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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of High Temperature Curtains, PVC Strip Rolls, Machine Guards, Clear PVC Strip Rolls and Save-T Folding Security Gates.

Industrial Door Solutions

For the past twenty years, TMI has become the recognized leader in energy-control doors that streamline workflow including industrial, welding, refrigeration, warehousing, cold storage and temperature separation applications. TMI manufactures the most complete line of doors on the market, including: PVC Strip Doors: the most economical solution to controlling your workplace environment. Made of the clearest PVC strips in the industry, TMI's wide range of PVC materials makes it simple to find the strip door that you need. Air Curtains: Air curtains are used to create an invisible barrier of high velocity air to separate different environments. These are designed for nearly every application, from industrial to food service. Screen-Pro Roll-Up Bug Screens and Vinyl Doors: economical and ideal solution for screening out bugs, birds and other unwanted pests from infiltrating your industrial facility, loading dock area, distribution centers, food manufacturing facilities and any other location that requires protection against unwanted flying insects, birds and airborne pollutants. Swinging Doors: TMI offers a full range of both Flexible PVC and Rigid impact doors for managing your industrial and food service environment. Security Doors and Gates: For applications that require increased security, choose from TMI's line of roll-up chain mesh doors or folding security gates.

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strip doors

Strip doors, or strip curtains, are a great way to reduce energy costs and separate workplace environments. TMI is the largest manufacturer of strip doors in the United States, offering the widest variety of PVC strips to meet your exact needs, from industrial and warehouse applications to walk-in freezer curtains and personnel doors. Save Energy - All of TMI's PVC strip door lines are designed to control temperatures and minimize energy costs, whether you want to keep warm or cool air in. See how much money you're currently losing in energy costs with our Energy Loss Calculator.

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Replacement PVC Strips

  • Series Rip-A-Strip

TMI's Rip-A-Strip® consists of pre-punched. and precut rolls that are designed to serve as a "door-in-a-box." Rip-A-Strip® is TMI's exclusive and patented product that drastically reduces installation and replacement time when hanging new PVC door strips. Rip-A-Strip® is a continuous roll of pre-cut replacement strips and each Rip-A-Strip® roll is cut and packaged to exact customer specifications. Additionally, Rip-A-Strip® rolls can be ordered in an easy-to-use dispensing box that can be tucked away and easily stored until a replacement strip is needed. Customers can either chose from a list of "quick-ship" Rip-A-Strip® rolls or they can work with TMI to determine the right type of replacement strips for their applications.

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Bulk PVC Strip and Sheet Rolls

TMI has one of the industry''s most comprehensive and complete lines of bulk PVC. Bulk roll products offer a cost effective solution for keeping replacement strips readily available. Some of the more common bulk roll options at TMI are standard smooth and offset double ribbed rolls. Other popular PVC types produced by TMI are low-temperature PVC, weld screen PVC, insect control PVC, colored PVC and opaque PVC. TMI also produces a complete line of restaurant grade PVC that is USDA approved; it can be used in coolers and freezers, restaurants, and food service facilities. All PVC from TMI exceeds industry standards for clarity, durability and flexibility. Bulk rolls from TMI are produced with additives, such as UV stabilizers and fire retardant elements, which ensure that your PVC has a long, effective lifespan.

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Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors

  • Model VP-1000

TMI's Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors are one of the most economical solutions for temperature control and environmental separation in warehouse and manufacturing environments. Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors, the perfect alternative to high-speed roll-up doors, have the features and benefits of high-speed doors at just a fraction of the cost. Typical applications for Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors include loading dock openings, warehousing and distribution centers, pharmaceutical supply rooms, clean rooms, refrigeration, automotive, conveyors, food processing, and any areas where affordable temperature separation is required. Other benefits of TMI Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors include: Decreased energy costs: Vinyl-Pro Doors separate differing temperature zones within facilities, helping furnace and air conditioning systems to run more efficiently. In cold storage and refrigeration environments, Vinyl-Pro Doors can cut compressor running time. Environmental separation: TMI Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up Doors seal out airborne pollutants such as dust, dirt, debris, flying insects, and other airborne particles. Vinyl-Pro Roll-Up doors also act as a noise barrier, reducing sound transmission. Roll-Up doors also deter theft and trespassing by acting as a physical barrier. Promotes safety: Clear PVC vision panels can be added to any vinyl roll-up door to allow for a line of sight through the opening while promoting light transmission.

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Bird-Pro Roll-Up Bird Barriers

  • Model BP-1000

TMI's Bird-Pro roll-up barriers block birds, large insect and other pests while allowing for superior airflow and ventilation. Plus Bird-Pro roll-up barriers act as an additional safety and security barrier in the loading dock area. By working as a physical deterrent, Bird-Pro barriers promote a safer environment. Bird-Pro barriers fill your opening, preventing unwanted outside traffic from passing pedestrians, birds, rodents and large insects, while allowing airflow and ventilation. Typical applications for Bird-Pro barriers include loading dock openings, warehousing and distribution centers, pharmaceutical supply rooms, automotive centers and any areas where affordable safety separation is required.Bird-Pro Roll-Up Barrier Features: Modular Panels: TMI Bird-Pro Barriers are made of heavy-duty bird mesh. Interchangeable panels allow for quick and easy repairs of damaged panels. Panels simply slide in and out of the wind stiffeners. This eliminates the need for repairing the entire door, decreasing maintenance and repair costs over the life of the barrier. Extruded Aluminum Wind Bars: Up to 50% stronger than other stiffeners in the industry. The high-strength stiffeners protect against wind and negative pressure Save-T Breakaway Bars: Prevents the roll-up door from breaking if hit. The bottom bar releases in either direction and can be easily placed back into the track. Extruded Aluminum Guide Tracks: Guides the roll-up door with UHMW inserts which reduce friction and prevent black aluminum dust. Safety Options: TMI can include safety features such as photo-eyes and pneumatic reversing edges to ensure that the roll-up barriers will not injure personnel or damage products that might be in the way of the door coming down.

