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We offer a complete product range of Traffic Cones, E-Z Grip Friction Drops, COBRA Tie Wraps, Powder Screening Test Kit and Marshalling Wands

Traffic Cones

Brilliant Fluorescent RedOrange with UV Inhibitor for maximum visibility. 100% PVC construction that is environmentally Friendly and 100% recyclable! One Piece construction for extreme durability. Injection moulding process is used for maximum structural integrity. Smooth glossy finish over the entire surface keeps the cone cleaner. Easy nesting, eliminates stacking problems. Specially Designed cleated base grips the road. Enhanced flexibility for reduced impact damage.

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E-Z Grip Friction Drops

If you've ever busted your knuckles when a wrench slipped, or if you've ever had the frustration of screwing in or loosening a screw with a distressed head, you'll really like this new product now available for both military and commercial purchase. With the E-Z Grip friction drops, you can typically solve these problems with a single drop of this incredible substance.

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COBRA Tie Wraps

  • Material 6/6 nylon
  • Colors natural & UV black
  • Max bundle 1 3/4" 3 1/2"
  • Working Temp -40 F to +185 F
  • Head width .330” .480"

With its low profile and contoured ‘locking head’ the Cobra tie wrap is safer, smoother and stronger than traditional tie wraps. Safer because the (often barbed) stub is now deflected into a pocket at the rear of the head… more flexible because the flat lock section curves to the bundle contour…and stronger because the Cobra uses an ‘in line’ mating design eliminating the stress points of traditional cable ties. Cobra tie wraps offer true ‘second generation’ features, including: Parallel entry into an ultra low profile latching head Smooth flexing contoured head. Trimmed stub retracts into cavity. Pick proof underside lock. All rounded edges creating a totally ‘snag proof’ smooth exterior. ULCSA listed. Meets requirements of MIL-S-23190. When applied to a bundle the flexible head conforms to the contour of the bundle, never a cut off spike to injure an installer or technician and tensile strength always 90 lbs. or better. Application tools: Cobra ties need no special tooling to apply them to their bundle. A pair of dikes, side cutters or any industry “Cinch and Trim’ tool will work, ULCSA and Mil Specs: now include the Cobra's low profile ‘in line configuration. The Cobra tie now carries the UL mark and is compliant with current Mil specs.

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Powder Screening Test Kit

  • Fast Get results in less than five minutes
  • Performance Detects all known bio-toxins and pathogens dispersed as solid powders. First responders know almost immediately if they and those they protect are at risk of a bio-warfare agent.
  • Easy The results are read as simple color changes and the kit can be used after minutes of training.
  • Save Money Avoid costly, complex tests for samples that test negative

The BioCheck™ Powder Screening Test Kit is designed to help first responders screen suspicious powders for bioterrorism agents. The BioCheck™ Powder Screening Test Kit works by quickly identifying the presence or absence of a biomolecule found in all living materials and many toxins. It therefore provides a rapid screen for the possible presence of multiple bioterrorism agents such as anthrax and ricin toxin, while ruling out most of the ordinary substances that citizens have frequently feared to be possible weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). For security reasons, access to detailed information about the product is restricted. The technology of the BioCheck™ Test Kit is protected by US Patent # 6, 770, 485 B2

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Marshalling Wands

Our lines of Marshalling Wands are among the best in the industry. Used By: AviationAerospace Aircraft Handling Organizations Airports Airlines Fixed Base Operators Crossing Guards Entertainment Providers Entertainers Fire Departments Police Departments Marine Military Air Force Navy Army Railways Security Schools Trucking Industry Theatres Tow Truck Operators

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Extruded EPDM Rubber Chocks

Manufactured of durable extruded EPDM rubber Resists chemicals, sun and fuels Can be roped together for ease of use Aggressive tire contact area promotes adhesion.

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Hardwood Chocks

  • Part Number Z1002-30-40-24Y
  • Height 3"
  • Width 4"
  • Length 24"
  • Colour Yellow

Hardwood Chocks Our Hardwood Aviation Wheel Chocks are designed for business, commercial, cargo, and military aircraft. Our chocks are made from impact-absorbing High Density Eastern Hardwoods and are resistant to oils, chemicals, fuels, and hydraulic fluids used in the aviation industry. For additional safety and convenience, our chocks are available with an optional nylon rope lanyard. The rope lanyards are designed to be easily replaced. Features: Low cost Made from High Density Eastern Hardwoods Grips most surfaces Impact-Absorbing High-Load Bearing Capacity Resistant to Fuels and Lubricants Easy To Use High Visibility Yellow Custom Colors Available Custom Printing Available Are available with optional factory installed Rope Lanyards

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PolyBrite Dog Collars

  • Small Fits 12" - 16" necks Item No. SCSM
  • Medium Fits 16" - 22" necks Item No. SCMD
  • Large Fits 22" - 26" necks Item No. SCLG

