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We offer a complete product range of Tire Chain, Snow Blade and Snow Pusher, Spreader Dry Material, Electric Winch and Tillers Rotary - Breviglieri

Tire Chain

Walco - Tire Chain Standard sizes in stock. We can custom build tire chain for most wheel sizes in a variety of configurations and weights.

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Snow Blade and Snow Pusher

  • widths 6, 8, 10, and 12'

Walco - Snow Blade and Snow Pusher - Renegade Snow Blade - Skid Steer Mount Snow Blade with Steel Cutting Edge 71", 78" or 86" wide Skid Steer Snow Pusher Available in 6, 8, 10, and 12' widths Sturdy rubber cutting edge

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Spreader Dry Material

Walco - Spreader Dry Material 2.2 cubit foot capacity ATV, Truck Mount, or 5 cubic foot 3 point hitch mount. APPROVED FOR: Fertilizer, Seed, Dry Granular Insecticide, Fungicide or Herbicide. Variable speed 12 volt motor Adjustable slide gate Agitator

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Electric Winch

  • ITEM 149251
  • Dimensions 8.5mm x 80mm

Walco - INDUSTRIAL 7 Electric Winch, Truck Ladder Rated line pull: 1500 lb. (680 kg) Motor: 0.52kw0.693hp 12V, permanent magnet Gear Reduction Ratio: 153:1 Drum Dimensions: 30mm x 71mm Cable: 4mm x 15m Overall dimensions: 285mm x 105mm x 105mm Mounting Dimensions: 8.5mm x 80mm Packing size: 33.5 x 16 x 37cm – 2pcctn Weight: 11kg 12kg.

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Light LED

  • Voltage 9-32v
  • Power 27w

Walco - Light LED - Flood or Spot Cast Metal Body Magnet Base Plug Stainless Steel Mount Bracket Power: 27w Voltage: 9-32v Lumens: 1450 Amps:2.2A-12V 1.25A-24V Life Time: 30, 000 hours

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Tillers Rotary - Breviglieri

Walco - Tillers Rotary - Breviglieri BREVIGLIERI has a wide range of dependable tillers Sizes and options available to meet your needs Gear Drive or chain drive models Single speed gearbox Adjustable working depth Built with care by a reputable manufacturer

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Grader Blades

  • Model W-499

Full turn around positions Reversible cutting edge Extra support on moldboard Optional box ends Heavy duty 7' and 8' models Product Lines & Models

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Harrow - Chain Type

  • width. 20 & 24
  • Diameter 7/16”

FEATURES  Self Cleaning  Multi-Action  Maintenance Free.  Made of carbon steel – No tine breakage.  No lubrication or adjustment required.  Available in 4’ and 6’ widths Can be combined together to make 12, 14 or 16 feet. Pyramid together for 20 & 24 feet width.  Draw bars available: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 feet.  Pull required for standard harrow: 2HP foot of width CARATÉRISTIQUES  Auto-nettoyant. Multi action. Ne nécessite pas d’entretien.  Ne nécessite ni lubrifiant ou ajustement.  Disponible en 4’ et 6’ de largeur. Peut être combiné ensemble pour faire 8, 12, 14 ou 16 pieds, Aussi en pyramide de 20’ et 24’ de largeur.  Barre de tire de 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 pieds.  Puissance de tire nécessaire de 2HP par pied de largeur.

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Finishing Mowers

  • MODEL 60-RD

Rear Discharge Models  Avoid throwing dangerous debris to side areas  Close trimming edge on both sides of mower  Good overlap on blades  Powder coat paint  Peinture à base de poudre statique MODEL 60-RD 72-RD 90-RD CUTTING WIDTH 58” 69” 87” OVERALL WIDTH 63” 76” 94” ACRESHR. @ 5mph 3.03 acres hr. 3.63 acres hr. 4.57 acres hr. HP REQUIRED 14 22 18 25 20 25 3 POINT FIXING Cat. I Cat. I Cat. I Floating Linkage Floating Linkage Floating Linkage RPM AT PTO SHAFT 540 540 540 NUMBER OF BLADES 3 3 3 BLADE TIP SPEED AT 540 RPM 17, 900 ftmin. 16, 775 ftmin. 17, 340 ftmin. WHEELS 4.10 3.50-4 4.10 3.50-4 4.10 3.50-4 4 Pneumatic 4 Pneumatic 5 Pneumatic CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE 2” - 5” 2” - 5” 2” - 5” DECK CONSTRUCTION 8 Gauge Steel 8 Gauge Steel 8 Gauge Steel SHIPPING WEIGHT 473 lbs. 500 lbs. 650 lbs.