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Screen-Pro Sliding Bug Screens

  • Model Screen-Pro-Bug-Slider

TMI's line of Screen-Pro® Sliding Bug Screens are ideal for insect and bird control at loading docks, distribution centers, warehouse openings, printers, food processing locations, and anywhere flying insects need to be controlled. TMI's sliding Screen-Pro® bug screens are an economical alternative to roll-up bug screens, as they do not require the space that is required to mount roll up screen doors. Sliding Screen-Pro® bug screens allow fresh air into the workplace, improving employee comfort and workplace productivity. Sliding Bug Screens require little to no maintenance, and can be installed quickly and efficiently. Screen-Pro® Sliding Bug Screen Features Screen-Pro® Sliding Bug Screens are made of heavy duty 11 oz PVC coated mesh in your choice of blue, red, black, green, or yellow. For situations that require bird control or greater ventilation, a heavy duty blue Bird Mesh can be used instead of tight bug mesh. Sliding Bug Screens slide on a 16 gauge roller track, and include all required mounting brackets, nylon roller trolleys, and track splice connectors. Single-Panel Bug Screens are used on openings up to 10' wide x 10' high. Bi-Parting Sliding Bug Screens with intermediate vertical stiffeners are used on openings larger than 10' wide x 10' high. Vertical stiffeners with cane bolts protect against high winds. Brush seal are mounted across the top of the door opening (not on in-jamb models), and a vinyl flap seals the gap on the floor.

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Screen-Pro Portable Framed Bug Screens

  • Model Screen-Pro-Bug-Portable

TMI's Screen-Pro® Portable Framed Bug Screens are the perfect, economical solution for screening out bugs, birds, and other unwanted pests from infiltrating your food processing, printing, distribution and industrial facilities. Lightweight yet extremely durable, Screen-Pro® Portable Framed Bug Screens are designed to be easily moved in and out of the opening, increasing energy savings and creating a more comfortable work environment. TMI's Screen-Pro® Bug Screens also allow fresh air into your building while acting as a physical barrier, deterring theft and trespassing. Typical applications for Screen-Pro® Portable Framed Bug Screens include loading docks, warehouses, distribution centers, food manufacturing facilities, and any other location that requires protection against unwanted flying insects, birds, and airborne pollutants. In sensitive food production and packaging environments, TMI's Screen-Pro® Portable Framed Bug Screens promote a bug-free environment, which helps you meet FDA and AIB regulations and inspections.

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FlexGuard Roll-Up Security Doors

TMI's FlexGuard Roll-Up Security Doors are unique options for loading docks and warehouses needing additional layers of security and protection. FlexGuard Roll-Up Security Doors are aluminum or stainless steel mesh-doors that prevent trespassing and theft, while allowing visibility, light and fresh air into your building. These doors create a secure environment, especially in restricted or sensitive areas. FlexGuard Roll-up Security Doors achieve strength and rigidity across the opening by using fiberglass rods as standard horizontal wind stiffeners. lexGuard doors are manufactured using either aluminum wire mesh (standard) or stainless steel wire mesh (optional), in either 12 inch or 14 inch coils. Security doors are driven by either an in-tube motor or external jackshaft motor. Motor selection is determined by cycles per hour, weight of unit and overall size. In-tube motors are used for low cycle applications (6 to 8 cycles per hour), whereas external jackshaft motors are used 12-15 cycles per hour. Each FlexGuard operates with its own 4" deep extruded aluminum guide tracks. Each guide track includes safety strips on the front edges. FlexGuard doors seal at the sides, along the top and at the floor. Each side has an aluminum panel that seals off the area from the guide track to the wall. A brush seal is also included, helping to seal the gap across the top of the door opening, and the bottom bar has a rubber floor seal at the floor. FlexGuard doors include a floor slide lock to hold the door in position and an interlock switch are included. Options Face of Wall Mounting – FlexGuard Security Doors can be mounted flush to the wall when no additional doors are present, such as garage doors or rolling doors. Inside Stand-Off Mounting – the most common way to mount a FlexGuard Roll-Up Security Door is around your existing rolling steel or sectional door. This keeps the door mounted inside the building, protecting it from external elements.

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Save-T Folding Security Gates

  • Model SG-66-60
  • Maximum Opening Width 66"
  • Height of Gate 60"

