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We offer a complete product range of HIQ-SQUIX SERIES thermal transfer printer, Reflective Tape, DP-JUNIOR printing machine, Badges and repair patches

HIQ-SQUIX SERIES thermal transfer printer

  • Temperature range (°C) 0 – 40
  • Noise level (Decibel) < 70
  • Dimensions HxWxD maximum (Millimetres) NNB

HIQ-SQUIX SERIES The HiQ-SQUIX is thermal transfer printing technology at its best. This state-of-the-art printer can operate without a PC and has a full colour display. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT State-of-the-art technology, a modern design, full colour touch screen and options such as a continuous knife blade. The HiQ-SQUIX is thermal transfer printing technology at its best. The printer operates with various types of tapes such as HiQ, CombiTex, CombiPly, FasTag and Hytex labels. The HiQ-Squix is available in several configurations: • Without knife for perforated tape (die-cut) • With continuous tape knife • With perforation knife for easy separation of (stock) labels Regardless of whether it is used as a stand-alone printer, in a PC application or in a network; the SQUIX printer guarantees fast printing and direct label output.

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Reflective Tape

  • Type Reflective tape
  • Temperature °C 175
  • Time seconds 5 / 10-15

REFLECTIVE TAPE With additional reflective material on workwear, safety increases in low visibility and at night. Thermopatch's reflective tape is perfect for those who need to work under such conditions. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Our reflective tape is available in two sizes. Being seen is guaranteed. Reflective, flame retardant tape is also available for textiles such as uniforms with flame retardant safety requirements.

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HS-21-SQR heat seal press

  • Power supply (Volt) 230
  • Series HS-21-SQR
  • Power consumption maximum (Watt) 650
  • Weight (Kilogram) 15

HS-21-SQR The compact and portable HS-21-SQR offers the latest technology in the world of heat sealing. This heat seal press is designed for small and medium volume requirements. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT The lightweight and ergonomic design incorporates two square, lower sealing platens which effectively almost doubles output. With a heating-up time of less than a minute, efficiency is guaranteed. The machine comes with full digital control; the graphical display showing clearly the current status of the press including temperature, heat seal time and energy saving mode.

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HS-4-C SERIES heat seal press

  • Power consumption maximum (Watt) 640
  • Power supply (Volt) 240
  • Dimensions HxWxD maximum (Millimeters) 490 x 190 x 520

HS-4-C SERIES The HS-4-C family is versatile, compact and swift. Now you can choose your perfect heat seal press from our range of three models. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT HS-4-C This compact and manual desktop heat seal press is used for the application of identification tags, emblems and textiles transfers. The HS-4-C has a powerful heating element. The top platen warms up in seconds and is ready for use, even in sleep mode. The digital control buttons allow you to set the time, temperature and energy-saving mode. After completing a press cycle, the HS-4-C will open automatically. This helps to accelerate a heat sealing job considerably. HS-4-C-Air One step up from the HS-4-C. The difference here is that the Air version works with compressed air. It has semi-automatic closing and opens automatically. Because the machine operates on compressed air, this gives an optimal result regardless of the thickness of the textile. HS-4-C-Air-Pro The pneumatic air pro is specially designed for heat sealing embroidered or woven emblems by means of its heated top and lower platen. With the HS-4-C you can switch platens easily from medium to a smaller size and vice versa without using any tools.

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NL-14-PRO heat sealer machine

  • Power supply (Volt) 230
  • Power consumption maximum (Watt) 1000
  • Dimensions HxWxD maximum (Millimetres) 350 x 245 x 520

NL-14-PRO One of the key features of the NL-14-PRO is speed. The machine is ready for use in just a few minutes. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT The NL-14-PRO is a table model pneumatic heat sealer operated by hand or foot pedal. When using the foot pedal, both hands are free. It is equipped with an energy-saving mode that can be adapted to specific needs. The integrated graphics display provides all the necessary information for optimal heat sealing.

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NL-33 AUTO MAXI heat sealer

  • Power consumption maximum (Watt) 2500
  • Temperature range (°C) 0 – 250
  • Weight (Kilogram) 137

NL-33 AUTO MAXI The dual-platen pneumatic NL-33 AUTO MAXI offers excellent performance. It delivers speedy and optimal results. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT The NL-33 AUTO MAXI is a double pneumatic heat sealer with large press platens with a large press area (40×50 cm). As one item is sealed, the next piece can be placed on the other platen. The electronics of the NL-33 AUTO MAXI can store five programmed settings. This makes switching between Flextrans and Truflex fast and efficient. The NL-33 AUTO MAXI also has a counter indicating the number of cycles.

