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Other Products / Services

We offer the best product range of E adjustable meetering pump, Sencorp blister former/sealer, Roben reactor, Cryovac rotory Vacuum packer and conveyors equipment.

Sencorp blister former/sealer

  • Size 22 inches X 11 inches, 6.5 inches X 2.375 inches

1994 Sencorp(Packaging Industries Sentinel) blister former sealer ser no 61207495 with 1971 JF-14 blister former and custom 6 up transfer system.Trays are 22 inches X 11 inches presently set up for 6 across 6.5 inches X 2.375 inches SLC-500 PLC with touch screen added in 2001.

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E adjustable meetering pump

  • Model No. 8480-S- E

Pulsafeeder Mdl 8480-S- E adjustable meetering pump 10-100 gal per hour at 500psi working pressure 316 Stainless steel and teflon wetted parts ser K3065 7 12 HP TEFC 230460 3 phase motor

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Roben reactor

  • serial number 87001-4

Approx 550 gallon Roben Reactor Lightnin drive internal pressure 50 PSI at 300 deg F jacket rated 75 PSI at 300 deg F Roben ser number 87001-4 new 1987 National Board 8342 previously used as a pharmaceutical fermentor. Contacts are 316SS

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Cryovac rotory Vacuum packer

  • Size 12 1/2 inch X 18 inch

Cryovac rotory continuous motion vacuum packer 5 chambers eight pedestals 15 12 inch long sealing bar Approx 12 12 inch X 18 inch chamber model Old Rivers 8310-14V ser G 2187 230 volts 3 phase with 115 control

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conveyors equipment

  • conveyor size 24 inches, 6 inch

Intralox style sanitary conveyor 24 inches wide by Approx 8 FT long flights are on 6 inch centers.Drive consists of C face gear box with missing motor.Body is Stainless steel.Metal Detector Not

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  • Model No. 80837000

Naturally aspired Detroit diesel engine 8V92 unit ser number 8VFO67892 Mdl 80837000 spec 1C7-875 mounted to Le Roi Mdl 01200D compressor ser 3068X11

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Auto Load Cartoner

  • Size 4 inch

Kalix 4inch centers automatic load cartoner previously loading nail gloss into cartons. machine has automatic bottle lay over device and feed into loading buckets.No model or serial number found.

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case tapers

  • model 14A

Little David Padlocker random size taper model 14A ser 24-031 presently wired 440 3 phase.Machine has two Kiwi roll contact printers to print box as it is being sealed.Last used as top only sealer but bottom slot for additional tape head is present.This machine automatically adjusts to any size carton within its designed range.

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Hoppmann gel canister base spindle feeder capper

  • serial number J15605

Gel deoderant base spindle feeding capping system consisting of hopper elevator, feeding Farison ser no J15605 rotory base sorter into 30 head Hoppmann capping machine max listed speed 200minute

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Cincinnati Fan

  • Model RBE-11 2500

Cincinnati model RBE-11 radial blade exauster with shrouded fan serial number 403621-01 ( one of two) 25 hp 3500 RPM 230460 with adjustable dampers rated 2500 CFM at 30 inches static pressure. Typical applications dirty enviornment, dust collectors etc

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Labelaire 2114 tamp on labeler

  • Model No. 2114

Labelaire 2114 tamp on labeler with stand and X Y fixture. Light eaisly cleaned rust. We have three of these units available. You are bidding on one labeler

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Tuthhill Positive Stainless Pump

  • Model GG 210S
  • serial number 1012068

Tuthill Model GG 210S Positive displacement pump ser G 15755 Pump has pressure relief cover.Mounted on plate with Falk 2.881 reducer rated 21 HP, Motor is Weg 15 HP 208-230 460 380 rated Severe duty Stainless steel strainer on input side.Pump sold by ProcessFlo their serial number 1012068

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Waukesha 60 ser 5718SS equipment

  • model 60
  • speed range 230/460 volts

Wakeshau model 60 ser 5718SS with Reeves 3 HP variable speed drive 45-450 RPM speed range 230460 volts

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Wakeshau Drive

  • model 130

Wakeshau model 130 sanitary positive displacement stainless steel pump. 3 inch tri clamp fittings ser no 8048SS 10 HP variable speed drive 230460 60 3 phase power needed 26-209 pump RPM

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  • dimensions 20 X 40
  • model 11ASS/SSAT

Rotex screen approx 20 by 40 screen dimmensions SS contacts model 11ASSSSAT ser R150975 from plastic co.Single separation separates material into coarse and fine with ball cleaning kit to keep screen clean while in operation

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Quincy vacuum system

  • Model QSVB-10

Quincy skid mounted vacuum system Model QSVB-10 10 HP 196 CFM 29.9 inches vacuum serial number 93390 MOSVB10AAB

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PesterPewo Pack

  • model 450SN

Pester Pewo Pack shrink bundler model 450 SN ser 4271 new 1998 with infeed conveyor PesterPewo Pack 450SN

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Hobart 80 Quart mixer

  • Model No. 80

Hobart 80 Quart mixer Hobart 80 quart mixer with bowl hook and paddle also adaptor for 40 quart with bowl

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Corblin B2C 1000 ser B2124 equipment

  • Model No. B2C

Corblin B2C 1000 ser B2124 new 1967 Flow 4.4 to .9 SCFM suction 2.2- 1.0 PSIG discharge 15, 000 PSIG 400 RPM 4 HP

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lipstick filler/compounder

  • Size 5ft X 2ft

Portable (on casters) lipstick filler with 16 spouts including a hot oil jacketed, agitated.integral vessel and jacketed lipstick product pump. Heating is via a built in hot oil system and all functions are PLC controlled. Unit footprint is 5ft X 2ft wide and was removed from a major cosmetic mfg facility

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Cherry Burrell sanitary tank

  • serial number 82E-2
  • Size 42 in D X 37

Cherry Burrell Sanitary tank 42 in D X 37 in H ser 82E-2 on stainless base.Approx 200 Gl capacity with CIP ball

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close mix tank domed

  • diameter 38 inches

150 gallon closed mix tank domed top and bottom 38 inches diameter 31 inches on straight side. 2 inch center flanged outlet.18 inch domed manway and 5 inch angled flange for mixer

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