Folding security gates from TMI provide additional layers of security and safety for workers. Security gates from TMI install in minutes and provide years of performance and service. Each security gate is made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel and is a perfect solution for docks with limited space. Security gates, when folded, tuck neatly against the wall. Save-T® Folding Gates prevent sensitive and secure environments from potential theft, pilfering, and trespassing. The physical barrier is a cost effective, natural deterrent. Increase Employee Comfort: Save-T® Folding Gates create a barrier while still allowing fresh air to flow into your facility. This creates a more comfortable work environment. Adaptability: Available in single gates for openings up to 7' 6" wide and in double gates up to 16' wide, TMI's Save-T® Folding Gates have you covered no matter what your opening requirement is. L brackets promote two mounting styles: in-jamb or face of wall mount. If a Save-T® Folding Gate needs to be mounted outside of an existing garage door, optional 6", 9" or 12" extension brackets are available. Construction: 14 gauge heavy-duty steel with a gray polyurethane finish allows Save-T® Folding Gates to handle rigorous day-to-day use. Save-T® Folding Gates have 34" x 38" precision punched and riveted U-channel construction. Vertical support bars are made using 1 12" x 1 12" x 18" steel uprights and include 2" drop pins and steel casters for additional structural stability. Gate Opening Maximum Opening Width Height Of Gate Reset Model Gate Opening Maximum Opening Width Height of Gate SG-66-60 Single 66" 60" Add to Quote Button SG-66-78 Single 66" 78" Add to Quote Button SG-66-96 Single 66" 96" Add to Quote Button SG-78-78 Single 78" 78" Add to Quote Button SG-78-96 Single 78" 96" Add to Quote Button SG-90-78 Single 90" 78" Add to Quote Button SG-90-96 Single 90" 96" Add to Quote Button DG-96-78 Double 96" 78" Add to Quote Button DG-96-96 Double 96" 96" Add to Quote Button DG-120-78 Double 120" 78" Add to Quote Button DG-120-96 Double 120" 96" Add to Quote Button DG-144-78 Double 144" 78" Add to Quote Button DG-144-96 Double 144" 96" Add to Quote Button DG-168-78 Double 168" 78" Add to Quote Button DG-168-96 Double 168" 96" Add to Quote Button DG-192-78 Double 192" 78" Add to Quote Button DG-192-96 Double 192" 96" Add to Quote Button

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Industrial Curtains from TMI are the most inexpensive solution for temperature, dust, overspray, smoke and humidity control in industrial and warehouse environments. Industrial curtains are lightweight PVC partitions that make great temporary walls and are designed to easily slide open and remain out of the way when not in use. Industrial Curtains can be used in large areas that require both environmental separation and easy access. Industrial curtain walls also aid in reducing energy bills as they eliminate the need to heat or cool unused areas. They are the perfect alternative to permanent walls. Both flexible and adaptable, industrial curtains from TMI are the best option for managing your environment.

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Freestanding Portable Weld Screens

TMI has a complete line of Portable Weld Screens, which are used to protect workers and employees from UV flash and welding sparks. Portable Weld Screens can be built in minutes and can easily be moved and expanded to create custom configurations. Weld screens are a must to create a safer working environment. Portable Weld Screen Features: TMI's Portable Weld Screen frames are made of durable, 18-gauge steel with a rust-resistant, black enamel finish. Each TMI Portable Weld Screen includes "feet" for added support and stability. Add casters to your portable weld screen for even easier mobility and workplace adaptability. Multiple portable weld screens can attach together without the use of tools or hardware. Screens fasten to frame with wire ties, which are supplied with every portable weld screen. Widths and heights are transposable, so any portable weld screen can be used either vertically or horizontally. All corner pieces have a built-in "stop" that allows the screens to be moved without coming apar

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Clean Screen Curtains

  • temperatures -20 F.

TMI's Clean Screen Industrial Curtain Walls create a sanitary wash down environment. Used in applications such as food processing, wash down bays, clean rooms, car washes and body shops, TMI's Clean Screen curtains are perfect for reducing down time in sensitive environments. Clean Screen curtain walls prevent cross contamination between processing lines, workstations, and other environments. TMI's full line of Clean Screen curtain walls is ideal for any type of food production, wash down or clean room environment. TMI's "Easy Glide" track and curtain hardware system allows for safe, effective and efficient wash down of sensitive machinery or equipment. This unique design promotes proper sanitation and the elimination of potential contaminant build up.

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FlexRoom Modular Rooms

  • aluminum tubing 1 1/2" x 3"

TMI's exclusive FlexRoom® industrial enclosures are the flexible and versatile answer for in-plant offices, cleanrooms, dust free storage areas, computer terminal and printer rooms, welding areas, workrooms, grinding rooms, enclosing water overspray equipment, break rooms, isolation rooms and much more. FlexRooms® are ideal for anywhere you want to subdivide, compartmentalize, seal-in, or seal-out environments. TMI's FlexRoom® offers the ultimate in flexibility at a fraction of the cost of permanent and rigid in-plant offices. Turn environmentally unfriendly square footage into usable space. FlexRoom® durable framework can support swinging doors, strip doors, sliding curtains, and just about any type of material you want or need.Features of FlexRoom® Flexibility: FlexRooms® can be made of any type of material. The selections are endless. Choose from the industry's clearest PVC, translucent, UV material, anti-static, solid color panels, insulated panels, and even industrial mesh. Anchoring to the floor is optional, so moving the FlexRoom® to a different application andor location is possible. Easy Installation: Installation is immediate due to modular design, which requires no contractors. Every FlexRoom® is pre-assembled at the factory, and then is partially disassembled before shipping. No building permit is required. Economical: FlexRooms® are inexpensive. Low front-end costs give maximum value and utility for less than conventional systems. Quality Construction: FlexRoom® frames are constructed of white, powder-coated, 1 12" x 3" aluminum tubing. Hook and loop strips on each panel allow for flexibility, strength and are long lasting.

