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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Non-cycling refrigeration compressed air, Direct Drive Oil Flooded Compressors, Plate & Frame Closed Loop Fluid Cooling, MEH External Heater Dryer Series and High Temperature Refrigeration Compresse

Non-cycling refrigeration compressed air

Motivair MDX refrigeration compressed air dryers were designed to maximize thermal efficiency in a compact package, while offering a constant dew point of 35?F. Simplicity of design, with built-in reliability, insures minimal maintenance, for prolonged periods of operation. A patented system of hot-gas injection maintains the dew point, while eliminating any possibility of freezing under low load conditions. Environmentally friendly R134a & R22 refrigerants are used throughout the range. Components: Smooth bare copper heat exchangers and stainless steel separators are utilized in all models up to 700 SCFM. Larger sizes have ASME stamped, smooth bore tube & shell exchangers. This design results in low power consumption, and low pressure-drop. The patented refrigeration control system and separator provide very close dew point control, from zero the 100% if compressed air flow. High quality refrigeration components are used throughout the range, including suction accumulators, liquid receivers and solenoid valves, to insure a totally functional and reliable system. Zero-loss drain valves discharge condensate reliably, with push-to-test buttons for verification. The welded structural frame on all modes supports easily removable panels, which are coated in baked epoxy powder, for a superior, durable finish. MDX Operation: Hot entering compressed air is first pre-cooled by the leaving cold air, in the economizer. The pre-cooled air then enters the evaporator, where it is cooled to its final dew point by direct heat exchange with the refrigerant. Condensed moisture is removed in the high-efficiently separator and ejected from the system via the zero-loss drain valve. The cold, dry air is reheated in the air/air economizer, before finally leaving the dryer. The refrigeration control system insures a constant dew point regardless of compressed air fluctuation, from zero to 100%.

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Direct Drive Oil Flooded Compressors

All oil-flooded MonoScrew compressors are directly coupled through a flexible coupling to the drive motor and are available with low cost silenced enclosures. The elimination gears or drive belts conserve power. Large, slower-running MonoScrew compressors feature no metal-to-metal contact for quieter operation, low cost rebuilds and lower maintenance costs.

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Plate & Frame Closed Loop Fluid Cooling

Capacities to 5, 000, 000 Btu/h. It Reduce the waterside maintenance. Totally sealed process fluid circuit. Simplex or duplex pumps. Split system or totally packaged. Fully automatic operation.

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MEH External Heater Dryer Series

The need for clean, pure, moisture-free compressed air and gas is critical. Moisture and contaminants are found in all compressed air and gas systems causing rust and corrosion in your pneumatic tools, contaminating process flows, clogging and damaging delicate pneumatic instrumentation. When freezing temperatures are encountered, condensation trapped in air systems will freeze, causing catastrophic failure in pneumatic lines. External Heater, purge type dryers are generally preferred by pneumatic specialists because of their simple, reliable design and because of the very low dew points that can be -100? large volumes of compressed air, at minimum cost. The drying operation uses an inert, hygroscopic material with an enormous surface to mass ratio. As air is passed upwards through this desiccant, moisture is absorbed onto the porous surface. Maximum air velocity is 60 FPM, providing a minimum contact time of 5 seconds. To provide continuous drying, the moisture is removed from the desiccant by passing a small amount of heated, dry, low pressure air through the off-line tower for a pre-set interval. Since tha partial pressure of moisture in the bed is higher than the partial pressure of moisture in the heated purge air. Purge air and moisture are then vented to the atmosphere. By using twin towers and an automatic cycling system, one tower is always drying while the other is regenerating, thereby providing a continuous, uninterrupted flow of dry air or gas.

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High Temperature Refrigeration Compresse

It includes Includes Aftercooler, Dryer, Filter/Separator, Timer / Solenoid drain & Microprocessor controls. Unique design of the HTD dryers allows higher inlet temperature, with lower power consumption than competitive models - Compare refrigeration compressor HP & KW power. HTD dryers have " Auto-Sleep" mode which stops dryer on zero load, then restarts automatically - saves even more energy during breaks in production, etc.

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High Efficiency Air-Cooled After Coolers

This high performance Cooler has: Rigid connections. Enclosed housing. Reinforced coil guards. Matching separators and drain traps.

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Water filtration solutions(CRP Packs)

CRP Paks From Clean Resource Inc. Engineered molecular filtration solutions for discharge water problems CRP Paks provide cost-effective condensate treatment CRP Paks from Clean Resources are engineered to minimize maintenance and clean up headaches, operate efficiently in all conditions, and reduce the cost of dealing with wastewater streams. This advanced molecular filtration system removes all types of lubricants, providing a truly scientific solution to a troublesome problem. CRP Paks are filled with a media bed formulated to attract the targeted contaminant, while at the same time repelling the water molecules. Wastewater passes through the media bed and the contaminants are trapped by the bed. The lubricants are actually bonded to the media bed, virtually eliminating the possibility of ground water contamination from the spent bed. Unlike some oil/water separators that utilize gravity separation as prefiltration, CRP units need no pumps, sensors, or pre-separation filter pads. The reason CRP Paks stand alone is that the superior media bed is so efficient no prefiltration is needed. In addition, the rugged internal piping and a fail-safe decompression chamber assure proper operation. All CRP Paks contain media beds of the highest quality alumino silicate substrate, the particular sequence under tight quality assurance standards. CRP Paks provide cost-effective condensate treatment CRP Paks are extremely cost effective. Initial cost is low, installation is easy and maintenance time is practically eliminated. Best of all, disposal costs are drastically reduced. Decompression chamber The DC-202 decompression chamber was developed by CRP to operate with all types of drains, including float, electric, pneumatic and zero-loss styles. This design permits the separation system to properly function even in the event of a drain failure. The DC-202 decompression chamber allows for massive amounts of compressed air to be vented in the case of drain failure. The six-inch diameter port is preceded by a demister pad, thus allowing the air to vent while blocking the water and oil. Designed for easy installation, the DC-202 uses a cam lock system to quickly attach to the CRP Pak. The DC-202 has six 1/4" inlets to allow multiple drain hook ups. Sizing information and life expectancy CRP Paks are available in three sizes. Select from 15, 30 and 55 gallon capacities to meet your specific application. Life expectancy of the CRP Pak depends on the amount of lubricant carryover from the compressor(s). Contaminant absorption capacity is approximately 50% of the media bed volume. Therefore, the 15, 30 and 55 gallon CRP Paks have capacities of about 7, 15, and 27 gallons of contaminant respectively. CRP Paks make disposal easy In most cases, CRP Paks can be disposed of as part of your waste management pick up service, provided the proper paperwork is completed. In the event CRP Paks cannot be disposed of through your normal pick up, Clean Resources will accept spent paks through their return program. Paks must have been used in normal compressor applications. Guaranteed performance Thousands of CRP Paks are operating successfully in the field. That's why Clean Resources can offer the following warranty. CRP Paks, when properly sized and installed, are guaranteed to reduce the contaminants in your compressor condensate to less than 10 ppm, for the life of the unit. In the event a unit fails while operating in approved conditions and having been properly sized and installed, Clean Resources, Inc. will replace the failed CRP Pak or provide a refund through your distributor.

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Auxiliary Fueling Panel

It Allows multiple FuelMaker units to be connected together to time-fill any number of vehicles simultaneously. Optional lock closure available.

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