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Other Products / Services

Our Complete range of products are DUST CONTAINMENT POLE, HVAC FILM, ENVIROWASH ES160P, PROPERFECT WIPERS and polypropylene coveralls.


  • MAX HEIGHT 12 ft pole – 2pk box
  • SIZE 4′ 7½” to 12′

PRODUCTS DUST CONTAINMENT E-Z UP® DUST CONTAINMENT POLE – 12FT USE WITH PLASTIC SHEETING TO CREATE DUST BARRIER Trimaco’s E-Z Up® Dust Containment Pole works with plastic sheeting to create a dust barrier on the jobsite. The durable steel construction adjusts to a maximum height of 12 feet. Simply clip plastic onto the quick clip and adjust the pole to ceiling height with twist lock technology. The unique bottom spring ensures a snug fit. You can even use our E-Z Up Zipper to create an instant doorway in and out of the work space. 12ft pole: Maximum height of 12′, minimum height of 4′ 7½” Keep dust contained

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  • SIZE 38″ x 50′
  • ITEM # 12385
  • PACK 1

FloorShell is a contractor strength surface protection roll for your toughest jobs. Heavy duty construction board made from 100% recycled newsprint, this item is eco-friendly and reusable. FloorShell protects wood, concrete, stone, tile, linoleum, epoxy, vinyl composition tile (vct), and most other floor types. The 45 mil thick board can even stand up against the wear and tear of forklifts.

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  • SIZE 36″ x 120′

X-PAPER FLOORING PROTECTION Trimaco’s X-Paper is heavy duty flooring protection paper. It’s 1.5 times thicker than regular contractor’s paper and is breathable to allow floors to continue the curing process. It provides superior protection for all types of floors and surfaces. The paper is easy to work with and repels minor spills. Spend less time applying and re-applying paper on the job. This construction paper will be a must on your job. 1.5x thickness of regular contractor’s paper Floor Protection Made in the USA More durable + long-lasting Repels minor spills Breathable

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Aqua Shield Surface Protector

  • ITEM 87015
  • SIZE 36″ x 15′

Aqua Shield™ Surface Protector provides fire retardant surface protection. The durable Masonite alternative is leak proof and slip resistant. The heavy duty roll comes in multiple thicknesses and protects all types of surfaces during the manufacturing, building and repair processes. The dust-free surface protector is ideal for healthcare facilities and large construction jobs. Quick and easy installation dramatically cuts labor cost – no more bulky Masonite. Up to 40 mil thickness for maximum strength against forklifts and scissor lifts. Proudly made in the USA. Up to 40 mil thickness – forklift and scissor lift strong! Leakproof—ideal for indoor or outdoor projects Quick and easy to install, dramatically cutting labor costs—the 6′ wide 25 mil product is equivalent to 33 sheets of Masonite or other 4′ x 8′ board products Made in the USA Provides dust-free protection-ideal for healthcare Flame Retardant—tested and certified to NFPA-701 Test Method 2

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corrugated plastic

  • Size 48″ x 96″
  • ITEM 90648
  • PACK 1

X•PLASTIC – CORRUGATED PLASTIC Temporary impact resistant protection used for covering floors, walls and counter-tops. 4mm thick plastic board is lightweight, durable and reusable. This surface protector will stand up to forklifts and is designed to repel liquids. Plus it’s chemical resistant and non-toxic. Available in pallet quantities only. 4mm thickness – forklift strong! Heavy duty surface protection designed to repel liquids Economical + reusable Non toxic + chemical resistant

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  • Size 24″ x 50′ (shelf display)
  • ITEM 62450/6

CARPET FILM Our Easy Mask® Carpet Film is reverse wound for easy application. The non-skid film protects against spills, dirt and foot traffic. Once applied, the film provides a tight bond with soft surfaces such as carpet, yet it’s easy to remove and leaves no residue. Great for protecting carpeted stairs and highly tear resistant. Our Film Applicator makes this product easy to apply on the job. Up to 30 days of use on synthetic carpet. Never apply to hardwood floors, wool carpet, ceramic tile or laminate flooring. Do not apply to wet or damp carpets. Allow 72 hours before applying to newly laid carpets. Up to 30 days of use Paint, construction, residential, real estate, marine, industrial and more Non-skid