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FlexTherm Insulated Curtains

  • temperature up to 27°F (15° C)

TMI's FlexTherm® insulated curtain walls are barriers for temperature control in cold storage warehouses. FlexTherm® walls are the perfect solution for quickly changing a room's configurationapplication without excessive cost or planning. These temporary walls improve floor plan flexibility and increase energy savings by enabling users to separate cold storage areas from other workspaces. FlexTherm® walls install easily into new and existing buildings and do not require building permits or facility shutdowns. The most common application for FlexTherm® Insulated Panel Walls is for temperature zoning, whether it be freezer-to-freezer, cooler-to-cooler, cooler-to-ambient, and air conditioning-to-ambient. Other applications for insulated panel walls include refrigerated areas, warehouse & distribution centers, food processing facilities, manufacturing & production plants, and data centers.

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SIS Modular Enclosures

TMI offers the SIS Modular Frame System from Simplex, which can be used to build a variety of enclosures for machinery safety, cleanroom, dust control, sound control and other industrial applications. This style of extrusion is designed for versatility, allowing you to build all types of structures, from machinery safety partitions to entirely enclosed rooms. SIS Modular Enclosures are designed with customization in mind. From door and ceiling options to wall materials and attachments, you can build the perfect enclosure for your workspace. Do you need your space to move? Add casters to easily slide the enclosure to a different area. Have your enclosure requirements outgrown the size of your frame? Easily disassemble modules to move and expand your enclosure to match your needs.

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Acoustical Enclosures

  • temperatures 160° F.
  • heights 12 ft.

TMI's Absorber and Barrier Curtain Systems are very economical alternatives to rigid acoustical panel and permanent wall systems. These systems are offered in two distinct styles: the Barrier Backed Configuration (BBC) and the Barrier Septum Configuration (BSC). Composite systems offer decibel reductions of up to 18 dBA. BBC models are reinforced loaded-vinyl noise barriers with a quilted fiberglass absorber on one side. The barrier helps block sound and the absorber reduces sound energy in an area. Included is a quilted absorptive treatment on one side of the tough, reinforced acoustical vinyl. The BBC is suitable for exterior applications. The BSC models have a non-reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier sandwiched between two layers of quilted fiberglass absorbers. All materials meet or exceed the fire ratings of Class 1 per ASTM E84 (84a). TMI's unique telescoping enclosure parts are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. The two most common designs are constructed of 1-14" square tubing and 2" square tubing. The maximum span width and height for 1-14" tubing is 10 feet, while the 2" square tubing design allows for spans of 12 ft. (width between vertical posts) and heights of 12 ft.

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Pipe-Staff Curtains

TMI manufactures high-quality Pipe-Staff Curtain Enclosures to help manage your environment. Pipe-Staff curtain walls are used to separate warehouses or protect employees, goods, product, tools and machinery. TMI's Pipe-Staff Industrial Curtains add rigidity to curtains while adding an extra layer of security and safety. Pipe-Staff Industrial Curtains are completely customizable based on your requirements and are available on curtain walls up to 14' high. Pipe-Staff curtains add stability and security with "lock-up" cane bolts and "lock-down" wall brackets. Additionally, you can secure your valuable tools and equipment with our exclusive Pipe-Staff systems. Pipe-Staff industrial curtains are also popular in outdoor applications, especially in areas that are exposed to moderate winds.

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Quick-Ship In-Stock Curtains

  • Width 6'
  • Model QSCS-72X96-SOLID

TMI manufactures and stocks a full line of industrial curtain walls that are used to manage environments. TMI’s Quick-Ship Industrial Curtains create a safer, more energy efficient workplace. They protect employees, customers, equipment and goods from dust, dirt, fumes, light, temperature, noise, odor, and over-spray - and help you comply with OSHA regulations. TMI carries two types of Quick-Ship Industrial Curtains. Consult your TMI representative for specific details. Solid Blue Industrial Curtains TMI’s Solid Blue Industrial Curtains are made using 18.5 oz. Solid Blue Opaque PVC. This material is NFPA701 fire rated. Each curtain has heat-sealed perimeter hems for added durability. Curtains have brass grommets at 12" centers across the top. The edges of each curtain have heat sealed hook & loop closures for easy adaptability with preexisting curtains. A chain weighted bottom hem is included on all quick-ship curtains.

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High Temperature Curtains

  • Color Red/Orange
  • Series 1000 HS-Red

High Temperature materials are made of Silica Coated Fiberglass. TMI can create a sliding industrial curtain wall, stationary partition, or modular enclosure to contain your high temperature environments. TMI offers industrial curtains for high temperature environments and applications like: Welding Blankets Furnace Curtains Portable Screens Equipment Shields Series 1000 HS-Red Property Data: Basic Fabric: Fiberglass Color: RedOrange Weight: 32.5 oz.sq. yard Thickness: .040” Tensile Strength: Warp: 350 lbs.inch Fill: 200 lbs.inch

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Dock Bumpers

  • sizes “T” and “D”

TMI offers a complete line of dock bumpers that are designed to protect dock areas, walls, boat docks and other areas exposed to motorized traffic from the damaging effects of delivery trucks and other mechanized equipment. Four varieties of dock bumpers are available through TMI. They include laminated dock bumpers, which consist of compressed rubber placed between steel angles and adjoined with steel tie rods. Steel faced dock bumpers include an additional layer of protection by way of a 38” steel plate affixed to the front of the bumper. The steel faced bumpers ensure that a dock gets maximum protection when truck traffic is constant. Molded rubber bumpers use reinforced rubber to provide a solid, durable, one-piece frame that is easy to install on loading docks and walls. The last variety of dock bumpers available through TMI are extruded dock bumpers. These bumpers are ideal for areas that experience traffic from light machinery, cars and boats. All TMI dock bumpers are designed to offer long-lasting protection for walls, docks and other areas prone to damage from mechanized traffic. TMI representatives are able to work with you to determine which dock bumper will best suit your application. From common shapes and sizes to “T” and “D” model bumpers, TMI is able to cover and protect your facility.

