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Co-extrusion is the process of extruding two or more layers simultaneously to create a new single finished product. Whether to co-extrude a radio-opaque stripe into a catheter or to form a single homogenous dual layer tubing product, co-extrusion opens up a wide range of possibilities for your polymer products.
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Drawn Fiber

Zeus extrusions include much more than our highly recognized tubings. We also offer multiple drawn fiber products to meet a variety of other application needs. Whether braiding for wire harnesses or woven for a filter, our drawn fiber products excel in the most demanding environments and are made to the highest standards. With our half-century of experience, Zeus has developed the expertise and technology to manufacture precision drawn fibers from multiple resins. You will find our performance fibers in a broad range of applications where chemical resistance, lubricity, high tensile strength, and optical clarity are paramount. Our drawn fiber exhibits excellent temperature resistance and stands up to abrasion minimizing the effects of wear. We offer FEP, PFA, PEEK, PVDF (Kynar), ECTFE (Halar), and ETFE (Tefzel) as drawn fiber with other resins possible upon request.
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PEEK Insulated Wire

PEEK Insulated Wire (commonly referred to as magnet wire) results from the extrusion of PEEK polymer over copper wire. Designed specifically for use in challenging environments such as oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, and electrical industries, PEEK magnet wire provides superior abrasion resistance and the ability to withstand intense pressures and exposure to caustic fluids. For some applications, little or no varnish is required.
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Coated Optical Fiber

An optical fibers ability to perform in the field is often influenced by the type of polymer coating over its glass core. Fiber optics function in many environments with just a primary coating. Environments such as oil and gas sensing, however, may demand a secondary coating to provide additional protection during cable assembly and deployment.
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Bioweb Composites

Zeus Bioweb is a technology produced through electrospinning PTFE into polymeric fibers with extremely small thicknesses ranging from nano- to microscale. Collectively, these electrospun filaments form materials with a broad range of fiber and fabric properties. As a biocompatible material, Bioweb is particularly suited to a host of medical applications as well as other general industrial uses. Electrospinning creates products that possess high surface-to-weight and volume ratios while still maintaining excellent mechanical properties. As a non-woven composite, Bioweb has a microporous nature that is similar to expanded PTFE (ePTFE) but achieves this without the nodes and fibrils associated with ePTFE. As a result, Bioweb can often attain thinner profiles than ePTFE making Bioweb highly suited to small vasculatures. The low chemical reactivity of Bioweb also means that this material will not degrade metal stent frameworks. PTFE has a long history of medical use and is easily integrated into implantable applications.
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Convoluted Tubing

Zeus brings a diverse range of flexible convoluted products to industries including electrical and electronics, aerospace, analytical, defense, chemical, automotive, medical, and much more. Convoluted tubing is used as protective and flexible conduit for wires and optical fibers in critical areas that demand high performance tubing. We are capable of producing high volumes of convoluted tubing in a range of flex sizes.
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Custom Materials

At Zeus, we manufacture custom extrusions from materials such as nylon, EVA, Pebax, MFA, PEEK, EFEP, and more. We have manufactured co-extrusions with two materials combined in one tubing profile and also combined different types of materials to offer a new extruded product option altogether.
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