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Our product range comtains a wide range of PTFE Dispensing Needles, dispensing equipment, luer lock syringes, Syringe Tip Caps and Disposable SS Needle Blunts

PTFE Dispensing Needles

  • Length 2"
  • GAUGE 14

PTFE Dispensing Needles Pure PTFE cannula Polypropylene Luer Luck hub Ideal for adhesives that typically clog other needles Less likely to scratch sensitive surfaces than stainless steel tips End user can easily cut to shorter length if required with scissors, knife or other means

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dispensing equipment

Dispensing machines are intended for use with air operated syringes. They offer improved dispensing accuracy and lessen physical requirements. The VFV-25 offers simple manually operated dispensing. The VFV-25V offers the added vacuum feature. The mid range V400S offers both manual and automated dispensing. The V500T offers both manual and automatic dispensing with programmable touchscreen and program storage.

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luer lock syringes

  • Size 1CC LUER SLIP*

For Industrial Dispensing Connect via luer lock, except the SY717 which is a luer slip. The luer slip holds via friction rather than a quarter turn luer lock. All require a luer lock needle to dispense Polypropylene barrel and plunger Manual operated include a plunger, have calibration markings and are lubricated. Air operated versions are intended for use with a pneumatic syringe dispensing machine Air operated versions do not include the plunger, do not have calibration markings and are not lubricated Latex free Not guaranteed to be silicone free CC & MM are equal units of measure

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Syringe Tip Caps


Syringe Tip Caps Constructed of polypropylene, these luer lock hub caps cover and protect syringe openings, preventing fluid leaks when not in use.

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Disposable SS Needle Blunts

  • GAUGE 12
  • LENGTH 1/4"
  • HUB COLOR Blue Red Olive

These standard dispensing needles are made out of stainless steel cannula and a polypropylene hub. They are anti-static and non sterile and have a blunt open end. These are the classic "dispensing" needles used for years by companies large and small. Only 32 RW needles include covers. Vita can also quote bent stainless cannula ½" and longer, if required.

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PTFE Lined Needles

  • GAUGE 18
  • LENGTH 1/2"

PTFE Lined Needles Ideal for adhesives and epoxies that typically clog other needles, microdot applications, low viscosity fluids 304SS Cannula lined with PTFE Insert Polypropylene luer lock hub Greater rigidity compared to standard PTFE needles due to stainless steel outer cannula

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Commercial Tubing

Commercial tubing & pipe are produced in both the seamless and welded process. Seamless starts with forged hollow bar while welded (also known as "as-welded", "sunk" or "CDOD Tubing") starts with flat strip stock. The seamless process accommodates very heavy wall or high pressure applications but is expensive and tends to have concentricity variances. As-welded tube will have the residual weld bead of metal protruding into the ID of the tubing. The ID will be rough since the material is not drawn over a mandrel.

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Stainless Steel Wire

Vita Needle offers stainless steel wire in several medical grades and tempers. Typically sold in hard temper, SS 302 wire is our most common alloy. Chemically, it is the same as SS 304 except for a higher carbon content, which effectively gives it a higher tensile strength for a given amount of cold work. We also stock hundreds of sizes of 304, 316 and 316 LVM wire. Other alloys are also available upon request and special sizes can be custom made if not available in stock.

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Custom Shaped Tubing

Shaped tubing refers to tubing that is not round (circular) in form. Frequently, applications involve some type of stainless steel support for a product, a path or race for fiberoptics or other smaller components, or a dispensing application. Depending on requirements detailed by the customer, shaped tubing can be made stronger in some directions in a similar manner to the concept of an I-beam. All tubing drawn into shapes has to be formed through custom manufactured dies and subsequently straightened though specially formed tooling for straightening profiled tubing. In some cases, customer requirements result in a modest engineering fee for the design work associated with developing a method to form the tube. Vita Needle supplies shaped tubing in a variety of alloys, most popularly in 304 or 316 stainless steel. However, all alloys that Vita Needle produces can be drawn into shapes provided the shape is capable of being formed.

