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Other Products / Services

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of High-Temperature Heaters, Specialty Heaters, High Temperature Schematic Plug, Mineral Insulated and FINBAR Single/Double-Ended Heaters

High-Temperature Heaters

The advanced design of the MULTICELL™ insertion heater from Watlow® offers three major advantages: extreme process temperature capability, independent zone control for precise temperature uniformity and loose fit design for easy insertion and removal. Performance Capabilities Engineered to achieve sheath temperatures up to 2050ºF (1120ºC) Up to eight independently controllable zones

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Specialty Heaters

  • Shape Square
  • Voltage 240 VAC
  • Watts 967 W

The ULTRAMIC® heaters from Watlow® are designed for thermal applications where the high performance of an advanced ceramic heater is required to ensure optimal effectiveness of the equipment and process. ULTRAMIC heaters are constructed of aluminum nitride (AIN) and incorporate a thermally matched proprietary heating element that provides maximum performance in challenging applications. AIN is especially suitable for applications requiring a clean, non-contaminating heat source. Additionally, the excellent geometric stability ensures consistent part-to-part thermal contact during heating cycles. Watlow AIN heaters can operate up to 400ºC (752ºF) with an ultra-fast ramp rate of up to 150ºC (270ºF) per second depending on the ...

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High Temperature Schematic Plug

Schematic Plug or Jack Termination ASTM Type R, S, B, thermocouple calibrations High temperature insulations Loose pack assemblies Plug or jack cold end terminations

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Mineral Insulated

The main feature of Watlow’s Style AB thermocouple is it allows you to terminate the thermocouple yourself. Style AB is simply a section of XACTPAK material, junctioned and stripped. It is the most basic of all the mineral insulated thermocouple styles.

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FINBAR Single/Double-Ended Heaters

  • Overall A Dimension 10.25 in 260.0 mm
  • Overall F Dimension 6.5 in 158.0 mm

Composed of aluminized steel fins press fitted to a one-inch single-ended FIREBAR® element. The FINBAR™ is designed to improve heat transfer to the air and permits putting more power in tighter spaces - like forced air ducts, dryers, ovens and load bank resistors. Heat transfer, lower sheath temperature and element life are all maximized by its finned construction. Installation is simplified by terminations exiting at one end and mounting accommodations on both ends.

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base metal

SERV-RITE immersion tips are superior thermocouples for nonferrous molten metals. The hot junction is forged into the 446 stainless steel sheath for maximum sensitivity. Available in Type K calibration only.

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Power Switching Devices

  • Weight 0.71 lb (0.32kg)
  • Height 3.7 in. (95 mm) high x 1.8 in. (45 mm) wide x 3.9 in. (98 mm)

The DIN-A-MITE® A power controller is designed and manufactured with quality features expected from Watlow. DIN-A-MITE A capabilities include single-phase zero-cross switching up to 25 amperes at 600VAC (see rating curve). A unique integrated design removes the guesswork associated with selecting a proper heat sink and adequate terminations for the application. DIN-rail and back panel mounting is standard on this family of controllers. The DIN-A-MITE is also mercury free.

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Power Supplies

  • Model Number DSP30
  • AC Input Voltage Range 90-264VAC, Class II double insulated (no ground connection required)

Watlow’s series of Class 2, low-profile DIN rail-mount power supplies, only 2.2 inches deep, are ideal for shallow enclosure installations commonly used in building automation and security applications. The DSP series supplies are available with nominal outputs from 20 to 28 volts and power levels ranging from 31 to 91 watts in three package sizes. Load regulation is less than 1 percent from no load to full load, with ripple and noise below 50 millivolts. To compensate for cable voltage drops, output voltage can be adjusted from the front panel and colored LED indicators immediately confirm the output status. Power Supplies larger image Dimensional Drawings of DSP30 larger image Request Information Unit of Measure: Imperial | Metric | Both Items Power Supplies 0847-0299-0000 Power Supplies Power Supplies 0847-0300-0000 Power Supplies Power Supplies 0847-0301-0000 Power Supplies Model Number DSP30 DSP60 DSP100 AC Input Voltage Range 90-264VAC, Class II double insulated (no ground connection required) Input Frequency 47 to 63 Hz DC Input Voltage Range 120 to 370 VDC Inrush Current (115230VAC) 2550 A 3060 A 3060 A Power Factor and Flicker Meets EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3 Output Voltage 24 V Voltage Adjust 24 to 28 V Current 1.30 A Power 31.2 Watts 60.0 Watts 100.8 Watts Typical Efficiency 83 % 86 % 85 % Hold Up Time (115VAC) 25 ms 12 ms 10 ms UL® 1310 Class 2 Yes Yes NA Output Voltage Accuracy ±1% of Nominal Line Regulation 1 % Load Regulation 1 % Ripple and Noise (20MHz BW) mV 50 mV Overcurrent 110 to 160%, fold Protection (Type) Forward under short circuit DSP100-24C2 102-108) Overvoltage Protection (Volts) 120 to 145 % Hold Up Time (115VAC input) See model selector LED Indicators Green LED = On Red LED = DC output low Operating Temperature -25 to +71ºC (derate linearly 2.5%ºC from 55 to 71ºC) Temperature Coefficient ±0.02 %ºC Operating Humidity 20 to 95% RH (non-condensing) Cooling Convection Withstand Voltage Input to Output 3kVAC for 1 min. Isolation Resistance >100M at 25ºC & 70% RH, output to Ground 500VDC Vibration (Operating) IEC 60068-2-6 (Mounting by rail: random wave, 10-500 Hz, 2G, ea. along X, Y, Z axes 10 mincycle, 60 min.) Shock (Operating) IEC 60068-2-27 (Half sine wave, 4G, 22ms, 3 axes, 6 faces, 3 times for each face) Safety Agency Approvals CE EN60950-1 UL1310 Class 2 UL60950-1 Immunity EN61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -8 and -11 Conducted and Radiated EMI DSP10: EN55022 Class B DSP30-100: EN55022 Class A Weight (Typ) 200 g 250 g 320 g Width 2.09 in 2.8 in 3.54 in Height 3.58 in Depth 2.19 in Case Material Plastic Warranty 2 Years

