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Our product range comtains a wide range of Rivet Hole Brushes, angle air drills, drilling accessories, Deburring Tools and Pistol Grip Air Drills

Rivet Hole Brushes

US Industrial Tool stainless steel Rivet Hole Brushes are designed to remove corrosion, paint, and other contaminates from the rivet hole area. Available in a five piece kit or individually in the following pilot sizes: 332”, 18”, 532”, 316”, and 14 “. All tools come with a 14 “ shank.

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angle air drills

US Industrial Tool manufacturers right angle drill motors using our straight drill motor and adding a right angle head. These drill motors are available in 2, 800 and 4, 500 RPM with rear exhaust. Our right angle drill motors are offered with a 14 “-28 female spindle and a 932” collet type spindle. Our collet style right angle drill motor comes standard with the following collet sizes: #40, #30, #28, #21, #12, and #11. Our right angle drill motors are available standard with our safety trigger eliminating accidental drill motor starts. Compact size was designed and built with close quarter, limited access drilling operations in mind

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Deburring Tools

US Industrial Tool stocks a wide range of Sheet Metal finishing tools that are available individually and in kits. These tools are designed with the needs of the aircraft industry in mind. Sheet metal finishing tools are designed to prepare the sheet metal part for further assembly. We offer tools for building new and for refurbishing existing aircraft. Our deburring and rivet hole brush kits supply you with all the tools you need to prepare your sheet metal part for assembly.

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drilling accessories

Our line of drilling Accessories include: Drill Stops, Drill jigs, Drill Extensions, Drill Gauge, Unibits, Drill Housings (eye cups), Center Punches, 90° angle attachments, 45° angle attachments, and “L” Type Offset attachments. We offer drill extensions for both threaded shank and jobber drills. Our Center punches are available in manual, spring loaded, Optical, and automatic styles to provide the correct starting hole for your drilling applications. Our flexible “Snake” drill attachments allow you to reach those difficult to reach areas where a standard drill motor will not fit. The “L” Offset drill attachment attaches to your drill motor and with the use of a threaded drill bit allows you to reach into structures where a standard drill con not go.

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Pistol Grip Air Drills

US Industrial Tool manufacturers and sells our own brand of pistol grip Air Drills as well as offering other brands of drills for sale. Our brand of tools is ergonomically designed, compact, quiet, and powerful. Our brand of pistol grip drill motors is available with keyed and keyless chucks. The US Industrial Tool pistol grip drill motors have a .75 HP High torque motor. Standard on our pistol grip motors is our patented variable speed teasing trigger with an adjustable trigger as an option. The short body length and light weight of our brand make this the ideal drill for working in limited access spaces. Our MINI Pneumatic Drill weighs in at 1.33 lbs, has a 14 “ capacity, is 5 58” long, with a teasing trigger.

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Drill Chucks

US Industrial Tool offers drill chucks available in different styles and size capacities. Drill chucks are available in three and four jaw styles with 38”-24 mounts. Our “Angle Drill Chuck” comes with a 14”-28 male adapter, a 532” capacity, and is designed to be used on all types of angle attachments and tools. Keyless chucks are a great choice for any mechanic and are available with a rubber sleeve or all metal construction. Available in both 14 “and 38” capacity with a 38”-24 mount, these chucks eliminate the need for a chuck key. Standard replacement drill chucks are designed to fit any 38”-24 spindle, are available in 14 “ and 38” capacity, and come standard with a chuck key. Our “Heavy Duty Industrial Chucks” are designed to fit any 38”-24 spindle, are available in 14” and 38” capacity, and come standard with a chuck key. The Cone Jaw Chuck is heavy duty yet has a mini size that will fit any angle drill or attachment with 14 “-28 threads. Our “Quick Change Chuck” can be used to adapt you drill motor for the use of quick change tools. Available in both the short and long series this system allows toll changes in seconds.

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Angle Die Grinders

US Industrial Tool offers one straight and two right angle die grinders from Mercury. The Mercury straight die grinder has a 25, 000 RPM speed. The Mercury right angle die grinder is available in a 12, 000 RPM and 25, 000 RPM tool.

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Straight Air Drills

US Industrial Tool manufactures straight drill motors in the following RPMs: 500, 2, 800, 4, 500, and 15, 000. The motor weighs two pounds and develops .75 horse power. Our straight drill motor has a 14” capacity, rear exhaust, and is CE certified. The straight drill motor is available with an “L” offset in 2, 800 and 4.500 RPM. This motor is used with a right angle head attachment to make our right angle drill motors that are available with a 14 “-28 female spindle and a collet style spindle. Number 40, 30, 28, 21, 12, and 11 size collets come with our right angle collet style drill motor. This motor is also available with a “pancake” attachment in 2, 800 and 4, 500 RPM. Repair replacement parts are available for this motor.

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US Industrial Tool offers Screw drivers, screw removal tools, magnetic insert screw driver, torque type screwdriver, and screw removal tools. Our magnetic screwdrivers utilize insert bits that we inventory in many styles. Our insert bits include: Phillips style short and long, slotted, bits with finder sleeves, power bits, tri-wing bits, and Socket Head Allen bits. Our Heavy Duty Screw Removal tool is heat treated, plated, and built for a lifetime. This ingenious tools folds up for easy storage and has a compartment in the handle for storage of accessories. Our Hand Type Torque Screwdriver is handy for those applications where a specific torque is required.

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hole cutters

US Industrial Tool offers many solutions for your hole cutting needs. We stock standard hole cutters and arbors, hollow mill type cutters, holcuters kits with depth control, rotary style hole cutters for the larger diameter holes, and Circle (Fly) style cutters Hole cutting tools and cutting tool bits are made from High Speed Steel (HSS) and precision ground for accuracy. Instrument Panel Cutting Tools are operated by hand and require a 716” pre-drilled hole. Arbors with drive pins are available for those holes that are deeper in steels.

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