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Taper Tip Syringes

  • Size 6CC

For Industrial Dispensing Allows direct dispensing without an additional needle Can be cut back by the end user using a knife or scissors to create a larger orifice opening if required Polypropylene barrel and plunger Latex free Manual operated include a plunger and are lubricated Air operated versions are intended for use with a pneumatic syringe dispensing machine Air operated versions do not include the plunger and are not lubricated Only 10 & 50CC taper tip syringes have calibration markings Syringe stoppers are made of 568 natural black medical grade rubber Not guaranteed to be silicone free CC & MM are equal units of measure

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Disposable Dispensing Syringes

Our polypropylene syringes are designed for industrial dispensing for careful placement of materials such as adhesives, pastes, sealants, lubricants, fluxes and grease, among others. Manual versions are pre-lubricated and include the syringe barrel, plunger and stopper. Syringe stoppers are made of natural black medical grade rubber or polyethylene. Air operated versions are intended for use with dispensing machines; they do not include the plunger and are not lubricated. All items are non-sterile.

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Taper Tip Needles

  • GAUGE 14
  • LENGTH 1-1/4"
  • HUB COLOR Salmon

Taper Tip Needles Molded polyethylene construction Luer Lock Hub Design reduces back pressure & drips End user can easily cut shorter for larger opening using scissors, knife or other means

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EDM Tube Fabrication

Vita Needle utilizes Electrical Discharge Machining, otherwise known as EDM or spark machining, as one method to fabricate burr free cut to length tube parts. In addition to cut and deburred tubes, Vita relies on EDM to fabricate features on tubes, ranging from simple slots and angled cuts to holes, patterns, contours, skives, complex shapes and other unique geometries. Fabricating tubing using EDM is a CNC process. A program is generated which drives the wire (or sinker electrode) along the designated tool path, and the resulting high frequency electrical discharges between the workpiece and the electrode erodes the specified path.

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Tube Swaging

Swaging is a cold forming operation used to reduce the outside and inside diameter of a tube. It is useful for medical, industrial and aerospace applications (such as landing gear tubes and aircraft instrumentation) where a diameter reduction is required but a multi piece assembly is not desired or is too expensive.

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seamless tubing

Certain applications demand seamless stainless steel tubing for critical functions. Often, seamless tubing is required for petrochemical, gas or nuclear applications where high pressures and exposure to corrosive environments are the norm, or if the tube's wall is too thick to be rolled and welded. Seamless tubing is manufactured by repeatedly drawing a forged hollow bar through a series of smaller dies. No welding takes place at all during the process, avoiding microscopic changes in the grain structure of the tube. Vita's unique tooling and setup capabilities allow us to produce small runs of stainless small diameter seamless tube in a matter of a few weeks, not several months. We also offer competitive pricing on larger quantity seamless tube if required. Coils, straight lengths or fully finished fabricated parts are all within Vita's capabilities for seamless tubing. The majority of Vita's seamless tubing is custom made, except for standard commercial grade sizes which can be found on our commercial tubing page. Additionally, Vita stocks millions of feet of standard and non standard welded and drawn sizes, if this method is acceptable for your application.

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Polypropylene Needles

  • GAUGE 15
  • LENGTH 1-1/2"
  • HUB COLOR Gray Brown Pink

Polypropylene Needles Polypropylene cannula and hub Luer Lock Hub Ideal for cyanoacrylates and adhesives that clog easily Less likely to scratch sensitive surfaces than stainless steel tips End user can easily cut to shorter length if required with scissors, knife or other means Environmentally friendly alternative to PTFE

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Precision Skived Tubing

A skive is a slice along the long axis of a tube or wire that leaves a thin layer of tubing (or wire) remaining after completion. Typically as the end of the desired cut length is approached, the skive gradually rejoins the remaining tube over a large radius transition zone. The image below depicts a skived stainless steel tube. They are popular for balloon delivery and retraction applications, and can also be found on tubes for the purposes of product alignment with another piece, or to bottom out a product for secondary welding. Vita has a proprietary method to produce skives with close tolerance requirements, and can even break the heels and radius the tips of skives if required for the application. Finishes along the cut surface of the skive can also be improved using our proprietary manufacturing methods.