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HIQ-EOS printer

  • Power consumption maximum (Watt) 100
  • Temperature range (°C) N/A
  • Dimensions HxWxD maximum (Millimetres) 189 x 322 x 253

HIQ-EOS SERIES An all-round printer and very user-friendly. The HiQ-EOS series makes printing possible on workwear, flatwork and personal clothing without the need for an additional computer. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Cutting-edge technique at an attractive price. The EOS range comprises printers which are very easy to use to print textile labels. This series enables printing without the use of a computer. Suitable for printing labels on workwear, flatwork or personal clothing. The HiQ-EOS-1 and its big brother HiQ-EOS-4 are label printers with a touchscreen. A keyboard can also be connected directly to these printers. Earlier designed layouts are easy to store using the internal memory or a USB stick. For example, previously used label layouts can be easily retrieved, data can be added and then printed.

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DP-JUNIOR printing machine

  • Power consumption maximum (Watt) 600
  • Temperature range (°C) 25 – 270
  • Dimensions HxWxD maximum (Millimetres) 550 x 550 x 350

DP-JUNIOR Looking for the best results for direct branding on textiles, such as logo, coding or washing instructions? Meet the DP-Junior. An economic direct printing machine for all materials. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT The DP-Junior uses the same type of colour ink ribbon as the DP-2000-T and Perm-A-Print. Also known as C-tape, this Thermark dry ink ribbon makes branding easy. C-tapes are available in 13 colours with variable widths. The print is transferred using a heated cliché plate. The cliché plate may contain a company logo, symbol or any image. Additionally, it is possible to add variable text by sliding single letters or numbers into a track on the cliché plate. This makes DP-Junior the most cost-efficient solution for direct branding of flatwork.

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DP-2000-T Thermopatch

  • Power consumption maximum (Watt) 400
  • Temperature range (°C) 93 – 260
  • Dimensions HxWxD maximum (Millimetres) 559 x 533 x 686

DP-2000-T Choosing the DP-2000-T means getting a versatile machine. Using the Deco-Print, a logo or text can be printed directly onto textiles using a heated cliché plate. Additionally using the optional press platens, this machine can even be used to seal emblems and hot transfers. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Create your own text using the letterset for DP-2000-T; simply place the letters in the track plate to start marking right away. It is even possible to print using up to two colours. The system is ideal for the direct printing of personal data, codes, and washing instructions on to labels. The device is very easy to use. Properties and features: • Automatic transfer by roll-feed system • Switch between print or heat seal in an instant • Easy to position • Multicolour selection

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  • Model OL32-24 Compressor
  • Power supply (Volt) 230V/2.4A/50Hz
  • Dimensions HxWxD maximum (Centimeters) 49 x 46 x 57
  • Capacity 50Lt/min

COMPRESSORS Thermopatch's automatic compressors are quiet, virtually vibration free and suitable for placement directly where air is needed. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Due to their compact design, our compressors are ideal as mobile support for various applications. The oil-lubricated compressor is the ultimate solution when compressed air is required alongside a reliable power source. The devices are easy and safe to install; the compressor has thermal protection, an adjustable pressure switch, safety valve, pressure gauge and drain valve.

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MAKE YOUR MARK labelling application

  • Available hard disk space 15 MB
  • Minimum Ram memory for Windows 7 ,Windows 8 and Windows 10 1 GB
  • Printer driver delivery DVD or as Download

MAKE YOUR MARK Make Your Mark makes labelling easy. The software offers a wide variety of fonts, symbols, images and barcode types. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT The ‘Make Your Mark’ labelling application makes laying out your labels easy. This very user-friendly software provides ample choice of fonts, label layouts and sizes. It incorporates the well-known Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode plus other common barcode types, as well as an extended range of symbols and clipart. Integration The ‘Make Your Mark’ program has been developed for standalone environments, yet it will function excellently within a local area network. In automatic mode, the program will pause until a text file is imported. The imported file will then be transferred into your designed label layout, where it will be ready to print!

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BARTENDER Make quality labels effortlessly and swiftly with this software. There are a lot of options and the program is easy to use. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Bartender is label software for the demanding user. Thanks to Bartender’s WYSIWYG interface, the program is so easy to use that any user can be up and running within a few minutes. Bartender is all you need to quickly and easily create barcodes, text and images for clear, professional quality labels. The data for Bartender can be generated using ERPCRM software, such as Microsoft AX or SAP.