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  • Size 24″ x 50′ (shelf display)
  • ITEM 72450

HARD SURFACE FILM Our Easy Mask® Hard Surface Film is reverse wound for easy application. The non-skid film protects against spills, dirt and foot traffic. Once applied, the film provides a tight bond with hard surfaces, yet it’s easy to remove and leaves no residue. This blue, tough, durable film resists tearing, abrasion and puncturing. Great for protecting hard floors, counter tops, appliances, bathtubs, showers, tile, marble and more. Up to 30 days of use. Our Film Applicator makes this product easy to apply on the job. Do not apply to wet or damp surfaces or unfinished wood, natural marble or stone. Not recommended for on-site finished hardwood floors. On newly installed flooring, allow any curing process to completely finish before usage of this product. When film may be exposed to temperatures over 95°, outdoor exposure or extremely heavy traffic, film should be inspected on a weekly basis and replaced as needed. Up to 30 days of use Paint, construction, residential, real estate, marine, industrial and more Highly tear resistant

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  • ITEM 62300
  • PACK 1
  • SIZE Fits 24″, 30″, 36″ rolls

Adjustable film applicator for 24″, 30″ and 36″ Carpet and Hard Surface Films. Unrolls reverse wound film quickly and easily. The durable steel construction will hold up to the toughest jobs. No need for two people to roll out highly tacky film, you won’t regret investing in this product! Fits 24″, 30″, 36″ rolls Easy application of reverse wound film Durable

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  • Size 24″ x 600′
  • ITEM # 88124

COUNTER TOP FILM Our Easy Mask® Counter Top Film keeps counters protected from scratches and stains on the job site. This blue tinted film is easy to install and remove. Perfect for use during fabrication, shipping, delivery, installation and after installation to keep the counter tops looking new until all work is completed. Protect counters from scratches and stains Can be used during the fabrication and shipping process

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  • ITEM 88044
  • PACK 1
  • SIZE 24″ x 200′

HVAC FILM Provide temporary closure to open duct work with easy-to-use Easy Mask® HVAC film. Can be applied quickly and efficiently without the need for tape, strapping or banding. This blue film is highly conformable, UV and puncture-resistant. Film is self wound. Blue film UV and puncture resistant Easy-to-use

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  • Size 9′ x 12′
  • PACK 6

ELIMINATOR™ 225% more slip resistant and 20% more drapable than 10oz canvas, the Eliminator drop cloth gives you leak proof protection that stays put where you place it. Make sure to use the coated side down to keep stain and paint from hitting the surface you’re protecting. Professional grade, crack-resistant butyl works well in hot or cold temperatures, never sticking or cracking. Reduce messy clean ups by protecting your job site with the Eliminator. You’ll use this heavy weight drop cloth time and time again. Leak resistant to all paints + stains Slip resistant Stay Put™ technology Durable + Reusable

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  • ITEM 80201
  • PACK 6
  • SIZE 9′ x 12′

RUBBER-DUCKIE™ Heavyweight coated butyl backed drop cloth helps reduce messy clean-ups on the job. The Rubber-Duckie™ drop cloth is leak resistant to protect surfaces during the painting process. It’s also washable and reusable, making it an economical choice. Leak resistant against paint Eliminates messy clean-ups Durable + Reusable Economical

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  • ITEM 85321
  • PACK 6
  • SIZE 9′ x 12′

BUTYL II™ Canvas drop cloth has a leak resistant poly backing which prevents paint from leaking through. The Butyl II™ canvas drop cloth is guaranteed to outperform the 8oz., 10oz., 12oz., and 3-coat butyl. Its thick, absorbent canvas and leak resistant coating makes it a no-brainer for all of your projects. Because it is super absorbent, leak resistant and drapes well over furniture you know clean up won’t be a hassle. Quality finished hems and seams hold up over time. Thick absorbent canvas Leak resistant coating Drapes well over furniture

