) .01-inch tolerance, our superior machinery can cut through materials that are up to .75 inches in thickness.

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industrial glass

  • Starphire Glass that contains
  • Fused Quartz and Silica Provides excellent resistance to chemicals
  • nace Observation Cobalt Blue Protects against harmful UV & IR rays
  • Diamant interior
  • Aluminosilicate Fahrenheit.

Swift Glass Company provides custom industrial glass fabrication components for applications ranging from short-run prototypes, to large volume projects. Our vast inventory of materials allows us to accommodate any request, no matter its complexity or scale. Materials stocked include:

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manufacturing glass

Tough situations demand tough materials, and glass applications are no exception. Industries in marine, automotive, medical, military and other markets require the strongest glass to withstand pressures of all types. In these cases, glass manufacturers utilize a variety of materials and strengthening methods to ensure your glass performs with extraordinary strength. In Swift Glass's eBook, Creating Glass That Withstands Extreme Environments, we explore the different methods used to strengthen glass for the toughest situations, including:

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