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Our offered Product range includes 8693 Polyurethane Aircraft Protective Tape, Colored Vinyl Tape, OPP-26NR Polypropylene Carton Sealing Tape, Tesa 4541 Tractable Uncoated Cloth Tape and CDT 36 Cloth Duct Tape.

8693 Polyurethane Aircraft Protective Tape

  • Tensile strength ASTM-D 3759 80 lb/in (1400N/100mm)
  • Elongation at breaking 600 %
  • Adhesive Acrylic
  • Maximum temperature 200°F (93°C)

3M™ Polyurethane Protective Tape 8693 and 8693DL are flame retardant tape constructions made from an exceptionally tough polyurethane elastomer that resists puncture, tearing, and abrasion. These products are uniquely formulated to pass the burn resistance requirements of FAR 25.853 when tested alone or as a covering applied to floor panels such as those noted below. Applied over aircraft floor panels, these products establish an excellent barrier to fluids and help prevent liquids from causing corrosion of the floor system. 8693 and 8693DL incorporate a specially formulated self-stick pressure sensitive adhesive for fast and easy application. These products are supplied on a 4 mil polyethylene liner (removed during application), protecting the adhesive. In addition, 8693DL is supplied with a top polyester liner used as an aide for wide web applications. The top liner is also removed after installation.

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Colored Vinyl Tape

  • Adhesive Acrylic
  • Operating Temperature -20° F to 175° F
  • Application Temperature 50° F to 120° F

Soft PVC film with a dull finish and a high performance adhesive. The tape is highly conformable, resistant to aging and most common chemicals (oil, water, acids, alkalis, other corrosives). It will not support bacterial or fungal growth. It can be written on by pen or marker.

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OPP-26NR Polypropylene Carton Sealing Tape

Medium grade polypropylene tape with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive. This tape is recommended for recycled cartons and cold temperature application. Available in clear only.

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Tesa 4541 Tractable Uncoated Cloth Tape

  • Overall thickness 0.29 mm 11.5 mil
  • Tensile Strength < 43 lb/in < 190 N/25 mm

tesa 4541 is based on a highly tear-resistant rayon fabric and a high grade natural rubber adhesive. tesa 4541 is characterized by a high pliancy and an extremely high tack The product profile guarantees an impeccable seal on uneven, rugged and fibrous surfaces. It allows subsequent inscription, thus ideal for marking. tesa 4541 is available in 5 colors.

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6605-10 Fiberglass Cloth Tape

  • Backing thickness 0.005”
  • Overall thickness 0.004”
  • Standard color Natural (White)

High temperature fiberglass cloth tape. Used to wrap transformers, coils, wiring harnesses and audio crossovers. Approved UL Recognized Class 180 °C. Pre-cured non-corrosive silicone adhesive is resistant to flagging and varnish solvents. Meets UL 510 flammability requirements. Complies with MIL-19166C and MIL-I-15126 type GFT.

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CDT 36 Cloth Duct Tape

  • Backing thickness (PSTC-33) 0.011”
  • Standard color Many available
  • Elongation at breaking 12%

High quality general purpose polyethylene coated cloth duct tape with a shiny finish. Available in 36 mesh (CDT 36) or 45 mesh (CDT 45). Extremely flexible, conformable and abrasion resistant with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive. The tape will not curl or twist during application and it can be torn by hand. Resists water damage and they can be torn by hand.

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296FR Flame Retardant Fiberglass Cloth Tape

  • Backing thickness 0.005”
  • Overall thickness 0.007”
  • Standard color Natural (White)
  • Peel adhesion 45 oz/in

Lightweight glass cloth cargo pit tape for use in aircraft cargo holds. It resists flame penetration. It is very conformable and accommodates turns and angles. The bromide-free acrylic adhesive is repositionable and it leaves no residue on removal. It comes with a solid liner standard but a split liner is available. Meets FAR 25.853(a) and FAR 25.855(d). The specs are printed on the tape. Available unprinted.

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D9100 Flame Retardant Polyurethane Moisture Barrier Tape

  • Adhesive Polyurethane
  • Standard color Clear
  • Elongation at breaking 600 %

Extremely tough, conformable elastic transparent polyurethane film with a very aggressive polyurethane adhesive. It is designed to be used as a moisture seal for floor joints in wet areas of aircraft (galleys, cargo holds). It can be directly applied over wet sealants. Meets FAR 25.853(a), BMS-346B and Airbus 10-05-004. Suitable for die-cutting.

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213 M X TAPE

  • Thickness 0.0045” nominal
  • Peel Strength: >50 oz./inch of width

Dead soft aluminum is highly conformable to both irregular and curved surfaces. Strong, highly solvent resistant acrylic adhesive prevents seepage of corrosive materials under the tape, which allows for clean, residue free tape removal. Adhesives high shear qualities offers secure attachment of protective tapes. Service Temperature Range is 30°F (34°C) to 325° F (163°C) Designed to be used where exceptional chemical resistance is required, such as with the masking of sensitive parts and to secure protective drapes on aircraft during the paint stripping process. The tape can also be formed into runoff “gutters” to take stripping solvent to catch basins.Also useful for electroplating and where high temperature resistance is required.

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108FR Flame Retardant Double-Coated Cloth Tape

  • Tape thickness 0.0115”
  • Standard color White and Black
  • Elongation at breaking 8%

A heavy-duty double-coated cloth tape for installation of carpeting on commercial aircraft. It easily re-aligns if applied in the wrong spot. It resists curling and lifting. It removes without residue. Meets FAR 25.853(a) and BMS 5-133 E, Type II, Class 1 and Class 2.

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