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Our Complete range of products are HYDRAULIC PUMP UNITS, HBRX blades, ROAD RUNNER blade, SUPER GP Diamond Blade and BLOCK BEAR Diamond Blade.


  • Model CB18BVXL
  • Dimensions 35-1/2” L x 23-1/2” W x 30” H

Features & Benefits: • 18 HP Briggs-Vanguard gas engine • Adjustable handles • Large wheels for easy moving • Heavy duty frame design • Light weight and portable • Single lifting point • Fully adjustable flow control • Air-cooled HYDRAULIC PUMP UNITS CB35BVXL Features & Benefits: • 35 HP Briggs-Vanguard gas engine • Heavy duty frame design • Adjustable handles • Single lifting point • Two large wheels for easy moving • Fully adjustable flow control • Water-cooled Model # Description Weight (lbs) CB35BVXL (58”) 35 HP Briggs-Vanguard gas engine with 58” x 25’ hose, 0-17 gpm 596 Oil to air cooler option for CB35BVXL 40 Catalytic Muffler for 35HP Briggs Vanguard gas engine 20 Tool Tray Option (for Gas Models) 20 Weight (lbs) 35 HP Briggs-Vanguard gas engine with 58” x 25’ hose, 0-17 gpm 596 Specifications: Hydraulic Flow: 0-10 gpm Relief Pressure: 2850 psi Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 5-12 gallons Flow Control: Fully adjustable Hose: 25’ x 12” Quick Disconnects: 12” Dimensions: 35-12” L x 23-12” W x 30” H

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HBRX blades

  • Size 12" x .125" x 1"

HBRX Series™ blades are the #1 blade in the industry for cutting extremely hard brick and materials. They feature uniquely designed wide gullets for cooling. The specially designed super-soft bond is made with the highest grade of diamond available, providing exceptionally fast and smooth cutting.  Hard brick, high PSI materials  10mm jumbo segments yield 30% longer life  Double laser welded construction for extra strength  .125" thickness eliminates wobble  Pro Series  DryWet

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  • SERIES DAG12-1
  • Size 12" x .125" x 1"

Road Runner® is asphalt’s worst enemy! You can’t go wrong. The road can’t run from this blade.  Asphalt’s worst enemy  Available in DAG, DAGP and DAGX Series for different applications  .440" dropped segment for undercut protection  Wide gullets scoop away abrasive slurry from cuts  Double laser welded for safety  .125" thickness eliminates wobble  DryWet

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SUPER GP Diamond Blade

  • Size 12" x .125" x 1"
  • SERIES SGP12-1

Super General Purpose, the first and original true general purpose blade. This blade will actually live up to its name “Super GP®.” Expect extremely long life and speed of cut in all applications. If you are using one blade for all of your cutting applications, this is the blade for you. Accept no imitations!  First true combination concreteasphalt green concrete blade  Blade is idiot-proof — one blade cuts all  Undercut protection cuts through sub-base  .125" thickness eliminates wobble  Double laser welded for safety  Longest-lasting general purpose blade available  Pro Series  .320" segment height  DryWet

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BLOCK BEAR Diamond Blade

  • Size 20"x .140" x 1"
  • SERIES BX20-4N

Block Bear® lives up to its name when cutting all types of block. Use it on all large table saws to cut block in one pass without flipping over. Available in different specs and bonds or all different applications. STANDARD - .380 Segment Height  BP - General Purpose Bond PROFESSIONAL - .320 Segment Height  BP - Hard Bond  BPM -Soft Medium Bond SUPER PROFESSIONAL - .380 Segment Height  BXM - Soft Medium Bond  BX - Hard Bond

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CARNIVORE Diamond Blade

  • Size 12" x .125" x 1"
  • SERIES CNC12-1

Carnivore® is the newest addition to our line. It has a special segment design for super-fast cuts, a special core for cooling and a special bond that gives you long life in any application, with the ultimate cutting speed.  Contractor’s dream — cut RCP, block, culverts, brick, pavers, concrete, asphalt  N-shaped speed-notch segment for instant speed  Added segment cooling for longer life  Unique slot design, added holes in core for cooling, extended life  Won’t warp or wobble in high PSI materials  Double laser welds for safety  Most durable, versatile multi-purpose blade  .125" thickness eliminates wobble  Undercut protection cuts through sub-base  Pro Series  .320" segment height  DryWet