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Laminated Loading Dock Bumpers

  • thick 4“ to 12”
  • Model B406-14-P1

Laminated Dock Dumpers from TMI offer a durable, effective and affordable solution for those looking to protect their dock from trucks loading and unloading cargo within the dock area. TMI’s laminated dock bumpers are constructed from recycled tire pads that are compressed between steel angles and held together with 34” steel tie rods. The compressed rubber pads between the angles give the bumper flexibility that can absorb the impact of a truck without shifting within the frame. The result is a long lasting solution that will stand up to consistent use and provide long-term protection for a dock. Laminated dock bumpers protect both the truck and building, and are the most commonly used bumpers on the market. TMI has a complete line of laminated dock bumpers ranging in size from 4“ to 12” thick in horizontal, vertical and extra-length styles. For docks that have unique angles, above dock riser brackets can be purchased to accommodate lower to the ground or uniquely positioned docks.

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Steel-Faced Laminated Loading Dock Bumpers

  • Model B406-24-SF/P1
  • Bumper Thickness 5.25

Steel-Faced dock bumpers consist of the same material used in the construction of laminated dock bumpers, but are clad with a solid steel-face that creates additional levels of durability to the bumper and facility. For docks that experience heavy traffic or have delivery drivers backing their trucks into the dock at higher speeds, steel faced bumpers are the ideal solution. The steel-faced plates use 38" thick steel placed on top of the compressed tire pads, which is able to absorb more shock and abrasion than standard laminated bumpers. Steel-faced bumpers protect both the dock and the delivery trucks. Steel-faced bumpers from TMI can be adjusted to fit docks of all shapes and size. Above dock riser brackets are available to lower the bumpers should the dock be extra close to the ground. Standard steel-faced bumpers come in sizes ranging from 5 14" to 12 34" thick in all horizontal and vertical styles.

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Extruded Loading Dock Bumpers

  • Model D12
  • Bumper Thickness 4"

TMI offers extruded dock bumpers that provide additional layers of protection from forklifts and other loading dock equipment. Extruded dock bumpers are also ideal for areas that experience car and boat traffic. They are not intended for use with heavy trucks, but can be effectively used in marinas and indoor parking areas where boat docks and walls are susceptible to damage. Extruded bumpers are made from heavy-duty rubber and provide a clean, smooth look to parking areas. They are extremely easy to install and will protect walls for years. Extruded dock bumpers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made in lengths up to 10 feet. Predrilled holes make installation extremely easy. Extruded dock bumpers weigh considerably less than laminated and steel faced bumpers. The most common styles of extruded bumpers are the "E" and "D" shapes. The "D" shaped bumper projects from the wall and ensure that cars, boats and light machinery will not damage the structure. "D" bumpers can be ordered with an optional steel flat mounting bar.

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Molded Loading Dock Bumpers

  • Model TB-10
  • Bumper Thickness 3.75

TMI has a complete line of molded rubber dock bumpers that are used on low traffic dock applications. Molded rubber dock bumpers are manufactured using reinforced rubber that is durable and lightweight. All molded rubber dock bumpers are solid, one-piece units. The smooth bumpers are attractive and will not harden in the cold winter months, providing a long-term solution that will keep your dock safe and protected. Rubber dock bumpers, with their variety of sizes, are able to easily fit both regular and oddly shaped docks. The most common molded dock bumpers are the "T", "L" and "R" styles, but special shapes can be fabricated upon request. The model "T" molded bumper has a reflector placed in the middle to provide additional aid for drivers backing into a dock. All dock bumpers from TMI help to ensure that loading docks stay protected from the constant truck traffic that can damage the walls with repeated contact. Molded dock bumpers are extremely easy to install and will provide years of protection.

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Parking Blocks

  • Sizes 3" high x 6" wide x 72" long - 25lbs.
  • Model 1790Y

TMI offers two styles of parking blocks and speed bumps designed to control traffic in and around the warehouse. Parking blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. TMI parking blocks come in white, grey, blue, black and the most popular color, safety yellow. TMI's light duty parking blocks are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), capable of withstanding heavy traffic and the harshest elements. Parking blocks from TMI will provide years of service and are available in compact, standard, deluxe and truck sizes. Unlike concrete parking blocks, HDPE blocks will not need to be repainted once installed.

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Speed Bumps

  • Model Model

Speed bumps are designed to slow down traffic and provide added layers of safety for both workers and customers, while also acting as a cable protector. Speed bumps come in a highly visible safety yellow color and are made with high-density polyethylene capable of withstanding traffic from cars, trucks and forklifts alike. Speed bumps from TMI have a non-skid surface and include anchor kits to make the install as easy as possible.

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Standard Strip Door Hardware

TMI hardware sizes are in full foot increments from 3' wide up to 10' wide. Strip mounting hardware is available in 3 materials: galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. The hardware is sturdy, durable and will last for years. More so, TMI's strip door hardware is compatible with almost every strip door on the market. Most hardware can be installed above a door in a matter of minutes. TMI also owns a patented hardware system known as "Save-T Loc™" hardware. With Save-T Loc™, a keyhole mounting system helps keep strips in place and there is no need for nuts and bolts, resulting in a faster install time. Since the pins are pre-studded, all that is required is to mount the hardware, attach the PVC strips, then place the retainer bar over the pins and lock into place. All TMI hardware is cut specifically to individual orders, but further adjustments can easily be made with a band saw or hacksaw.

