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We offer the best product range of Measurement Pressure Transducer, Vehicle Data Acquisition, Pressure Sensor Interface, Carrier Demodulator and rentals.

Measurement Pressure Transducer

  • Model No. P895

The P895 is designed for a wide variety of pressure measurements where high resistance to vibration and superior stability through temperature change is required. The zero and full-scale output calibrations are set by the potentiometer adjustments accessible from the top cover. - See more at: http:validyne.comproductP895_Test_and_Measurement_Pressure_Transducer#sthash.osEK6lDQ.dpuf

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Vehicle Data Acquisition

  • temperatures up to 185 °F

The Validyne VDAS integrates all your data acquisition requirements for vehicle testing into one compact, rugged system. Up to 300 vehicle sensor channels can be accepted by the VDAS so that time consuming change-outs of instrumentation packages can be minimized. The same VDAS is easily shared by several test groups; system configurations can be saved and re-loaded as needed. - See more at: http:validyne.comproductVehicle_Data_Acquisition_System(VDAS)#sthash.ypMvm5tz.dpuf

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Pressure Sensor Interface

  • Model No. USB2251

The USB2251 Pressure Sensor Interface provides real-world data acquisition for your PC via the USB port. 8 calibrated variable reluctance pressure sensor inputs are accepted by the USB2251. No external signal conditioning is required. - See more at: http:validyne.comProductUSB2251_Pressure_Sensor_Interface#sthash.kJfdm8WS.dpuf

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Carrier Demodulator

  • Model No. CD252

The CD252 is a compact, dual channel OEM carrier demodulator circuit board for Validyne variable reluctance pressure sensors. The CD252 provides all required AC excitation to both sensors, and receives the AC signal for carrier demodulation. The CD252 features separate zero and span adjustment potentiometers for both transducers. - See more at: http:validyne.comproductCD252_Carrier_Demodulator#sthash.aEcoObKS.dpuf

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• Direct Sensor Input to Your PC via USB • 16-bit Resolution, 100 KHz Conversion Rate • 16 Input Channels, Sensor Excitation Provided • Auto-Zero Capability for Better Accuracy • Accepts Any Mix or Combination of Sensor Inputs Thermocouples, RTDs Strain Gages, LVDTs, VR Sensors Potentiometers, DC Volts • Data Acquisition Software Included

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Pressure Sensors

  • Model No. AP10

The AP10, Absolute Pressure Sensor, is designed for low and medium pressure measurements, to laboratory accuracy, of corrosive liquids and gases. In typical AC excited bridge circuits, this transducer delivers a full-scale output of 40 mV per volt at 3kHz. The unit operates with carrier systems including the Validyne CD15 sine wave carrier demodulator and CD16 miniature DC input DC output carrier demodulator to produce a high level analog DC output suitable for recording and control.

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Analog Pressure Lab Kit

  • Model No. DP15

The DP15 Analog Pressure Lab Kit designed for university laboratory where differential and gage pressure requirements are constantly changing. The kit is based on the popular Validyne DP15 pressure sensor that allows the full scale range to be changed by the user. A selection of sensing diaphragms is included and also the CD15 carrier demodulator to provide a +-10 Vdc transducer signal. Sensing diaphragms with full scale ranges from 0.1 psi to 3200 psi are available. - See more at: http:validyne.comproductDP15_Analog_Pressure_Lab_Kit#sthash.OY7TayGg.dpuf

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Demodulator Circuit Board

  • Model No. CD289

The CD289 is a compact, single-channel OEM carrier demodulator circuit board for Validyne variable reluctance pressure sensors. The CD289 provides all required AC excitation to the sensor, and receives the AC signal for carrier demodulation. The CD289 features zero and span adjustment potentiometers for sensor calibration. The unit is small enough to be included in the case of most OEM receiving and recording instruments. The circuit board is mounted using stand-offs. - See more at: http:validyne.comproductCD289_Carrier_Demodulator_Circuit_Board#sthash.nZf4JwTO.dpuf

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Gage Pressure Transducer

  • Model No. P2

The P2 is available in full-scale pressure ranges of 0-15 psig to 0-5000 psig, and can be ordered with output signals of 0 to +5V or 4-20 mA. The pressure connections are 14 inch NPT male and a mating electrical connector is included. Simply thread the sensor into your piping and connect the power and signal wiring to the screw terminals of the DIN connector. - See more at: http:validyne.comproductP2_Low_Cost_Gage_Pressure_Transducer#sthash.Q0QvXRTL.dpuf

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Nuclear Data Acquisition

  • Model HD310

Features Signal Conditioning for Sensors Accepts Strain Gages, VR Sensors, DC Volts Standard ±10 Vdc Analog Outputs AD Conversion, Serialization and Transport Fiber Optic or Serial Data Streams The Validyne HD310 Data Acquisition System provides high speed monitoring of multi-channel nuclear power plant systems. Its modular flexibility allows for economic modification or expansion to meet changing requirements. It is designed to provide high speed data during transients in the operating parameters of nuclear power plants and provides a maximum of electrical isolation from critical operating circuits. The HD310 can process up to 4096 channels of analog data, convert it to digital data and transmit it over fiber optic or twisted pair cables to the Validyne MR312 Master Receiver. The Master Receiver interfaces with a computer to store and operate on any or all of the digital data. All channels can be fed simultaneously to a PCM tape recorder for bulk storage. The basic system can process 32 thru 512 channels of analog data from 1 to 16 Remote Multiplexers, but can be further expanded from 512 to 4096 channels with Validyne MX311 Sub-multiplexers. The modular concept utilized in the design of the HD310 makes the system expandable, so it is never too small or too large for your present requirements.

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Low Pressure Transducer

  • Model No. P398

The Validyne P398 is an DC powerDC signal pressure transducer designed for exceedingly low differential pressure measurement in cost-sensitive OEM applications. With full scale ranges down to ±0.8 psid, this sensor is ideal for the measurement of very low flow rates of air and gases for pulmonary and HVAC applications. It can also be used in small leak detection and pressure null detection systems. - See more at: http:validyne.comproductP398_Low_Pressure_Transducer#sthash.SaG9dWXi.dpu

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