Protect your pets with self-illuminated dog collars that are the most technologically advanced illuminated pet collar on the market. These innovative and durable products feature a quick-release buckle that snaps on or off in seconds. The top positioned D-ring is compatible with all standard leashes. These self-illuminated dog collars can be used as either a primary or secondary collar. These collars run on one standard watch battery (included) and last up to 250 hours in the flashing mode.Visible from up to one mile at night, in low-light, and no-light situationsIlluminated Dog Collar (Large) Made of lightweight shock and weather resistant materials Hundreds of hours of battery life Red illumination Reflective fibre strands Safe - Operates on 3 volts Patented polymerRed LED combination Constant or Flashing Light

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TIGERCHOCKS Aviation Wheel Chocks

  • Length 14 in. 356 mm
  • Width 6 in. 152 mm
  • Height 4 in. 102 mm
  • Model AC4614-LR
  • Description Aviation Chock

TIGERCHOCKS™ Series Aviation Wheel Chocks are designed for business, commercial, cargo, and military aircraft. These chocks are made from impact-absorbing urethane and are resistant to oils, chemicals, fuels, and hydraulic fluids used in the aviation industry. For additional safety and convenience, TIGERCHOCKS™ feature replaceable nylon rope lanyards and a moulded-in high visibility color for easy identification. Lightweight wheel chocks are easy to use and ideal for carrying on aircraft. F.O.D. Free - Will Not Rot or Splinter Impact-Absorbing Urethane High-Load Bearing Capacity Resistant to Fuels and Lubricants Lightweight and Easy To Use Custom Color and Logo Available Aviation Wheel Chocks - 4600 & 6800 Series TigerChocks with Rope Lock System The military style chock-to-chock rope lock system allows a wheel chock to be temporarily and securely attached to the opposing wheel chock on the opposite side of the aircraft tire. This chock-locking system insures that wheel chocks remain firmly positioned against each side of the aircraft tire. This chock-locking system insures that wheel chocks remain firmly positioned against each side of the aircraft tire during engine test procedures. Standard with 58 in. x 36 in. (914mm) or 48 in. (1219mm) replaceable nylon rope lanyard. Sold as singles. The sidebar drawing represents the proper method of using the rope lock system. TigerChocks are available with Handle Rope only, TowLock Rope only, or both (not shown). Please specify when ordering. Carrying Handle (front two chocks) TowLock Rope (rear chock)

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Supreme Protector Fabric

  • Weight 12.5 oz/yd 385g/m
  • Width 61 inches 1560mm
  • Thickness .020" .508mm
  • Color White; black; gray; red; royal

Our "Supreme Protector Fabric" manufactured by JHRG* meets all FAA requirements for use as a ULD curtain or net in a cargo compartment. We can make the curtain you need, hardware and all, to fit your existing containers. We can provide FAA certified restraints and an individual TSO to conform to your specific pallet (TSO) size and hardware demands. JHRG is an FAA inspected manufacturing facility. The patented "Supreme Protector Fabric" is made from the strongest fibre available and enhanced with our waterproof coating, will outlast any regular-service materials you have ever used and save you money in the process. We'll guarantee it! Supreme Protector Fabric May Be The Worlds Strongest Woven Textile... The ultimate high-performance fabric is Supreme Protector* fabric. UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) yarns and fabrics have been used in a broad range of applications since it came to the market in the 1980's. It is used in rope, cordage, cut-resistant gloves, yacht sails, safety aprons, and bullet-resistant vests. UHMW-PE fabric has a low melting point, is smooth to the touch, naturally white, resists adhesives, and is non-absorbent. These characteristics can be drawbacks if you want to apply a coating using glue or heat. Several years of development work at JHRG has produced a patented production method to coat UHMW-PE fabric with EVA and PE films. The result is a supple, flexible, non-permeable fabric with the benefits of film-coatings. Our newest materials are waterproof, flame-resistant, and dirt- and chemical- resistant. The great properties of UHMW-PE (like tear strength, cut-resistance, abrasion resistance and tenacity) are still there, but now you can have your choice of colors without worries about permeation. Our latest fabrics have been used for demanding jobs where high strength, light weight, and waterproof characteristics are required. Applications for Supreme Protector fabrics include safety garments, tow-straps, gear bags, bivvy bags and backpacks, hovercraft skirts, electronic shields, machinery containers, tarpaulin reinforcements, money bags, boat covers, marine chafe prevention devices and scores of other uses. Lightweight strength and permeation resistance has found significant use in maritime, meat processing and aviation industries. *JHRG manufactures soft body armour, ballistic vests, steel and ceramic plates, high performance Supreme® Protector fabric, Supreme Protector sewing thread, tactical load bearing gear, stab resistant aprons, marine sentinels, 2-year guarantee covers for USN USCG small boats, cannon, machine guns and deck gear, chafe protection devices, sawyers KickBack aprons and custom crafted textiles for aviation, industrial, military and consumer applications.

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