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bollard posts

  • Model 700-T1742
  • Post Diameter 4"

Bollard Posts from TMI are constructed of heavy duty, 14" thick steel, mounted on 38" plates. TMI's bollard posts are designed to protect valuable equipment in high traffic areas where forklifts, motorized pallet jacks and other motorized traffic can seriously damage equipment. TMI's Save-T® Bollard Posts provide added layers of protection to your facility and prevent damage to doorways, racking or corners. The bright yellow color of bollard posts makes them highly visible. Bollard post covers are available to provide a fresh look or customized cover.

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Bollard Post Covers Sleeves

  • Model 1732
  • Sleeve Diameter 4"
  • Sleeve Height 56"

Bumper posts are a very effective solution for keeping buildings, equipment and personnel safe. When bollard posts are exposed to the outdoor elements or have become worn, chipped, rusty and unattractive, an effective way to give them a brand new look is to cover them with TMI's bollard post sleeves. The covers, made of high-density polyethylene, make old bollard posts look new again. TMI bollard post sleeves come in your choice of smooth or ribbed, and fit 4", 6' and 8" wide posts and come in a variety of colors, including the standard safety yellow. Each sleeve is 56" long and can be easily trimmed to fit your existing bollard post.

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Machine Guards

  • Model 1765

Rack and machine guards from TMI provide protection for valuable warehouse equipment that can be damaged during the course of the workday by people and heavy equipment working near your machines. TMI's line of protective guards is made from heavy-duty steel that will keep your machinery free from damage, downtime and costly repairs. A single machine guard can pay for itself instantly if it prevents a piece of valuable equipment from being damaged. Available in a bright yellow powder coated finish, TMI's rack and machine guards are highly visible, further aiding in their ability to protect equipment.

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column protectors

  • Model 1704
  • Column Diameter 4"

TMI's Column Protectors are made from high-density polyethylene and are bright yellow in color, ensuring that your warehouse columns are easy to identify and hard to damage. The column protectors wrap around warehouse support columns and protect your facility from accidental damage from forklifts, pallet jacks and other mechanized traffic. TMI column protectors absorb impact, minimizing damage and eliminating the need for costly repairs or equipment downtime. More so, these protectors require no tools and can be installed in minutes. Two halves attach together with easy-to-install straps. Each column protector is maintenance free, light weight and UV protected.

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Spill Containment Platforms

  • Model 700-T1631

For warehouses that use or store potentially hazardous liquids, TMI carries spill containment platforms that protect against spills while ensuring the containment and protection of containers carrying these liquids. TMI safety containers are the most flexible solutions for spill protection and are made of heavy-duty polyethylene, which possesses a high level of chemical resistance. All spill containment platforms from TMI are low profile and can be easily moved with a forklift or pallet jack. These platforms are extremely versatile and affordable. TMI spill containment platforms meet the necessary safety codes for storing hazardous liquids.

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Save-T Storage Cabinets

  • Model 700-T1930

TMI's Save-T® Storage Cabinets are the perfect solution for storing flammables, acids, pesticides, chemicals, and other liquids. . Cabinets are designed to protect the contained flammable liquids for a period of 10 minutes, giving employees time to exit a building in case of a fire. Safety Cabinets are durable and made of welded construction. Each Save-T® Storage Cabinet has adjustable shelves to accommodate various container sizes. Save-T® Storage Cabinets meet NFPA Code 30 and OSHA specifications. Self-Closing Models meet Uniform Fire Code and NFPA Code One Requirements. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 (e)(2)(ii)(b): Incidental storage or use of flammable and combustible liquids. (b) The quantity of liquid that may be located outside of an inside storage room or storage cabinet in a building or in any one fire area of a building shall not exceed: (1) 25 Gallons of Class IA liquids in containers (2) 120 Gallons of Class IB, IC, II, or III liquids in containers (3) 660 gallons of Class IB, IC, II, or III liquids in a single portable tank OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 (d)(3)(i&ii): Design, construction, and capacity of storage cabinets – (I) Maximum capacity. No more than 60 gallons of Class I or Class II liquids, nor more than 120 gallons of Class III liquids may be stored in a storage cabinet.

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Rack Equipment Covers

Curtron offers a complete line of Protecto™ and Supro Rack and Equipment covers. Protecto™ rack covers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors and are also available in various grades, including economy, medium, heavy duty, breathable mesh, and insulated. Each rack cover fits standard size racks and keeps food fresh, protected, safe and temperature controlled. Curtron Products manufactures rack covers for nearly any type of application. Covers can be customized to fit equipment and racks of any shape and size. Curtron produces covers for racks, mixers, microwaves, processors, dish dollies, toasters, salad bars and numerous other pieces of equipment. With Curtron rack covers, equipment stays protected from scratches and scuffs, while also remaining free of dust, dirt and grime. Covers can be created and customized with hook & loop, label pockets, logos, windows and additional features.

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Insulated Rack Covers

  • Model Model Product Name SUPRO-IC-BL

Curtron offers insulated rack covers that include a layer of insulating material pressed between two durable layers of fabric. The insulated covers are ideal for keeping food cold andor heated. Insulated rack covers from Curtron can come with zippers, hook and loop fasteners and pockets for product labeling. The insulated covers offer an R Value from 2.20 – 2.50. These rack covers can transfer an open rack into an inexpensive "closed cabinet" that provides the necessary insulation for hot and cold foods. Durable 3 layer heat resistant material 24 oz vinyl coated polyester fabric outside .55" thick Thinsulate® inside 100% Cotton, Indura flame resistant fabric liner Transforms an open rack into an inexpensive "Closed Cabinet" Prevents skin burns from hot exterior metal surf

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Custom Rack Equipment Covers

Curtron Products™ manufactures rack covers for nearly any type of application. Covers can be customized to fit equipment and racks of any shape and size. Curtron produces covers for racks, mixers, microwaves, processors, dish dollies, toasters, salad bars and numerous other pieces of equipment. Curtron can build an inexpensive covering that will provide benefit and protection to your equipment for years. Simply provide your Curtron representative with the product specifications and they will create a covering to meet your needs.