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loader attachments

Walco - Loader Attachments - Renegade A variety of Bucket Attachments for you Tractor, Skid Steer or Loader Durable construction for everyday use Buckets are drilled for cutting edge Manufactured in North America

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Walco - Mixer-Cement-Compost-Feed - Faza Mix concrete and mortar, or manure and other organic products. The handy hydraulic dump cement mixer will extend to allow you to dump into wheelbarrow. Thick steel tank construction.

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Tillage-Equipment - HE-VA

Walco - Tillage-Equipment - HE-VA DISC ROLLER - Loosens soil for seedbed preparation in one pass. - V profile roller, ideal consolidation. - Conserve moisture by incorporating green manure or heavy crop residue - Compact storage, and easy unfolding after transport. - Optimum design HE-VA saber discs. - Weather proof surface. TIP ROLLER - Technology at a new level! - SAT system provides equal weight transfer to each roller section. - Spring board option turns roller into cultivator. - Excellent leveling capability. - Your one-pass seedbed preparation tool!

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Land Leveler

  • width 5’ to 20

Walco - Land Leveler - Renegade Landleveler for soil erosion areas, cutting swales and cattle yard maintenance Lift Only or Lift & Tilt models 5’ to 20’ width Optional weight boxes

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Dump Trailer Hydraulic

  • Capacity 4000 lb

Walco - Dump Trailer Hydraulic - Renegade Tandem: 4000 lb. Capacity. Tandem model available with Heavy Duty Box. Single: 2000 lb. Capacity Standard or Heavy Duty models

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Light - LED

  • Color Red , Yellow

Walco - Light - LED - Flashing Batery Powered Magnetic Base Amber or Red Also LED Flashing light in Amber or Red with plug-in

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Combine Head Carrier

  • Capacity 10,000 lbs.

Walco - Combine Head Carrier - Renegade 25' and 30' models Rated Capacity 10, 000 lbs. Square Tubung for Rigid Frame Easy Hook-up. Telescoping Tongue No-sway Steering. Bearings in King Pins

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nylon slings

NYLON SLINGS N-Nylon P-Polyester 6" and wider available in Polyester - Multiply Nylon prices by 1.26 Aluminum hardware available up to 6" - Multiply base price by 1.65

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bale spears

Each individual hay bale implement from the “All American” line has been designed to provide maximum performance and extended usage for the owner. Only the highest quality materials are used to construct the finest quality hay bale equipment you can purchase. Each piece of “All American” hay bale equipment must pass an intensive inspection process before it can be released for sale. Quality craftsmanship and superior materials make the entire line of “All American” hay bale equipment the best in the industry. Features: 1 “Rust-oleum” industrial enamel paints for a quality finish, and rust potection. 2 Main bale spears are crafted from 2” solid steel for maximum support & stability. 3 Four sided, diamond cut spear points, for easier bale penetration. 4 Solid 1-inch support spears for extra control of bale during transport. 5 Forged steel spear available for all hay bale-moving products. 6 Category 1 & 2 hitches available for most hay bale moving equipment and utility lifts.

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  • Weight 164 lbs.

SPECIFICATIONS  Working Width 60” 72” 84”  Overall Width 60 ½” 72 ½” 84 ½”  Weight 164 lbs. 193 lbs. 222  Heat Treated Tines 9 Tines 11 Tines 13  3 Point Fixing Cat. 1 Cat. 1 Cat. 1

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Fertilizer Spreader

  • HEIGHT 80
  • WEIGH 35

DESIGNED FOR PARKS, NURSERIES AND GARDENS. The spreading disc, moved by the wheels, has an adjustable spreading with from 1m to 6m. Oil bath gearbox OPTIONAL: Control from tractor, Safety and filtering net MODÈLE DE JARDIN TRAINÉ. CONÇU POUR LES PARCS, PÉPINIÈRES ET JARDINS. Le disque d’épandage est activé par le roulement des roues, s’ajuste à une largeur d’épandage de 1 à 6 me. Boîte d’engrenage à bain d’huile. OPTION: Contrôle de fermeture à partir du tracteur, Grille de filtrage et de sécurité. CAPACITY LOADING HEIGHT EMPTY WEIGH Capacitéli. Hauteur de chargement Poids videlb 50 80 35 100 100 39