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  • SERIES LAX12-10-1
  • Size 12" x .250" x 1"

looping blades can be used on all types of hand held and walk-behind saws. Their superior quality makes their cutting speed and life unmatchable. They will exceed your expectations! Readily available in .187", .250", .312", .375" and .500" thicknesses. Other thicknesses are available by special order upon request. ASPHALT LOOPING BLADE Pro Series, Laser Welded, DryWet, .380" Segment Height 12" x .250" x 1" LAX12-10-1 12" x .312" x 1" LAX12-13-1 12" x .375" x 1" LAX12-11-1 14" x .187" x 1" LAX14-7-1 14" x .250" x 1" LAX14-10-1 14" x .312" x 1" LAX14-13-1 14" x .375" x 1" LAX14-11-1 14" x .500" x 1" LAX14-12-1 16" x .500" x 1" LAX16-12-1

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Cup Wheels

  • Size 4" x 5⁄8" - 7⁄8"

cup wheels provide fast stock removal with minimum dust. Choose single row for roughing and double row for finishing of concrete and masonry. We also have swirly cup wheels for concrete floors. Turbo cup wheels are available in fine, medium and coarse grits. We stock many others for any specific application. PREMIUM— SINGLE ROW DryWet 4" x 5⁄8" - 7⁄8" CWS4-7B 4" x 5⁄8" 11 Threads CWST4-7B 5" x 5⁄8" - 7⁄8" CWS5-7B 5" x 5⁄8" 11 Threads CWST5-7B 7" x 5⁄8" - 7⁄8" CWS7-7B 7" x 5⁄8" 11 Threads CWST7-7B PREMIUM—DOUBLE ROW DryWet 4" x 5⁄8" - 7⁄8" CWD4-7B 4" x 5⁄8" 11 Threads CWDT4-7B 5" x 5⁄8" - 7⁄8" CWD5-7B 5" x 5⁄8" 11 Threads CWDT5-7B 7" x 5⁄8" - 7⁄8" CWD7-7B 7" x 5⁄8" 11 Threads CWDT7-7B

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turbo blades

  • Size 4" x .080" x 7⁄8" - 5⁄8"

SUPER TURBO GRANITE DryWet 4" x .080" x 7⁄8" - 5⁄8" STG4-H 4 1⁄2" x .080" x 7⁄8" - 5⁄8" STG4.5-H 5" x .080" x 7⁄8" - 5⁄8" STG5-H 6" x .080" x 7⁄8" - 5⁄8" STG6-H 7" x .090" x DM - 5⁄8" STG7-H 8" x .090" x DM - 5⁄8" STG8-H 10" x .100" x DM - 5⁄8" STG10-H

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COOL CUT concrete blade

  • SERIES DC12-1
  • Size 12" x .110" x 1"

specially formulated Cool Cut™ concrete blade, with its unique segment design, will outperform any cured concrete blade on the market.  New, improved version of flagship concrete blade  Available in DC, DCU and DCUX Series for different applications  Specially shaped segments for cooling effect, extended life, speed of cut  Double laser welded for safety  DryWet

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BLUE THUNDER ductile blade

  • SERIES PDI 12-7B
  • size 12" x .125" x 1"

Blue Thunder® was the first high performance ductile blade ever made. It has been often imitated but never duplicated. There is not a faster-cutting, longer-lasting ductile blade on the market.  For ductile iron pipe  Cobalt-infused core dissipates heat for longer life  Thicker core eliminates wobble  Abrasive side panels bevel cuts  2–3 times the speed of any abrasive wheel  Double laser welded for safety  DryWet  Pro Series

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  • Size 4" x .080" x DM-5⁄8"
  • SERIES ST4-1

Silver Bullet® hasn’t changed in over 18+ years. It hasn’t needed to! This bond, with 90% cobalt matrix, always does the job. Hands down the fastest cutting pipe and hard material blade we have ever manufactured.  Serrated turbo segment for faster cuts in hard materials  Segmented design for long life  10mm segments double laser welded for safety  18+ years of proven field performance  .125" thickness eliminates wobble  Double laser welded for safety  Pro Series  DryWet

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TIDAL WAVE Diamond Blade

  • Size 12" x .125" x 1"