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  • ITEM # 80421
  • PacK 6
  • SIZE 9′ x 12′

Triple-coated butyl drop cloth is heavy weight, leak resistant and durable. When we hear “Old School” we think tradition, quality, tough. Our Old School Heavyweight Butyl has been around a long time and has proven to be a dependable product in the paint industry. It is triple-coated, heavyweight, leak-resistant and durable. We are proud to offer tough and economical dropcloths that are made right here in America. Remember, old school means built right! Made in the USA Leak resistant Durable + Reusable

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toilet cover

  • ITEM 83100
  • PACK 8
  • SIZE fits most toilets

Yes, a toilet cover! Polypropylene Toilet Cover offers quick and easy protection for toilets during the painting and remodeling process. No need to use tape and plastic. Toilet Cover holds in place with elastic, is reusable and fits most standard toilets. Apply and remove in seconds. Fits most standard toilets Easy on and off – takes seconds Easy elastic! No plastic or tape!

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  • ITEM # 90027
  • PACK 4
  • SIZE 2′ x 7′

QUICK DROP Trimaco’s Quick Drop is a folding mat drop cloth that is easy-to-handle and maneuver; simply drop, kick into place and start painting! Made of coated fabric, Quick Drop is absorbent and leak resistant to paints, stains, solvents and more. Perfect for touch ups, punch lists and smaller projects, this durable drop cloth fits in hard to reach spaces and works great on counter-tops, carpet, hardwoods, vinyl and tile floors. Use time and time again simply folding in between jobs for easy storage. Easy fold + easy storage Leak resistant protection Absorbent blue fabric avoids tracking Better protection than canvas Tear resistant, durable + reusable Non-slip, thick foam padding Easy on the knees!

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  • ITEM 70241
  • PACK 6
  • SIZE 9′ x 12′

ALL PURPOSE DYED Mediumheavyweight canvas drop cloth is made from dyed material. It is perfect for non-sensitive surfaces and outdoors. Reduce paint tracking on the job with this canvas drop cloth. Made from Dyed Material Mediumheavy weight canvas Perfect for non-sensitive surfaces + outdoors Keeps paint from tracking

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  • PACK 12
  • SIZE 9′ x 12′ – 2 mil

STAY PUT™ VINYL It’s time to ditch your slippery standard plastic and try the Stay Put™ Vinyl drop cloth. 31% more slip resistant than a traditional plastic drop cloth, you can lay it down on hardwood, vinyl, tile, carpet or furniture. This drop cloth is leak proof and clings to surfaces. With its textured slip-resistant technology, there’s no need to worry about Stay Put sliding off the surface in the middle of the job. It is even more slip resistant than canvas! It’s simple, Stay Put stays put. Leak proof + clings + drapable! Stays put on hardwood, vinyl, tile + carpet Drapable for improved protection

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knit rags

KNIT RAGS TOUGH, RELIABLE, ABSORBENT WIPERS From premium white knit rags to recycled rags, we have a wide array for your job. All varieties are absorbent and soft. They are ideal for painting, staining and faux finishing projects, as well as cleaning, polishing and many other tasks. Trimaco’s full line of knit rags includes Premium, super bright white t-shirt rags; T-Shirt Knit, smooth, bleached t-shirt rags; Mixed White Knits, an economical blend of white t-shirts and mixed knit rags; Heather Grey Knits, an assorted blend of heather grey knit rags; Colored Knits, all purpose rags are absorbent and economical. All varieties are absorbent and soft. They are ideal for painting, staining and faux finishing projects, as well as cleaning, polishing and many other tasks. Download the sales slick below for a full listing of our rags. Absorbent and soft Ideal for painting, staining and faux finishing projects, as well as cleaning, polishing and many other tasks

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  • SIZE 4lb mini-bale
  • ITEM 10474