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Stainless Cannula

  • GAUGE 12
  • LENGTH 1/2"
  • HUB COLOR Blue Red Dark Green

½ - 2" Length Stainless Cannula Classic dispensing needle Blunt (probe) point 304SS cannula Polypropylene luer lock hub Anti-static Non Sterile Gauges 12-27, lengths ½-2" can be bent to 45° or 90° angles

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UV Light Blocking Luer Lock Syringes

Constructed of opaque polypropylene Block UV light, protecting UV-cured products, such as certain epoxies, prior to placement Luer lock connection requires a dispensing needle All are air operated versions that are intended for use with a pneumatic syringe dispensing machine They do not include the plunger, do not have calibration markings and are not lubricated Include a white polyethylene stopper

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Polypropylene Needle Covers

Polypropylene Needle Covers Made of polypropylene Cover standard straight disposable needles to protect them from debris and contamination NAMENOTESPART NUMBER 1 in. Needle Coverfor use with needles 1" and shorterD957_CVR1.0Quote 1-12 in. Needle Coverfor use with 1-12" needlesD958_CVR1.5Quote

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Master Tubing Gauge Chart

  • GAUGE 16.0 X 15.0 MM
  • WALL 0.0200

This chart lists all of Vita's Full Hard Temper, TIG welded and drawn, 304 Stainless Steel Tubing, sorted by OD size. All ODID wall dimensions in inches. Wall dimensions are reference only (except fractional sizes). All RW, TW, XT, XX, X, Metric and 12 gauges are stocked in 316 SS. Millions of feet of non standard sizes also available or can be made to your specs!

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polyethylene bottles

  • Size .25 OZ
  • PART NUMBER BT808_.25

0.25, 0.50, 1, 2 & 4 ounce sizes are Low Density Plastic 8 ounce is High Density Plastic (HDPE) Luer lock top for leak free connection to dispensing needle, hose or other equipment Tops easily screw on and off for refill Easy to grip and squeeze for dispensing Can easily be placed upright on desk top or in a cabinet for easy access

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Accordion Bottles

  • SIZE 1 OZ

Accordion Bottles Made of Polyethylene Press fit Luer lock top Alternative grip style that blends features of bottle and a syringe

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Reusable Needles

Medical hypodermic needles (or needle assemblies) typically consist of a machined fitting joined to a fabricated tube. Most often, the tube is stainless steel and pointed or blunt (click on cannula link for more details). The worldwide hypodermic needle fitting standard in the medical, laboratory and dispensing fields is the female Luer Lock. The mating part, which provides a tight seal via a quarter-turn, quick-disconnect is the male Luer Lock.

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Razor Edge Luer Lock Probe Needles

For optimum dispensing control. Standard sizes are 12 RW, 16 RW, 20 RW, 22 RW and 25 RW by 12" long and assembled to a standard plated brass luer lock hub. Other sizes and lengths are available on request.

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Luer Locks

The Luer lock system of joining needles to syringes has been in use for generations. Growing from the original application of a metal fitting attached to a glass syringe, male Luer Lock adapters allow this connection system to be used in a myriad of applications. Vita Needle Company has proprietary technology which permits plated brass adapters to be produced far more economically than conventional, single point machining. Because the Luer Lock system specifications are so demanding, very few producers without the generations of Vita's experience are willing to manufacture and stock these luer lock adapters. Vita's variety of stock brass and stainless steel, ANSI and ISO 5941 and ISO 80369-7 TAPER ONLY compliant luer adapters and thread to thread industrial adapters supplements our ability to manufacture to custom specifications.