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  • Type ThermoTrans
  • Temperature °C 204
  • Time seconds 5

THERMOTRANS Thermotrans is an effective way of manufacturing manufacturing tagless laundry labels for clothing such as shirts, polos and underwear. The only limitation is the degree of creativity; together with the HiQ-a4.3+ printer, every user can create unique quality labels. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Positioning ThermoTrans is just as easy as loading the labels. The BarTender software makes it possible to create custom designs. Everything you need to add images, text, numbers, or barcodes is at your fingertips.

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DIE-CUT 600 SERIES heat seal labels

  • Type 600 Series Die cut
  • Temperature °C 204
  • Time seconds 12

DIE-CUT 600 SERIES The 600 Series of Die-Cut heat seal labels, can be pre-printed with crisp and attractive designs such as logos or corporate identity images. For use only in combination with a dot-matrix printer such as the LQ-690. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT The blank rolls are available in different sizes and colours. The die-cut labels feature rounded corners to optimize their adhesive strength. They are resistant to industrial washing.

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  • Series Y-151 and Y-300

THERMOSEAL TAPE This type of tape is specially made for Thermo-Seal marking machines Y-151 and Y-300. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Combine colour and code successfully with an efficient sorting system. The Thermosal tape adheres perfectly to most textiles and is available in 10 colours and white.

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  • Type Fiberrollen&Thermoflags
  • Temperature °C N/A
  • Time seconds N/A

FIBEROLLS & THERMOFLAGS Fiberolls are made of special paper that can withstand heavy industrial washing processes. A perfect choice for temporary code tags. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT This material may be printed using a Tag-O-Matic or with a standard marker. Both the 12 and 25 mm wide tapes are available in 10 different colours. If Thermo-Seal tape cannot be applied directly to clothing, (the item may be temperature sensitive), Thermoflags will be the best choice. These can be attached to the garment using a staple or pin. Available only in white.

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ink ribbons

INK CASSETTES & INK RIBBONS Thermopatch offers a wide range of ink cassettes, tapes and ribbons for various printing systems. All are designed to be resistant to the intensive cleaning processes of the modern laundry. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Thermal transfer ribbons In all widths, lengths and combinations for optimal results. Ink Cartridges For dot matrix printers like Epson, Star, Minilogic, etc. Ink spools For the Thermoseal Y-126 and Tag-O-Matic. Ink ribbons For Perm-A-Rite and Codomark. C ribbons For DP-2000, DP200 Junior, Decoprint and Perm-A-Print marking systems.

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  • Type Thermark C-linten
  • Time seconds 25
  • Temperature °C 275

THERMARK C-TAPE With the Thermark Dry ink ribbons (C-tape), marking is easy and fast, leaving no messy marks on the fingers or the work area. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT C-tapes are available in 12 colours and white and variable widths. Suitable for the DP-2000-T.

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repair patches

  • Type Repair patches
  • Temperature °C 204
  • Time seconds 12

REPAIR PATCHES Extend the life of clothing or textile with Thermopatch repair patches. Thanks to innovative technology, our patches have an ultra-thin, smooth thermoplastic coating and super strong features. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT A special layer on the back of the patch is heated under pressure to achieve optimal adhesion between fabric and patch. Repair material is available on both rolls and as pre-cut patches. Choose the fabric that is needed from our colour chart, or change your own fabric into a patch. With more than 100 different fabrics and 27 size patches, there is always a solution.

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custom coating

  • Powder coating (Length Width) At least 50 stretching meters,Minimum width 130 cm, maximum 160 cm
  • Laminate (Length Width) At least 25 stretching meters ,Minimum/maximum width 150cm; the foil is 142 cm

CUSTOM COATING & LAMINATING Couldn’t find a colour or type of fabric in our extensive range? Then it is possible to send your own textiles for coating or laminating. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Thermopatch has two ways of coatinglaminating: • Powder coating. This is mainly used for cotton or a blend of cotton with polyester. • Laminate. This process is more for special or delicate fabrics. Keep in mind that some loss of material occurs: usually about 2-3 running metres when laminating, and 8-10 running metres when powder coating. To find out if a fabric can be coated or laminated, it is advisable to make a sample and test this (at least A4 size). After coating or laminating, the textile is processed and delivered as patches or on rolls.

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film coating

  • Type Film coating
  • Temperature °C 204 – 205
  • Time seconds 5 / 12 – 40

FILM COATING Film coating has many features; it is ideal for sealing your own emblems or to make your own repair patches. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Film coating will withstand up to 100 industrial wash and dry clean cycles.

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TRANSPONDER PATCHES A fast way to attach RFID transponders to clothing is using our Plytex® transponder patches. The transponder patches are available in various sizes, round or rectangular. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT The transponder patches are available in various sizes, round or rectangular, and are designed to secure the silicone-packed transponder. The patches are available from stock and are supplied on rolls or chain paper (for dot matrix printer), depending on the requirement.