OLD SCHOOL™ WIPERS When we hear “Old School” we think tradition, quality, tough. Old School Wipers are premium t-shirt knit rags that are made for professionals. They are highly absorbent and reliable. No scraps and perfect cut every time! Absolutely no waste! You’ll be happy with every rag you pull out of this bag. Perfect cut every time No scraps or wasted pieces Highly absorbent and dependable

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  • ITEM 80025
  • PACK 1
  • SIZE 18″ x 18″ – 25pk box

PROPERFECT™ WIPERS THE PROFESSIONAL’S CHOICE ProPerfect™ Premium Rags are designed to be the perfect size rags for painters. Each rag is cut to a consistent size of 18×18 inches and packed by count, not by weight. Unlike most boxes of ordinary rags, you’ll find no scraps with ProPerfect. Every piece is usable, giving you more rags for your money. ProPerfect Premium Rags are 100% cotton new t-shirt material and are pre-washed, super absorbent and low-linting. Simply the best rag you can buy, ProPerfect Rags are great for any job, especially staining, polishing and cleaning. No waste Consistent square size of 18″x18″ 100% cotton Super absorbent and low linting Great for applying stain

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  • ITEM 83625
  • pack 1
  • SIZE 16″ x 16″ – 25pk dispenser box

WONDER RAGS Trimaco’s Wonder Rag® is made of a unique microfiber material that is great for removing paint spills and splatters from surfaces. The streak free and lint free wiper is ideal for polishing and cleaning all surfaces. Wonder Rags are pre-washed for softness and absorbency. They’re highly absorbent plus washable and reusable. The Wonder Rag will be one of your favorite wipers! Proudly made in the USA. 16″x16″ towels Absorbs like a sponge Streak free and lint free Made in the USA

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  • ITEM 84075
  • SIZE 12″ x 16.5″ – 75ct

ONE TUFF™ WIPERS PROFESSIONAL GRADE BLUE WIPING CLOTHS Trimaco’s One Tuff™ Wiping Cloth is engineered of Sontara® in a spun-lacing process, using needle-like jets of water to entangle fibers into one of the most durable wiping cloths available. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, including household and paint clean up, manufacturing, automotive and machinery repair and many more! With its bigger sheet size, strength and durability, you can use and re-use a One Tuff over and over! Towels come in a convenient dispenser box, proudly made in the USA. Great for paint clean up Tough on all surfaces Durable wet or dry Super absorbent Great for shop use

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  • ITEM 10101
  • PACK 12
  • SIZE 1ct

STAINING PAD Trimaco SuperTuff™ Staining Pad is ideal for applying stain to any surface without drips or blemishes. The terry cloth cover is soft and absorbent while the inner sponge soaks up excess liquid to prevent running. Ensure a smooth and lint-free finish with our high quality staining pad. Also great for waxing, polishing and washing. Sponge with terry cloth covering Apply stain to any surface Ensure no drips

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  • Size fits most
  • ITEM 10904
  • PACK 12

MICROFIBER INTERIOR DETAILING MITT Trimaco’s SuperTuff™ Microfiber Interior Detailing Mitt is non-linting, soft and super absorbent. The non-streaking and scratch free material is washable and reusable. Lift, trap and remove dirt, dust and grime easily. Great for automotive and household cleaning. Great for hard to reach areas For use on all interior surfaces Non-linting soft microfiber Washable and reusable

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  • ITEM 10901
  • PACK 12
  • SIZE fits most

PAINTER’S MITT Our SuperTuff™ Painter’s Mitt makes painting hard to reach areas easier. From railings to trim, the Paint Mitt speeds the job up. Three layer construction provides comfort, protection and flexibility for paint and cleaning jobs. One size fits most. Great for hard to reach areas For painting and cleaning Great for painting railings

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  • ITEM 10991/6
  • PACK 6
  • SIZE fits most

PRO PAINT MITT™ Our Pro Paint Mitt makes painting hard to reach areas easier and lint-free. Thick and super absorbent premium fabric makes shedding a thing of the past. Can be used with all types of paint and stain. From railings to trim, the Pro Paint Mitt speeds the job up. One size fits most. Lint-free paint application Great for hard to reach areas For painting and cleaning Great for painting railings