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Curtronizer Strip Doors

  • temperatures -20° F.

Curtron's patented Curtronizer® Strip Doors are an extremely economical and affordable solution for managing environments in kitchens with walk-in coolers and freezers. Designed for light duty traffic, the Curtronizer® strip door mounts above the cooler or freezer. They can be installed within five minutes, and common sizes are stocked for same day delivery. The Curtronizer® strip door utilizes an NSF approved strip door system complete with a low profile hardware system made from one-piece, non-corrosive, high-impact polypropylene. With no metal parts, the compact plastic hardware drastically reduces the build-up of dirt and grime. Low temperature strips can be used on the Curtronizer, making it an effective door in freezers where temperatures go as low as -20° F. Standard grade strips are effective down to 0° F.

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industrial strip doors

Curtron’s line of Industrial Strip Doors is essential for managing environments in the restaurant and food service industry. They are an affordable solution to keep wind, insects, adverse weather, dust, odor and other elements out of your food processing plant, restaurant or cold storage facility. They are also a great way to provide separation within your workplace. A strip door can be used both indoors and outdoors in a wide variety of applications. Curtron offers a huge selection of different types of strip doors for every different need. You can use low temperature grade strips at the entrance to your walk-in cooler or freezer. Instead of standard strips, try a door made of insect control yellow strips at the entrance to your food processing facility to keep bugs out. Whether it’s at your loading dock or in your cold storage distribution facility, Curtron’s strip doors are guaranteed to slash your energy expenses and create a safer workplace environment.

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Protecto Rack Covers

  • Model SUPRO-10

Protecto® Rack Covers from TMI's Curtron Products fit comfortably over standard bakery-style racks, protecting food from exposure to adverse environmental factors. Protecto® Rack Covers come in two sizes to accommodate standard size bakery racks and half-size racks: 23" wide x 28" deep x 62" high and 23" wide x 28" deep x 33" high. These rack covers are easy to use and easy to store. All Protecto® Rack Covers are universal loading - all 4 corners sport a zipper making it very easy to load and unload the bakery rack underneath. Plus, when not in use, Protecto® Rack Covers can be easily hung out of the way - all Protecto® Rack Covers feature an easy to use hanging loop. This makes these rack covers an ideal food service solution; perfect for use in busy bakeries, restaurants, hotels, and kitchens.

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Swinging Traffic Doors

  • Model SPD-20-AL

The Service-Pro® Series 20 swinging restaurant door is a light duty personnel door available in aluminum or stainless steel sheet. A laminate finish is also available on aluminum Series 20 doors. Series 20 doors are lightweight and easy to open and close. These restaurant doors are often found, as the name implies, in restaurants, but they’re also commonly found in food service environments, retail stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, commercial kitchens and more. Series 20 Advantages The Series 20 Service-Pro® separates environments, helps reduce noise levels and helps control traffic flow. These light duty impact doors help make both customers and employees more comfortable. Service-Pro® Series 20 Features Light duty, personnel traffic swinging door 0.063” Tempered Aluminum Alloy or 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Sheet Series 20 door finishes include natural aluminum, brushed stainless steel and high pressure laminate Series 20 swinging doors all come with a reinforced back spine A 9” x 14” window comes standard on all Series 20 door panels larger than 20” wide, but additional window sizes are available. (A 6” x 12” window is standard for door panels below 20” wide.) A variety of upgrades are available, including impact plates, stainless steel hardware, jamb guards and push plates

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Air Curtains

  • Model AP-2-36-1-SS
  • Door Width 36

The Air-Pro® series through Curtron Products is an NSF certified air curtainair door and is designed for interior mounting on doors up to seven feet high. Air-Pro units are available in stainless steel and a white powder-coat to best match the facility's surroundings. The NSF certification (for stainless steel only, excluding 72" models) makes the Air-Pro air curtain an ideal solution for restaurants and food service facilities. Aluminum blower wheels help make this air curtain a light weight, yet highly effective, unit that separates temperatures, ensures employee and customer comfort, and enables workflow to remain constant. The Air-Pro helps to substantially reduces utility bills while blocking flying insects and airborne pollutants from entering the controlled environments. A heavy-duty directional vane allows the air to be directed into the area where it can be used most effectively. Air-Pro air curtains come with a separate mounting plate that attaches to the wall and enables the Air-Pro to be installed with ease. Both the stainless steel and white powder coat units come with 120 volt, single-phase motors. The 36" Air-Pro unit is ideal for use in drive-through windows at restaurants, pharmacies or any other facility with a service window.