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Temperature Indicator Labels

  • Temperature range 93 °C – 132 °C 121 °C – 160 °C 143 °C – 182 °C 188 °C – 232 °C

TEMPERATURE INDICATOR LABELS For optimal seal results, it is important to set the temperature, pressure and time according to the specification of the desired product. If one or more parameters are not set correctly, this may cause poor seal results and thus unnecessary costs. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT For optimum sealing results, the thermolabel with the yellow side up is placed on top of the heat seal platen. Then the press closes for 7 seconds. If a temperature is reached within the range of the thermolabel, one or more sections will change to black. The box closest to the actual temperature is black.

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  • Type Fixeertape
  • size 12 mm
  • Temperature °C N/A
  • Time seconds N/A

FIXATION TAPE Fixation tape facilitates the accurate positioning of emblems and transfers. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Place an emblem or transfer on the textile and secure it with the tape. After use, the tape can easily be removed without risk of adhesive residues. With the aid of the fixing tape, productivity is increased. The tape is delivered per roll of 12 mm wide and 66 metres long.

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IMPRESSIO Thermopatch

  • Type Impressio
  • Temperature °C N/A
  • Time seconds N/A

IMPRESSIO Thermopatch developed Impressio to prevent an unwanted shiny effect on textile after sealing an emblem or transfer. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT The material is placed over the exposed textile around an emblem or transfer. Direct contact with a heating platen and the fabric is avoided; the heat is transferred to the Impressio instead of the garment.

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  • Type Ready Stitch
  • Temperature °C -
  • Washing 95 °C

READY STITCH Ready Stitch emblems do not have an adhesive layer and are designed to be sewn on to textiles. The advantage of this is that they are easy to remove or replace. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Thanks to our digital printing technique, Ready Stitch can feature high quality images and sharp detail. If desired, an embroidered look can be created, and with our printing technology it is even possible to imitate an embroidered edge. Ready Stitch is strong enough for the most demanding industrial cleaning.

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Topline heat seal emblem

  • Type Topline
  • Temperature °C 195
  • Time seconds 14

TOPLINE Topline is a smooth yet robust heat seal emblem for heavy duty workwear. Adding this high-quality product enhances the professional look. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Thanks to its fine structure, TopLine is particularly suitable for detailed, colourful designs. The emblems are available in various sizes, standard colours, but also PMS colours. They are manufactured using the best inks that remain fresh and vibrant. The smallest details are shown on the Topline emblems. They are resistant to the heaviest industrial wash test.

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  • Type Thermocrest
  • Temperature °C 204
  • Time seconds 12

THERMOCREST Thermocrest emblems are the most durable emblems in our collection. Our design department can translate any design or illustration into a colourful logo. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Thermocrest emblems have long been a popular choice for professional clothing. They are made of flexible poly-cotton fibres that contribute to the characteristic texture and appearance of this type of emblem. It is also very resistant to industrial washing.

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  • Type Geweven emblemen
  • Temperature °C 180
  • Time seconds 20

WOVEN EMBLEMS Thermopatch creates the highest quality textured emblems with clearly legible text and detailed images. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Woven emblems are available in many sizes and shapes thanks to laser-cut technology. A very representative emblem with a beautiful look and feel. The woven emblems are not at all ‘bulky’, but fine and smooth. The beautiful colours and looks make this a remarkable and durable product. They offer optimum adhesion and wearing comfort is guaranteed. Also available without glue and in an FR version.

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  • Type Helm emblemen
  • Temperature °C N/A
  • Washing N/A

HELMET EMBLEMS An ideal way of expressing corporate identity are helmet emblems. Striking, immediately visible and highly recognizable. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Helmet emblems are excellent for combining with business clothing that has the same logo or company name. It’s also a handy way to personalize helmets. Thermopatch delivers high quality helmets emblems. They are printed on a carefully selected self-adhesive film with a special layer. This does not affect the safety standard of the helmet in any way, it is chlorine and plastic-free, which follows the 200584EC Phthalate Directive. The emblems are always easy to remove without causing damage to the helmet.

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  • Type FasTag Sports Pro
  • Temperature °C 100 – 120
  • Washing 40 °C

FASTAG SPORTS PRO A flexible, lightweight, full colour emblem exclusively designed for use on balls, boots and soccer gloves. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT FasTag Sports Pro offers commercial opportunities for sponsorship, corporate gifts, team identification and retail. This product has been specifically tested on all surfaces like artificial grass and concrete in extreme conditions by professional players and local clubs.