Tidal Wave® is a great choice for hand held or table saws to cut pavers and brick if speed is what’s important to you. Hard materials are no match for this blade.  New wave-shaped segment for instant speed of cut  Double-tensioned steel core prevents wobbling on high HP saws  Staggered turbo segments for slicing effect, unparalleled speed  10mm jumbo segments  Double laser welded for safety  .125" thickness eliminates wobble  Pro Series  DryWet

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continuous rim

  • Size 4" x .060" x 7⁄8" - 20mm - 5⁄8"

smooth continuous rim gives the fastest chip-free cut possible with both wet and dry applications for ceramics, porcelains, marbles and granites. DRY PROFESSIONAL PorcelainGraniteTile - Pro Series 4" x .060" x 7⁄8" - 20mm - 5⁄8" PDCR4-H 4 1⁄2" x .060" x 7⁄8"- 20mm- 5⁄8" PDCR4.5-H 5" x .060" x 7⁄8" - 20mm- 5⁄8" PDCR5-H 7" x .060" x DM - 5⁄8" PDCR7-H 8" x .060" x DM - 5⁄8" PDCR8-H 10" x .060" x DM - 5⁄8" PDCR10-H

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tuck point blades

  • Size 4" x .250" x 7⁄8" - 5⁄8"

For the fast removal of soft, medium, or hard mortar these tuckpoint blades are the best quality on the market today. They’re available in different segment heights, designs and bond hardness depending on the job specifications. PREMIUM HARD BOND For Soft–Medium Mortar, 10mm Segment Height, DryWet 4" x .250" x 7⁄8" - 5⁄8" TPX4-4N 4 1⁄2" x .250" x 7⁄8" - 5⁄8" TPX4.5-4N 5" x .250" x 7⁄8" - 5⁄8" TPX5-4N 7" x .250" x 7⁄8" - 5⁄8" TPX7-4N

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  • Size 12" x .125" x 1"
  • SERIES GP12-1

Power Combo® blades are the best performing general purpose blades you can buy. Their unique keyhole slot and jumbo wave segment design promote a longer life than ordinary blades.  Available in GP, GPS and GPX Series for different applications  GPGPX: brick, block, pavers, cured and green concrete  GPS: high PSI brick and pavers, ductile iron pipe, concrete and concrete pipe  .125" thickness eliminates wobble  Double laser welded for safety  Bonds have 16+ years of proven field performance  DryWet

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  • Weight 134
  • Model M1C-20-CB744-V

Features & Benefits: • 2-12” square column (mast) with black oxidized finish • 6” wheels for easy mobility • Dual switchoutlet control panel with amp meter (except for CB700 models with LED amp meter) • Vacuum pump for quick mounting to flat surface without drilling an anchor hole (included with combination rig) • 4 leveling screws on the base • Up to 14” bit capacity with one spacer block • Slide handle allows for drilling in tight areas • Combination base is a quick change over from vacuum to anchor base • Ceiling jack helps keep the rig in place as a backup for anchoring or vacuuming the base down (used with a brace piece-2 x 4 or other material)

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  • Size 4" x .080" x 5⁄8-7⁄8"

The Omnivore™ is the first diamond blade that cuts raw metal and steel. In fact, it’s the only diamond blade that cuts everything and does it up to 4 times faster than a conventional abrasive blade. The Omnivore™ is also very cost effective, it outlasts 30 to 50 abrasive wheels to 1, and eliminates the associated down time and labor cost of changing each blade. The Omnivore is designed to cut:  Steel  Cast Iron  Rebar  Steel Deck Pans  Concrete  HDPE & C900  PVC  Bridge Deck  Plastic  Ductile Iron  Angle Iron  Polyethylene Pipes Also Cuts:  Roof Tile  Masonry  Tile Backer Board  Dry Wall  Stainless Steel  Stucco  Eliminates downtime changing abrasive wheels  Maintains consistent depth throughout cutting life  Available in 4, 41 ⁄2", 5", 6", 7", 8", 12", 14", 16"  DryWet

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  • Weight 74
  • Model M4C-14-DK12-V 1

Features & Benefits: • Great for the general contractor (basic drilling) or plumber (hand-held drilling), electrical or mechanical contractor • Reversible slide handle (for use on left or right side) • High strength, hard anodized 1-58” x 2” aluminum column • Top carrying handle • Quick release motor mount • Carriage lock • Leveling bolts on all model bases • Hand-held option • Light weight and portable • Combo bases have angle braces for drilling up to 45o • 4 adjustable slide bearings provide superior carriage rigidity • Quick change over from vacuum to anchor base

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