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We offer a complete product range of Microprismatic Tape, Non Slip Fabric, Safety Grip, Corrosion Protection Tape and Reflective Tape

Microprismatic Tape

Microprismatic tape is a reflective tape with very high retroreflective values. Suitable for application to objects where visibility needs to be increased. The reason for the high-performance levels is the retro-reflective surface created by man-made 3 point prisms, which return 80% of the light directly back to the source, making this a much higher performing material. So much so that it has a 5 year retro-reflective performance. It is an engineering grade prismatic tape, commonly referred to as EGP reflective tape. The name is applied due to microprismatics use as a high-performance reflective tape in warehouses and factories. Unlike our DOT ( Department of Transport ) materials, micro prismatic tape does not carry a certification stamp, enabling it to be used for signage, vehicle wraps and barriers. Microprismatic tape is suitable for applying to static objects such as posts, barriers and life jackets, as well as mobile objects such as boats, heavy machinery and motorcycles. Sewing it to clothing to increase visibility is also an excellent use.

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Non Slip Fabric

the non slip fabric is a great and inexpensive product to prevent slippage of objects. At present we produce three different grades, all with diverse non skid properties. All anti slip fabric materials are produced in the same method using the same construction process; A polyester mesh is constructed, the shape of the mesh and the gap between strands will determine the ultimate appearance of the fabric. The polyester mesh provides the strength and stability that the soft upper needs. The polyester mesh is wound onto huge master reels, the reels are then loaded onto an offwind bar. The polyester mesh is passed through a warm bath of liquid, non slip plastic foam, the liquid forms on the mesh. The now non slip mesh (now a fabric) passes through a low bake oven. The oven helps to solidify the mesh, however, the plastic retains its foamed properties. The type of plastic used, dwell time in bath etc all determine the end thickness and density.

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Safety Grip

the Safety Grip™ anti skid tape is second to none. The original anti slip tape we started with, manufactured to the highest quality using the latest production methods, to ensure a consistency of quality throughout. Heskins first developed this durable, effective slip prevention and even today it remains our most popular. We supply non skid tape to business and the public alike, offering a large range of colors, sizes and shapes, with the option of custom lengths to suit your needs. We produce Safety Grip™ in 3 grades: Standard - 60 grit, ideal for general use. Coarse - 36 grit, ideal for industrial use. X-coarse - 30 grit, for tough outdoor applications that are subject to extreme weather and mud. We achieve these grades by using different sized aluminium oxide granules, resin bonded to a plastic backing which has a strong, self adhesive coating applied to it. Safety Grip™ anti skid tape can be applied to most surfaces, instantly providing an anti slip surface which is ready to walk on.

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Corrosion Protection Tape

Corrosion protection tape is a great way to prevent galvanic corrosion between two different metals. Galvanic corrosion occurs when two metals with different electrode potentials come into contact. One of the pieces of metal acts as an Anode, and will corrode at an accelerated rate, and the other piece of metal acts as a cathode, and will be completely inhibited. In many instances, galvanic corrosion is necessary for many different functions, however it can also happen with structures that would degrade from the reaction, reducing lifespan. It has always been notoriously hard to prevent galvanic corrosion, but after much research, we have found the solution. corrosion protection tape roll3453 Corrosion Protection tape is a product that stops galvanic corrosion occurring by preventing the two metals from coming into contact. We achieve this by creating a strong pvc tape with an adhesive backing, which when placed onto one of the metals surfaces, you prevent galvanic corrosion, and create a flat surface, immune to reaction, allowing another metal to be applied to the surface. In order to prevent galvanic corrosion however, you must apply the other piece of metal onto the corrosion protection tape, this creates a gap between the two materials which prevents the materials from reacting with one another. 3453 corrosion protection tape is available in rolls, sheets and die cut pieces. Rolls and sheets can be shipped immediately, whereas die cuts will take a longer to produce. This material is only available currently in Black, if any specific sizes are needed, please enquire, as depending on order quantity, we should be able to create your material to your specifications.

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Reflective Tape

Heskins reflective tape is a glass bead, engineering grade, self-adhesive high visibility tape. Suitable for marking out potentially hazardous or dangerous areas, it can be effectively used in any environment, and takes minutes to apply. We can offer reflective safety tape in widths anywhere from ½ inch to over 3ft, but as always, dependant on quantity, we can cater to your requirements. All the colors mentioned above are stocked in large quantities, so can be shipped immediately, and samples are available on request.