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  • ITEM 14272
  • PACK 25
  • SIZE large, xlarge, 2xlarge

DuPont™ Tyvek® Dual Coveralls provide an ideal balance of comfort, durability and protection for workers. The front provides superior protection, while the back is breathable for comfort. Well suited for workers who are involved in a variety of strenuous activities that can lead to heat stress in applications including: utilities, maintenance and remediation, composites, boat manufacturing, glass manufacturing, wind turbines and more. Tyvek® on the front, ProShield® on the back Provides extra comfort during strenuous work

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  • ITEM 14212
  • Pack 12

Light liquid splash coveralls used extensively in the petroleum; pulp and paper; food and chemical processing; and pharmaceutical industries. Tychem® QC is a polyethylene-coated Tyvek® yellow fabric for high visibility. These coveralls are flexible, durable and lightweight. Tychem® QC provides at least 30 minutes of protection against >40 chemical challenges. When used with masks and gloves, these coveralls can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination in pandemic preparedness activities. Also available with storm flap tape closure. Liquid splash protection At least 30 minutes of protection against >40 chemicals Flexible, durable and lightweight

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  • PACK 24
  • SIZE large
  • ITEM 09953

BODYBARRIER COVERALLS Trimaco Body Barrier Coveralls will keep you clean and dry on the job, so you can leave the mess behind. Heavy duty coveralls are comprised of a microporous film and polypropylene to create a nonwoven liquid resistant material. They offer solvent resistance, splash protection and protection against nonhazardous particulates. Designed to allow for moisture to dissipate, these coveralls are durable and comfortable. Great for blocking solvent, thinner, automotive oil and grease, lawn and garden chemicals, asphalt, insulation, dirt, grime, and more! Microporous bi-laminate polyolefin Liquid resistant protection, lightweight and breathable Splash and solvent resistance Protection against nonhazardous particulates Paint and pesticide spraying, automobile refinishing and waste clean up

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  • ITEM 14152/6
  • PACK 6
  • SIZE large

All Purpose Coveralls are comprised of one layer of leak-resistant meltblown polypropylene bonded between two layers of spunbond polypropylene to create a unique fabric with durable 3-layer protection. Coveralls offer light splash protection and lightweight breathability while providing protection from many dry particulates and water-based liquids. Light protection and breathable comfort Maintenance, janitorial, construction and nonhazardous jobs Durable 3-layer protection

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polypropylene coveralls

  • ITEM 141431
  • PACK 25
  • SIZE xlarge

POLYPROPYLENE COVERALLS Trimaco’s SuperTuff™ Painter’s Coveralls are made from a special non-woven polypropylene fabric that protects from paint, grease and dirt. Cool, breathable and lightweight, these durable coveralls can be washed in cold water and reused. Features a zippered front and elastic back and wrists. Legs can be cut to fit any height. Extra breathable and lightweight Protects from paint, grease and dirt Zipper-close front Durable and reusable, washable in cold water

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  • ITEM 28031
  • PACK 25 bulk

All Trimaco spray suits have a comfortable fuller fit, 2-way zipper, attached drawstring hood and 3 pockets. They are lint free, washable and reusable. Spray Suit Ultra Made of polyester with carbon fiber thread for superior anti-static control Lint free, washable and reusable 2-way zipper, attached drawstring hood and 3 pockets Breathable, lightweight fabric

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  • ITEM 79400
  • PACK 1
  • SIZE 9’x 400′

CLING COVER® PLASTIC SHEETING PAINT OVERSPRAY HAS MET ITS MATCH See why ClingCover® Plastic Sheeting is the perfect self-adhering masking film for all your construction and remodeling jobs. ClingCover clings to almost any surface. Our premium film is treated with a unique formula that not only attracts overspray, but reduces flaking as well. Made to withstand multiple uses without making a mess, ClingCover makes painting easier, cleaner and faster. Clings and protects Grips to walls and surfaces Attracts paint overspray and dust For painting, sanding and remodeling jobs