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One-Inch FIREBAR Double Ended Heaters

  • Code No FBN351WD,
  • Heated B Dimension 25.0 in 635.0 mm
  • Watts 310 W
  • Voltage 120 VAC

FIREBAR® heating elements provide added heating performance over standard round tubular heating elements—especially for immersion applications in petroleum based liquids requiring high kilowatts. The FIREBAR’s unique flat surface geometry packs more power in shorter elements and assemblies, along with a host of other performance improvements. These include: Minimizing coking and fluid degrading Enhancing the flow of fluid past the element’s surface to carry heat from the sheath Improving heat transfer with a significantly larger boundary layer allowing much more liquid to flow up and across the sheath’s surface FIREBAR® elements are available in single- and double-ended constructions with one inch or 58 inch heights. These two configuration variables make it possible to use FIREBAR® elements instead of round tubular elements in virtually all applications. FINBAR™ is a special version of the one inch, single-ended FIREBAR®. FINBAR™ is specially modified with fins to further increase surface area for air and gas heating applications.

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EZ-ZONE RUI and Gateway

The EZ-ZONE® Remote User Interface (RUI and communications gateway) can be utilized as a communication gateway device to save cost, space and wiring when digital communications is being used with two or more EZ-ZONE controllers. The EZ-ZONE RUI can also serve as a display for showing all parameter values for up to 16 EZ-ZONE controllers, again saving cost, space and wiring expenses.

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SpecView HMI Software Standard & Mini

SpecView software from Watlow® is a cost-effective, easy-to-use Human Machine Interface (HMI) to Watlow controllers, including EZ-ZONE® integrated controllers and third-party products. Watlow's single point of support for hardware, software and application needs ensures knowledgeable and expedient response to questions or concerns. SpecView from Watlow is commercially accepted and price competitive compared to third-party options. Throughout its history, field-proven features and functions have been added based on customer suggestions. SpecView's built-in support and auto-detect for Watlow controllers is an advantage compared to tag-based systems. Since there is no need to learn intricate details about communication protocols to configure software, setup is quick and simple. Process adjustments and machine troubleshooting are easily accomplished using graphed data on trend charts. SpecView from Watlow is designed for industrial needs, including built-in compatibility with bar code readers and touch screens. Customizing displays for specific applications reduces process errors. Flexible features include data logging, a historical replay option, easy-to-use recipes and remote access options

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Operator Interfaces

  • CODE TS00-0043-0000
  • Display Width 3.74 in 95 mm
  • Display Height 2.12 in 54 mm

The Silver Series is a rugged, touchscreen operator interface terminal (OIT) available in three sizes (4.3, 7 and 10.2 inch diagonal display sizes). It supports a full set of features including serial and Ethernet communications with multiple controllers, universal serial bus (USB), secure digital (SD) card, data logging, flexible password security and multiple languages. The small bezel size and nominal 2-inch depth make mounting in tight spots easy. The Silver Series operator interface programming software, EasyBuilder5000, features a large variety of built-in screen objects that makes it easy to use and very powerful. When creating screens, the user can call upon extensive graphics libraries, import custom graphics and add numeric displays, entry fields, analog meters, bar graphs and trend graphs with just a few mouse clicks. Screen objects are highly customizable, and the user can create libraries of their own objects for repeat use.

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MICROCOIL™ surface temperature sensors are ideal for measuring chuck, internal wall, chip, heat sinks and circuit temperatures. The flexible probe design positions the sensor tip for optimal surface contact and isothermal response and accuracy.

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