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disc mowers

  • MODEL Rot. 4
  • WIDTH 170

The ROT mowing machine has been designed with the aim of satisfying every need. Its’ robust and compact bearing structure has been thoroughly tried and tested. Transmission is by means of a free wheel cardan joint, “V” belts and gears. All the materials are carefully selected in order to guarantee reliability consequently cutting on maintenance cost. The machines are all equipped with protective bar gears. The safety release leaves the moving unit behind in case of impact and the free wheel cardan joint eliminates loads on the tractor power take-off caused by inertia of the disks

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Boom Pole

  • length 6 feet
  • Weight 75 lbs

Walco - Boom Pole Fits category 1, three point hitch tractor 6 feet in length - 2-12 inch tubing Weight 75 lbs.

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Pallet Fork - Skid Steer Mount

  • Item No. 124801

Walco - Bale Spear - Pallet Fork - Skid Steer Mount Pallet Fork with 42" or 48" tines Pallet Fork with 3700 lb. lift capacity Triple Bale Spear with 39" tines Triple Bale Spear with optional guard

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Loader Grapples

Walco - Loader Grapples - Tree Clipper - Tree Puller - Precision Mfg. Convvert you loader bucket or pallet fork into a Grapple with ADD-A-GRAPPLE Fits most skid steers and farm tractors. Single or Double Grapple models in a variety of sizes Clamp down heavy, bulky or hard to manage loads fo.r safe transportation. Large cargo opening for easy loading. TREE CLIPPER to remove unwanted trees and limbs. TREE PULLER to remove trees or shrubs - roots and all.

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Sickle Mower

  • width 1.67 to 1.82m

Walco - Mower - Sickle - Faza Cut with bar in any position Wirking width 1.67 to 1.82m Safety release Product Lines

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Walco - INDUSTRIAL 1 Bulk Chain Grade 30, 40, 70, 80 Chain by the foot or drum Bright Zinc Chain by the foot and by the reel

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Weight Box

  • Dimensions 30" x 16" x 16"

Walco - Weight Box - Steel Available in black, red or orange Steel box Dimensions 30" x 16" x 16" Weight of empty box: 95 lb.

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Loader Attachment Grapple

  • WEIGHT 235 lb.
  • HEIGHT: 28.5”
  • WIDTH: 42”

Mini Grapple: Easy to transport to your work site. Mini Grapple: Ideal for Landscaping, Construction and Demolition projects Quick couplings 42" Steel Bucket with H.D. 8-tooth cutting edge Single hydraulic cylinder Product Lines & Mode

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Post Hole Digger

  • Color Red, Black

Walco - Post Hole Digger - Renegade Regular Duty Post Hole Digger, less auger 2.92: 1 Roor Gearbox Uses 42" Auger - 4", 6", 9", 12", 14"

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Landscape Rake

  • width 4’ , 202 lbs.

Features heavy duty spring steel tines with angle adjustment. Available in 4’ width – 202 lbs. 5’ width – 221 Lbs. 6’ width – 239 Lbs. 7’ width – 260 Lbs.

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Hitch Automatic Compact

Walco - Hitch Automatic Compact - Renegade Heavey duty steel construction Ideal for lawn and garden equipment Back up and Hitch up

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Snow Blower

  • Single Auger Widths 51", 54", 60", 66", 74", and 86"
  • Colour Black is Standard (Red, Orange, Green, or Blue as special order)

Walco - Snow Blower - Renegade Single and Double Auger Models Single Auger Widths: 51", 54", 60", 66", 74", and 86" Single or Double Auger Widths: 96", and 108" Pull Type, Single Auger: 74", 86" Colour: Black is Standard (Red, Orange, Green, or Blue as special order) Chute Options: Hydraulic or Manual Skid Steer models available: 48", 60", 66", 74" 86" Skid Shoe option available

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Dirt Scoop

  • Weight 182 lbs.
  • Wide 30” x 31” x 10 ½”

 Reversible 3 point Category I  Manual trip, Adjustable pull pins, formed pan  Welded front cutting edge, Simple to operate  30” Wide x 31” x 10 ½”  Capacity – 10 Cubic Feet  Weight - 182 lbs.

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