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Deburred Tubing

Vita Needle cuts and deburrs tubing to customer specified lengths and tolerances utilizing several methods. Our most frequently used cut and deburr methods include: Abrasive: Relies upon a spinning cutoff wheel, typically aluminum oxide, to cut tube and a secondary deburring process is utilized after cutting is complete. Electrochemical (EC or ECM): In simple terms, a combination of abrasive and reverse plating by incorporating electrical current into the process in order to cut and deburr tube simultaneously. Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM): Electrical current creates a series of high frequency discharges that erode tubing material in a burr free manner. Supported shear: Custom dies and related mechanical supports are used to precisely cut tube free of burrs.

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Fractional Tube Gauge Chart

We stock Hard Temper 304 Stainless Steel fractional tubes. This medical grade fractional tubing is a more robust product and held to closer tolerances than commercial grade annealed tubing. Type SS 304, Medical Grade, Hard Temper. Some sizes available in SS 316.

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Metric Tubing Gauge Chart

Metric Tubing Gauge Chart Types 304 & 316 Stainless Steel, TIG Welded & Plug Drawn, Medical Grade *** Typically manufactured closer to nominal OD & ID *** Vita Needle manufactures metric stainless steel tubing with the lowest unit and dollar minimums in the tubing industry.

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A single grind or cut point. Angle must be specified and is measured from longitudinal axis unless otherwise noted.

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Deflected Point

Primarily used to reduce coring during septum penetration. "Huber" point primary bevel is deflected behind lumen to approximately parallel with longitudinal axis. Please call regarding process limitations.

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Pencil Point

Rotary swaged to a minimal flat then sharpened and polished. Limitations on sizes apply. Certain geometries may require custom tooling to be made and generate a modest engineering charge. Often, customers specify a hole or slot near the tip to permit liquid or gas passage.

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Closed End Consistent Wall

Formed and hermetically sealed spherical end. Often, customers specify a hole or slot near the tip to permit liquid or gas passage.

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ball end

Hermetically sealed spherical end. Usually selected for cost or when consistent wall is not available due to size limitations.

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Bullet Point

Bullet Point Tapered, non-sharp point. A variation of a swaged (reduced) but not closed end is also possible.

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razor edge

Razor Edge Proprietary technology provides a vastly superior sharp edge, often used for biopsies or precision dispensing.

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Stainless Steel Tubing Alloys

The majority of stainless steel tubing and wire sold by Vita Needle Company falls in the 300 series stainless steel family. The composition of the stainless steel tubing varies depending on the alloy, but in general stainless can be an effective solution for many different types of applications. The key element in stainless steel is chromium, which when alloyed with the remaining elements, permits formation of a microscopically thin, passive layer on the surface of the metal which resists oxidation (rusting). This invisible layer is consistently self repairing in a normal environment---in other words, if the tubing surface is damaged, the layer reforms to protect the underlying tubing from oxidation. The condition of this layer on the surface of the tubing can be enhanced by a process known as passivation, which removes free iron and contaminants from the surface of tubing that might otherwise limit or reduce the formation of the passive layer. However, under exposure to certain environments, the self-repairing nature of the passive layer can be reduced, depending on the alloy and external factors.

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Hypodermic Tube Gauge Chart

Full Hard Temper, Type 304 Stainless Steel, TIG welded & drawn All RW, TW, XT, XX, X & 12 gauges stocked in Type 316 Stainless Steel tubing. (Average Wall is reference dimension)

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Drawn Tubing

Welded and drawn is the preferred tubing choice in terms of economy, lead time and tolerancing compared to seamless in most instances. Many demanding applications call for the T.I.G. welded and plug (mandrel) drawn method, used by Vita Needle for over 85 years!

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