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Pro Drive-Thru Air Curtain

Introducing the ideal air curtain for drive-thru windows: the 2-Go Pro from Curtron Products. The 2-Go Pro air door protects drive-through attendants from inclement weather, flying insects, and harmful carbon monoxide fumes from car exhaust. The constant stream of air lowers energy costs by preventing heated or conditioned air from escaping through the often-open drive-thru window. 2-Go Pro air curtains offer a convenient and practical way to increase drive-thru windows’ energy efficiency. Plus, as hearing customer orders is vital to any successful pick-up window, the 2-Go Pro is extremely quiet, even when running at its highest setting. The 2-Go Pro is a 24” wide unit perfect for indoor use on drive-thru windows at restaurants, pharmacies, or any other facility with a service window. Features Heavy duty stainless steel housing Aluminum blower wheels Adjustable air discharge by +- 20° Extremely quiet operation - you won’t notice it’s on! Easy installation: only 4 lag screws required 120V, single-phase, plug-in unit Available with or without electric heat

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Pest-Pro Silent Flying Insect Traps

TMI's Curtron Products™ Division carries a complete line of bug lights that help control insects in all types of restaurant and food service applications. All Pest-Pro bug lights available through Curtron Products are “silent insect traps, ” meaning that they silently capture and kill flying insects. As compared to the traditional “bug zappers, ” these traps are equally effective but employees and customers will not be subject to the sound of insects getting “zapped.” Curtron offers four series of bug lights ranging from wall sconce units to industrial size traps. The Pest-Pros omit high intensity UV light to attract the bugs and replaceable glue boards to capture the pests. The glue boards are unobtrusive and not visible until the bug trap is opened. All units are UL Listed, run on 120 VOLT Single Phase Power, include a three-prong plug, and carry a five-year limited warranty.

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Mesh Insect Control Rack Covers

  • Model Supro-BM-R

Mesh Rack Covers from Curtron Products allow freshly baked products to cool quickly while still being isolated from contaminants and other airborne pollutants. The mesh also helps frozen products thaw faster and in a safer manner, while allowing moisture to dissipate. Mesh rack covers also prevent the drying and crusting of dough and keep insects out. These rack covers are a great addition to any outdoor catered event. Food remains safe and protected during transportation and serving. Your clients and their customers will have greater peace of mind about the safety and quality of your food product. Durable Mesh Fabric – 70% Open Surface Vinyl PVC coated for easy cleaning Reinforced tear-resistant non-mesh top Universal Load – full access zippers 7 Colors available: White, Gray, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red and Black Stock sizes and colors listed below available for quick shipment Custom sizes are available Can eliminate need to cover each plate or tray Holds trays in position while transporting Enhances Food Safety

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Mesh Insect Control Strip Doors

  • Model SD-MESH-3684

This Mesh strip door is ideal for locations where airflow is wanted but insect control is needed. These uniquely designed doors come in black or yellow 8oz. mesh with our standard hardware mounting options. They can be used to cover restaurant back doors, concession stands and food processing facilities. TMI, LLC can customize mesh strip doors to specific needs and help ensure that workspaces remain bug free. Standard mesh strip door sizes are 36" and 48" wide by 84" high. Strip width is 8" and the strips are weighted at the bottom. Please contact our sales team for further information and pricing.

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Save-T Smoker Receptacle

  • Light Weight 10 lbs.
  • Model T1208Beige

Save-T® Smokers are available through Curtron Products™ and provide a clean, sanitary and effective way for patrons to dispose of . Save-T® Smokers are ideal for restaurants and other establishments where smoking is permitted in outside designated areas. These decorative receptacles are made of durable, high-density polyethylene capable of withstanding the harshest elements. Each container restricts oxygen in the base of the unit where the are collected, helping extinguish the quickly and safely. A galvanized waste can within the base is easily accessible for quick cleaning and emptying. Save-T smokers come in five-quart and four-gallon sizes, as well as in six different colors.

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Save-T Portable Poly Curb Ramp

  • capacity. 1,000 lbs.
  • dimensions 27" Wide x 27" Long x 4" High 

Curtron Products™ offers portable curb ramps to aid in the loading and unloading of restaurant and food-service supply products. Poly Curb Ramps are perfect for hand trucks, wheeled carts and dollies, enabling the easy navigation of curbs and obstacles when transporting supplies from a truck to a facility. Constructed of high-density polyethylene, the ramps are capable of supporting up to 1, 000 lbs. maximum load capacity. With a non-slip surface, the ramp is safe to use in all weather conditions. It is lightweight and durable with two carrying handles. The Poly Curb Ramp is available in safety yellow and its dimensions are 27" Wide x 27" Long x 4" High

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Caser Display Strip Curtains

  • Model C-24

Caser® Display Strip Curtains are designed specifically for “Reach-in” cooler display cases. Casers help to lower cooling costs by eliminating the escape of cool, conditioned air within the cooler. Products within the cooler will be kept freshercolder with a Caser® cooler cover in place. A properly installed Caser can help reduce cooling costs by up to 40 percent and reduces compressor running time. Beveled edges on the PVC strips allow for safe and easy reach through. The Caser® is ideal for convenience stores, grocery stores, airport kiosks and any open-faced cooler. Caser® cooler covers can be customized to fit coolers and freezers of all shapes and size.

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Night Shade Display Case Curtains

  • Model NS-CLEAR

Night Shades are an easy and cost effective way to keep energy costs down. Night Shade covers are very easy to install and come in 48” wide panels that can be pulled to lengths of 72”. Night Shades can be used in both horizontal and vertical mounting applications and can be purchased in clear and translucent white. Night Shade covers mount directly to the cooler case and can be installed in minutes to provide instant energy savings. When coolers are long, numerous Night Shades can be installed side-by-side to create a consistent barrier. Night Shade cooler covers are also valuable during power outages when food is at risk of spoilage. When not being used, Night Shades fold over the top of the cooler and remain out of the way.

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