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Tapeline Floor Warning Tape

Tapeline floor warning tape is a durable, self adhesive, PVC floor tape, suitable for easily marking aisleways, bays, stairs, ledges and more. The vibrant color print makes it is very easy to see and will ensure vital areas are clearly marked out. Unlike line marking paint or other line marking solutions, this material is very quick and easy to apply. The strong adhesive applied to a clean and dry area will leave you with an efficient and durable line marking solution. PVC floor tape is a suitable alternative to paint, as the ease of application and removal, if necessary, puts it head and shoulders above any painted line marking solution. Paint requires lengthy downtime to apply and dry, meaning lost productivity and revenue, add the fumes paint gives off, which also reduces the areas where it can be applied. Tapeline carries no such downsides, simply clean the area of application, apply floor warning tape and immediately you have a durable, visible line marking solution in your warehouse or restaurant kitchen, which can also be easily removed leaving no stubborn marks that are hard to remove, and could make future optimisation plans difficult. green tapeline marking tapeFor the best application possible, we recommend using our application accessories to aid with application, these products will guarantee a stable surface were Tapelines strong self-adhesive backing will apply in the most efficient way. Tapeline PVC floor tape comes in a variety of strong and vibrant colors, making the material very visible. Our current

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Anti Slip Bolt Down Plates

  • dimensions 4.5”x25” flat or 4.7″x1.7″x25″

Heskins anti slip bolt down plates are useful for areas that are not suitable for anti slip tape application. Constantly wet and loose surfaces will also prevent adhesive from bonding correctly, causing the application to fail. Anti slip bolt down plates remove the possibility of failure from the product by being screwed, bolted or nailed in to the surface itself. We apply a die cut of our anti slip tape, in any grade you would like; we usually apply our standard and coarse anti slip tape to a sheet of aluminum to create our anti slip plates, but if you would like to consider other options, please call us to discuss. The plate itself is made from a weatherproof aluminum, finished with 6 or 8 pre-drilled eyelets and rounded corners, which will not tarnish in foul weather. These 4.5”x25” flat or 4.7″x1.7″x25″ L-shape anti slip bolt down plates, once applied, can be left permanently if required.

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Self Adhesive Custom Signs

ColorCovers are self adhesive frames to allow you to quickly produce any custom sign in any quantity you require using a standard inkjet or laser jet printer. This allows you to create durable custom signage that will be seen for as long as required. ColorCovers are constructed from a homogenous plastic film with colored frames conforming to OSHA regulations, with clear window in the centre to portray your message with a surface that is slightly embossed for slip prevention during floor use. 4 self-adhesive strips on the back of the colored frames complete the ColorCover, allowing them, when applied, to hold fast. Available in large ( 15.78" x 12.36" ) with a letter size window and small ( 12.36" x 9.92" ) with a half letter size window, and 5 colors, black, white, yellow, green and blue, all of which comply with OSHA regulations. This allows you to include the custom signs in the organisational color coding of your building.

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Conformable Traction Tape

Heskins conformable traction tape is perfect for applying onto an irregular surface such as diamond treads also known as checker plate or diamond plate. If you have an irregular surface, you need a product that can cope with the intricacies of this demanding application. Diamond tread can be a very dangerous surface; it is potentially lethal when wet, creating a greater risk of slips. The levels of grip can also be very low; this is measured in Coefficient of Friction or (COF). Applying conventional traction tape does not work successfully, since the peaks and valleys result in stretching of the plastic film. Thus when applied into the valleys it will want to revert to its original flat state, this will then result in the traction tape lifting off the surface and becoming useless. Heskins conformable traction tape has a completely different construction that was designed to work perfectly as diamond plate tape. When compared the conformable anti slip tape seems very similar to a conventional grip tape, but, instead of a plastic base we use a soft aluminum foil base. This ensures the conformable traction tape conforms to the surface properly. As with all of our tapes this must also be applied to a clean dry surface. To apply conformable anti slip tape you simply press the tape onto the surface aligning it correctly and with use of a soft rubber mallet (which we can supply), hit the traction tape so it forms into the shape of the diamond tread pattern, reducing the chance of tears and material failure.

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Non Abrasives tapes

Heskins ranges of nonabrasive tapes are suitable for a variety of applications; such as boats, swimming pools, bathrooms, changing rooms, or anywhere where the surface may be exposed to bare skin. Since it isn’t made from abrasive materials, it will not damage bare skin, and due to its lack of peaks and valleys that abrasive materials feature, it will not harbor bacteria, therefore making it a hygienic & excellent non slip material to use in kitchens and hospitals.

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