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  • Type High visibility emblemen
  • Temperature °C 204
  • Washing 95 °C

HIGH VISIBILITY EMBLEMS High visibility emblems come in a various distinctive colours, are indestructible, clearly seen and produced according to EN 471 regulations. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT This type of emblem has been developed for work-related apparel and uniforms. The emblems share the same characteristics as Thermocrest, but with a high visibility finish instead of a standard white finish. Available in the distinctive colours yellow, orange and red. The printed colours for the high visibility emblems are the same as for Thermocrest. The minimum size available is 25 mm x 25 mm. Maximum size is 370 mm x 240 mm.

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  • Type Reflective emblems
  • Temperature °C 175
  • Time seconds 12

REFLECTIVE EMBLEMS & PLOTTER TRANSFERS Due to the increasing emphasis on employee safety, clothing with reflective material gets a lot of attention. The reflective emblems and plotter transfers from Thermopatch are ideal for those who need to work outside in low visibility or at night. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Our reflective emblems are available in various shapes and sizes and can be printed in colour. They are manufactured using a special technique that produces high definition images on reflective surfaces. Visibility is guaranteed. The plotter transfers are only produced in silver. Reflective, flame retardant plotter transfers are also available for textiles with uniforms with flame retardant safety requirements. These transfers comply with the EN 471 standard.

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  • Type Truflex
  • Temperature °C 185
  • Time seconds 12

TRUFLEX Truflex is a transfer designed to be supple and to move with the folds of each piece of clothing. It’s strong, versatile and colour fast. This transfer is available in any colour or size and resistant to industrial washing. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Truflex is FR certified in combination with various types of flame retardant properties such as Nomex®. This makes Truflex very suitable for use on different types of workwear.

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SUBLIFIX promotional textiles

  • Type Sublifix
  • Temperature °C 130
  • Time seconds 15

SUBLIFIX Sublifix is specially developed for promotional textiles where colours may migrate, the so-called 'bleeding'. An invisible layer under the transfer prevents this. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT It is possible to apply Sublifix risk-free to almost every piece of sports or softshell apparel . This transfer is also ideal for covering old graphics or logos and stops the colour of the garment showing through the transfer. Sublifix is a detailed transfer that is available in any shape or colour.

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  • Type Starlight
  • Temperature °C 150
  • Washing 40 °C

STARLIGHT Make the difference and choose Starlight! A very smooth transfer, trendy and reflective. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Starlight is the perfect transfer for promotional clothing for special events. With its reflective qualities, this transfer is designed to enhance sportswear when worn outside in the dark. When the light fades, its carrier is highly visible. Thanks to these reflective features, Starlight attracts extra attention immediately.

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NAME NUMBER Thermopatch

  • Type Flextrans
  • Temperature °C 150
  • Time seconds 12
  • Remarks Hot peel

NAME & NUMBER Thermopatch has been active in the sports industry for many years. Our strong and flexible transfers are characterized by high print quality, colour intensity and durability. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Our sports numbers and letters are ‘not to be missed’ transfers for anyone looking for the best match appearance, or for those who want the best look for their sports outfit. Suitable for both sportswear and promotional textiles and available in standard sizes and colours.

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  • Type Single line badge
  • Afmetingen 70 X 44 mm
  • Tekstuitsparing 12 mm

BADGES More and more companies prefer the convenience of a badge: think of hospitals and healthcare facilities, department stores and supermarkets. A badge makes contact more personal, promotes brand awareness and has a positive effect on service. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Thermopatch’s plastic badges can be printed with any company logo or image. Then, in the transparent window, a name tag can be placed. A choice can be made between a single line, double line or multi line label. The badges are available in various sizes. Thanks to the text windows, our badges are ideally suited for reuse. With software, name tags are immediately printed on the badge insertion cards. This software is easy to install on a PC. The badges come standard with a combi clip; a clip with a pin. Other types of clips are also available.

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Thermomark Printer

  • Type Thermomark
  • Temperature °C 204
  • Time seconds 3 – 5

THERMOMARK Highlight any product quickly and easily with our economical hot transfers with clear and sharp images, which keep their appearance wash after wash. Thermomark is ideal for applying trademarks, logos or decorative designs and more. I AM INTERESTED IN THIS PRODUCT Thermomark hot transfers produce excellent results in each heat seal press. These transfers are appropriate for proprietary data, which assists inventory management and improves the corporate image. The flexibility and ease of use make them ideal for adding colour code logos and various markings to almost all textiles. From T-shirts to tennis balls; a Thermomark hot transfer can always be applied.

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