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  • ITEM QM5000
  • PACK 6

MASKERS AND BLADES EASY MASK MASKING SYSTEM Use either of the Easy Mask maskers with our full line of masking papers, films, tapes and blades to fit any job’s needs. The QM5000 PRO™ has a comfort grip handle, making it easy for professional painters to mask off large areas effortlessly, while the QM2500™ is great for home use to mask small areas, such as windows and doors, with ease. The masker attaches tape to the edges of either film or paper, allowing a painter to easily mask off large areas. Fast and easy – load, mask, cut For commercial or residential use Prep 3x faster

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  • ITEM 17960/36
  • SIZE 60″ fits 4-9″ door opening

DOOR JAMB PROTECTOR NO MORE SCRATCHES AND DENTS Trimaco’s SuperTuff™ Door Jamb Protector is the ideal solution for any jobsite including building, construction, renovation and moving jobs. The durable construction board material protects door frames from damage including gouges, nicks, dents and scratches. Easy to install and remove, the reusable door jamb protector is a low-cost solution for protecting expensive trim. Fits all standard door jambs. Reusable Easy to install Prevents gouges, nicks, dents and scratches Fits all standard door jambs

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  • ITEM 54732
  • MAX HEIGHT 12ft
  • PACK 2
  • SIZE 5′ 4¾” to 12′

HEAVY DUTY E-Z UP® DUST CONTAINMENT POLE USE WITH PLASTIC SHEETING TO CREATE DUST BARRIER Face it, we’ve all seen the dust created during a construction and paint job…why not make things easier? Our E-Z Up Poles will keep debris and dust contained to the work area, reducing clean up, and making the customer very happy. Trimaco’s Heavy Duty E-Z Up® Dust Containment Pole works with plastic sheeting to create a dust barrier on the jobsite.

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  • Size n/a
  • ITEM # 98025
  • PACK 6

LEAD PAINT PROTECTION KIT MEETS LEAD REMOVAL SAFETY STANDARDS All the items you need to keep yourself protected from lead paint. Kit contains 1 XL Poly Coverall whood, 1 pr Shoe Guards, 10pk Nitrile Gloves, 1 N-100 Respirator and 1 Safety Goggles.

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  • ITEM 20401
  • PACK 6
  • SIZE holds 1 gallon paint pail

4-IN-1 BUCKET HOOK 4 USES, 1 AMAZING TOOL! SuperTuff Select’s 4-in-1 Bucket Hook is more than your average pail hook. Not only is it a secure way to hang your 1 gallon paint pail from your ladder on the jobsite, it also features a flathead screwdriver for removing wall plates, a paint pail opener and a swivel clamp to allow for a rotating bucket. Our exclusive easy-lift finger loop allows for simple attachment and movement up and down your ladder. Plus, it serves as a convenient holder for a rag. What more could a painter want? Works with a 1 gallon pail. Paint pail hook with easy to use swivel clamp Use with 1 gallon paint pail

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  • ITEM 51608
  • PACK 1
  • SIZE 200 gallons

ENVIROWASH ES800 The EnviroSolutions EnviroWash System is an innovative, water-based treatment system that turns paint wash-out from brushes and rollers into clean water and inert solid waste, allowing for easier and safer disposal. The 200 gallon system was designed for commercial construction sites and can handle processing the higher quantities of paint washing associated with large building projects. Suits 5+ painter teams Designed for commercial construction sites Large ergonomic wash area Built in pallet makes it easy for forklift movement

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  • ITEM 51609
  • PACK 1
  • SIZE 40 gallons

ENVIROWASH ES160P The EnviroSolutions EnviroWash System is an innovative, water-based treatment system that turns paint wash-out from brushes and rollers into clean water and inert solid waste, allowing for easier and safer paint disposal. The ES160P is a portable unit with a capacity of 40 gallons and a process time of approximately 2 hours. Suitable for 1-2 man operations, Suitable for 1-2 man operations Convenient wash up area Easily transported Pumps for quick emptying of the “clean water”

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