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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Series 1805 Heavy-Duty Polyurethane Lined PVC, Series 1100 Clear Braided Tubing, 2107 Premium Multi Purpose Hose, Series 2585 Furnace Door and Series 2425 X-Link Chemical.

Series 1805 Heavy-Duty Polyurethane Lined PVC

  • Tube Polyurethane lined (static dissipating)
  • Cover Blue HMV PVC - Convoluted
  • Reinforcement High density rigid PVC helix
  • Sizes 2" through 8"

Series 1805 Heavy-Duty Polyurethane Lined PVC Material Handling Hose For conveying of solids where high abrasive conditions are present. Specially formulated, static-dissipating HMV PVC compound provides sub-zero flexibility. The thick, smooth heavy duty polyurethane lining eliminates material build up. Similar to Series 1800, but with a thicker liner.

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Series 1100 Clear Braided Tubing

  • Tube Clear non-toxic PVC (FDA, USDA, NSF 51 Certified & Listed)
  • Reinforcement Multiple textile braid
  • Packaging 100' or 300' coils through 5/8". 100' or 200' coils in 3/4". 100' coils in 1", 50' or 100' coils in 1-1/4" through 2"
  • Sizes 1/4" through 2"
  • Length 100' or 300' Coils

Clear PVC hose is excellent for conveying liquids, air, and powdered foods. The hose is transparent, allowing for easy inspection during service. Formulated to meet applicable FDA, USDA, 3A, and NSF 61. Ideally suited for marine, recreational, agricultural and other industries.

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2107 Premium Multi Purpose Hose

  • Tube Black Nitrile (Class "A" ORS)
  • Cover Yellow carboxylated Nitrile (Class "A" ORS)
  • Sizes 1/4" through 2"
  • Branding Ink brand--black letters
  • Origin USA

This hose is designed for applications requiring a premium quality, multi-purpose hose with superior abrasion resistance for air, oil, and some chemical applications. Excellent durability for extra long life in these applications: mining, air drill, construction, poultry plants, and other severe service. Meets MSHA requirements for flame resistant and non-conductive (14" thru 1-14").

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Series 2585 Furnace Door

  • Tube Black Neoprene
  • Cover Heat resistant Orange EPDM, with non-conductive white fiberglass
  • Reinforcement Multiple textile plies
  • Sizes 1-1/2" through 4"
  • Packaging 100' coils

To convey cooling water (300°F) to furnace doors in steel mills, glass plants, foundries, or where the hose is subjected to high temperatures, open flame, and splashes of white-hot molten metals or glass. Hose has a through-the-wall electrical resistance of 1 x 1010Ω.

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Series 2425 X-Link Chemical

  • Tube Cross-linked polyethylene
  • Cover Smooth Green EPDM
  • Reinforcement Multiple textile plies with dual wire helix
  • Sizes 3/4" through 4"
  • Packaging 100' coils

Cross-link chemical hose solves most chemical handling problems. The tube compound is resistant to 90% of chemicals, solvents, and petroleum products used in industry. The heavy wall resists kinking and crushing for extra safety. Refer to the chemical guide to determine compatibility with chemicals and applications.

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Series 1380 Eliminator 800 PVC Spray Hose

  • Reinforcement Multiple textile plies
  • Tube Clear Polyurethane/PVC Blend
  • Cover Green PVC - Ribbed (Fluted)
  • Sizes 3/8" and 1/2"
  • Origin USA

The unique polyurethanePVC blended tube provides excellent resistance to hydrocarbon-based chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides. The longitudinally ribbed cover reduces drag and is resistant to abrasion, ultraviolet light, and weathering. The high pressure construction is excellent for tree and orchard spraying.

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Series 1300 "Eliminator" 600 Spray Hose

  • Tube Clear Polyurethane/PVC Blend
  • Cover Yellow PVC w/Red Stripe - Smooth
  • Sizes 3/8" and 1/2"
  • Pressure Range 600 PSIG
  • Origin USA

This premium spray hose is designed with a polyurethanePVC core that provides excellent resistance to hydrocarbon-based chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides. The unique braid design provides for extreme flexibility and the heavy wall for superior resistance to abrasion, weathering, etc.

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2108 Paint Hose

  • Reinforcement Multiple textile braids
  • Tube Nylon 11 (Silicone-Free)
  • Cover Black synthetic (RMA B ORS)
  • Branding White letter ink jet
  • Sizes 1/4" thru 1"

Designed to handle both water and oil based paints in medium pressure applications. The Nylon 11 tube will handle ketone solvents, lacquers, thinners and paints with high aromatics, as well as many chemicals. Very flexible for ease of handling.

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1200 Polyflex PVC Air Hose

  • Tube Black PVC (ARPM Class B ORS)
  • Cover Blue PVC (ARPM Class B ORS)
  • Sizes 1/4" through 1".
  • Branding Ink brand--white or black
  • Origin USA

"Polyflex" series is ideal for air, water, and moderate chemical applications. Ideal for in-plant applications that require an economical general purpose hose. Excellent air supply line for pneumatic tools and paint spray systems.

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2325 Concrete Hose

  • Tube Natural rubber blend. Static conducting
  • Cover Black SBR
  • Temperature -40°F to +180°F (-40°C to +82°C)
  • Branding Embossed branding
  • Packaging 50’ coils

For handling wet concrete with high head pressures at the critical flex areas of a concrete boom truck and as a discharge hose on the delivery end of high pressure concrete pumps. Meets or exceeds CPMA 27-2000

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